I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 109

◈ Episode 109 pre-work (1)

After class, Ludger immediately put on his street clothes and headed for Leather Velcro.

There are 5 days left until the auction opens.

Now that time is tight, it was necessary to handle the preparatory work as quickly as possible.

“I’m here?”

When I entered the building, the meeting point, Alex, who was waiting there, greeted me.

However, the atmosphere was distinctly different from his usual appearance.

It was because of the clothes she was wearing.

“Your god has become so clear that you can’t even recognize it.”

“Well, wasn’t that why you were dressed like this?”

The attire Alex was wearing was not the usual formal or everyday wear in the city.

It was a white, thick cloth with golden thread that seemed to be wrapped around the body.

Perhaps because he even wears something like a turban on top of his head, his exotic aura with brown skin stands out even more strongly.

Alex admired as he lifted the hem of his dress.

“Did I say Violetta? She’s a pretty great woman. I can’t believe I really thought that the outfits worn by the nobles of the Southern Desert Kingdom would be so perfectly implemented.”

“Is it comfortable to wear?”

“Don’t talk. I didn’t just follow the surface. It’s such a comfortable outfit to wear. In my mind, I just want to wear it like this all the time.”

“I’m glad you said that. don’t forget From now on, you will become a descendant of the nobles of the southern kingdom.”

“I know. Al Guar Musla, son of the 8th concubine of Al Jahad Musla of the Fatimid dynasty. He gave away his right to succession, but thanks to his father, he took over some of the demonic liquid mining business. And he is also a handsome man of the era who captivates women’s hearts.”

“Take out the last one.”

“It’s too much.”

Alex laughs mischievously.

But, of course, Alex is not alone in this operation.

Ludger looked at Pantos, who stood by Alex as his escort.

“Can you do it well?”

“If it’s an order.”

“It won’t be difficult. Anyway, Alex here will do all the acting. You just have to stand still and set the mood.”

The role of Pantos was Alex’s escort knight. Of course, like Alex, Pantos was also equipped with the clothes unique to the southern kingdom.

His skin was also quite dark due to tanning, and perhaps because of his wild white hair like a lion’s mane, there was no sense of difference.

“If you’re ready, let’s go right away.”

“Whoa. I’m just nervous.”

Here’s the plan.

First, Alex faces Ivan Luke as the son of a southern aristocrat.

Kunst Auction House is a horse auction house, but there is a living space for guests.

To put it bluntly, it is a place where the hotel business is also running at the same time.

The auction held this time is a large-scale event held over three days. As a result, there were a lot of customers who came to Kunst ahead of schedule.

And the main guests are all precious hands.

“leader. Will Ivan Luke ever meet me?”

“I will meet you.”

“If it’s not a fair number of guests, you won’t even pay attention?”

“Because I’m not a regular guest.”

A car was waiting in front of them when they came out.

Compared to other cars, it is a modern car with a glossy black color.

The three naturally got into the vehicle, and Ludger’s explanation continued.

“As you know, Luke Corporation is one of the largest conglomerates in the Exilion Empire. The field is so wide that there is no place they have not touched.”

“yes. I know that, too.”

“However, there are areas that even Luke could not touch. It is the one that handles magical tools and artifacts related to magic.”

“Is it an artifact? I get it. In the case of magic tools, the prestigious magic house leads the business.”

“okay. Entrepreneurs who cannot use magic are hard to dare to set foot in.”

vehicle started.

Along with the soft engine sound, it slowly flows into the city scenery reflected outside the window.

“But even such a company doesn’t have holes to squeeze through.”

“Is that magic spirit liquid?”

“okay. Magic liquid is the raw material for magic stones needed to make magic tools. And there are only a few places where that kind of magic liquid is mainly produced. One of them is… … .”

“The southern Fatima dynasty.”

“The Fatima Dynasty is a country with a long history and tradition. How do you think a country can be maintained for a long time in that barren land full of deserts and scorching sun?”

It is precisely because of the existence of the magic liquid called God’s blessing.

The Fatimid Dynasty is a country that has built up countless wealth based on a huge amount of magic liquid buried deep in the ground.

And recently, it has been confirmed that there are also large deposits of coal and oil used in the field of developing science.

“The magic spirit liquid of the Fatima Dynasty is a special product that can make particularly high-quality magic stones. Luke is aiming for this. You can’t make artifacts yourself, but it’s a different story if you win the business rights for the raw materials needed for artifacts.”

