I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 114

◈ Episode 114 Ludger’s 8 (2)

The signal Ludger sent was transmitted to all the other members.

‘The owner can’t act? Is this operation okay?’

Violetta, who followed the key master to the private room, was troubled by the news that came through the portable walkie-talkie.

However, they planned to have reserve personnel move in their place in case of such a situation in advance.

I just have to trust you here.


The key master smiled sinisterly as he locked the door to the room.

“Heh heh. hey girl Shall we play something fun?”

“oh. Play is good.”

Violetta replied in a lively tone, as if she had been drunk.

The Key Master, who thought she would stumble from drunkenness, suddenly became dumbfounded.


At that moment, Violetta’s slender hands grabbed his collar.

Violetta narrowed her eyes at the puzzled Key Master and smiled seductively.

“How about this game?”


Then, as hard as he could, he slammed the Key Master to the floor.


Without even thinking about taking a fall, the key master sighed and rolled his eyes and passed out.

Violetta opened and closed her hands, circulating the magic power in her hands to all parts of her body.

Her arms glowed with subtle magical power.

‘Strengthening the body by magical power. It’s such a mystical sensation.’

The only magic that Violetta knew how to use were <Elemental Elements> and <Magical Discharge>.

Even in the case of elements, he could only deal with the element of wind, so he was only a half-dozen who learned from over his shoulder rather than a real wizard.

However, Ludger recognized her ability and filled the other half.

Violetta realized how much of an aptitude she had for magic.

Among the 5 classes of magic, she was specialized in the manifestation class.

With Rudger’s help, Violetta learned the rest of the specializations of the manifestation series, <Enhancement> and <Stimulation> in a short period of time.

It’s just a scratch that hasn’t reached the deepening stage yet, but for now, this is enough.

‘No matter what, I have to get the key.’

Violetta searched every nook and cranny of the fallen Key Master.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the key.

That means the key master doesn’t currently have the key.

‘This is the room where the Key Master lives. Then it must be here somewhere.’

Violetta walked over to a tightly closed shelf on one wall and opened it wide open.

and could see

“… … this.”

The keys piled up on the inside of the shelf.

The number of keys that could be seen in the hundreds were all keys used in the Kunst auction house and hotel.

* * *

‘damn. Why did I have to go there myself?’

Hans grumbled inwardly, but got dressed and finished getting ready to go out.

“Mr. Hans. Are you going?”

“okay. My brother is having a hard time moving himself, so I have no choice but to step in. So Arfa. I ask you to use this device instead.”

“ah. Oh, by the way, Mr. Hans. I have a problem.”

“problem? What’s the problem?”

Arfa pointed at the machine Hans entrusted with her hand and said,

“this. Doesn’t it work?”

“what? It can’t be?”

“I pressed it once as a test, but there was no response. Is the signal weak?”

Hans looked at the invention Seridan had made with a serious face.

How to use it is simple. All you have to do is press the button at the right time.

When this happens, the machine’s light is designed to turn red as proof that it is working properly.

However, Arfa pressed the button for demonstration, but the red light did not come on properly.

Rather, there was only a crackling sound.

Realizing that something was wrong, Hans hurriedly radioed Sheridan.

“This is <Kafka>. Can I contact you now?”

[uh. This is <Wells>. what’s going on?]

“I don’t think this machine you made is working properly. this is right?”

[uh? really? wait for a sec. Where is your current location?]

“It’s the building across from the auction house.”

[Mmm. status?]

“It crackles and the lights don’t come on properly. Other than that, I can’t find anything strange.”

[I think it’s a signal problem? Is there some sort of jammer between the inside and outside of the auction house?]

Sheridan, muttering something, eventually came to a conclusion.

[Is the light still coming on properly?]

“uh. It just doesn’t work well, but the machine itself doesn’t seem to have any major problems.”

[If it is a radio wave problem, there is only one answer. All I have to do is get a little closer and use it.]

“closely? To what extent is that?”

[At least closer than the one in the building across the road.]

I’ll turn

Hans felt his head hurt.

Now that this has happened, shouldn’t Arfa also move together?

[What are you going to do?]

“… … I should It’s because my brother gave it to me.”

[okay. Good job <Kafka>. It’s time to move here too.]

After ending communication with Seridan, Hans tapped his forehead with the tip of his finger and spoke to Arfa.

