I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 122

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◈ Episode 122 Hunting Night (1)

Standing on the rebar of the precariously swaying building, he seemed to be floating in the air.

The monster of the report party looked up at him.

The savage monster’s red eyes were calmer than before.

Unlike just before, when he recognized other humans as prey, he seemed to be the only one who recognized them as equal or higher.


However, the fading flames burned fiercely again, revitalizing the monster’s body.

Ooh ooh ooh———!!!

The three heads roared.

Not only that, the countless heads of beasts attached to the body let out a shout all at once.

A thunderous howl spread throughout the city of Ledervelk.

Citizens watching from a distance hung their heads with both hands covering their ears, and the faint-hearted fainted foaming at the mouth.

A roar as if it had climbed from the depths of hell.

Rudger, who heard the sound from the front, sulked inside the crow mask.

The roar, like a nightmare for others, was all it evoked in him a little longing.

‘okay. It was like this even then.’

When he was active as a hunter <Abraham Van Helsing>.

The decisive factor in gaining a reputation as the best hunter was hunting the monster of Jebodang.

If I had to point out the difference from then, the appearance of that monster king staring at me now was different.

Since Hans had undergone a mutation due to his peculiar constitution, the strangely human form was proof of that.

From a direct point of view, the past seemed less beastly and less savage.

However, I couldn’t say that the monster in front of me was weaker than the one I faced in the past.

On the contrary, if you look at the way he is clearly wary of this side but doesn’t move hastily, it seems that there was a clever side, but it was not lacking.

‘Still, I hoped that he would recognize me and be quiet, but was it a vain hope?’

I understand.

Hans can now maintain his human self even if he transforms into another beast, but he couldn’t in the past.

Even now, whenever he transforms, Hans shows a few times that he can’t easily shake off his beastly instincts.

On the other hand, the monster of Jebodang is a monster far beyond an ordinary beast.

Just by looking at the myriad heads of that beast that makes up it, you can get a glimpse of how enormous the madness of a predator embedded in that monster’s genes is.

A normal human would probably go completely insane or erase their ego the moment they met.

‘But Hans is still alive.’

He was roaring like that now because of the savagery of the Jebodang’s monster, but in a very fleeting moment, the monster of the Jebodang recognized Ludger.

It was proof that Hans’ inner self was alive.

Anyway, this is the longest I’ve known each other.

And I don’t know what the wind blew, but Hans used a tooth that he didn’t want to use even if he died soon.

It was probably because he was determined to do something, not just avoiding a fight and running away like a coward.

“It’s also your job as a leader to watch your subordinates grow.”

And if that subordinate is in crisis.

It is also a leader’s job to extend a helping hand.

“Where should I see my skills?”

At the same time, Rudger let go of the precariously standing rebar and fell down.

* * *

‘James Moriarty!’

Casey glared at James Moriarty, trying not to miss him as he suddenly dropped out of thin air.

A shadow darker than the darkness of the night wriggles as if protecting his body under the moonlight.

Even the monster of the report party bristled his hair, revealing that he might have judged that man to be more dangerous than himself.

Although he was proud of the fact that he, who had earned the title of one of the few colors in the world, was ignored.

I had no choice but to admit it.

‘James Moriarty was called Abraham Van Helsing in earlier times.’

I had visited the Kingdom of Casey Durmand.

The Royal Museum, which exists in the center of the royal castle.

There, she saw the stuffed body of Jebodang’s monster.

The widespread rumor seemed to suffice for the terrifying appearance of the beast, which any man would be terrified of.

Surprisingly, however, nearly 70% of the body of the monster had been lost.

All that was left was half the head, one arm, and a skeleton that could barely guess its shape.

The rest of it was destroyed or lost so badly that it couldn’t even be reproduced.

‘Everything, that man did it.’

The king of demons who reigned on the bloody night.

The owner of a nightmare that will go down in history.

That man who was a hunter killed him alone.

Ordinary magic could not work, and the body of the monster, which regenerated in an instant, 70% of the body was blown away.

That’s why I understand.

The fact that the monster of the report party is wary of that man.

Ignoring myself and focusing only on that man.

Casey Selmore bit her lip.

In my heart, I wanted to capture James Moriarty right away.

