I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 120

◈ Episode 120 The King of All Vicious Beasts (2)

Erendir, who could not evacuate from the Kunst Auction House, had no choice but to grind his teeth as he saw the attackers who were blatantly targeting this place from a while ago.

“I came here for no reason!”

I’ll just rest in Seorn!

“There it is! There is a princess over there!”

The Liberation Army, hearing the commotion, rushed towards her with fearsome momentum.

For the liberation army, Erendir, who inherited the blood of the imperial family beyond nobles, was an enemy and target that must be defeated.

Above all, killing her would alert even those hated royals that the Liberation Army was this dangerous and strong.

Even if it means dying… … No, I run with the determination to die together.

The liberators prepared bomb vests.

The silence of the fire is useless now.

With this bomb using special gunpowder, I wouldn’t be helpless by magic anymore.

“Your voice is too loud.”

At that moment, it was Casey Selmore who was hiding.


The Liberation Army was puzzled by the sudden appearance of Casey out of thin air.

That’s right, because she suddenly appeared as if breaking through a curtain in the empty air.

Erendir also noticed it while looking at it.

‘That’s the skill of a wizard who received the title of color.’

Casey Selmore’s unique magic, [Mermaid’s Raincoat], which surrounds a thin film of water in the air and distorts the light to hide the figure.

After releasing it, Casey Selmore immediately pointed her staff at the liberators who were rushing towards Erendir.

“Stay quiet.”

At the same time, moisture in the air gathered around the liberators and turned into soap bubbles, trapping them all.

The liberators, who were floating in the air in an instant, tried to explode the bomb vests equipped on their bodies with their teeth clenched.

“Oh, can’t you?”

The bomb, which was fine even under the [Silence of Fire] magic that suppressed the action of gunpowder, misfired when it was trapped inside a soap bubble.

Casey sneered at the baffled Liberators.

“No matter how special gunpowder is, it is useless if it gets wet.”

Casey’s method was simple.

It just uses the moisture in the air to wet the gunpowder they use.

The greatest misfortune for the liberators was the presence of Casey Selmore at the site of their raid.

Who would have predicted that a wizard who handles water, which can be said to be incompatible, would be holding on here.

“Ooh, don’t be arrogant just because you subdued us! There are still more of our compatriots here! By now… … !”

“ah. You mean those people?”

Casey looked at the Liberation Army, who was still talking in triumph, and raised his hand nonchalantly, pointing to one side.

There, compatriots of the Liberation Army who had just arrived at the scene were trampled mercilessly by the two women and fell to the ground.

“Did it get sorted right away?”

“Da, what the hell is this… … .”

As a liberation soldier, he remembered that the two women were people who didn’t even know their names.

However, the two women defeated all of their compatriots without a single wound.

It was natural in a way that I didn’t know.

One of the two who defeated dozens of liberation soldiers with his bare body was from the Security Agency’s Nightcrawler Knights, and the other was an assistant led by Casey, a genius detective.

“Casey! This one is all sorted out!”

Betty responded with a cheerful wave of her hand.

Enya Joinus, who was by Betty’s side, hurriedly approached Erendir.

“Woe, Princess! Are you all right!”

“what? You must have been with Captain Terrina before… … .”

“Gee, I’m honored that you remember me! My name is Enya from the Nightcrawler Knights!”

Enya finished introducing herself in a loud voice.

If her senior, Lloyd, had been here, he would have scolded her not to openly advertise as the Knights of the Nightcrawler.

Erendir smiled awkwardly at the sight of him standing in front of him and not knowing what to do.

Just a moment ago, Enya had brutally beaten the assailants without changing their face color.

As if making a fuss right now is a lie, it is clear that she silently subdues the liberation army with a cool face.

It was fitting for the name of the Nightcrawler Knights, which criminals fear most.

‘And that woman too.’

A girl named Betty who came here with Casey Selmore.

Although he was small and cute like a doll, he was an opponent that could never be taken lightly.

Surprisingly, she was the owner of superpowers, capable of holding and wielding a gigantic object three times his size with one hand.