“Let’s go out. We have to move now.”

“I see.”

Hans and Arpa wrapped the machine in a cloth and left the building.

* * *

Erendir, who had been lying in a daze in the VVIP room, couldn’t stand it because he was sick of moths.

‘It’s okay to just stay like this and go, but that’s a bit like that.’

Still, shouldn’t it be enough to tell Linene, the first friend she’s dating, what mysterious items were found at the auction house?

Erendir recalled the image of himself nicely explaining what he saw here to his first junior.

Even the appearance of Line who listens to it with her eyes shining.

That’s how you show a great image as a senior and receive longing eyes.

‘Are you okay?’

Thinking in such a positive way, Erendir felt something energized.

She immediately got up from her seat and finished preparing to go downstairs.

The attendant who had been waiting at the entrance hurriedly followed her when she came out.

“Princess. Where would you like to go?”

“The auction is about to open, right? I’d like to go sightseeing.”

“yes. We will take you directly to the top VVIP seats.”

Erendir headed to the place where the auction house was being held under the guidance of the servant.

A large hall on the first floor.

There were a lot of seats like the seats in an opera, and they were full of VIPs dressed in expensive costumes.

Among them, Erendir sat in the VIP seat where only invited guests could sit.

A top seat that overlooks the auction hall and is higher than other seats.

As soon as I sat there, the auction started.

“ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for visiting our Kunst Auction House today!”

The moderator came out and greeted them lightly, and the auction started right away.

“Okay then! The first item to come out of today’s Day 2 auction is this! Tears of Mermaids!”

oh oh oh!

From the first prototype, great things came out.

The mermaid’s tears were beautiful blue jewels worthy of their name.

As if the mermaid in the legend actually shed it herself, the teardrop-shaped jewels were shining bright and pure.


Erendir, who was not very interested in such things, was unknowingly taken away by the beauty of the jewel.

“ruler! Then the starting amount starts from 1 million denars! Please feel free to bid!”

The auction that started like that was overheated from the beginning.

When the price exceeded 500 million denars, Erendir thought that he was getting tired of it beyond being great.

‘Well, it’s not really mermaid’s tears, it’s just a jewel. Spending that kind of money on such a luxury item? How many people can I feed with that money?’

When I thought about that, I felt uncomfortable in this place.

Negative energy emitted from a place where desire and greed are entangled.

It couldn’t be compared to when I was facing my sister, but that didn’t mean I was comfortable with this atmosphere.

‘Should I just wake up.’

Just as she was about to think that way, someone came and sat in the empty seat next to her.

“You don’t look very good.”

“Ah, yes.”

The one who spoke to her was a woman with light blue hair with a side ponytail.

What stands out in particular is the blue sea-like eyes staring at us.

He is a mysterious yet beautiful person. It was only natural that such a thought came to mind.

“The mermaid’s tears are said to be the tears shed by a legendary mermaid living in the ocean. Of course, the mermaid tears on the stage right now are fake.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“I saw the real thing. At least the beautiful light remains the same, but the mermaid’s tears should have the same magical power as gently flowing water. But it doesn’t.”

Her blue eyes sparkled as if they were keenly piercing the jewel’s true nature.

Can you feel the lack of magic even though you’re so far away?

While admiring it, Erendir suddenly became curious about the identity of the woman who spoke to him.

“Who are you more than that? Seeing that you’ve come to this place, you don’t seem like an ordinary person.”

“ah. I see. My introduction is late. I am this kind of person.”

She skillfully took out a business card from her arms with her index and middle fingers and handed it to Erendir.

It was an act that did not feel polite, but because it was a person he was very suitable for, Erendir accepted the business card.

The name on the business card read [Casey Selmore].

And underneath that, kindly, even the title [Occupation: Detective].

Casey Selmore. Casey Selmore.

Erendir, who muttered the name inwardly, said, ‘Ouch!’ and sighed out of his mouth.

“no way! That famous genius detective Selmore?!”

“what. You recognize me.”

“Yes, yes, of course! The man who arrested James Moriarty, a notorious criminal! He even earned the title of color as a water elemental mage!”

Because Erendir was learning magic, he could see what a great person Casey was.

It wasn’t common for mages who earned the title of color in the Mage Tower.

“I never expected to see you in a place like this. nice to meet you I am… … .”

