I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 107

◈ Episode 107 The shadow of the past narrows (1)

“… … But if I say that she resembles the 1st princess, isn’t that a compliment?”

“What did you hear me say? My sister is a dangerous person?”

Erendir still had chills running through his body when he thought of his older sister, the 1st Princess.

She escaped her sister’s attention and suppression and came all the way to Seorn, but the fear of her still remained like a scar deep inside.

That was the reason why Erendir didn’t take a liking to Rudger the first time he saw him.

That teacher resembles her older sister.

“… … Mmm. I don’t know.”

Actually, Line didn’t really touch Ludger even though he was a dangerous person.

Obviously, the first impression was that he was a scary person who was difficult to even approach, but it was easy to see that he wasn’t that kind of person when we talked.

‘He also saved me in a dangerous moment.’

When we got into a fight at the training ground, when werewolves attacked, and when we almost got caught up in a fire giant’s attack at the banquet hall.

Rudgar rescued her.

He even gave advice on non-attribute magic and even lent me a book on how to do it.

‘what? Thinking like this, I… … I only received something from Mr. Rudger, but I did nothing.’

Of course, there is a difference between the status of a student and a teacher, but even so, if you just receive and do nothing, there is a problem.

‘What should I do for you too?’

I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t come up with a gift that would do anything like this.

Rudger didn’t seem like someone who needed anything.

Above all, since he was eating with Erendir, he had no time to think elsewhere.

“anyway! Line junior! Beware of Mr. Rudger. got it? Must do!”

“Uh, yes… … I will try.”

“Whoa. Then it’s done.”

“More than that, senpai, are you okay now? It seems she has been very busy since the exam then.”

“… … any. Rather, could you please stop talking about the exam?”

Erendir avoided Line’s gaze as if he was being stabbed for no reason.

As a senior, I wanted to show off my cool side, but since I messed up the exam properly, it wasn’t usually embarrassing.

How sweetly the ladies-in-waiting, who had followed her in order to protect the dignity of the imperial family, urged her to study.

Because of that, it was painful to just not be able to meet Rine, a friend I had barely made friends with recently.

“Hmmmm. but it’s okay now Free time is definitely guaranteed.”

Of course, if I mess up the next test, then it will be worse than this, but that’s what happened then.

“Ah yes.”

The more Erendir said something more confidently, the more Linen felt uneasy.

Wouldn’t it constitute the crime of insulting the imperial family just by harboring these feelings?

“Then, are we going to continue eating together next week?”

Line suddenly recalled a dinner date with Freuden not too long ago.

I don’t think the promises should overlap.

If it is not possible, it seems necessary to tell the senior whether to eat together or postpone it to the next time.

“Well, wouldn’t it be difficult when classes don’t overlap? And next week… … hmm. I will be busy then.”

“What are you doing?”

“There is a big auction at the Kunst Auction House next week. But they saw me and begged me earnestly to come.”

Erendir is a princess, but she didn’t particularly like a place with such formality.

However, the problem was that a large number of key figures from other countries gathered because the Luke Company opened the auction so large this time.

Even in the Empire, a person suitable for that should go, but of course, Erendir was the only one who could afford it and was suitable.

At least she wasn’t the type to shy away from the responsibilities of her status.

So, it will definitely be an annoying and irritating place, but I have no choice but to visit as a princess.

“It must be difficult for you too.”

“Are you worried? Thank you.”

“Ehehe. What.”

“Still, I’m worried about Lyne’s junior. Without me, the juniors in Line won’t be lonely either. I have to eat alone.”

“Yes, what… … .”

To Erendir, who looked at her with a heartfelt pity, she couldn’t bear to say that there were more people she was meeting.

For some reason, it seemed that Erendir was looking at him as a ‘fellow’ with no friends.

How would Erendir react if he said, ‘I have someone else to eat with?’

‘Let’s not do it.’

I didn’t want to bring it up even out of curiosity.

“Anyway, have a good trip. senior. Don’t get hurt like me.”

“He is too. It’s just a place to come after a little while just to show off. The Kunst Auction House is a famous place within the Exilion Empire, so the security is excellent.”

Erendir waved his hand and said not to worry.

“don’t worry. Could something be going on there?”

* * *

Lindebrunn, the capital of the Exilion Empire.

In the center of the huge city, a dazzling white, majestic imperial castle, dazzling in the sun’s light, was deeply rooted and settled down.

