I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 135

◈ Chapter 135 Framework (1)

“Did you hear? After the 2nd test, it’s right after the magic festival!”


The news that the <Magic Festival>, a traditional festival of Seorn, would be brought forward quickly spread.

An official letter with the president’s stigma has already been handed down to the teachers, and the students who heard the news were delighted.

“huh. Even though this year starts especially early. I guess the president decided that.”

“and. I’ve only heard of Ceorn’s Festival, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. Totally looking forward to it.”

Unlike most of the students who liked it, the teachers’ reaction was the opposite.

To be precise, it was divided into supporters and opponents.

In the official document, the president clearly wrote down why he had brought up the holding of the <Magic Festival>.

Many teachers understood the reason, but there were many teachers who did not. To be precise, they were people who had no choice but to shout opposition even though they were convinced.

“This is unfair!”

A conference room in the main building of Seorn where teachers are gathered.

Marquis Hugo Burtegue trembled his thick cheeks and vigorously protested to the chancellor.

“You change the schedule of Seorn, which has history and tradition, at your own discretion! Even for the president, this is an abuse of power!”

Behind Hugo Burtegg, who shouted that, stood teachers who agreed to his will.

What they have in common is that they are all nobles. And that they were friends with the Marquis of Burteg.

President Elisha did not blink an eye while listening to their cry from the front.

“So you’re saying you don’t want to follow Mr. Hugo?”

“That is unfair! No matter how much he is the president, he has never arranged his own schedule like this before!”

“Oh my, it can’t be. Right away, there was a change in the academic schedule 3 years ago, and 9 years ago and 11 years ago, the president of Jeon Jeon University did it?”

Hugo flinched when Elisa came up with the idea that she might be able to confirm it for herself.

It was just a word that I just said, but I was embarrassed because I didn’t know that I could see through everything.

“That, it was coordinated after sufficient discussion with others, wouldn’t it have been changed at will by the president’s personal authority like now!”

“Is that why I am seeking opinions like this?”

“If you take action first and then notify, what kind of opinion is that! This is a riot! Explosive!”

“iced coffee. I’m not deaf, so could you speak quietly?”

Elisa shook her head, but Hugo Burteg did not intend to back down.

It was because he, who was already at odds with the president, had to hold onto this opportunity to take the initiative.

Now, when the president, who does not reveal his gaps well, crossed the line after a long time, this was an opportunity.

“So you’re saying you don’t want to follow Mr. Hugo?”

“Who said no? However, I am saying that even those who want to follow it will have no choice but to harbor resentment if you make such a self-indulgent decision.”

“As you know, the reason I brought up the magic festival is to change the recent tumultuous atmosphere. The right time is right after the second test.”

“Shouldn’t you have informed me of that in advance?”

“Then it’s too late. There’s not much left until the second test, and the magic festival requires a preparation period, so how long will it be delayed to coordinate it one by one?”

The principal’s words were right. Had she formally summoned her teachers and board of directors to try to reconcile her disagreements, Hugo would have reacted there.

Hugo also knew in his head that her way was right, but he wouldn’t have gone along with it anyway.

Opposition for the sake of opposition.

Through this appearance, it was proved that Hugo Brutegra is the kind of person who thinks that nothing else matters for his political stance.

“So you’re saying that you did well by doing it your way?”

“I’m sorry about that. But please know that this was for the best.”

“President. I’m worried about that. You said you did it out of necessity now, but if you set a precedent like this, isn’t there a guarantee that you won’t do the same thing next time?”

Elisha, who had maintained a consistent attitude, couldn’t help but frown at Hugo Brutegue’s attitude to openly insist on the injustice of this side.

“It’s as if you’re sure I’ll be like this in the future, too?”

“You don’t know what people do.”

When the atmosphere between the two began to flow unusually, a third party intervened and dissuaded them.

It was Miss Marie Roth, one of the longest-serving and most influential people in Ceorn.