However, now that the interest of the monster of the report party has become distant, the evacuation of citizens was the priority.

Fortunately, that man seemed to be trying to make a deal with the monster of the report party.



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If you could draw the monster’s attention, it would be welcome from this side.

The moment I made up my mind to do so, Moriarty and the monster of the report party collided.

The monster of the report party opened its mouth and tried to swallow the shadow.

At that moment, the figure of the shadow contracted into a point in the air.

What appeared before long was the top of the head in the middle of the monster in Jebodang.

fast moving? no.

There was no time difference between disappearing and appearing.

Casey’s eyes widened at the sight of it as if it had jumped through space.

‘Did you skip the space?!’


The handle of the cane held in Ludger’s right hand was pulled out, revealing a white blade.

Rudgar stabbed his sword right into the monster’s eyeball.

The monster in pain shook its head wildly. Rudger slashed the heads of the beasts that slid down neatly on his back and glared at him.

A clean movement with no fuss.

It wasn’t simply strengthening the body, it was an inaction that could only be demonstrated by learning swordsmanship for a long time.

However, the monster of Jebodang was not the only one to be knocked down by such an attack.

Heads cut off by swords containing other knights’ auras will immediately regenerate… … .

‘Do or not?’

A severed head does not regenerate.

Rather, black smoke flowed along with the sound of a chiik along the cut end.

Was that sword made of an unusual material? Or some kind of magic?

Without a chance to analyze it, the monster of the report party waggled its tail.

‘For now, it’s not the time to be looking around.’

Casey put a water curtain around him and looked at the people.

“Everybody stay away! Get caught up!”

She could only hope that James Moriarty would stop the monster.

* * *

Cheer up!

A series of tail swings that even hardened knights can barely avoid by focusing.

An attack that exploded even a solid steel pillar like a bomb was not something a person could withstand with bare body.

Instant death by just brushing.

Facing it, Ludger disappeared again in the air as if he knew this would happen.

The movement of space, which was introduced a little while ago, has been unfolded again.

The monster of Jebodang looked everywhere to find the missing Ludger.

In addition to the three heads that could be simply called the main body, the eyes of countless beasts rolled around following Ludger’s traces.

All heads turned in one direction at once, as if they had finally found the target they were chasing.

It was the sky, right above your head.

The moment he found Ludger, countless vials of medicine fell from the air.

The monster of Jebodang swung its tail like a whip and slashed them all.

The vial hit by the tail shattered, and the pure white powder contained in it was scattered in all directions.

When the pure white powder landed on the monster of the Jebodang like dew at dawn, a reaction appeared.

Crack! Yep! Kreureung!

The countless heads that grew on the monster’s body sneezed and coughed with pain.

Except for the three huge heads, all the heads sprouting from all over the body had the same reaction.

‘What the hell is that… … .’

Casey, who saw the white powder flying in the wind, immediately knew what that powder was.


tear powder

Casey hurriedly put a thin curtain of water around him.

Even though I only smelled it slightly, as if to prove that it was not normal, it gave off a terrible stench that made it difficult to breathe.

‘Are you writing something like that?’

Seeing that the heads of the beasts were particularly suffering, they must have been made with special products.

It’s a stench that makes her teeth tremble even as a human, but what about a beast whose sense of smell is much more sensitive than a human?

The terrible smell and the intense tear gas effect almost paralyzed the sense of smell of the monster in Jebodang.

In particular, the pupils of other beasts continued to shed tears, creating countless gaps in the monsters that did not have blind spots.


The monster of the Jebodang crouched down, as if he didn’t want it to go on like this.

The beast’s head on his body wriggled and twisted violently.

Soon, the head fell off the body and rolled on the floor.

“Hee! I-what is that!”

Erendir’s complexion turned pale.

The beast that escaped from the body of the monster in Jebodang did not simply have a head.

body was present. It has arms and legs.

In an instant, the four-legged beasts staggered to their feet.

Some even stood on two legs similar to the human torso.

Occasionally, in the case of a completely disembodied head, it would devour a swarm of rats scattered around it.

Then, as he procrastinated, the flesh swelled and the torso was completed.

“Hey, it’s a cryptid.”

“Proliferation, did you?”

The Clockwork Knights, who watched the scene from a safe distance away, broke into a cold sweat.

