I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 119

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◈ Episode 119 The King of All Vicious Beasts (1)

Pantos stared in the direction of the Kunst Auction House, from which they had fled.

“What are you looking at?”

Alex, who was riding a truck loaded with stolen goods, asked Pantos when he saw the strange behavior.

“We were looking at where we left off.”

“The Kunst Auction House? Why are you there?”

“I felt something there.”

did you feel something?

Alex also stared at the location of the Kunst Auction House.

Kunst had already crossed several blocks and was hidden by the wall of the building, so Kunst could not be seen.

“What do you feel? I don’t know anything.”

“A huge game.”

“What is the prey again?”

This guy is saying something I don’t understand.

no. Rather, it is because he is a handicraft, so he expresses it in such a simple way.

“But it is dangerous.”


“The smell and presence of this prey. not an ordinary guy So dangerous that even I have not faced it a few times, no, maybe much stronger… … .”

Pantos stopped talking.

“what. why don’t you stop talking? So, you’re at the Kunst Auction?”


What really happened to the auction house that Pantosco said like that?

The leader, Ludger, and Hans, who went to join him, were still left in Kunst.

What’s going to happen to these two?

‘No, no. Let’s not worry about it.’

Alex shook his head to shake off his anxiety.

The day I met Enya and had a separate conversation with Rudger.

Alex once asked Rudger a question.

– Hey Leader.


-Come to think of it, the leader said that Pantos is the 2nd in combat power among our organization.

-It did.

-Then who is number one? Are you also the leader?

The answer that came back to Alex, who smiled mischievously, was completely unexpected.

– The 2nd place in combat power I mentioned was an evaluation made only for combat personnel. Of course I’m not in there.

-what? Then, is there a separate number 1? Could that be me?

-Alex, you are in third place. Still, you also maintained good grades at the Knights Academy, so your skills are second to none, but not enough to rank first.

– Then, is there anyone who can say that they are number 1?

-there is.

– Who is that?

The name Rudger brought out was completely unexpected.

– Hans.

* * *

Hans suddenly remembered what had happened in the past as he felt his mind disappear into the distant darkness.

It was after quite some time had passed since meeting Rudger and swearing allegiance to him.

Rudger knew of Hans’ tendency to turn into a beast, but only ordered him to do things that did not thoroughly fight.

Looking at Ludger, who handled everything with his own hands instead of asking for help even if it required combat, one day Hans could not stand it and asked.

-older brother. I have a question for you.

-Tell me.

-Why did you accept a coward like me?

Hans still didn’t understand.

Even though Ludger saw his true ability, he didn’t try to use it thoroughly.

Rather, as if he were being considerate of him, he thoroughly excluded the fight.

-Your brother doesn’t even know. Even with this ability, I was a coward and ran away. Even so, it is also true that they have powers that others cannot have.

-Is it because it’s strange that they accepted you like that?

– To be honest… … exactly.

It was good even if it was a sense of entitlement.

The servile man who had been chased here and there because he had not been favored by anyone until now was saying this because he could not even trust the true favor.

‘okay. It must have been.’

What did your brother say then?

-It’s because you’re a coward.

– I am. I know it’s because I don’t like fighting, but when I hear it myself, it hurts again.

-no. Similar but different.

-If it’s similar, it’s similar, what else is different?

– Hans. You know very well about your powers. And I know how dangerous that power is, and what a great responsibility comes with it. Aren’t you afraid I’m afraid you’ll hurt someone with your power.

-… … .

It was then that Hans realized, for the first time in his life, that when a person is hit hard, no words come out.

That’s not it.



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I’m just a coward who ran away because I hated fighting and was afraid of getting hurt.

I have to say that, but the words that came out of my mouth were completely different.

-I was an orphan.

In a self-deprecating voice, he complained like that.

-When I was young, I lived in an orphanage. At that time, I couldn’t properly mingle with others there either.

-… … .

-There was a child who was like a younger sister who took special care of me. He was a bright and cute kid that couldn’t be compared to a guy like me. She is definitely a child who would have woken up and made men cry and married into a good family.

At that time, he recalled himself as a loner even during his orphanage days.

-I killed that child.

-… … Hans.

– It was an accident. Because he brought a puppy I don’t know where he picked it up from. So I guess he was just trying to show me. It must have been because of the naive thought unique to a child, to just see cute things together.

If the puppy hadn’t bit off Hans’ hand then.

If only he knew his constitution back then.

-If I hadn’t accepted the child’s kindness then… … .

That wouldn’t have happened.

It was a frank statement, but for Hans, the events of that day were a nightmare and trauma that could not be washed away even after a lifetime.

The manifestation of the beast factor awakened for the first time.

And childhood, when the ego was not yet properly established.

Hans, who could not suppress his wild instincts, killed the girl.