If Enya was a skilled fighter who reliably handled enemies with skills trained for many years, Betty was clumsy and clumsy, but she was on the side of stamping with overwhelming power.

Where the hell does that little, slender body come from?

‘That’s not what’s important right now.’

Erendir turned his gaze to Casey.

She was interrogating one of the liberators she had just captured.

“My, do you think I will blow?!”

“Hmm. If you don’t blow, you’ll get sick, right?”


“I know that? I am a water wizard. I only know how to use water attribute magic, but that’s why I know how to handle anything ‘water’, right?”

“What, what are you trying to say?”

The liberation army at least seemed to have no knowledge of what a colored mage was.

So Casey Selmore decided to show very little.


She pointed at her fingertips.

There, the moisture gathered from the surroundings was condensed to form a single water drop.

“I can handle water. Of course, there are limitations on distance and amount of handling, but there are few things as fluid as this water, right?”

The drops of water changed into countless fish swimming around before they knew it, and then transformed into a deer leaping through the air.

The deer eventually turns into a bird with wings and flies in the sky, but turns into raindrops and falls to the ground.

The water that fell on the floor evaporated and disappeared.

“It’s like this. And to sum it up, it goes like this.”


As he moved his finger, the soap bubble that had trapped the liberator moved closer to Casey.

“How much water do you think there is in the human body?”

“What, what?”

“The correct answer is more than 70 percent. All the blood that runs through your body is water. Then, if you boil the water or freeze it to the freezing point… … What would that feel like?”


The Liberation Army, overwhelmed by Casey who was staring this way with a terrifying expression, let out a scream.

“Uh, um. Shouldn’t that dry?”

Erendir, who was watching the scene, became anxious and asked Betty.

Then Betty shook her head, saying not to worry.

“are you okay! are you okay! No matter how wayward Casey is, she wouldn’t do such a terrible thing!”

Betty, who was boasting like that, suddenly remembered the past she had spent with her.

The image of herself who was always suffering from being swayed by the selfish Casey.

“… … maybe?”

“Then you have to dry it!”

Just in time, Casey came over after the interrogation.

“I roughly figured out their purpose. what? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Oh, no nothing.”

“Hmmmm. Because I trusted Casey!”

“aha. I did something.”

Indeed, like a genius detective, she noticed right away.

“I am what do you see people as What you just said was just a threat. I don’t actually do it, and I have no intention of doing it.”

“That, right?”

“It’s okay to be relieved because I don’t intend to do anything like that unless it’s a bit malicious.”

“… … Doesn’t that mean that you would do that to an evil person?”

“Unfortunately, in my life so far, I have yet to meet a human that I would call evil by my standards. Oh, of course there is only one.”

Did you even think of someone at that time?

Casey pursed his lips and seemed to be deep in thought.

The moment I was about to ask something, Casey, who regained his sanity, struck first.

“Anyway, things don’t look very good right now. It’s because all kinds of guys seem to have been swindled here by taking advantage of the lack of security. So, escaping is the priority.”

“Ah yes. I see.”

“Princess. I will see you!”

“yes. Please.”

Casey stroked his chin as he checked the crowd.

“It’s not a bad combination. Two front and two rear.”

Even the power of each individual is great.

The 3rd Princess of Erendir who inherited the blood of the imperial family and possesses innate magical power.

Enya Joinus of the Security Bureau’s Nightcrawler Knights, who are said to be able to enter only the elite.

Betty is her own unreliable sidekick, but her skills are genuine.

And even herself, a water mage with the title of non-color.

With this level of strength, they should be able to safely escape this crowded Kunst Auction House.

oh oh oh oh oh —-!!!!

Just as I was about to think that, I heard the beast’s screams of joy and despair from afar.

Goosebumps ran down his skin and chicken meat sprouted.

The four of them instinctively perceived that the owner of that sound was a very dangerous being.

“What did you mean by that?”

Casey responded in an uncharacteristically serious tone to Erendir, who spoke in a voice trembling with fear.

“I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t sound like a normal beast. I need to get out of here safely. as soon as possible.”

“I-I agree. Come on.”