The day of the bloody night five years ago.

It was the moment when the question of why so many cryptids appeared in the city of Jebodang was solved.

The monster of Jebodang has the ability to create countless proliferative objects with that ability.

He is one, but a colony that commands countless legions.

That was the monster of Jebodang.

What was even more frightening was that a new head began to grow again from the torso of the main body, which should have been left empty after the head fell out.

It was self-evident that if left as it is, the monster of Jebodang would endlessly create cryptids.

It was something that Rudger was also aware of.

“Are you throwing away the tear gas-soaked head and replacing it with a new one? You really know how to roll your head differently than back then.”

It was not a bad decision to throw away the existing things like a snake shedding its skin.

But there were obvious downsides to it.


White flames rose in the air and covered the monster’s body.

The hair that was about to grow anew could not stand the high heat of the flames and burned.

“When you’re just molting, your defense is weaker than anything else. So, won’t it burn even in the fire of the third tier?”


The three gigantic heads glared at Ludger hatefully.

He had been standing on the ground for some time, watching this side as if he was playing around.

I wanted to swing my arms like this and crush that human, but the monster instinctively realized that it was useless.

no. Conversely, fragments of what could be called reason were mixed in that judgment.

“Are you not coming?”

Rudger is deliberately inducing his own movement as if to show a gap.

The monster of the report party who read it raised the vigilance of the surroundings.

“You are quick to notice.”

However, no matter how much you raised your guard, it was already too late.

Because his magic was activated long ago.


Light streamed out from under the rubble on the ground where the monster of Jebodang was standing.

At the same time, the ground suddenly rose like a huge spear and pierced the monster’s hind feet and both palms.

A thick cloud of dust rose and filled the surroundings.

Those watching the fight were taken aback by the sudden cloud of dust.


In the smoke, the monster of Jebodang twisted its body, but its pierced hands and feet did not budge.

The monster of Jebodang gave orders to the multiplied cryptids.

A black wave rushed towards Ludger.

Rudger saw that and stopped trying to wield the sword stick.

“This is a bit much.”

Instead, he drew two black revolvers from his waistband.

Tata Tata Tang!

Bullets made of magical power exploded countless times and pierced the foreheads of the multiplied beasts.

There was no need to reload because it was shot with magic power.

In an instant, dozens of cryptids collapsed into a beehive.

Putting the revolver back into the holster at his waist, Ludger stared at the monster in Jebodang with a gaze asking if there was anything else he could do.

When we met our eyes, the monster of the report party shrank.

If his limbs hadn’t been pierced, he would have taken a step backwards without realizing it.

Rudger looked at it and decided that it was over.

‘It would be best to stun it like this, but I’ve reduced the need to go through that effort.’

Rudgar raised his head slightly.

I saw something sparkling flying in the moonlight in the dark night sky.


Immediately after, a huge harpoon was thrust into the cervical vertebrae of the monster of Jebodang.

Its power was so strong that the upper body of the monster with its enormous size collapsed.


The harpoon, which tore through the flesh and reached the bone, released the drug from the ampoule that was worn along with it.

It was the antidote to release the beast shoes that Rudger had often handed over to Hans.


The red eyes of the monster in Jebodang widened greatly.

Before long, the monster’s gigantic body began to shrink rapidly.


Before long, Hans, who had completely returned to human form, collapsed on the floor.

At the same time, black shadows fell one by one from the air.

A large white-haired man with a mask on his face covered Hans with a mat over his body as he fell to the floor and wrapped him around his shoulders.

With the other hand, he picked up the thrown harpoon and picked it up.

Alex, who came with Pantos, asked Rudger while wearing a mask.

“leader. Boy, are you okay?”

“It is fine. When in monster state, his resilience is high, and wounds heal quickly. You came no later than that.”


Rudger answered like that and chewed on the magic pill he had prepared in advance.

When fighting while using Ather Nocturnus, the consumption of mana was extreme, so I had to dope it like this.

“Now that <Kafka> has been safely taken, let’s leave now. It’s too late.”

Now was the right time to run away, as the view was obscured by the fumes and the knights couldn’t approach.


At that moment, Casey Selmore appeared.

Rudger stared at her silently calling out to him.

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