I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 124

◈ Episode 124: Stählern Kapelle (1)

Even if the monster of the report party disappeared, the situation was still a mountain of things to sort out.

“Everyone move! There are still criminals inside Kunst!”

The Clockwork Knights moved in perfect order and rushed into the auction house.

They overpowered any remnants of the Liberation Army that still remained, and captured criminals who tried to escape by stealing goods.

It was Casey Selmore who stood at the forefront and showed the overwhelming sweep of criminals.

As if to vent her anger at losing her lifelong nemesis, James Moriarty, she ruthlessly subdued the criminals.

After cleaning with water once, reason gradually returned.

She immediately analyzed the scene.

‘Have you caught everything by now? At least the most threatening warlocks were all dead.’

The black magicians, whom he thought were the biggest obstacle, had already become corpses.

All of them were hideous faces that had been bitten to death by beasts.

There was no need to do an autopsy on who killed him.

They must have come for the Artifact, but if encountering the monster of the Jebodang is their defeat, it must be defeat.

‘Rather than that, what happened to the monster in Reportang?’

You know that Moriarty defeated it, but it was strange to look at the sudden disappearance of that giant.

Because of the smoke that occurred during the fight, I lost sight of it for a moment, and after the smoke cleared, the monster of Reportang was not seen.

Instead, the large figure was wearing a blanket wrapped in something over its shoulder.

Maybe that’s the monster of the report party?

‘That little something, the monster that ran rampant a while ago?’

It must have been a test object created through some kind of experiment by the Black Dawn.

‘James Moriarty. He must be an official of the Black Dawn.’

While I was thinking that to myself, someone approached Casey.

“Wizard. The scene is all suppressed.”

Casey greeted the approaching knight commander with a soft smile as he saluted.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“no. Rather, we are grateful. If it wasn’t for the help of the color magician, it would have taken a considerable amount of time to finish this situation.”

The knight commander bowed his head, saying thank you again.

He was the leader of the knights representing Ledervelk and was a strong, high-ranking knight, but he was nothing compared to Casey.

Isn’t he the famous genius detective and the wizard who was given the title of color in the Mage Tower?

In fact, if she hadn’t used the magic of water to bind the monster of Jebodang, there would have been a great loss of life.

“Please call me a detective, not a wizard.”

“Ah yes. I’m sorry, detective. And, as B, no, the detective instructed, I retrieved the bombs used by the terrorists and put them aside.”

“thank you.”

okay. Let’s think about Moriarty who missed it for now.

It was this bomb that I had to worry about the most right now.

I don’t know where the Liberation Army came from, but the bombs they used were special products that were not affected by magic.

‘It’s a dangerous thing. The fire silence magic doesn’t work.’

It has been quite a while since science developed and guns and gunpowder emerged as weapons, not knives.

Now is the era when fearsome things such as Tesla guns, reinforced armor, and tanks came out.

In such a rapidly changing world, old things should naturally decline to the other side of the era, but wizards and knights did not.

Because guns and explosives were still not a threat to them.

Knights, even if they are more than apprentices, are those who see and avoid ordinary bullets.

And sorcerers were able to use a magic called [Silence of Fire] to suppress the action of ‘gunpowder’, which is the most important for firearms.

That’s why they were still the mainstream of the world, and they were going to keep their place in the future.

‘A gunpowder that cannot be eaten by the silence of fire. It’s okay for a knight, but it’s deadly for a wizard.’

Of course, wizards were not without other means of defense.

However, as a wizard, you cannot always protect yourself by putting a mana barrier around your body.

‘Right now, I’m making a crude bomb and using it, but if this applies to firearms as well.’

Casey thought about it.

A sniper is attempting to assassinate an important person in the country.

Usually, the more important the place is, the more the wizards keep the silence of the fire and guard the surroundings.

That’s why bombs, firearms, and any kind of ambush won’t work.

