I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 126

◈ Episode 126: Stählern Kapelle (3)

“… … Wait. Then the owner wasn’t the one who instigated the war?”

The well-known James Moriarty was a villain who tried to start a war by taking control of the military industry of the Delica Kingdom.

However, the truth of the past that came out of Ludger’s mouth was not like that.

Despite Violetta’s shocking words, Ludger did not respond.

I just deliberately put on such an image out of necessity anyway.

“anyway. This is what Arfa and I met in the past.”

The events of that time were still vivid in his memory.

In the end, it was all in the past.

* * *

“anyway. That’s how me and Betty met. Her bond came from the point of her bringing her out of her burning factory.”

Casey closed her eyes and spoke as if recalling the past.

Of course, it was quite a while after rescuing her that Betty woke up.

It was more urgent to pursue Professor Moriarty right now.

“In the final battle, I fought that man. At the end, as everyone knows, I jumped off the cliff.”

A steep cliff with waterfalls pouring down.

There, she drove James Moriarty with all her might.

However, as if the man was not called the godfather of crime for nothing, he blocked all of her attacks and, on the contrary, pressed her.

I still remember.

The pitiful face of himself, who was drenched in sweat and unable to use any more magic power, fell into a state of exhaustion.

On the other hand, what was the man like?

As if he had time to spare, he stood leisurely and stared at us.

Even in a battle through magic, she was defeated by Professor Moriarty.

Casey was very upset about that.

That may have been the case.

As the last step, I gathered all the strength left in my body that couldn’t move properly and rushed at the man.

Perhaps Professor Moriarty was also embarrassed.

No one would have expected that the final choice made by a wizard who had consumed all of his mana was to throw himself down to die together.

So she fell down the cliff with Moriarty.

At least let’s go together if we die.

As long as you can erase the evil in this world with your own life, that’s enough.

But Casey didn’t die. She was still alive and breathing.

‘that day. I’m not dead.’

When she came to her senses, she was on land and her body was covered with a blanket.

As luck would have it, it wasn’t someone passing by who found her and helped her.

After falling off a cliff and losing consciousness, Casey opened her eyes once in the middle, although it was a very fleeting moment.

My vision was blurry from exhaustion and the stress of preparing for death.

She still remembers the sight of that brief moment.

tadak. widely.

The back of a man burning a bonfire.

The man who had covered her with a blanket and even made a campfire could have killed her, but he didn’t.

It was the man who saved her.

Professor James Moriarty.


I tried to move my lips to say something, but no voice came out.

Because of the flood of waters, she fell asleep.

Afterwards, when she fully came to her senses, only ashes and dew at dawn remained, but there was no trace of the man anywhere.

Professor James Moriarty, who caused a stir in the Delica Kingdom, disappeared on that day.

abandoning everything he had built.

“I am alive again now.”

Casey, recalling that day three years ago, sighed inwardly.

Professor Moriarty’s last act was far from the vicious man Casey had ever seen.

‘Professor Moriarty saved me. He slandered me to the end of his own affairs.’

Casey was curious about it and couldn’t bear it.

Why did you save me?

Didn’t they fight to kill each other until now?

‘That man must be a wicked man. He’s a bad guy who tried to start a war behind the kingdom.’

But why

His tightly clenched fists trembled.

Anger at the irreparable damage to his pride, and doubts about the man’s incomprehensible behavior that saved him.

And maybe, one of the possibilities out of a million.

—What if the man who is known to have encouraged all the crimes wasn’t actually the culprit?

‘no. This is just a guess. That man saved me, yes. It was just a simple whim. Criminals’ psychology is always unpredictable.’

However, making such a one-sided conclusion was something she felt uncomfortable with.

I had to know why.

The whole story of everything that happened that day, and even his true identity.

‘So I’ll have to find it. the man. And beyond that, the organization he belongs to, the Black Dawn.’

Casey Selmore’s new goal has been set.

The secret society of the Black Dawn, hiding somewhere in the empire.

