I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 115

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◈ Episode 115: Ludger’s 8 (3)

“How did you just do that? Could it be that you were also a knight?”

Arfa tilted her head slightly to the side at Hans asking in surprise.

“A knight? ah! Are you talking about superhumans who are far superior to other people? To that question, the answer would be ‘no’. I am not a knight.”

Arfa shook his head, Hans stared at him in disbelief.

not an article?

But considering the unbelievable punching power he showed just now, we can’t help but think of him as a knight.

Was he a knight cadet, or was he discharged midway through the military academy?

“Whatever it was, you did well. Once you’ve tied him up properly, hide him nearby. We can bury it here in the rubbish heap.”

“I see.”

Arfa grabbed the man he had knocked down with one hand and dragged him along. Hans tied up the stunned guard with a rope he had prepared in advance and gagged his mouth with a torn piece of cloth.

Even if you come to your senses in the middle, it will be fine until someone helps you.

That was the moment.

“Hey Deckard. Where did you go?”

Chew bone!

Hans’ hair stood on end. A colleague of the guard whom Arfa knocked out from beyond the entrance of the alley came to find him.

“This child. Are you messing around right now? hey! Deckard! You are there!”

The voice is getting closer. Hans was frozen and didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, Arfa opened her mouth.

[uh! wait! I’m here!]

“uh? what. were you there What are you doing in the alley?”

[Yaya! Do not come! I’m in a hurry right now, so I’m on my way!]

“what? this child. Were you doing dirty business there? Why are you looking at it from the outside?”

[What about something urgent! Besides, what to hear when you go inside!]

A modulated voice coming from Arfa’s mouth.

It sounded exactly like the voice of this guard named Deckard, whom he had just knocked out.

It is not at the level of imitating by altering the voice.

Literally, the tone of voice, the way of speaking, even the ringing in the throat are all the same.

I thought I was already surprised, but there was another hidden ability.

Whether or not Hans stared in astonishment, Arfa put on a performance with a modulated voice.

[Or what, are you going to watch my business?]

“Ugh! That’s it, that’s it! Who says he’s crazy? Watch the hairy guy messing around! Anyway, come quickly when you’re done. Without you, I’ll get caught up in it too!”

[Okay, so go ahead and wait.]

The sign that had been getting closer has moved away again.

Hans let go of the tight tension and let his shoulders droop.

“Did you have that kind of talent?”

“how is it? Was it the same?”

“… … I was really surprised.”

Hans, who had been replying dejectedly, smiled.

“It was the best though.”

“thank you.”

“Anyway, the dangerous hurdle has been passed. Now let’s wait a little bit and activate the machine before we go inside.”

* * *

‘Ah really. How many keys look similar?’

Violetta checked over hundreds of keys.

However, no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find the key to the basement storage room.

‘A key that shines in gold. Besides, it was said that it was also studded with jewels.’

There was no way I couldn’t find it in this pile of keys. That would mean that it was hidden somewhere other than this shelf.

‘I’m running out of time. I have to go find him as soon as possible.’

Violetta took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

‘Calm in moments of crisis,’ were the words Ludger had taught her while passing on her magical knowledge.

‘There’s no way I could keep that many keys in such an obvious place. It must have been hidden in a more intimate and secret space.’

Violetta aroused her magical powers.

A gentle breeze began to blow in the quiet room.

A gentle stream of air swept through the room.

The wind flows freely, unhindered anywhere. Therefore, this flow of air had no choice but to reach.

In the subtle gap where people’s eyes can’t reach.


There is a part where the air flow is heterogeneous.

Violetta put her hand on the floor and touched it here and there.

There was a slight gap at the tip of her finger.

When I pulled it with force, a hidden space was revealed.

‘I was here.’

Violetta identified the golden key hidden in the secret room and immediately took it.

‘Rather than that, what else is this?’

Other than that, the various items that were stored together didn’t look very good even with empty words.

Whips and candles, biting gags, and so on. As anyone can see, they were items favored by the owner of this room, the Key Master.




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Violetta glanced at the fainting Key Master with a contemptuous gaze, then took out all the items in the hidden space and scattered them all over the place.

Violetta made sure that no one else was wandering around the hallway, and then came out cautiously.

When I got out of the wide hall, there were still many people busily walking around there.

At that moment, I found Rudger accompanied by two big guys.

Rudger also glanced at Violetta, perhaps feeling Violetta’s gaze, then nodded slightly before disappearing from her field of vision.

‘The owner is still alive. All that remains is to hand over the key, but the black guards are too vicious.’