But what if you have this special gunpowder?

The sniper will pull the trigger too easily, and the bullet that should have misfired will do its job and go out.

And a hit on the unwary.

‘… … Dangerous. This is really dangerous.’

This is a game-changing thing.

There was no way the Liberation Army could have made such a dangerous thing.

They are liberation forces in name only, anti-socialist terrorists against the state.

The scale is quite large and constitutes a large organization, but even so, there is a reason for conducting guerrilla warfare.

‘The Liberation Army doesn’t have the technical skills to make such dangerous things. there’s someone else The person who made such a dangerous object and gave it to the liberation army.’

The first thing that crossed my mind was James Moriarty.

But it wasn’t just something an individual could do.

A larger, non-individual force is hiding.

‘The Black Dawn.’

It wasn’t long before Casey learned of their tracks.

Surprisingly, the Black Dawn was a secret organization that had been operating in secret throughout the continent long before she knew it.

‘James Moriarty. No, that man must belong to this organization too.’

Black Dawn. They are very dangerous guys.

Perhaps all of the things that happened in Delica Kingdom were also led by you.

The desire to find them right away soared, but Casey decided to calm down for now.

‘There’s still not enough evidence. Information is also lacking. I can’t figure out how big they are, and how strong they are.’

To her, a man named James Moriarty was only part of the Black Dawn.

At least, it would be a high position equivalent to an executive, but it would not be enough to be called the boss of the organization.

Casey couldn’t help but be nervous just by creating the Black Dawn and having someone who led them.

‘If he’s to the extent of having James Moriarty under his command, he must be a very dangerous person.’

The more people like that, the more blindly they try to find them, the deeper they will hide.

I had to step on the tail step by step and aim for the decisive moment when the body could not hide.

‘First of all, I need to analyze how this gunpowder works.’

Fortunately, she had an acquaintance who was very capable in this area.

It was Betty, her assistant.

* * *

Workers cleared the rubble and escorted the injured.

City of Lederbelk Police have set up a guard line to block people from entering.

Beyond the no-entry guard line, it was full of people who came to see what had happened in the middle of the night.

Enya watched the scene from the scene and recalled the tragedy that had occurred just a moment ago.

In addition to the unexpected raid on the auction house, the appearance of the monster of Reportang, who is known to be dead.

It was an unidentified group that even subdued the monster of the report party.

‘Detective Casey called them the Black Dawn.’

The name James Moriarty is familiar to her.

The godfather of crime who shook the kingdom of Delica three years ago.

The fact that he was still alive and belonged to an organization called the Black Dawn was very shocking.

More than anything, the person who made Enya’s head dizzy was the masked man she fought with.

‘The man. I know the swordsmanship I use.’

The Joinus family has been a legitimate knight family since ancient times.

Other knight families were reluctant because of the excessively practical and brutal non-sword skills, but nonetheless, their status could not be ignored.

In fact, it wasn’t long before Enya joined the Knights of the Nightcrawler, but she proudly rose to the position of a senior knight.

Her sting sword was unstoppable even for an ordinary knight.

‘That man knew my swordsmanship.’

Very few people knew about her skills.

Even fellow Nightcrawler Knights don’t know.

The only people who knew her were Lloyd, her senior, and Terrina Ryanhowl, the leader.

Could it be that information about the family’s secret swordsmanship has leaked out?

‘Maybe it’s someone who has run into me in the past.’

Who is it? Could it be that he tried to kill an enemy in the past and failed?

Suddenly, as she tried to recall the past, her heart throbbed and ached.

It was not a physical pain, but a recurrence of a long-ago wound in the heart.

‘no. he won’t be Let’s not remember what happened then.’

It wasn’t that important now.

Enya took out a communication tool that could only be used between the Knights of the Nightcrawler.

She sent a signal to the captain through the communication port.

“Captain. This is Enya.”

She sent everything she experienced and the facts she saw today by telecommunication.