If you catch them one by one, you will reach the man.

‘I’ll do it. I will definitely arrest you this time.’

Unwavering blue eyes burned with strong will.

“Detective Casey. Is it any better than that?”


Enya asked, thinking of Betty, who was still away.

“If you leave Betty alone, there will be a lot of talk. If the person himself is a piece of evidence, shouldn’t he remain in Delica Kingdom… … .”

“Oh, is that it? Enya is right. After all, Betty should be in Delica Kingdom.”

“But why… … .”

“I did it in secret.”


Even Enya couldn’t help but be taken aback by Casey’s tongue sticking out playfully.

“Bee, is it a secret? You didn’t inform the kingdom?”

“yes. I hid everything.”

“Well, is that okay? Isn’t that illegal?”

“no way. It’s not illegal. Because I haven’t submitted the evidence ‘yet’. There is no public announcement of when the payment is due, isn’t it?”

“… … You know that’s completely unreasonable, right?”

“I know. But look. The events of that day are not yet over. James Moriarty is still alive, and he’s plotting strange things in a faraway country.”

To sum up Casey’s words, this was it.

Since the incident of the day has not been resolved yet, Betty also said that it would be okay if she continued to take her with her.

“Above all, the fact that I couldn’t trust Delica Kingdom was a contributing factor. The country’s key figures are intertwined in all sorts of cases, so who can you trust to take care of Betty?”

Just then, in the distance, I saw Betty approaching with a pile of luggage.

Betty’s face contorted in blatant annoyance when Casey waved.

Erendir and Enya still couldn’t believe that such an emotional girl was an automaton.

To think that a mechanical spring made of steel is running endlessly inside that small and slender body.

“ruler. Betty has packed everything, so you should get up soon.”

“Where are you going?”

“Because the hotel I was staying in was completely ruined. I need to find a new place to sleep.”

It was time to part.

Erendir wringed his hands and thanked Casey.

“Thank you so much for saving me. If it hadn’t been for Detective Casey’s help, I wouldn’t be here.”

“What. I just did what I had to do.”

“Please come see me later. Let me personally give you an example.”

“aha. I look forward to that.”

Casey also said goodbye to Enya.

“Enya-san, please work hard too.”

“yes. Ah, Detective Casey.”

“yes. Why?”

“That, the captain said to see you later.”

“leader? ah! Are you Terry?”

Recalling their past relationship, Casey smiled brightly and nodded.

“Thank you for letting me know. I’ll be staying in Ledervelk for a while, so if you can meet me, please tell me I can.”

“yes. Okay.”

“Then, I’m off.”

Casey and Betty packed up and left. Of course, it was Betty’s role to carry the load.

Casey slightly turned his head to look at the half-destroyed Kunst.

In the midst of construction, a man was sitting in his seat, devastated.

Did you say Ivan Luke?

I heard that he is a board member of Luc and is the chairman’s bloodline. Also, the general manager of the Kunst Auction House.

‘Because the event he was responsible for was destroyed like this.’

It is said that all the valuables to be exhibited on the third day were stolen.

The monster of the report party appeared, and the building was literally antipa, and all kinds of distinguished guests were accommodated, but even terrorism took place.

The amount of damage cannot be estimated.

The reputation of Kunst, which had a 20-year tradition, also fell to the ground on this day.

With such a terrible thing happening, who would come to the Kunst Auction House to see and sell things in the future?

Considering the scale of Luke’s company, it wasn’t to the point of staggering, but one field of business was completely destroyed.

If so, who should bear the responsibility?

‘Who is that? In the end, the person in charge has to lose.’

Ivan Luke turned gray overnight and looked ten years older. In fact, he doubted whether he was still alive.

But I don’t feel any sympathy.

I heard that he was an idiot who believed in his rank and caused all sorts of accidents.

‘Personally, I hate people like that.’

Casey Selmore has worked as a detective and has solved many cases and conundrums.