“Are you the third princess of Erendir?”

“uh? Did you know about me?”

“no. We met for the first time today.”

“But how… … .”

Casey grinned at Erendir, who was taken aback.

“You look bored even after watching the auction. Besides, you saw that the back of her head was slightly pressed, so you were lying in the room a little while ago, right? The scent of the air freshener used to clean the room is strangely left behind.”

“… … !”

When his behavior was revealed, Erendir hurriedly touched his hair.

Casey shrugged and continued his reasoning.

“That said, she didn’t wear perfume, and she hardly wore makeup. There is a level of casualness that cannot be seen by those who sit in such a VIP seat. It means that he is a person with an overwhelming identity who does not need to care about the eyes of others and does not need to notice under any circumstances.”

Even this kind of auction doesn’t feel like entertainment and it’s boring, but even so, I sit in the VIP seat where only those who are invited can come and watch the auction.

“Rumors that a descendant of the imperial family participated in this auction have already spread among the guests. Then, wouldn’t there be only one result?”

“… … You are amazing.”

Erendir admired Casey’s reasoning and admitted that he was right.

Indeed, it was like a genius detective with a high name enough to spread rumors throughout the continent.

Then, suddenly, Erendir had a question.

Why did Casey Selmore come to this auction house?

“You look curious.”

“Yes, what.”

“Well, I also received an invitation when I came to Leather Velcro just in time. If you just ignore it, they say they will give you a nice room and great hospitality, but there was no need to refuse.”

“Then why did you come to see this auction?”

“Why did you attend this auction, if you have to say it?”

“Persimmon, is it?”

“yes. The bigger the event, where countless people’s eyes and interests gather in one place, the more likely it is that an incident will happen.”

it’s an incident Erendir dismissed Casey’s words as a joke.

What kind of place is this where the incident happened?

Even to her as a princess, the security at the Kunst Auction House was strict enough to remind her of the imperial palace.

In addition, considering that there are personal escorts brought by guests who visit here, any criminals who appear inside will be subdued in an instant.

“I guess the princess thinks I’m joking.”

“yes? Oh no. It’s not… … .”

“Well, I understand. It is natural to think so when you say that problems arise out of nowhere. So, don’t you know when you see it?”

Erendir couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling at Casey’s confident statement.

* * *

An alleyway facing the Kunst Auction House building.

Hans and Arpa were fiddling with machines while leaning against the wall in a messy alleyway near a garbage dump from restaurants.

“Is it like this?”

“Oh, Mr. Hans. Look at this. The light came on just fine. I think the signal was picked up properly.”

“good. At least you don’t have to go inside. And here they call me <Kafka>. Is there anything you can do to reveal your name?”

“Oh right. I see. Mr. Kafka, please call me <Dumas> properly.”

“I was thinking of doing that anyway.”

Hans, who had grumbled lightly, was now ready to activate the machine at the appointed time.

That was the moment.

“hey. who is there?”

A large man dressed in a suit entered the alleyway as if he had heard the two of them talking.

He had a shaved head and a thick beard and held a light bulb in his hand.

‘this! Did you get caught!’

Hans was taken aback. Of course, outside guards would patrol even these alleys.

“what. What are you guys doing there?”

It was caught by the patrol outside, so when he gives a signal, all the other colleagues will come.

Hans wondered if it might be good.

At that moment, Arfa stood up from her crouching body and approached the patrolling guard.

‘Hey, hey! What to do!’

Hans called quietly from behind, but Arfa didn’t care and went towards the man.

“ok? what. Are you a kid?”

The man on the patrol saw the young-looking Arfa and let go of his guard for a moment.

And that was his defeat.


“Keep it off!”

Arfa’s small fists were firmly lodged in the stomach of a guard two heads taller than him.

The guard’s huge body collapsed as if it were about to collapse, and Hans looked at the sight with a blank expression.

‘just now. What have you done?’

You put that giant to sleep in one blow? It is said that the level of security outside the Kunst Auction House is a bit lower than that inside, but even so, you wouldn’t be an ordinary human?

However, Arfa, who calmly performed the unbelievable task, looked back at Hans with a smile on her face.

It’s like, ‘Did I do well?’ That bewildered expression made it even more difficult to evaluate Arfa.

‘That child. What’s your identity?’

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