And finally I added this.

“And Casey Selmore is here.”

After finishing communication, Enya visited the 3rd princess to check her condition.

Just in time, the 3rd princess was with a girl named Betty.

‘Did he say he was Detective Casey’s assistant?’

However, the reaction of the princess facing Betty is somehow strange.

“Princess. Are you okay? What are you doing?”

“That, that’s this guy… … .”

Erendir pointed at Betty with a trembling hand.

Enya was also puzzled by the reaction, and when she checked Betty, she was standing still with her eyes closed.

‘what? Did he pass out?’

No, for that, it stands still.

Are you sleeping standing up? When she was training at the military academy, she had slept while walking on the march, so she didn’t understand.

“Sue, I’m not breathing.”


Enya checked Betty’s condition just in case. With her fingers, she placed them on Betty’s neck, checking her pulse.

Her eyes were closed as if she had fallen asleep, her body was cold and she was not breathing.

Lord, are you dead? suddenly?

I couldn’t see any injuries anywhere, so it was such a shock that she died.

At that moment, Casey, who had sorted out everything inside, approached us.

“What’s going on, both of you?”

“Ke, Mr. Casey! that… … Betty, Betty… … .”

Erendir wept.

However, Casey, who actually heard that, responded with ‘Ah, that’s right’.

“ah. Is Betty asleep again?”

“yes? So, did you fall asleep? I’m not breathing right now!”

“You don’t have to panic too much. hmm. Well, since I already knew it, it would be better to see it for myself.”

Saying that, Casey untied the hem of Betty’s top and pulled it down to expose her back.

When Betty’s white skin was revealed, Erendir’s eyes widened.

“Ke, Mr. Casey! What are you doing!”

“Princess. wait a minute.”

Unlike Erendir, who shouted in fright, Enya found something strange.

“Is there a groove on your back?”

“I saw you.”

There was a tiny groove in the center between Betty’s shoulder blades.

Casey pulled something out of his pocket.

It was a small key.

Casey inserted the key into the groove on Betty’s back and turned it clockwise.

Kirik. Kirik.

The sound of gears and gears engaging was heard, and soon Betty opened her closed eyes.


Erendir was horrified when Betty, who had not been breathing a moment before, opened her eyes.

“Boo, are you resurrected?”

“No, Princess. than resurrection… … Betty wasn’t human.”

Enya’s sharp gaze surveyed Betty’s condition.

Casey put a hand on her waist and nodded.

“yes that’s right. Betty, my assistant, is no ordinary person. No, I am not a human in the first place.”

“Human, isn’t it?”

“As you just saw, Betty is, um… … It’s a machine. Autonomous driving machines to be precise. It’s an Automaton.”

At the word automaton, Enya finally realized how Betty had displayed terrifying strength that was not befitting her size.

Indeed, if it was a machine made of steel rather than a human made of flesh, it would be understandable that it showed such superpowers.

“Oh, an automaton? But Ms. Betty definitely looked like the same person as us… … .”

“You are sharp, princess. that’s right. Betty knows how to think like us and has emotions of joy, sadness and sorrow.”

It was an automaton loaded with so-called artificial intelligence and emotions.

A machine can do that?

no. In the first place, I had never heard of a machine that looked so much like a human being.

“It’s normal for an automaton this sophisticated to be rumored loudly.”

“Betty is different from the crude automatons that are commonly known.”


“A few years ago, it was secretly created in Delica Kingdom… … It’s kind of a secret weapon.”

Casey’s face as she said that was slightly shadowed.

“An illegal project carried out secretly in the darkness of Delica Kingdom. Code Name Beta, one of only two successful games among them. That’s Betty’s real name.”

There was no time to be surprised by the shocking facts that came out of Casey’s mouth.

“Uh, huh? Wow! Casey! What did you do with my clothes!”

Betty, who came to her senses, saw her half-dried top and screamed.

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