She has been thanked by many for capturing countless criminals.

high-ranking people in the country. wealthy merchants. nobles of high renown.

But she knows too.

That they are no different from criminals.

They didn’t just kill directly, they were the ones who put countless people in pain with greed and power.

There was no reason to feel sorry for such people suffering.

‘What kind of nonsense are you not answering? I just have to do my job.’

I will stay in this city for now and think about my future work.

no. There is nothing to worry about.

We can live in the city of Ledervelk and try our best to track down the Black Dawn.

“It’s going to be pretty busy in the future.”

“yes? What did Casey just say?”


* * *

The incident at the Kunst auction house was too big to hide, and it happened openly.

However, the news that the Kunst auction house was robbed was nowhere to be found in the headlines of any newspaper.

Because that wasn’t the main thing.

[Resurrection of the nightmare. Will the bloody night return?]

It was the monster of Jebodang that appeared in Kunst that drew the most public attention.

Many people witnessed the horrific sight.

Even the cries of the monster of the Jebodang had already spread all over Laedervelk.

Maybe that day, everyone who was sleeping woke up and wondered what was going on.

‘So that’s why a title as explicit as this could have come out.’

On the front page of the newspaper, there was only a story about the monster of the Jebodang.

Whether it’s a column about what the bloody night happened in Durmand Kingdom five years ago, or gossip about how the monster reappeared.

An investigation into the incident was also launched in the city of Lederbelk.

‘Fortunately, there are no traces of the organization I lead.’

I folded the newspaper finely and placed it on one side of the table.

I still feel the tiredness tickling around my eyes when I think of what happened that day.

‘I never thought that even Casey Selmore would come to this city.’

I felt a little bit lost.

James Moriarty was the name he used when he first ruled the backstreets of this city.

Of course, after that, I referred to him as the owner and did not tell others his name, but I can’t help but feel anxious.

‘I can’t believe it, who would have known that she would have come all this way to catch me.’

She even knew about some of the pseudonyms I had used, as if to prove that she had done some research into my past.

If it’s luck out of misfortune, I think I’ve been mistaken for my high position in the Black Dawn.

‘no. It’s not really a waste of time.’

With a wry smile inwardly, I looked at Sedina as she eagerly reviewed the documents.

Whatever the case may be, I am nominally the First Order of the Black Dawn.

After all, Casey Selmore’s guess was half correct.

‘I hope the sparks don’t fly this way.’

As I was thinking that, Sedina, who had reviewed all the documents, approached me.

“teacher. All sorting is done.”

“Good work. Let me rest.”

Sedina looked at the headline of the newspaper I had posted and asked abruptly.

“Is this what happened yesterday?”

“okay. They say a huge monster has appeared in the city center.”

“The monster of Jebodang. A very famous cryptid.”

“It’s not even a fuss right now because of this. Ceorn is also quite cluttered.”

Maybe it’s because of the werewolf incident not too long ago, but with the appearance of the monster in the report party, all sorts of rumors were circulating again in Seorn.

It was, of course, not worth listening to.

“Even so, it is amazing. If you look at the article, it is said that the Clockwork Knights subdued the monster, but I never thought the Knights would be so strong. I think I should raise my rating.”


To be honest, this part was surprising.

I thought Casey Selmore would gossip openly about James Moriarty being alive.

But nowhere in the papers was there any mention of the name. The only thing that defeated the monster of the Jebodang was a knight called the Clockwork Knights.

Could it be that you didn’t tell me? Is that Casey Selmore?

‘I don’t know what the plan is.’

But if that person doesn’t say anything, this side is also safe.

And later, I will have to contact Circus and Old Kids separately and order them to keep the name James Moriarty a secret.

“And did you hear the news again?”

“What news are you talking about this time?”

“It is said that they moved because the monster of Jebodang appeared yesterday.”


“The Holy Knights of the Holy Kingdom of Bretus.”

Bretus Castle.

I couldn’t help but frown at the name she brought up.

With blatant displeasure.

‘Why are they… … .’

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