I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 123

◈ Episode 123 Night of the Hunt (2)

In the shadows burning like flames, Ludger stared at Casey.

Casey stared at Ludger and asked in a clear tone.

“Are we old? Do you even remember who I am?”

“… … Casey Selmore.”

how can i forget

He is one of the few people who can be counted on one hand among the bad actors who remain the most intense in his memory.

“I remember it well. If so, do you know why I called you?”

“Are you going to arrest me? right here?”

At those words, Rudger smiled silently.

To say that as soon as they meet after a long time means that they will arrest her right away, isn’t she a very strong lady?

However, if you think about it, the two people weren’t even good enough to say hello to each other.

No matter what anyone says, it was a chase after chase relationship in Delica Kingdom.

Of course, Casey was closer to burning hostility towards Ludger one-sidedly.

“I knew, Moriarty. That you didn’t die at the waterfall that day.”

“I would rather have lived without knowing. It would have been nice to each other.”

“Ask me to ask the shame of the day and go? It’s okay.”

“So you’ve been following me all this way? With the intention of letting go of your barely surviving life?”

“Looks like you looked at me so funny. Did you think I would give up just because of something like that? I am different now.”


Their gazes collided intensely in the air.

Since they are personalities that don’t make any concessions to each other, it was a natural process for them to become like this the moment they bumped into each other.

Water droplets began to rise around Casey.

Rudger clicked his tongue as he looked at it.

“Should I see blood in this place?”

“Or will you be obediently captured?”

“No way.”

“Look at that. So what can you do?”

I have no choice but to press down with force.

When he tried to generate magic with such thoughts, Ludger also raised his shadow in response.

The space between the two was filled with tension.

Rudger’s men also stared at Casey.

“Uh, huh?”

Erendir was perplexed, not knowing what to do with what happened so suddenly.

Casey opened his mouth in such an immediate situation.

“James Moriarty. No, Abraham Van Helsing.”

“… … .”

Rudger trembled as if he hadn’t known how to bring up the name.

Casey didn’t miss that subtle reaction.

A smile formed on her face.

“Your eyes ask me how you know. Well, to be honest, I was surprised too. I never thought I would have been active while hiding so many identities.”

“… … gibberish.”

“Is this really bullshit? Van Helsing, James Moriarty. The civil war in the northern kingdom of Utah that ended a while ago, isn’t that also your work?”

Some of the footsteps he had walked spilled out of Casey’s mouth.

Rudgar narrowed his eyes under the beak mask.

To think that the identity of the past that he had hidden would come out of someone else’s mouth.

“What kind of identity are you hiding in this city? Do you really think I won’t be able to find you if you run away from this place?”

“… … .”

“I will definitely find it. And I will follow you till the end to the end.”

Rudger remained silent for a moment at the words that were almost a one-sided declaration, and then nodded.

“indeed. I guess I looked at you too funny.”

The day of the decisive battle in Delica Kingdom.

Casey Selmore was unable to defeat Ludger even though she used all her magical power.

What was the last thing she did then?

Throwing my body at the subject of the wizard, I jumped off the waterfall cliff with him.

An act close to madness, not even caring about his own death.

It was Ludger who faced the determination at that time, but I never thought that he would not give up even after that and pursued his own path.

In addition, he appeared much stronger than when he dealt with him in the past.

Rudger admitted that he was responsible for this.

A wizard with the title of color.

He can only use one element, but that’s why he has absolute power over that element.

‘The opponent, who was previously annoying, is now back with a strong enough hand that I can’t carelessly touch.’

But Casey Selmore’s greatest weapon isn’t her magical prowess.

His reasoning ability is so different that he insists on the title of detective while being a wizard.

Her tenacity and tenacity, which even exceeded her reasoning power, were her true weapons.

Even if she escapes safely from this spot, Casey Selmore will not give up and will try to find her.

By following the trail, closing the distance, and collecting evidence.

Step by step, step by step, I will come closer.

‘If that happens.’

You may find out sooner or later that he will be active as Ludgar Chelsea.

If that happens, it’s checkmate.

If it was him normally, he would throw away his fake identity and leave somewhere again, but this time the situation was different.

Because he sold his real face when he was playing as Ludgar Chelsea.

As in the past, he was in a position where he could not change his identity at random, like replacing parts.

‘It’ll be quite a nuisance.’

No, it’s not to the point of being annoying.

There was a high possibility that even the recovery of the remaining pieces of the Relic, which he had targeted, would be hindered in the future.

If so, what should I do?

Rudger narrowed his eyes.

‘Should I remove it?’

The first obvious method that came to mind was evidence destruction.

It’s an idea that couldn’t be dared to come up against a magician with the title of color, but this wasn’t without a way either.

When the murderous intent he had been hiding arose, Casey flinched involuntarily.

Swallowing dry saliva, she felt the spirit flowing from Rudger change.

‘As expected, it’s the same as back then.’

A sense of intimidation that makes you lose your will to fight just by facing it.