-It was the first murder in my life.

I still get dizzy thinking about what happened back then.

The image of herself covered in blood and the girl turned into a cold corpse.

And even the feel of blood and flesh in your mouth.

That gruesome memory was also a sin he had to carry with him for the rest of his life.

So even with this ability, Hans continued to run away without fighting anyone.

I couldn’t bear to see that the power of this filthy beast, which had trampled on a girl’s miserable life, would do the same thing again.

– But Hans. As you live, there will surely come a day when things don’t go your way.

-What is that? Are you cursing?

– Advice and advice. Hans. You may one day bump into a reality you don’t want to face. If you have that power, you might be able to do that.

– What if you run away even then? let go of everything

Hans replied with a forced laugh as if he was joking on purpose.

Maybe that’s what he said because he wanted Rudger to reprimand him and say something bitter.

But he didn’t.

-That would be your choice too.

as it has been so far.

Even if that moment comes, it’s enough to run away.

He replied calmly with his back turned to this side.

– Hans. Even if one day that moment comes and you abandon everything and run away, I won’t blame you.

-What is that?

Rudger didn’t say such lip-smacking things as believing in you or saying you could do it.

I just eased his worries a little by saying that I would not be held accountable even if he ran away.

At that time, Hans grumbled about what it was, but he couldn’t answer with certainty that he wouldn’t dare.

‘I guess the time has come for me to die. It reminds me of the past, which is not a big deal.’

Hans laughed at his miserable situation as if he were self-deprecating.

After living all my life running away, I met a good person and thought that I had done something worthwhile in my own way.

Even if it was something that would not be acknowledged by the public.

For him, being with Ludger and helping him was a sanctuary where he could run away from his past trauma.

‘Even dying in this state wouldn’t be too bad.’

Still, if it’s the last.

Just once, let’s burn them all.

* * *

Rudger made his way through the crowds flowing outside and into the auction house.

Inside, people who couldn’t evacuate and intruders who were making a mess inside were entangled, and it was still a mess.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

“These damn bastards!”

In Ludger’s gaze, the forces that attacked the Kunst auction house began to appear one by one.

‘The guys who first raided the auction house were criminals who came to rob valuables.’

They didn’t think about fighting the escorts, they only packed their own things.

However, some were blinded by greed and tried to steal the jewelry or jewels worn by noble ladies.

‘The black magicians who are presumed to have used black magic in the depths.’

There were also many valuable artifacts in the Kunst Auction House.

For warlocks, it was something to drool over, but even the people who guarded it disappeared, so it was understandable that they would come forward.

‘The biggest problem is that they aren’t aiming for things or anything else, and are innocently trying to kill all the people.’

Guys who deliberately start a fight even when there is no need to fight.

no. Those whose eyes are turned upside down to kill nobles, not to fight.

Rudger had met such people before, so he immediately guessed their identity.

‘The Liberation Army guys.’

Wealthy aristocrats and businessmen with a lot of money gather in one place, how could the Liberation Army just ignore it?

They do not hesitate to commit suicide bombings if they can kill all the people who are like enemies to them.


At that time, a door on one side of the wall opened, and a liberation soldier with a hood over his mouth rushed at Ludger.

Ludger, who already sensed a sign from the inside, created a magic formula on the spot using the [Source Code] and fired magic.

A white flame exploded in front of my eyes.

[Burning Thunder], the 2nd tier thunderbolt magic, pierced the Liberation Army’s stomach.


Glancing at the fallen Liberation Army, Ludger wondered how they could thrive in a place like this.

After all, most of the liberators use gunpowder weapons, so they wouldn’t be able to fight easily in a place where [Silence of Fire] is maintained.

Or did you bring a wizard? At that time, it seemed to have lost quite a lot of power in the train terror incident.

‘Come to think of it, these guys… … .’

Rudger felt a sense of déjà vu as he tried to approach the fallen Liberators, and hurriedly backed away.

That judgment was correct.

Because the bodies of the liberators who had collapsed a moment ago exploded with intense flames.


Ludger, who was out of the radius of the explosion, frowned as he watched the smoke that rose thickly.

Maybe it’s because they’re the liberation army guys. Suicidal terrorism was at an all-time high.

Besides, Ludger, who had suffered from this suicide attack once, was naturally aware of the lowly ways of the guys, and had fully prepared for it.


‘An explosion occurred in a space where the silence of fire is maintained?’

Even he was in a state of always applying silence of fire and spreading it around.

As long as this magic that suppresses the action of gunpowder is maintained, the gunpowder will not ignite no matter how much you light the fuse.

And yet, an explosion occurred.

‘It’s not an artifact created using magic. I didn’t feel the reverberation of the unique magical power. That means it’s a bomb made of pure gunpowder.’

