I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 130

◈ Episode 130 Magic Square Class (2)

It took two hours to teach the students numerology and magic squares.

When I woke up, the end of class was right in front of me.

Is it time to end it slowly?

“There are five minutes left until class ends. In five minutes, I will erase all the contents of the magic board, so if there are students who haven’t taken notes yet, finish them.”

If nothing else, I had no intention of ending class early or extending classes.

It ends just like a knife at the given time.

This was my motto.

“omg! It’s already time!”

“Oh, no! I haven’t written it all yet!”

Maybe it’s because he clearly imprinted leaving work from the first class?

The students also realized that my words were not wasted, and scrawled their pens urgently.

The students, who had been teasing the pen with a strong will not to miss a single letter, collapsed on their desks with exhausted faces after 5 minutes.

“Huh. I wrote everything down.”

“I wouldn’t have slept tonight if I had missed one… … .”

Satisfied expressions contrasted with tired voices.

Just seeing the smiles of students eager to learn made me feel proud.

okay. Learning is like that.

The desire to do something and to know something.

Learning is a noble longing that should not be hindered by anyone.

“Don’t announce in advance. The second test, which is coming soon, will be conducted based on today’s class.”

When the test came out, the students stood upright and entered a listening posture.

“The subject is, of course, the magic square taught this time. As you all have learned, a magic square is not complete simply by drawing a single square.”

The various magical processes that go into it are also processed, but it also means that it is not just a square that becomes a magic square.

There are triangles, hexagons, and asterisks.

Breaking away from the circle known as common sense, being able to draw the shape you think of as a magic circle.

In other words, it means infinity that is not bound by formality.

It was because of this anticipation that I chose the magic square as the second test for the students.

“Create your own magic circle through today’s lesson. This is both the content of the second test and the task.”

At my words, the students murmur.

It was too absurd to ask for a new magic circle to be created, not enough to have already announced the contents of the second practical test.

Most of them probably thought that even the second test would take the written test in moderation.

In fact, Seorn’s bachelor’s course is basically like this.

However, I have no intention of following Seorn’s bachelor course as it is.

Even though it’s only a two-year contract, I plan to do my best during that period.

So, I am going through the test in my own way.

“Expect the best performance.”

After saying that, I left the classroom with my back to the despairing students.

* * *

After class, Rudger posted the report card on the notice board in the classroom, as previously announced.

After the lecture, the students rushed to check their seats.

From 1st to 80th. The rankings and scores of the entire class were written on the paper.

“madam. Why are the scores like this?”

“No, you got this problem wrong? I’ll solve it a little more calmly!”

“oh my god. I didn’t score better than average.”

The average score on the test was 65 out of 100.

The top students passed 90 points, but other students couldn’t even pass 80 points, let alone the threshold of 90 points.

As a result, the names of students who did not rank in the top 5, but who scored over 90, were bound to stand out.

6th – Iona Ovalley. 92 points.

7th – Clara Harness. 91 points.

… …

Among them, the one that definitely caught my eye was the seat next to 5th.

7th place is a rookie of the alchemy school. Then 6th? who is number 6?

When the students first heard the name Iona Ovalley, they wondered who it was, but soon realized who it was and made strange faces.

Iona, who is quite tall with bronze skin, stood out in many ways.

In particular, the animal ears that stood out on top of her dark hair caught my eye as they passed by.

It was a reality that was hard to accept that Iona, who was such a beastman, took 6th place in the overall ranking.

‘no. Suin is 6th? Does this make sense?’

‘I heard that the Beasts are a savage race that only knows how to fight.’

Still, the Beasts were seen as savages who would solve anything physically.

Unlike some elves and dwarves who came into human society, most of the beasts were very hostile to humans.

It was the aftermath of being defeated and colonized by humans in a colonial war in the past.

It was still a reality in the southwestern frontier area that bands of beastmen and robbers appeared and robbed goods.

Therefore, public perception of the beast race was much worse than that of other sub-races.

As for the students, there was no way they would like that girl of several races who stared at her rank with an expressionless face.