“Come on, over there. What has already happened has already happened, and it is not that the position of the president and teacher Hugo is also incomprehensible. But setting an edge here is not going to solve the problem.”

“… … Miss Mary Ross. Are you defending yourself now? The first to cross the line is the president. This is definitely something to address.”

“Then, Ms. Hugo, can you provide a clear answer to the situation? You probably don’t know what the situation is like in Ceorn, or in the nearby city of Ledervelk. The president’s opinion is valid.”

“Even so… … !”

You shouldn’t do things on your own.

Rather than saying that, Marie Roth’s sharp gaze scanned Hugo faster.

“Then I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to solve it. Seeing him shouting so loud, he must have come up with an amazing solution, right?”

“… … Why is that story suddenly appearing?”

Marie Roth’s gaze shone sharply at the hesitant Hugo.

“Or did you just keep rebuffing other people’s opinions with no solution?”

“… … .”

Not good.

Miss Marie Ross was a person who had a fairly strong voice among other teachers because she was popular.

If that kind of girl came out to defend the president, this side would be a little embarrassing.

Hugo sensed that now was the time to step down. But he didn’t like something.

If not now, when will the President Jeo’s thick face be scratched?

It’s a chance I got a long time ago, but I wanted to break the cause a little more this way.

At that time, the teacher who was standing behind Hugo as if he was an assistant approached him.

It was Chris Benimore.

He immediately whispered to Hugo.

‘Vice Chancellor Hugo. I think you can just do it this far.’

‘Hey Chris, are you asking me to release the fish I’ve caught?’

‘The other side must have fully understood what the vice-president is saying. But as long as Mary Roth steps in, we’re bound to suffer if we go any further.’

Chris’ advice was right.

Hugo argued and listened to the president based on the pretext, but not everyone wanted to condemn the president’s actions.

On the contrary, Hugo’s behavior of messing around without coming up with an alternative made his image worse.

‘Then what do you want me to do? I want you to step back cleanly?’

‘How about doing this?’

Chris whispered something to Hugo, and Hugo’s eyes lit up as he heard it.

After saying what he had to say, Chris quietly stepped back.

Hugo cleared his throat and focused his gaze.

“Hmm. Well, if the president goes that far, it’s not something they can’t understand.”

With Hugo’s sudden change of words, what is Elisa’s plan this time? stared at him with a puzzled expression.

When I saw that face confiscated and smiled, my anxiety only grew.

“Well, it can’t be helped that the festival has already been moved forward. Hasn’t that already happened? great. That’s all good. Still, there are requirements that have already happened like this.”

“Requirements? What else are you going to do?”

“Can’t you give an opinion? It’s not just annoying or anything like that, so don’t worry about it.”


“Hmm. What I want to say is, since the festival was opened early, how about putting a different event from the existing festivals?”

As if this is the main point.

Hugo naturally gave his opinion.

“Which one?”

“It’s adding something new to the match event held at the magic festival. For example, yes. Like a special event where teachers duel.”

Saying that, Hugo’s face was full of hints of a nefarious plan.

* * *

After confirming the additional official letter from the staff room, I lightly tapped my temple with the tip of my finger.

‘I think it’s confirmed that the festival will be held right after the second test. The schedule is tighter than I thought.’

Right after the 2nd test is over, we start preparing for the festival.

The opening will be so large that it will take a week to prepare.

It’s only a week, considering that there are countless servants and wizards living or working in Ceorn.

‘Rather, it’s more surprising that it takes a week to prepare even with such people.’

Even the second test is coming soon.

It hasn’t been long since the results of the first round came out, but the second round is right away.

It was natural in a way to see a total of 4 tests in one semester.

‘Still, there’s room for this one. In the second test, it was decided that it was a practical magic square.’

As this is Seorn, there won’t be any students taking it easy.

To be honest, I wanted to believe that. Surely there aren’t any students who are rough here, right?

‘Still, I figured out the conversion information in my own way.’

Maybe I’m the only one thinking that way.