An audience room that occupies a part of the imperial castle.

The light did not come in properly, so a dark shadow was cast even though it was broad daylight, and a woman entered the dark place.

She was a beauty with long, waist-length silver hair and ferocious eyes.

“Did you call?”

Terrina Ryan Howl.

She knelt down on one knee and bowed her head toward the caller.


But no reply came back from the other party.

Terrina silently kept her seat with her head bowed.

I can’t see the figure of the person sitting at the head of the audience room. A shadow was cast over it, so all I could see was a part of my lower body and my right hand that was receiving a little light.

The white and delicate island island corn moved the pieces on the chessboard next to it.


After audibly placing the last words on the chess board, the owner of the audience room opened his mouth.

“I heard that the investigation failed.”

“I have no face.”

“It is a strange thing. To think that Ryan Howl could not get his way around the incident and return.”

At first glance, it sounded like she was blaming her ability, but it wasn’t.

The owner of the voice was genuinely admiring the fact that she had failed.

“I have no face with the princess.”

“done. Raise your head.”

When permission was granted, Terrina was able to raise her head.

“So you really didn’t get anything?”

“It has been confirmed that there was some kind of experiment. but… … .”

“I guess you didn’t know more than that.”



The owner of the voice seemed to be thinking for a while, then moved his hand again and grabbed a chess piece.

It was a white night.

“The Werewolf Incident in Ledervelk.”

As she muttered, she pushed a black pawn on the chessboard and knocked it down.

“Death of Belvote Rickson, the rich man.”

Then, another black phone is pushed and knocked down.

“Remnants of a burned-out factory.”

Took. Another black pawn falls.

And when the white knight reached the end of the chess board.

The unstoppable hand stopped abruptly.

Because on top of the chessboard where there should be nothing, a piece was blocking the way.


The plan went awry.

If everything went as she had planned, Terrina would have found out the true culprit behind this incident and caught the tails of those behind it.

But in the middle, the flow suddenly stopped, as if someone had cut it off with scissors.

“There was an intruder. Something I hadn’t anticipated.”

“… … If you call me a hindrance.”

“The one who interfered with your investigation and covered up this case.”

The owner of the audience room placed the knight on the chess board.

In front of the pure white knight is the black king.

Knight was blocked by it and could not advance.

Just like Terry or Lionhowl himself, who had trouble with the investigation.

“Originally, everything should have ended smoothly, but things went wrong. It is my mistake.”

Her voice, when she said that, sounded like she was enjoying herself.

Terrina was surprised to see that.

presence in front of your eyes. Because the owner of this audience room said that he had made a mistake.

It is she who commands and rules everything in the world like a piece on a chess board.

And indeed, she had the ability and talent to do so.

At least, of all Terrina had ever seen, she had arguably never failed.

“I don’t know how long this is. An intruder I never expected intervened.”

“Has something similar happened before?”

“It did. Ah, that must have been a time when Hoguk-gyeong didn’t exist.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, it’s not a big deal. It’s the story of my humble days when I was young and didn’t have my own power yet.”

Even now, even the National Security Agency, a nationally accredited agency, wields power that can be manipulated with one hand.

It wasn’t that it had such a huge impact from the beginning.

Like everyone else, there were times when she was alone.

“I, who had not yet fully achieved my power, had no choice but to seek outside help to increase my power, of course.”

“Outside, you mean?”

“ah. Don’t overreact so much. Even if it was outside, it had nothing to do with other countries. I’m sure there’s no getting caught by you, the leader of the Knights of the Nightcrawler. Because the person who was helped was also a wanderer with no connections whatsoever.”

“I don’t understand what it means to be a wanderer. Are you saying that the princess only received help from someone like that?”

“okay. received.”

1 The princess did not deny it.

One’s past, one’s shortcomings.

“Even though I said I was powerless at the time, I opened my hand to someone. It’s a funny story.”

The owner of the throne room and the one appointed as the emperor of the next empire.

Eileen von Exilion 1st Princess.

Recalling the past, she bent her golden eyes like crescent moons in the shadows.

all people.

Terrina couldn’t believe that a lofty, self-respecting, and solitary superman would say that she had received help from someone.

“Terrina. You think I’m joking.”

“… … no.”

“To be hard. I don’t mean to blame. No one would have believed me if I had said that. Now I must be that kind of person to you guys. But it is a fact.”

Princess Eileen carefully lifted the black king.


