I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 134

◈ Episode 134: Sword in the Shadow (2)

Among the nobles, the story of the shadow of the first princess was quite famous.

After Marquis Tepfern, who was the actual ruler of the military in the past, was mysteriously killed at his home, which was like an iron castle, the military under his command was torn into pieces.

However, the clever nobles did not lose sight of where the Marquis of Teppern’s forces had been absorbed.

‘That’s the first princess Eileen von Exillion.’

Freuden couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

Marquis Teppern’s death known to the public was a natural death due to old age, but no one believed it straight away.

Perhaps it was from then.

Although she had the ability, she, who lacked her own limbs, showed her talent in earnest.

The 1st princess, who roasted nobles with her overwhelming charisma and clever brain, gradually intervened in finances and did things that even the current emperor could not do without failure.

The nobles who were still wary of the 1st princess had no choice but to swear allegiance to her heinous actions.

Ability is also ability, but it was because she knew what happened to the nobles who tried to disobey her.

The sharpest dagger existed for the first princess, who thought she had nothing.

And in the shadow of the princess, it quietly waited for itself to be swung.

It was something that bothered the 1st princess for no reason, and then suddenly the blade of the shadow would be thrust under her throat.

Naturally, the nobles were afraid.

Can’t you defend yourself?

The opponent is the one who killed the Marquis of Tepfern.

The Marquis of Tepfern, who had many enemies here and there, had a cautious personality enough to maintain an iron guard even when eating.

That’s how he died.

He didn’t even die while wandering around the outside, but was found dead in his own room, his mansion, which was said to be the safest.

along with the corpses of his loyal servants.

Naturally, the shadow of the princess reigned in fear among the nobles.

I haven’t heard that the shadow of the 1st princess has been active since that incident, but all the nobles know.

That if she put her mind to it, the first princess could pull the dagger out of her shadow at any time.

The first princess, Aileen, who was not disturbed by anyone, gradually expanded her power, and now occupies the position of an unwavering absolute that no one can oppose.

After hearing the whole story, Line couldn’t help but be surprised.

She had heard that the first princess was dangerous and scary, but she, a commoner, could not have known that such a detailed inside story would exist.

Naturally, she came to realize why Erendir was treated like that even though she was a princess.

“senior… … You have suffered a lot.”

“As expected, the only ones who understand my heart are the juniors of Line!”

Erendir gave a thrilled expression and hugged Linen. Line struggled with her as if frustrated.

Freyden sighed and held back Erendir.

“Just go there. Line is having a hard time.”

“joy! Isn’t that what Lynne is? yes?”

“Yes, yes.”

“see! You say it’s okay!”

“… … ha.”

Freuden felt a headache coming on.

At the same time, I wondered how Line could become friends with the headstrong princess.

He was well aware of the fact that the 3rd Princess Erendir suffered countless failures and setbacks while trying to make friends in Seorn, but that didn’t mean the 3rd Princess was just dating anyone.

Considering Line’s personality, Erendir would be a good person to get along with.

‘… … How the hell did Line get close to the third princess?’

Aren’t commoners unable to even raise their face, let alone speak to the princess?

Even if this place is Seorn, where everyone is equal, remnants of class remain, and Erendir is not just a nobleman, but a princess.

It must have been difficult to put the words right.

‘Isn’t it just like that.’

But if you think about it, even when you first saw him, Line might have been nervous, but he always answered every question.

Realizing that again now made me laugh.

“Do it in moderation. All the food we brought will cool down.”

“oh! Yes. Shall we talk after we finish eating?”

“… … I guess it suits your taste?”

“joy. What can I admit The cooking skills of the Woolburg family are considerable.”

It’s a dish I made myself.

Freuden, of course, did not say that. I was caught taking care of the flower beds, but I didn’t want to let people know that I was cooking here.

So the meal started again.

Unlike the time when there was no special conversation between Freuden and Line, now Line and Erendir chatted with each other.

It was Erendir who mainly led the story.

Freuden felt sorry for the fact that his small resting place had become noisy, but decided to quietly move on, satisfied that this was not too bad.

The topic of conversation led by Erendir reached the Kunst incident she experienced.

“So you don’t know how much trouble I was at the Kunst Auction House this time.”

“yes?! Then, senpai, could it be that you were caught up in the incident that happened there?”


Freuden, who had been quietly listening, also showed interest, as if this piqued his interest.

Erendir thought that the opportunity had finally arrived and recounted the story of the day at length.

In particular, at the part where the monster of the Jebodang appeared, Line held her breath.

“It was a terrible monster. It looks like it just climbed out of hell. It had animal heads all over its body, and the three heads of its main body let out a terrible roar.”

This part was the truth without exaggeration.

When Erendir closed his eyes, he could still vividly see the scene at that time.

“I still can’t believe I’m alive.”

“Still, I think it’s really fortunate that my senior is safe.”

Erendir felt his heart beat violently at that response.

To think that the first friend he made would listen to his story seriously and even worry about him.

Isn’t this the academy life she has been dreaming of?

“So what happened to the monster? Are you really dead? Or did you run away? I heard that the knights took it down, is that true?”

“Ah, that… … .”

Erendir I thought about trying to answer.

It is the Clockwork Knights under Leatherbelk who are known for defeating the monster of the Xebodang, but in fact, it was a man named James Moriarty who really defeated the monster of the Xebodang.

However, the name of James Moriarty remained a secret even after the incident was over.

Because Casey Selmore didn’t want to.

– Princess. The details of this case are still unknown.

-… … Are you telling me I have to hide the truth?

-I understand you saying that. It’s a good thing to act according to your sense of justice. But, Princess. I’m not in a good mood right now. look.