“indeed. From Luke’s point of view, it seems that they have no choice but to focus on fields they have yet to advance into. And that the status I’m playing now is a perfect prey.”

“Even though he is the child of the 8th concubine, who is not known to the outside world, even that is a connection and a companion to them.”

“ha ha ha. He’s not actually the son of the 8th concubine. What is the 8th in the first place? Can one man have so many wives?”

To Alex, who laughed jokingly, Ludger replied in a serious tone.

“there is.”

“Eh? really?”

“In the first place, in the Southern Fatima Dynasty, one nobleman had more than 20 wives. On the contrary, the word “child of the 8th wife” is somewhat reduced.”

“… … leader. I desperately want to become a nobleman of the southern kingdom.”

“Unfortunately, it is a place that values ​​pure bloodlines, so it is a structure that cannot be reached from below. Religious dogma is tricky too.”

“Oops. It’s a pity. what can i do though Since I’m acting, I have to make sure I’m playing the role. Rather, what if Ivan Luke doesn’t recognize me?”

“do not worry. Because I insinuated rumors beforehand.”


The car stopped.

Rudger, who was sitting by the window, opened the door and went outside.

He is unable to go to the auction house with Alex. From here on out, it was all about Alex and Pantos.

Before closing the car door, Rudger reached out to Alex.

“Take it.”

“what. What’s this?”

Alex was puzzled by the small object Ludger handed over.

It was something like a strangely shaped pebble, but I couldn’t figure out where to use it.

“It is a portable communicator.”

“Communicator? this little thing?”

“Sheridan made it. Wearing it inside the ear, you can have a real-time conversation even if you are far away. You can do it right now.”

Alex put on one of the portable communicators Rudgar had handed him to him.

“Can I do this?”

[how is it. Can you hear me?]

“… … That’s awesome. It sounds really good. Even the surrounding sounds are not blocked.”

[It’s still a prototype, so it won’t work for long.]

“how much?”

[3 hours at most.]

“Well, that’s enough.”

Rudger, who finished the transmission through the communicator, asked before closing the car door.

“Alex. I have no doubts about your abilities.”

“This is true. If you expect that, then you should show it accordingly.”

“Pantos. Good job too.”

“i get it.”

After closing the car door, Rudger slammed the roof of the car with his hand.

At the signal, the driver started the engine and started again.

Rudger stared at the back of the vehicle moving away for a while and then naturally fell into the alley.

He is also wearing a portable communicator made by Seridan.

All that was left was to listen to the situation.

* * *

“Write. ha.”

The entrance to the Kunst Auction House.

There, Ivan Luke looked at his pocket watch several times, his legs trembling restlessly.

“I heard that you are coming, but when will you arrive?”

“Director Ivan. Calm down a little. The news has just been delivered, so it should arrive soon.”

His bodyguard beside him spoke cautiously, but Ivan Luke did not calm down at all.

‘A child of the aristocratic family of the Fatima dynasty. For the good of the company, we must get close.’

Even if he is a parachute, he also has a rough idea of ​​how the company is run because he holds the title of director.

And also where Luke’s company is vulnerable and what weaknesses it has.

“Wouldn’t it be better to go inside and wait… … .”

“hey. Can’t you figure out what’s going on right now? What if the other person arrives while waiting inside? Are you going to take responsibility if you make a bad first impression?”

“Oh, no.”

“Then shut up. This is a chance for our Luke company to push out the damn Lawshen and expand our business properly.”

If he wins the business right for the magic liquid, he will have a chance to regain the trust he lost in his father.

Of course, even if it wasn’t that, it was necessary for the company’s benefit, but what happened at the banquet hall the other day forced me to hang on even more.

At that moment, a black car stopped under the entrance of the auction house.

Just looking at it, it was no ordinary vehicle.


Ivan Luke intuitively realized that the guest he was looking for had come.

And his intuition became a reality.

The driver who got out of the car hurriedly opened the back seat door, and what came out was an exotic handsome man with brown skin.

‘I’m really here!’

Ivan Luke desperately concealed his joy and lightly checked his clothes.

Then he cleared his throat and walked towards the man.

“Hmmmm. Nice to meet you. My name is Ivan Luke, general manager of this Kunst auction house.”

“oh. okay. nice to meet you I am… … .”

“I heard the story. Al Guar Musla, the 8th son of Al Jahad Musla.”

Alex, now Al Guar Musla, grinned and acted deftly.