Some black guards standing tall like stone statues in black armor, and even guards periodically patrolling the inside.

Violetta slowly descended the stairs in the central hall.

Just in time, Alex appeared on the first floor through the emergency stairs.

Alex, who had come down here as fast as he could from the top of the 31st floor, found Violetta running her hand lightly down the marble banister.

Their gazes collided in midair.


Violetta signaled that she had the key with a slight nod of her head.

Alex answered with a look in his eyes that he knew and approached her.

In the center of the hall, the distance between the two grew closer.


Violetta leaned against Alex, pretending to fall on purpose.

“this. miss. Are you okay?”

“yes. Thank you for supporting me.”

Alex naturally supported Violetta and took the key she hinted at.

It was a secret transmission that no one noticed.

The blackguards glanced at the two and soon looked away, as if they had judged that there was no problem.

The two fell again and walked in opposite directions.

“This is <Victor Hugo>. I will take the key and go to the lift.”

[This is <Melville>. I will wait until you arrive.]

Pantos, who had been waiting nearby with his presence killed beforehand, answered right away.

It was possible because there was a prior order from Ludger to talk a little while the operation was in progress.

Pantos was standing on one side of the hallway.

As it was a large body, it was inevitable to draw attention just by standing still, but no one who occasionally passed by paid attention to Pantos.

-Pantos was assimilated with the surrounding landscape.

The Beasts, who use the spirits of Mother Nature, are great warriors and excellent hunters.

They knew how to hide their presence and use their skills to assimilate with nature to hunt their prey.

Spirit assimilation that surrounds the spirit outside the body and makes it perceived by others as similar to the surrounding landscape.

Usually, this assimilation ability does not work against sharp-minded opponents, but Pantos, who has ridiculous potential compared to other beastmen, was at a level that even the internal blackguards could not detect.

However, spirit assimilation is not a perfect technique.

It’s not recognized by people, but it’s immediately triggered by something like a magic alert.

That’s why I was waiting outside without rushing inside the Pantos Hall.

Just then, Alex appeared from across the hallway.

After confirming that no tails were attached to them, Pantos released Spirit Assimilation.

“Oh Mr. It’s a surprise. be surprised.”

Having said that, Alex wasn’t too surprised.

Could it be that you were aware of this fairy tale?

Pantos did not bother to ask about it and got to the point.

“The key?”


Alex smiled mischievously and waved the key.

After securing the key, the two headed towards the elevator entrance.

“… … Mmm. There are too many people.”

There were black guards guarding the entrance.

Unlike when I checked before, it was the day of the auction, so there were more people than then.

A total of 6 people. All of them were knight-level forces, and the corridor leading there was only a straight line, so even a surprise attack wouldn’t work.

Alex immediately signaled on the walkie-talkie.

“This is <Hugo> and <Melville>. We arrived at the entrance.”

[okay. I will move.]

The one who replied to him was the dwarf girl Sheridan Ironfeet.

Seridan, who was mingling with the crowd, was wearing a cute and luxurious dress like a child from an aristocratic family.

She, who had been waiting quietly, moved immediately.

Because she was young, she was relatively free from the gaze of others.

Passing by people casually, Sheridan spilled white powder on the floor.

no one noticed it


As people passed by, they trampled and kicked the powder, which spread like dust in all directions.

By the time the pure white powder spreads like fog, and people can see it with their naked eyes.

“what? Koo, cool!”

“Cough Cough! Hey, what the hell is this!”

People’s screams, coughs and sneezes echoed everywhere.

Covering her mouth and nose with a handkerchief, Sheridan checked the chaotic central hall from a distance.

The pure white powder she used was tear powder.

The effect of the special tear powder that Bellaluna made herself under Ludger’s instructions was beyond expectations.

It’s like people who used to dress up pretty and cool and talk about ostentatious things, struggling ugly with tears and runny nose.

It gave her a strange feeling of pleasure and bliss.

‘To be honest, I want to explode the gunpowder. This place is protected against explosives with magic, so it can’t be helped.’

Among the black guards inside the Kunst Auction House, there were also some wizards, so the [Silence of Fire] magic was always maintained.

So, instead of her specialty, she borrowed the power of Bellaluna, who mainly made chemicals.

Well, would you be satisfied with seeing such a good spectacle?

“What, what is it all of a sudden?”

“Is it terrorism? Where are you?”

The black guards didn’t know what to do with the chemical attack that happened out of nowhere.

It wasn’t that someone had been attacked, and many of them were suddenly complaining of coughing and sneezing, so it was embarrassing.