To start a fire in a magic that suppresses the action of gunpowder?

There was only one such case in his memory.

‘Special gunpowder that cannot be eaten by [Silence of Fire]. The rebels have it?’

It is impossible.

That’s right, that special gunpowder was destroyed without a trace by burning the entire factory along with the identity of <James Moriarty> in the Delica Kingdom.

‘At that time, I thought I had removed everything, but were there still remnants left? And did they join the Liberation Army?’

This wasn’t usually a problem.

To think that special gunpowder that cannot be eaten by the silence of fire falls into the hands of the liberation army.

Rudger felt that it was not usually a problem, but he thought he had to find Hans and escape from this place.

Then, with a rumble, the outer wall of the building collapsed.


All lights inside the building went out.

Darkness fell in an instant.


Someone’s desperate scream echoed from beyond the hallway like the endless throat of a beast.

Before Ludger could prepare for it, a black shadow flew in and rolled on the floor, stopping at Ludger’s feet.


It was a man in a black suit covered in blood.

However, the eerie magic that subtly emanated from him hinted that he was not an ordinary person.

‘Is this ominous magical power a black magician? These are the guys who raided the auction house. But what is this… … .’

The scars on the black magician’s body were not cut by swords or magic.

It was the mark of being bitten by countless beasts.

Ordinary people cannot make such marks.

‘no way… … Did Hans write it?’

This was the true identity of the uneasiness I had felt a while ago.

* * *

“Oh, this can’t be… … . My Kunst auction house… … .”

After escaping outside, Ivan Luke put on a devastated expression as he watched the commotion inside the building.

The Blackguards were trapped underground, and suddenly warlocks, criminals, and liberation troops appeared and caused a commotion.

Perhaps because Ivan Luke also managed to escape, his hair was scattered and his clean clothes were torn in several places and full of dust.

“Director! it’s okay! The building is still intact though! Evacuation of customers has been completed to some extent… … .”

“Customers? Now, wait a minute. Who is the princess? Where is the princess?!”

“Uh, uh. That’s because I haven’t checked it yet… … .”

“What are you going to do if the princess is harmed! Hurry up and check it out!”

“Ah, I see!”

It was at that moment when the adjutant hurriedly left.

oh oh oh oh ——–!!!!!

Something roared from inside the building.

It sounded like something huge shouting, or like countless beasts shouting at once.

The emotions mixed in it are endless hatred and anger.

and sadness.

The people who were watching the inside noisy from the outside shut their mouths at the tension flowing over their skin for an instant.

The fear that spread in an instant gave silence to the surroundings.

“Just what was it?”


One wall of the Kunst building collapsed.

The outer wall of the 8th floor, especially high floor height, was close to 1.5 times the height of other buildings, so debris fell down in an instant.

People screamed and evacuated.

“I-what is that?”

Those who were in a safe place could see silhouettes through the haze of the wreckage.

“A wolf? Is that a wolf?”

Protruding from the wreckage of the broken wall on the eighth floor was a black wolf’s head.

They didn’t know why there were wolves inside the Kunst Auction House, but their astonishment didn’t end there.

The wolf’s head, which was only visible at first, began to protrude one by one.

one, two.

When it increased to dozens or more, people felt that something was strange.

What could be called a wolf’s body was entangled as if it were one.

And after a little more time, people realized that it was taking the shape of something rather than a body.

“Cow, hand?”

It was a giant ‘hand’, not a wolf.

A huge hand with a beast’s head on each finger broke the outer wall again.

Debris fell, and a thick cloud of dust rose and engulfed the surrounding area.

However, people were frozen in place and did not think of escaping.

What appeared outside the Kunst Auction Hall building was destroyed.

It was a gigantic, black-furred beast that looked over several tens of meters in height.

Innumerable beast heads attached to the whole body.

What could be called the main body’s head was a terrible head shaped like a withered wolf’s skull.

A total of three such heads, one on each shoulder, gleamed red eyes from the open black pupils.

Even the twisted horns on top of his head and his black mane fluttering in the wind.

It was such a terrifying creature that one would wonder if it would have looked like that if hundreds of wild beasts got together and tangled together to the three-headed hell dog, which is said to be run by the devil.

“Nyo, it’s a guy.”

Someone who recognized the monster said in a trembling voice.

He was a person who had witnessed with his own eyes what had happened five years ago in a city in a kingdom.

how can i forget

That monster reflected in his retinas still haunts him from time to time in his nightmares.

A rare beast that once appeared in Durmand Kingdom, summoned countless cryptids, and ate even the elite knights, the strength of Durmand Kingdom.

The protagonist of the ‘Bloody Night’ five years ago and the nightmare of the city where the incident took place.

“—Beast of Jévaudan!”

The king of all savage beasts has resurrected in Laedervelk.

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