Even though she became strong enough to not be defeated anywhere, the villains she faced in the past still felt like a high mountain.

Still not backing down

Casey gritted his teeth and didn’t take his eyes off Rudger.

Because there were still things I needed to know.

“I heard the news recently. There were countless incidents all over the continent, but there was a particularly disturbing movement in the Exilion Empire. An organization that operates secretly behind the scenes.”

“… … .”

At the word organization, Rudger involuntarily tensed his body.

‘Could it be that the secret organization I created has already been caught?’

If it was a girl with absurd reasoning power, it wouldn’t be strange if she had already noticed this far.

That’s simply because it’s close to the realm of psychic powers beyond common sense.

However, what came out of her mouth was a completely different name, contrary to his worries.

“say. What the hell does the Black Dawn have to do with you?”

“… … .”

The Black Dawn?

That name comes out of nowhere?

Perhaps it was because she was embarrassed, Casey felt her doubts become certain.

“also. Looks like I hit the nail on the head.”

“… … .”

A good thought flashed through Ludger’s mind like lightning.

“… … I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

To answer blatantly yes here is an understatement.

Rather, it was the action that turned her doubts into certainty by holding back and pretending not to be so.

As if that action was the correct answer, Casey put on a confident expression that he had stabbed him properly.

“It’s no use pretending otherwise. Are all the recent events your fault? Then it’s your fault for making today’s auction house look like this.”

Auction house? ah. Are you talking about the Liberation Army who caused the terror this time?

It is not just the Liberation Army that has contributed to the current situation.

Because other criminals and warlocks also intervened.

Casey seemed to think that even their movements were all his own.

‘That’s not what I did.’

Even if you pointed out the wrong leg, it was like you pointed out correctly, but in a way, it wasn’t wrong.

As for the reason, it is true that the actions of him and his colleagues became the trigger that fueled this incident.

‘Maybe this… … .’

Rudger’s thoughts, which had initially leaned toward excluding Casey, turned the other way.

Casey Selmore is competent.

Even if he tried to get rid of it, he wasn’t a person who would be easily defeated, and this side had to take quite a lot of damage.

If you do such a thing in a situation where you still have to hide your identity, you are the one who is at stake.

‘I changed my mind.’

Currently, he is in a situation where he must not be revealed to both the Seorn Academy and the Black Dawn.

If you insist on it, you could say that the Black Dawn is a little more dangerous.

But what if Casey Selmore gets in the way?

And if you turn her attention to the Black Dawn.

‘Rather, she’ll be a good hunting dog.’

Just in time, Casey is convinced that this side has some kind of connection with the Black Dawn.

This was an opportunity.

“indeed. Casey Selmore. It’s my old nemesis. I hope you are breaking through my plan. But is it okay to stay like this?”


Casey, unable to grasp the intent of the question, asked back stupidly.

While properly catching the flow of a big event, he is strangely clumsy in trivial parts.

Rudger kindly agreed to explain.

“Terrorists still remain inside that auction house. They are still looking for prey to destroy.”

“Are you threatening me? Tell me to let go of the big criminal in front of me and deal with the petty thugs?”

“I can’t help it if I feel that way. But I won’t be caught easily. I and my men will resist you with all our might.”

“you… … !”

“Can you really subdue me and my men? And in the meantime, what will happen to the citizens who have not yet been able to evacuate?”

Rudgar deliberately stabbed her in the part that was against her heart.

“I am not responsible for that.”

“profit… … !”

Casey glared at Rudger like he was going to kill him.

Cunningly enough, Rudger knew his weakness all too well.

Why is she catching criminals?

As Grandpa said, isn’t it to lead the world in a better direction?

so that people do not suffer from crime.

So that even one person can smile happily.

Casey has made it his conviction, and has solved countless cases so far.

Rudger properly pointed out such a weakness of Casey.

Will you let go of the big criminal instead of saving people right now?

How many people should be sacrificed to capture that man alive?

Casey Selmore was conflicted.

Watching her sway, Rudger was convinced that his judgment was correct.

‘She’s a troublesome woman, but her abilities are unmistakable. Casey Selmore. You should be the hunting dog that will bite the Black Dawn, not me.’

And another mission entrusted to her was the special bomb used by the Liberation Army.

‘Special gunpowder that cannot be eaten by the silence of fire. It’s definitely something I got rid of when I was active in the Delica Kingdom.’

How did the Liberation Army use those explosives?

Maybe the recipe that was thought to have been completely lost was left behind.

Or, there might have been some kind of connection with the Liberation Army behind what happened then.

No matter what happened, there was nothing good about leaving it alone.

“Hugo, Melville, Dumas. Now we are leaving.”

Now, when Casey was shaking, was his chance.

I didn’t expect her to make a decision right away anyway.

If the purpose is to confound her faltering mind a little, that is the purpose.

As Ludgar tried to run away with Hans to a safe place, Casey became desperate.


She aimed her cane at Rudger, as if not letting go.

At the same time, a huge stream of water shot like a water cannon and headed for Ludger.