The case was sorted out, and the scene of the Kunst Auction House, which was almost in ruins, was visible.

And the injured and the citizens who are still terrified and terrified.

– People are afraid. The citizens’ anxiety will only increase if they learn that the person who killed the monster here is a new big-time criminal.

-So, Mr. Casey is saying that saying that the monster was killed by the Knights of the City, not the criminals, is the way to end the citizens’ anxiety.

-Sometimes a comfortable lie is better than an uncomfortable truth.

Erendir couldn’t bear to refute. As far as she could see, that was the only way to resolve this series of situations.

-Besides, if you spread rumors about James Moriarty and his gang members, they’ll hide in deeper darkness and hold their breath. Then even if you try to find it, you won’t be able to find it.

-… … all right. I want to do this too.

-thank you.

Recalling the conversation at that time, Erendir immediately replied to Line.

“Of course, the Clockwork Knights, which Lederbelk is proud of, stepped forward to solve it.”

My conscience stung as I spoke, but it was inevitable.

Erendir, who was trying to look around like that, suddenly remembered seeing a familiar person at the Kunst auction house.

“Oh, come to think of it, I think I saw Mr. Rudger at the auction house that day.”

It might be a bit of a stretch to see it from a distance, as if it was just passing by, but Erendir thought that there was no way he could not recognize the unique atmosphere.

“yes? Are you Mr. Ludgar?”

“Ludger Chelsea?”

In this story, the two people who were listening showed interest, as if they did not know that the name would come out.

“Ugh. I’m sure you’re right. Because that unique atmosphere cannot be hidden.”

“Why did Ms. Rudger go there?”

“Well, wouldn’t there be a reason why a teacher couldn’t come to a place like that? Seeing that she went to work without any problems afterward, Ms. Rudger may have just stopped by and she left early.”

“Still, something doesn’t feel right.”

“is it?”

“yes. Isn’t Mr. Rudger’s image that he doesn’t care too much about luxury goods or jewelry?”

It definitely has that feeling.

However, Erendir could not hastily agree with Line’s words.

It is always the case that a person’s outside and inside are different.

“Come to think of it, the juniors of Line received a framework from Mr. Rudger, right? how was it?”

“Oh, that was unexpectedly nothing.”

“Hasn’t Mr. Ludger called you separately before? When implementing an attribute element.”

It was then that Freuden, who had been quietly listening to their conversation, intervened.

“Wait, Lee. A teacher named Rudgar called you directly?”

“Because it is. You don’t know how much I worried about my juniors, Linene.”

Instead, it was Erendir who answered.

Freuden’s gaze turned to the school bag that Line was carrying.

Suddenly, when I first met Rine, I remembered the book she had hidden from herself.

‘Then that book. I thought I saw it somewhere.’

Freuden felt a strange feeling that something was about to come to mind.

Then Line said.

“ah. Come to think of it, do you know what these days are? I heard that magazines are popular among students recently.”

“magazine? ah! I think I heard that too.”

Line took out the magazine from her backpack and showed it.

For a moment, Freuden’s gaze turned to the bag, but when Linee showed him the magazine, he had no choice but to naturally turn his head there.

A magazine was literally a thin book that looked miscellaneous.

The cover was full of promiscuous pictures, and the word No. 1 was written on it.

“What is it?”

When Freuden asked, Line answered with a smile.

“It’s a book that was recently published in Laedervelk. However, it is not an official publication, so it is a bit thin, but there are many interesting contents.”

“Anything interesting?”

“oh. Are you sure you don’t know about a magazine that’s popular among students these days?”

Erendir smiled at the thought that he had finally caught the case. Freyden nodded and shook her head.

He didn’t know it when he was formal, but he wasn’t usually tired when he faced the original personality of the 3rd princess of Erendir.

“So, what is this great magazine about?”

“You can think of it as a book with miscellaneous stories. It contains a variety of news, big and small, like a newspaper.”

“Then it’s no different from a newspaper, right?”

“no. It’s completely different. Most newspapers are published by newspaper companies, so they distort the content to suit their taste. But this magazine tells the story from a more neutral point of view. Of course, it means that the publisher who published this magazine put a lot of effort into writing it.”

“Is that all?”

“Of course not. It has other information that is not covered in the newspaper, and the real reason this magazine is popular above all is the variety of short stories in the second half!”

Freuden responded coldly, saying that it was all special.

However, contrary to what Freuden thought lightly, these short stories were quite sensational among students.

Most of the books published on the market are formal or difficult to express in long words.

It is the same with novels.

Literary novels were too promiscuous to read, and even nobles who tried to force themselves into formality often gave up reading them.

The short stories published in the magazine did the opposite.

The short and concise sentences and the refreshing development of the song were well received by the public.

Recently, the popularity of the book has been rapidly increasing to the extent that even aristocratic students have heard about it and are reading it one by one.

Simple and intuitive short stories are much more fun than hard-to-read literary novels.

There were even many people who were already waiting for the next magazine because it had the charm of cutting off content at an important moment and making them look forward to the next one.

‘There are so many different things coming out these days. Should I read it?’

Freuden withheld his assessment of the magazine, pushing it to one side.

Suddenly, he remembered a name and slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

‘Ludger Chelsea.’

Recently, his name has been heard frequently.

What I actually saw was all I saw in the arena, and even from a little far away. He hadn’t paid much attention at all.

The only thing I remember is that the teacher, Ludgar Celish, has a rather solemn atmosphere.

He hadn’t paid much attention to it before, but recently he heard the name so often that Freuden recalled Ludger’s face he had seen at that time.

And I got to see a strangely familiar face.

‘That teacher, I think I’ve seen him somewhere… … .’

Freyden’s eyes sharpened.

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