I’m still pissed off that commoners are over my head, but there’s even a beastman here?

The aristocratic students glared at Iona Ovalley as if to kill them.

It was unacceptable for a savage beastman, not even a commoner, to occupy such a high rank.

“Honestly, what did you do with that?”

“So that is it. How can a savage species get 6th place in the table? He must have made a bad deal.”

“Come to think of it, even in the attribute element class back then, Mr. Rudger said something to everyone, but he didn’t say much to him.”

The beast ears on Eona Ovalley’s head twitched at the sound of a whisper behind her.

Because she had sensitive five senses, it was easy to see that those students were talking about themselves.

Iona Ovalley silently watched some students gossip about her with expressionless faces, then left.

Iona’s attitude rather fueled the behavior of the students who were jealous of her.

“under. what. Did you just see his eyes?”

“Are you going to make eye contact with us?”

They stared at Iona’s back as they walked away, then exchanged glances without speaking.

The eyes that nodded their heads shone bleakly.

* * *

‘hmm. Is this the framework?’

Leo, who had received the framework from Rudger immediately after class, recalled what had happened in the teachers’ office a while ago.

– Is it Leo? You came quickly. you are the first

Did you say you were the first to come?

Rudger did as promised and gave him the framework.

‘It’s only a quarter, but it’s definitely a great magic.’

The framework was only a part of the source code, but its structure was very complex and detailed.

Is this really a spell to make a spell?

Even Leo, who was confident in his ability to move his head, gave up after trying to analyze this.

‘This alone is not enough. The complete spell is complete only when all 4 are collected, so it’s practically useless even if I analyze it right away.’

It was only then that I understood why Rudger was giving these things to students.

It was a technique that did not matter even if the framework was leaked.

With this alone, no matter who comes, it is impossible to properly manifest magic.

However, it is impossible to inversely calculate the complete source code formula using the framework.

Just by looking at a person’s hand and shaking hands, you can’t tell what that person looked like or what kind of life they lived.

It is in a similar context.

‘No matter how it is, you made this kind of magic and just gave it to the students. Mr Ludgar Chelsea. What the hell was he doing?’

At first, I thought he was just an ordinary fallen aristocrat.

There were many people in the past who wanted to rebuild their fallen family and regain their former reputation by becoming Seorn’s teacher, or to make their name known.

However, Ludger Celish was different.

He made a name for himself, but the way he did it was so different from the existing people.

Existing teachers appealed to the fact that they became teachers of Ceorn and raised the value of their names, but Ludger was the opposite.

As if the title of Seorn’s teacher was fine, he showed off his extraordinary abilities on the contrary.

‘Even before that, it was said that his achievements were outstanding.’

In fact, when I faced his ability directly, there was a feeling that the evaluation in the past was terribly underestimated.

With that level of skill, it seemed that there was no need to enter Seorn. The title of Seorn’s teacher, on the contrary, seems like a shackle to him.

Leo was so sure.

‘It’s funny that such a person is a fallen nobleman. If he had that level of skill, he would have been able to rebuild the already fallen family.’

Leo was sure.

Mr. Rudgar Celish must be a man with something to hide.

Like the werewolf incident at that time, as well as the coordinate designation magic that was shown in class, there are not one or two doubts.

After secretly checking his whereabouts, it is said that Ludger played a big part in the terrorism incident at the last banquet.

‘No matter how much he is, he is too competent for a new teacher. It’s clear that he’s a person of interest to keep an eye on.’

Thinking like that, Leo, who was heading to the place where he was supposed to meet Aidan, discovered a commotion going on on one side.

‘What is that? What are they doing over there?’

Leo stopped walking and narrowed his eyes.

Two boys and two girls surrounded a girl.

Seeing the cuties flowing, they were the aristocratic students Leo hated the most.

‘And being surrounded by such aristocrats… … Is it Iona Ovalley?’

As a beastman girl, she was also remembered by Leo.

There was no way he didn’t know the most prominent person in the classroom.

‘Come to think of it, I was in 6th place when I glanced at the table, wasn’t it?’