However, it was too easily blocked by the shadow that Rudger had wrapped around his body.

The scattered water immediately changed its shape.

Countless water droplets floating in the air turned into sharp needles.

That was the moment when he surrounded the executives, including Rudger.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

The blue current from Ludger’s shadow disintegrated all the surrounding water.

Even a magician with colorimetry can’t do anything about electrolyzed water.

Then Betty, who was looking for an opening, stepped out.


With a cute cry, she threw her fist at Rudger.

However, Betty’s surprise attack was unsuccessful. A masked man suddenly appeared and blocked her fist.

Even naked.


Beyond the harsh shockwave, Betty’s eyes conveyed the feeling of being unbelievable.

“Did you block my fist?”

The eyes inside the opponent’s mask stared at Betty.

Seeing her gaze as if she were analyzing this side, Betty clenched her teeth and fired a kick.

A high kick with a spectacular trajectory was blocked by the masked man with one arm raised.

It was so powerful that even a well-trained person would be instantly crushed to pieces if hit, but the opponent in front of him was not pushed back an inch.

Betty glared at the masked man in disbelief.

“you… … What is it?”

The man didn’t answer.

The moment Betty was about to ask more, the man stretched out his leg. Right after Betty reflexively crossed his arms, a strong shock hit him. Betty’s body was pushed back.


“Don’t worry! It’s just disgusting!”

Casey couldn’t believe that Betty had been pushed out of her power.

Even though the opponent’s body is not that big even compared to Betty.

“I will join you.”

Enya also stepped in, as if she didn’t want it to go on like this.

She jumped over the man who was dealing with Betty and swung her sword at Ludger.


Enya’s eyebrows twitched.

Another masked man blocked his attack.

However, instead of panicking, Enya immediately retrieved the sword and turned her body as it was, aiming for his neck.

The masked man did not panic and calmly raised his sword vertically to block her attack.

Enya’s offensive continued without hesitation.

The two swords collided in succession in the air. With a roaring sound of metal colliding with iron, sparks flew and lit up the darkness.

Enya gritted her teeth as she saw the unidentified man facing her.

‘The guard is tight! Besides being strong! At least the level of a well-trained elite knight!’

Those who handle swords and have superhuman bodies are called knights, but even within them, the ranks are divided into several.

Most of those who are called ‘quasi-knights’ are pages who are just learning the sword.

After that, the apprentice knight squire, who can be called a knight in earnest.

Then there is the bachelor, the regular driver.

And Enya’s rank was one step higher than that, an elite knight and a senior knight, banneret.

The fact that she can’t easily subdue the enemy in front of her means that the opponent is a person equal to her in power.

But it doesn’t matter. Because she had her own arcane swordsmanship.

While swinging the sword with her right hand, with her left hand she took out the veil hidden in the waist of her banquet dress out of sight from the other person’s blind spot.

Then, stabbing his long sword, he threw Bido under the shadow of the sword.

Unlike other knights who deal purely with swords, this is a real swordsmanship that stabs opponents’ loopholes.

A subtle blind spot created between the swords wielded.

Sting Sword, the secret swordsmanship of the Enya Joinus family, was a dagger technique that stabbed the other person’s vital points through the gap.

A skill in which a normal opponent is hit by another dagger hidden under the sword without noticing it.


However, as if the opponent knew it would be like this, he so naturally struck her Bido with his sword.

‘Did you stop it?!’

I blocked an attack that I couldn’t see and react to.

Her skill was to attack a knight with transcendent reflexes.

‘It’s not just a coincidence. I know my technique!’

Enya opened her eyes and glared at her opponent.

“what is your identity. How do you know this technology?”

“… … .”

There was no answer from the masked man.

Enya tried to push again, but her wish was not granted.

It was because Ludgar strongly sprayed magic around her and forced her to retreat.

“It shouldn’t take any more time. The Clockwork Knights are coming.”

“… … yes.”

“all right.”

Before long, except for Hans, who passed out, the four of them floated up in the air.

A huge gale raged and floated their bodies.

And when they floated into the air, there was a woman floating in the sky holding a black parasol.

The other side also covered their faces with black cotton, hiding their identity, but it was clear that they were the ones who caused this storm.

Casey tried to stop her, but she was stopped by what Rudger had said.

‘A survivor who has not yet been evacuated to the auction house… … !’

Rudger didn’t miss the gap she revealed.

“egg plant.”

With Ludger’s command, his body is about to disappear beyond the dark night sky.

“James Moriarty!”

cried Casey Selmore, glaring at Ludger.

Just before leaving, Ludger turned his head slightly to look back at her.

Casey also stared at Rudger with unwavering blue eyes.

“I will definitely not miss it next time! I will eradicate you, your organization, and the Black Dawn from this world!”

It was quite a provocative remark, but Rudger responded kindly.

“However much.”

Rudger’s words were carried to her by the wind.

Casey was furious with it, and before he could say anything more, Rudgar and his men rode the wind and disappeared into the darkness of the night sky.

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