“haha. How did you recognize me, who was practically alienated from my family? I don’t know what to do with gratitude for this.”

“no. How would you classify people like that? ruler. Let’s go inside. I will serve you with all my heart.”

“I see.”

“And the escort… … .”

Ivan looked at the escort from the passenger seat of the vehicle and fell silent.

His bodyguards are also the same size, but when a figure one head bigger than them appeared, he was speechless from the pressure.

In a solemn and heavy atmosphere, even the muscles that seemed like their clothes would tear.

And what about that wild gray hair full of wildness?

Ivan Luke swallowed.

“ha ha ha. The escort driver is really amazing.”

“oh. do you know? This guy is an excellent warrior who is not envied by a hundred men. He is even a prisoner.”

“Oh, oh. A beast warrior. You did too!”

Ivan desperately agreed with Guar’s words.

And he immediately glanced at his bodyguards.

Having received instructions in advance, Ivan’s bodyguards moved quickly. Hoteliers and servants lined up in a row to open the way.

The other guests even watched what was going on in a grand welcome they had never seen before.

But Ivan Luke didn’t care about that. Because I had to focus on the man in front of me right now.

“now. let’s go Mr. Guar.”

“haha. Ivan. Don’t be strict about calling him Mr. Guar, feel free to call him Mr. Guar. From the looks of it, he looks the same age as me, isn’t that more comfortable? no. I’d rather do that. friend.”

“Is that so?”

Ivan’s face turned red.

I felt like I was already flying through the sky when the opponent who had to look good and get points was rather friendly like this.

Alex, who was treated so warmly by Ivan, entered the Kunst auction house.

He whispered softly into the communicator in my ear.

“leader. go in.”

[i get it. I wish you no luck.]

“What did you just say?”

“ah. I was impressed for a while because the interior was good. It was amazing that the tone was different from our kingdom.”

“ha ha ha. You also have eyes to see. This interior, so to speak, was created by the up-and-coming architect Ridenars… … .”

Alex took a quick look around the inside of the auction house, responding appropriately to Ivan’s wildly chattering words.

‘Hmm. First of all, the hall near the entrance is pretty heavily guarded.’

As Hans had told them, black guards in black armor were placed here and there, standing there as if guarding their positions.

If you didn’t hear it in advance, you’d be mistaken for just leaving the armor model in place.

However, it was clear that there was a person, judging from the gaze he could feel through the cracks in the black helmet.

‘I’ll have to check other places first.’

I already remember the internal structure perfectly in my head, but seeing it with my own eyes and confirming it with drawings are two different things.

So, with Ivan’s guidance, Alex took a tour of the auction house.

Ivan hadn’t even thought to doubt Alex’s identity. First of all, Alex’s outfit, as well as his unique exotic appearance and relaxed appearance, were the same as those of the aristocrats he knew.

In fact, Alex, who realistically explained what happened in the Fatima dynasty, was a local himself.

“Ivan. my friend Come to think of it, there was one thing I forgot.”

“Forgot something?”

“I was delivered a valuable item on my way here, but I don’t have enough space to properly store it here in a faraway country.”

Saying that, Alex wiggled his finger, and the man he had hired as a driver and porter suddenly pulled out a bag.

The guards around them prepared for the unexpected, but Ivan raised his hand to stop them.

“what is that?”

“This time, my family started a business to make better quality magic stones with a new combination method using magic spirit liquid.”

Magic Stone Business!

At those words, Ivan’s eyes lit up with greed.

“That, is it?”

He tried to calm down, but Alex was sure he had already crossed over.

“Where will I use it?”

“I haven’t decided anything yet. I came here to check it out.”

“That, is it? When are you going to decide?”

“I want to decide right away, but since I’ve come here, I’m thinking of taking a little break. But, can’t we always carry these valuable prototypes with us when we play? If you keep worrying about these things, you will only get stressed out.”

“haha. Of course it is. I understand.”

“But I can’t think of a place to keep it. So, I want to ask you, my close friend, do you know of a good place?”

Alex threw the bait.

And Ivan asked it all too easily.

“of course! follow me! Because there is a good place just in time.”

Ivan immediately took the lead.

Alex, who was watching the back, signaled to Rudger.

“leader. This is <Wugo>. I will start the operation with <Melville>.”

[i get it.]

Alex, codename <Victor Hugo>, and Pantos, codename <Herman Melville> moved to the basement of the Kunst Auction House.

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