The seat car right below him, who was in fifth place, remembered Ionara.

It was quite impressive that he scored over 90 points, probably because he studied hard for a student.

Leo immediately understood why those nobles were surrounding Iona.

‘Is it because they can’t admit what they can’t do? It’s just a proud nobility’s way of thinking.’

Such behavior of nobles did not happen for a day or two.

Leo pondered for a moment.

I wouldn’t know if I had passed by without seeing it, but I couldn’t just pass by when I found a situation like that.

‘I’ll pretend I don’t know, and if something happens later, I’ll be the only one who feels embarrassed.’

If it was him in the past, he would have passed by without even looking, but it was different now.

‘Tsk. Aidan Is that idiot’s personality right? I can’t help it.’

Leo thought it best to intervene and intervene.

Leo, who was watching the scene with that thought in mind, hardened his face as if he felt something.

His steps quickened.

* * *

“hey. Aren’t our words the same?”

“A stinking beastman tribe that has never been able to get anywhere else is taking the same class as us? disgusting.”

Iona Ovalley, looking at the students talking in front of her, still had a puzzled look on her face.

When her face did not change from a while ago, the aristocratic students were a little embarrassed and annoyed.

It felt as if these cheeky beastmen were ignoring him.

“I know that? A savage like you has no place to complain no matter where you are harmed.”

As if to prove that it was not just a verbal threat, the male student, who was the leader of the action, raised magic power over his hand.

The electric current ran through my palms and burned.

Iona stared at the scene in silence.

“You understand? That’s why she crawls on her own without straining her neck like she’s proud. It smells like an animal.”

Iona’s mouth, which had been quiet until now, opened for the first time.

“If you don’t like it.”


“What are you going to do?”

Iona was still expressionless. But her aristocratic student, who was threatening her, felt some kind of uneasiness at her appearance.

“This, you filthy savage!”

“Can you stop?”

At that moment, Leo appeared.

All eyes turned to Leo.

“What are you again?”

“Just go there. Or what, go all the way?”


“Then it will be fun. The four of them persecuted one as a group and even threatened them with magic. I’ve seen them all.”

“You now… … .”

“You know that the teachers are paying close attention to the arrogant attitude of the students of noble birth lately, right? Don’t you remember Jevan Pellio? He dropped out a while ago. Do you want to be like that?”

Leo continued to tease the aristocratic students.

“Well, if you don’t mind that, you can do what you just did. Instead, you should be prepared. I’m going to go get a framework from Mr. Ludgar Celish right now.”

“… … !”

The aristocratic students opened their eyes wide when the name Rudger Celish was mentioned.

No matter how fearless they may be, their fear of Ludger was deeply embedded.

From the beginning of the semester, Ludger showed a way of never looking down on his opponent, even if he was an aristocrat. Unknowingly, among the aristocratic students, Rudger was a celebrity.

They were even mercilessly swearing at Flora Lumos, but if it were them, they would be shocked.

Leo grinned.

“why? don’t you continue? What else were you doing?”

“you… … Don’t be fooled by the fact that you’re good at studying for a commoner. If so, nothing will change.”

“Then please don’t be condescending.”

“… … Chit. let’s go.”

The aristocratic students, frowning, left.

Leo looked at the backs of them disappearing and said to himself as if to listen.

“Ugh. I can’t do anything by myself and I’m going to go to the subject. Anyway, my pride is so strong.”

“… … Why did you help me?”

Iona Ovalley couldn’t stand it and asked Leo.

She never thought that she would be helped by this classmate who was one head shorter than herself.

Leo clicked his tongue as if it was a stupid question.

“Help me? me you Don’t be mistaken. I didn’t come out because I was afraid of what would happen to you.”

Leo let out an annoyed sigh as he looked at the beastman girl staring at him with an innocent look that he still didn’t know what it meant.

okay. I’ll catch you, right?

Leo crossed his arms and stood crookedly, glaring at Iona.

“you. If I hadn’t intervened earlier, you were going to kill them.”

“… … .”

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