First of all, there were too many people to evacuate to a safe place.

“Guests! Calm down!”

“Out of numbers! Ask for support elsewhere!”

The commotion reached Alex, who was far away.

“It started.”

As soon as those words were finished, 4 of the 6 black guards guarding the elevator hurriedly headed somewhere.

The eye-catching operation was a success.

“Even so, there are two left. What does it matter? let’s go size.”


Alex led Pantos and appeared in the hallway.

The blackguards who spotted Alex from a distance shouted as they pointed their spears in their hands.

“Who are you! This is a no-go area!”

“hey! Don’t you know who I am?”


Alex moved closer to them so he could make out his face.

“I am me. A friend of Ivan Luke, the person in charge of this place! Do you really not know me?”

“Uh, huh?”

there is no way you don’t know In the first place, they were the ones who stood guard the last time Alex came disguised as Guar.

The reason why the date was set 5 days ago was because the rotation of the guards guarding the entrance was just right at that time.

“hey. Do you know where my friend Ivan is? After wandering around, I got lost without even realizing it!”

“Uh, I… … that is… … .”

The opponent was the son of a southern aristocrat whom even Ivan Luke had trouble with.

As a result, the black guards had no choice but to regain their momentum and respond cautiously.

So Alex led Pantos and approached slowly.

The moment the blackguards felt something strange about Alex’s actions, who kept closing the distance, Pantos moved.


A huge shadow moved behind Alex and rushed at the two blackguards like the wind.

Pantos’ movements were stealthy and swift, unbefitting of a giant.

He stretched out a huge fist and thrust it straight into the Blackguard’s abdomen.


Armor made of bare fists and special alloys. You would think that ten fists would break if they collided.

But the result was the opposite.

The armor was wrinkled. The black armor made of a special alloy could not offset the impact of Pantos’ regime.


The two guards guarding the entrance fell to the floor vomiting blood.

Alex asked as he looked at Pantos, who overpowered the two blackguards in an instant.

“Didn’t you kill him?”

“I did a handstand.”

“… … To beat a knight-level person in armor with his bare hands. It’s a physical ability that doesn’t really make sense.”

I couldn’t believe Pantos’ physical ability even after seeing it with my own eyes.

Knights with bodies that transcend criminals are even wearing armor, but Pantos subdued them with their bare hands.

How did the alternate leader fight against this guy and win?

‘Once I’ve subdued the guys at the entrance, I’ll have to postpone the questions until later.’

Alex immediately sent a signal through the walkie-talkie.

“This is <Hugo> and <Melville>. The entrance has been cleared.”

[This is <Kafka> and <Duma>. okay.]

Hans answered and signaled to Arpa.


Arfa immediately started the machine.

After confirming that the machine was properly lit, the two immediately began to change their clothes.

In an instant, the two changed into work clothes, packed a wagon of food ingredients prepared in advance, and headed for the restaurant and the back door.

The restaurant staff gave them a quick glance and sent them inside.

* * *

‘It’s going well.’

Rudger, who went to the bathroom and washed his hands while looking in the mirror, confirmed that the operation was proceeding step by step through the conversations of his subordinates heard through the communicator.

Rudger wiped his wet hands with a towel and came out of the bathroom.

On either side of the entrance to the bathroom, Ivan had placed two big men waiting for Rudger.

“Have you seen all your business?”

Rudger nodded.

“Where are you going now?”

“Let’s watch the auction at least.”

With that intention in mind, the big guys accompanied Ludger for surveillance under the guise of guidance.

When I entered the large hall where the auction was held, people were competing with each other fiercely for a piece of jewelry.

Rudger took a moderately empty seat and sat down.

The guards even confirmed that Rudger was sitting down and then withdrew to the back of the auction house.

‘Did you think it was appropriate now that you’ve come this far?’

But the moment you get up, they will stick to you again.

Ludger, who was scanning the inside of the auction house, saw the second-floor special seat on one wall and twitched his eyebrows.

‘That’s… … .’

I saw a familiar face with long, gorgeous blonde hair.

Erendir von Exilion 3rd Princess. she was here

But Ludger’s eyes were not on her.

What Rudger was really surprised to see was the person sitting next to Erendir.

A familiar hair color in a familiar outfit.

It happened several years ago, but he was still vividly remembered.

‘Casey Selmore?’

The bad relationship he encountered in the past during the days of James Moriarty.

A poisonous species that never misses its prey, and the most troublesome type of human being.

‘Why is she here?’

She was here in Reedervelk now.

At that moment, Casey looked at her and looked this way.

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