* * *


The monster of Jebodang, who appeared by tearing down a corner of the Kunst Auction House building, fell on all fours with his upper body bent down, unable to withstand his enormous height.

To be considered a wild beast, its arms are closer to those of a human than to those of a wild beast.

The three heads of the black beast scanned the surroundings.

The tail, full of jet-black mane, disappeared in an instant, leaving behind a blurry afterimage.


The outer wall of the Kunst Auction House building exploded, scattering shrapnel in all directions.


“Run away!”

The people who were frozen at the appearance of the unprecedented monster finally realized the seriousness of the situation and ran away screaming.

The monster of the report party slowly stretched out his arms while looking down at the people running away with eyes full of murderous intent.

Kreureung! I’m sorry!

The heads of countless beasts that make up the hands show their teeth or howl as they see the people fleeing.

The people looked back and became contemplative as they saw the huge hand approaching them.

“Everyone avoid it!”

At that moment, a pure white flash flew and cut off one of my fingers.


The beast’s head on its finger roared in pain, then pulled out its tongue and died.

The faces of the people who recognized the series of sudden appearances turned bright.

“The Clockwork Knights!”

Elite knights belonging to each city.

Among them, people shouted cheers at the appearance of the Clockwork Knights, which belonged to Lederbelk City.


The monster of the Jebodang glared at the Clockwork Knights.

There was no way he could feel good since people who interfered with him appeared out of nowhere.

The Clockwork Knights glared up at the monster of Jebodang and swallowed.

“I received a report that the auction house was suddenly attacked, but what kind of monster is that… … .”

“Quiet everyone! Whatever it is, we must take down that monster for the safety of our citizens.”

Only then did the subordinates shut up at the commander’s firm command.

Each of them maxed out the output of the horse-shaped magic golem they rode.

Chi profit.

White steam spewed out, and the magic golem screamed.

At that time, the monster of Jebodang moved.


It seemed as if the countless beasts attached to its body howled at once, but the monster of the Jebodang raised its huge hand and struck it down at the knights.


The magic engineering golems driven by the knights moved and scattered in all directions.

The arm of the monster of Jebodang hit the ground. A huge shockwave spread and a cloud of dust rose around it.

The ground cracked open as the huge palm hit it, and the ground shifted.

Water gushed out of the gap as if it had hit the sewer pipe in the middle.


However, the attack of the monster of Jebodang did not stop there.

Its huge tail swung like a whip and mercilessly whipped it in all directions.

With the sound of exploding air, windows and exterior walls of nearby buildings shatter, and the ground explodes as if exploding.

The Clockwork Knights devoted themselves to evasion based on their superhuman body vision.

Even just brushing this will kill you instantly.

The knight commander, who was desperately moving, secretly broke into a cold sweat behind his back.

‘A ridiculous speed that doesn’t match that size. Where the hell did that monster come from?’

* * *

A half-destroyed outer wall that shows the night sky of Lederbelk.

In the desolate wind, the half-exposed rebar sways precariously with a squeaking sound.

Rudger stood there, looking down at the scene under the rough wind.

A huge beast with three heads and strange horns.

The one with the jaws of countless beasts on its body was definitely the cryptid in his memory.

However, it is not the same existence as the guy in my memory. Because Rudger himself eliminated the guy at that time.


The crude dagger made of teeth he had given to Hans had been handed over just in case.

It was Ludger who gave it to him, but using it depended entirely on Hans’ own will.

Rudger thought that Hans wouldn’t use it even though he handed it over himself.

Hans had a good reason.

But Hans ended up using it.

The howling monster right in front of my eyes proved that.

Surely it was not used lightly.

He didn’t even have to think about how much trouble he had to go through to pierce those teeth into his body.


The appearance of the monster running rampant like crazy seemed to be in agony.

The monster of Jebodang, no, Hans, destroyed everything around him, but at the same time suffered from being hit by the knights’ blades.

“I can’t leave a comrade I’ve been with for a long time alone like this.”

I don’t mind fighting, but I have no intention of avoiding it if I have to.

[Ater Nocturnus]

A black shadow covered Ludger’s body.

A black cloak fluttered behind his back, and a black crow’s beak mask draped over his face.

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