I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 106

◈ Episode 106 Operation Plan (2)

“owner. If so, what the hell are you talking about?”

Violetta, who had been listening silently, couldn’t help but ask.

Instead of giving a direct answer, Rudger called Hans by name.


“Yes, brother.”

“Is it possible to check the structure of the underground storage room that can be observed in real time through this artifact?”

“Are these drawings not enough?”

“Things not shown in the drawings. They ask about the arrangement of items inside or the detailed structure. Is it possible?”

“It is possible.”

Hans pointed to the drawing of the Kunst auction house with his finger.

“The underground storage room at the Kunst Auction House has only this elevator, but that only applies to the way ‘people’ can go.”

On one side of the drawing Hans pointed to, there was a small passage connecting the ground and the underground.

However, the size was so small that it could not be seen as a space that people could pass through.

Recognizing what kind of structure it was, Sheridan said.

“It’s a vent.”

“Right. The underground storage room is supposed to store valuable items, so it basically needs to maintain temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. Magic has its limits. As a result, the air has to be circulated periodically, and there are no choice but to have vents through which the air goes through.”

“But how are you going to go about this? Are you going to go in yourself?”

“I am not going there myself. Did you think I was crazy and thought I would rub myself into that narrow hole?”

“Wasn’t it?”

“Because it is not. I have a friend who will take my place.”


Sheridan glanced around.

No matter how you look at it, none of the members gathered here could fit into that narrow hole.

Hans sighed at Seridan’s immature appearance and whistled.


At that moment, a small cry was heard from one corner of the room.

In the place where everyone’s eyes were directed, there was a small mouse.

In an instant, the guy stood in front of Por-Gear and Hans.

Hans leaned down and held out his hand, which climbed onto his hand and landed on his shoulder.

“This friend will check for you.”

“… … mouse? Did you just call the mouse your friend? I’m sorry Hans. Have I bothered you a lot lately?”

“Mi, I’m sorry, Mr. Hans. I never thought you’d be under so much stress… … .”

“No, why are you looking at me like that!”

Hans frowned at Seridan and Bellaluna’s attitude.

“It’s not like that, so don’t worry. As you know, my constitution is a bit peculiar, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t it a bit?”

“… … anyway! I get strength by borrowing the factor of a beast, but in fact, I have a different way to use my ability. That’s how I communicate with these kids.”

“Communication? with animals?”

Hans carefully placed the rat on his shoulder on the table, as if he thought it would be more convenient to show it instead of talking.

Then he raised his finger and pointed at the mouse.


Then the mouse spun around in its seat.


When I told him to stop, he immediately stopped.


He took the shape of a gun with his fingers and pretended to shoot, causing the rat to fall to its side.

He pretended to be dead.


Pantos, who had been silent until now, let out a low exclamation.

For him, a beastman, the mere fact that there are humans who can communicate with animals felt like seeing another world.

“what. Can’t Pantos talk with animals? You are a prisoner.”

“Being a beast does not mean you can communicate with animals. That’s because only the tribal shaman who has been trained within the tribe, and who properly handles the spirits of Mother Nature, can do that.”

Even simple communication is possible.

There was no case in his memory that he gave instructions in such detail and made them follow them.

Actually, Hans himself was taken aback when Pantos, a prisoner, said that.

“Is that so? I just did it.”

In fact, Hans was able to gather information that others did not know, rather than conducting spying activities himself, having a mouse like this to hear the news played a bigger role.

People think that other beasts are low intelligence and stupid, but they do not communicate with humans, and in reality there are many corners that are quite clever.

Above all, there were many times when the senses of animals were far superior to those of humans.

“Hmm. Anyway, if you send a few more with this friend, you will be able to check the internal structure in detail. But what is your brother going to do with that?”

“I’m trying to open up possibilities.”

Rudger stroked his chin and turned his gaze to Sheridan.


“What did you think of while watching this artifact that transmits video in real time?”

“Ugh. Are you sure it’s a fun thing? When another crystal ball transmits sound through magical waves, it shows the surrounding scenery. Whoever first made this was pretty brainy. But why?”

“If the conditions are good enough, can we make something similar?”

“What if something similar?”

“For example, applying the surrounding scenery to this display in the same way.”



Rudger realized that there was no such proper noun in the world yet, and immediately added an explanation.

“It refers to this thin, wide board. I thought it suited me because I printed the video I took elsewhere.”

“Hey. a display It sounds pretty good. Anyway, what you’re talking about is that you asked me if I could make something that transmits images to this side other than this display, right?”


“It is possible. Actually, there is a thing called a projector. You can make similar stuff in a similar way. However, quality cannot be guaranteed. It may not be sustainable due to lack of time.”

“Does not matter. I won’t be using it for long anyway.”

“But what are you going to do with this? Looking at this shape, it seems that the crystal ball and the display are artifacts, but is it okay not to make a display?”

“You don’t have to make it.”

“uh? why?”

When Sheridan tilted his head at the question, Ludgar replied with a tone that said it was nothing.

“Because it’s already been made.”

“Has it already been made? … … ah.”

Sheridan and the other members who were quietly listening noticed what Rudger was saying.

Why did Rudger want to check the details of the storage room’s internal structure?

Why do you want to make a camera to transmit images to a display?


“Uh, yes. leader.”

“You, um. I have to do a performance in the middle.”

“performance? Like what?”

“It would be nice to have a son from an aristocratic family from the Southern Kingdom. I don’t know the world, but I have a lot of money and act like I’m going to spend it on a spree. I’ll have to match the outfit with something appropriate for it. Violetta.”

“yes. owner.”

“Can you make Alex the clothes worn by southern nobles? With a design that looks luxurious at first glance.”