The magic square might be accepted as a miracle by people, but if you ask if it is truly an amazing invention of the century, it won’t be.

The framework for the magic square is well established in this world.

It must be because the magic square research stopped at some point, the system itself was not a completely new magic.

In other words, I did not create something out of nothing. Now it was just putting new firewood into the remaining fire.

It’s rather embarrassing to myself to pretend to be proud of it.

‘I guess I’ll have to hope for a good reaction.’

I am now ready to get out of bed.

Now that the second test is approaching, I was thinking of going a little further.

‘Roteng Village in Durmang Kingdom.’

I thought of going to the place where nothing was left after it had been burned by the fire. Just to confirm the identity of the First Order.

So, Sedina, who would normally be left behind, was immediately let go. She said that Sedina would stay longer, but she couldn’t break my strong will.

‘Shall we go?’

Just as I was putting on the coat I had hung on the hanger, someone smart and knocked on the door of the teachers’ room.

“Come in.”

The door opens and what you see is familiar blue hair.

One of the students in my class, Flora Lumos, stepped into the classroom with a confident step.

Even if she wondered why she suddenly came, I immediately guessed the reason.

“Flora Lumos. Did you come to get the framework?”

“yes. that’s right.”

“You came later than expected.”

Except for her, the other four had come before and received the framework from me.

I thought she would come and pick it up on the same day, but it was quite unexpected that she came at the end.

“I’ve been a bit busy.”

“Did something happen?”

“… … It’s none of your business to worry about.”

It was just a ceremonial question, but that answer came back.

But it would be too far-fetched to ask questions here, right? We must respect students’ privacy.

When I didn’t ask anymore with that thought in mind, Flora’s face turned slightly agitated, perhaps because she was dissatisfied with something.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“It’s none of my business?”

“… … joy. That’s Okay.”

what? Something seems upset.

I was quite taken aback by Flora’s sudden erratic attitude.

Could it be that the flurry of puberty has arrived, albeit belatedly?

“Anyway, if you’re here to get the framework, I’d say it was the right time. Because I was just about to go to work. If I was a little late, I would have knocked on the door of the empty teachers’ room.”

“… … That’s good.”

“Flora Lumos. I congratulate you on taking the first place in the standings, albeit belatedly.”

I gave Flora a light compliment.

I know she’s good and smart. Still, a student in my class took first place, and as a teacher, there was nothing I couldn’t praise.

Indeed, Flora, perhaps surprised by my congratulations, widened her eyes and avoided my gaze, reminding me of her face.

“Bye, it was nothing. It was a piece of cake for me. … … Of course, it’s always a pity that we tied for first place.”

“I understand. Because he was a gifted man who was not easy to deal with.”

First year Julia Plumheart.

She equalized with Flora Lumos and earned the reputation of being tied for first place.

As if to prove that you didn’t get a lot of attention from teachers from the beginning of the semester for no reason, you must be the owner of great talent.

“Ah, anyway. framework. please.”

You are proud.

However, Flora had won the given prize with her own ability, so she deserved to be proud like that.

That kind of behavior suits her more.

I naturally reached out my hand with my palm facing the ceiling.

And naturally, it was the moment when he tried to launch the framework’s magic by using magic.


A thin, white hand covered my hand.

It was Flora Lumos’ hand.

“… … .”

I stared at Flora Lumos, who placed her hand on top of mine without saying a word.

“Why is that? Won’t you give it to me?”

She still didn’t know what she was doing wrong. On the contrary, he asked me why he didn’t give it to me.

I let out a small sigh.

“Flora Lumos.”

“Why are you calling me?”

“The framework technique is something that does not need to come into contact with the skin.”


Flora Lumos showed a puzzled reaction.

1 sec.

2 seconds.

When exactly 3 seconds passed like that.

“… … !!!”

Flora Lumos belatedly realized what she had done and hurriedly removed her hand.

Her face was as red as a ripe persimmon, even to her earlobes.

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