“yes. Her Majesty the Princess.”

“You must be familiar with the military, right?”

“Not a lot, but I pride myself on knowing enough.”

“Before, more than five years ago, the military prepared a coup.”

“… … yes?”

1st Princess Eileen waved her hand at Terina who asked back in surprise.

“Be still and listen. Because it’s over anyway. Anyway, the mastermind behind the incident was the Marquis of Tepperon, who controlled the military. In his later years, he might have been senile, but he decided to become the emperor of the empire, and he secretly formed a military unit under his command to stage a coup d’état.”

“You are crazy.”

“Crazy. But what’s even more surprising is that the operation almost worked. My father, a peaceful and incompetent person, did not know that at all, and what he did know was me, who was not yet able to speak.”

How could such a first princess be able to stop the Marquis of Tepperon from dominating the military?

“Terrina. Do you know about Black Ops?”

“Aren’t they the special forces secretly operated by the Empire?”

People think the Security Agency’s Nightcrawler Knights are the group that handles the most dangerous and dirtiest jobs, but that’s wrong.

In fact, there was an organization even more unknown than them.

If the Knights of the Nightcrawler were to deal with the dangers within the Empire.

Because these black ops were secretly active in other countries beyond the inside of the empire.

“Among them, there was an alpha team made up of only the most dangerous guys in black ops.”

“That Alpha Team… … .”

Eileen gave a small smile to Terrina who was muttering.


“What do you mean it’s not?”

“It is what you think. That I commanded the Black Ops Alpha team. that it is wrong Quite the contrary.”

“If you say the opposite… … .”

“The Marquis Tepperon, who was trying to stage a coup, ran the Black Ops Alpha Team.”

Team Black Ops exists only as a shadow of the Empire with no trace of the past.

Six members of Team Alpha, who were the first and most veteran among them.

“The one who eliminated that Alpha Team all by himself.”

“… … I beg your pardon?”

Black ops alone?

Terrina didn’t understand that.

It is said that the Black Ops team is made up of a small number, but each of them is called a human weapon.

Unlike knights who simply received formal training, they were refined in actual combat, and they were also those with unusual powers that were not well received in the world.

But you dealt with it alone?

“At that time, compared to now, my talent hadn’t bloomed yet, so I had a bit of an immature side, but I still had eyes to see the flow.”

“… … Is that so.”

“I saw the coup, those who secretly supported it, and those who lived stupidly without noticing it at all. how they move But he… … I didn’t see it.”

Like this black king he holds.

It appeared suddenly like a day goblin and disappeared like a mirage.

“After that, I searched for it, but couldn’t find it. But now, all of a sudden, I have a thought. Then he suddenly disappeared, maybe he is now.”

“Who are you? It is said that he was the princess’s helper in the past.”

“I do not know. Because he never taught me his real name in the first place. It was just a pseudonym to hide your identity.”

Princess 1 recalled the alias and smiled as if it were fun.

“Jack the Ripper. That’s how the man introduced himself.”

“Jack the Ripper… … .”

Jack the Ripper.

But his name can’t be the real Jack.

Because Jack over there is just a word with the meaning of ‘someone’ representing an unspecified person.

So, the man who introduced himself as Jack the Ripper was simply calling himself someone who kills people.

In a way, it was a really insincere pseudonym.

However, if it is a powerful person who killed all the Black Ops Team 1, the core of the force that tried to lead the coup.

Then the meaning of the name changes.

“Whoop whoop. It’s getting more and more fun.”

“The princess?”

Terina Ryan Howl read the emotion of joy in the eyes of the first princess and was puzzled.

It was because she, who had fallen into boredom as if everything was always a nuisance, was laughing for the first time.

“It may not be revealed properly yet, but the fact that there are traces like this must mean ‘he’.”

“Are you saying that Jack is active again?”

“It may or may not be. Because I don’t know everything about me. But isn’t it that much fun because you don’t know?”

Princess Eileen’s soft laugh echoed low inside the audience room.

Her eyes shone sharply.

“I look forward to it.”

* * *


Rudger, who was reading the magic thesis published by the Mage Tower in the teachers’ room, felt his ears tickle.

‘Who tells my story?’

It won’t be a big deal anyway.

Wasn’t there even a voice calling him persistently the moment his mana ran out?

‘Tsk. God damn it.’

After taking the magic pill, it felt like my voice had subsided again.

Rudger took it lightly and returned to the thesis.

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