“Anything is possible.”

“good night. Bellaluna.”

“yes yes. What shall I do?”

Rudger threw an ampoule filled with red liquid at Bellaluna.


Bellaluna hastily accepted it with both hands.

“This, this?”

“It is a drug that certain black magicians experimented with. Analyze it.”

“yes yes!”

“And just in case… … Can you make a chemical that is harmless to the human body, but irritating when it comes into contact with the skin? It can be spread widely.”

“Go, I think it’s possible.”

“Order that too.”

“All right.”

Rudger’s gaze turned to Arfa.

He noticed that Rudger was already excited about what orders he would give him.



“You wait for now.”

“Eh. Am I not doing anything?”

“Because I don’t have to do it right now. You will commit at the moment of emergency. Until then, stay still.”


“Pantos. Neither do you.”

“i get it.”

Unlike Arfa, Pantos immediately nodded and agreed to Ludger’s words.

“One week left. Until then, let each of us do our best.”

* * *


Line stopped eating and stared into space with an unfocused gaze.

Erendir, who was watching the scene from the side, called out to Line.

“Lee’s junior?”

“… … .”

“Lee’s junior!”

“hot! Yes, yes?!”

Looking at Line, who was startled and barely coming to his senses, Erendir, who was eating with them on a mat, stared at Line with a worried gaze.

“What’s up these days? Are you sick anywhere?”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that… … .”

“Come to think of it, I heard you went to a part-time job a while ago and got caught up in a terrorist attack? Were you seriously injured at that time?”

“no. There are no injuries whatsoever. Even then, Mr. Rudger… … .”

“Mr. Rudgar?”

When the name came out, Erendir reacted in a puzzled way.

However, Line, who brought up Ludger’s name, was once again immersed in her own world.

Erendir sighed and grabbed Line’s shoulders and shook them lightly.

“huh. hot?! oh! I’m sorry. I am stumped again.”

“What happened with Mr. Rudger?”

“yes yes? Me, me?”

“I heard that Mr. Rudger said something earlier. no way… … Did that teacher touch you or something?”

As Erendir’s expression gradually turned cold, Line shook her hands desperately.

“It’s not like that!”

“If not?”

“It’s just that the teacher saved me when I was in danger… … .”

“ah. Was it like that? what else do i say But why are you so dumbfounded?”

“It’s just that a strange memory suddenly came to me.”

“A strange memory?”

“I wonder if I’ve met Mr. Rudger before… … .”

At Line’s words, Erendir’s expression seemed to have cooled off.

“Isn’t that just how you feel because Mr. Rudger saved you in a moment of crisis?”

“Oh, is that so?”

“At the moment of crisis, Lee Sung directly saved me, so you might feel that way. I saw it in a recent paper. Did you say the swinging bridge effect? Are you sure you didn’t fall for the teacher, Lyne’s junior?”


Rinne’s face turned red.

“No, it’s not like that! Don’t make fun of me! senior!”

“I’m glad you said no. If it really was… … .”

“… … What if?”

“Because I would have stopped it at all costs.”


Line felt that it was completely unexpected that Erendir would say such a thing.

“Senior, did you dislike Mr. Rudger?”

“Rather than hate… … hmm. It’s a bit vague. It’s true that the new teacher arbitrarily changed the class conditions, so I was annoyed at first, but it’s nothing to say because I proved that with my ability.

“So what?”

“But I can tell. Mr. Ludgar Celish, something smells dangerous!”

“dangerous… … smell?”

what the hell does that smell like?

“How should I express this? hmm. Line’s juniors will know, but I’m the princess, right?”

“Yes, it was… … It was.”

“You did?”

“Oh no! It was! yes!”

Line narrowed her eyes and hurriedly answered Erendir’s question.

Come to think of it, it was.

Lately, Erendir has been showing unexpected appearances so often that she has been undermining her dignity as a princess, so Line was forgetting about it too.

“Hmmmm. Anyway, I’m a bit sensitive about other people. Should I be sensitive? Because of my status, I have no choice but to meet a lot of people. As a result, my senses developed in this way. You can roughly classify dangerous categories.”

“ah. I see.”

“But, after all, if it’s the biggest problem… … Maybe it’s because of my sister’s existence.”

“Sister, yo?”

There was only one person who came to mind as the older sister of the princess, Erendir.

Erendir has an older sister and an older brother. And below, there is one younger sister and one younger brother.

Basically, the royal family fights or competes with each other over the succession to the throne.

Surprisingly, however, there was no such thing in the Exilion Empire.

This is because there was an immovable right of succession that no one could refute.

Surprisingly, it was the first princess, not the second prince.

The 2nd prince was also talented and well-liked, but even such a 2nd prince could not extend a business card to the 1st princess.

The first princess was that much of a different person.

To the point of being said to have escaped humanity with a joke.

Even Line, who was ignorant of this, had vaguely heard about the first princess, so it was worth guessing how high her status was.

“By the way, why is the first princess?”

“It is purely because of my sister that I have been able to tell whether or not this person is dangerous by looking at a person. Because my sister is that kind of person to me.”

“Aren’t you family?”

Since Rene, an orphan, had no siblings, there was nothing particularly touching about the existence of an older sister that Erendir was talking about.

However, looking at Erendir’s expression, it seemed that she didn’t like her sister very much.

no. Rather, there was even a subtle fear in her eyes.

“anyway. There is one thing I realized while watching Mr. Rudger.”

“If you realize… … ?”

“That teacher.”

Erendir von Exillion.

As the third princess of the empire, she remembered the first time Ludger Celish appeared in the classroom for class.

The dangerous and cool momentum he exudes.

“She’s kind of like my sister.”

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