I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 105

◈ Episode 105 Operation Plan (1)

Kunst holds a big auction once a year.

And this year, in particular, the organizers put more effort into opening it grandly.

The world’s largest auction.

As much as that, the items on this auction are rare enough to be difficult to see.

There is a piece of Relic that Ludger was desperately looking for.

Ludgar’s first goal was to acquire Relic’s fragments.

However, after the recent incident with the Luke Company, I decided to change the route a bit this time around.

The organizer and general manager of this auction is Director Ivan Luke.


This is the man who flirted with Selina and quarreled with Ludger at the last celebration.

Rudger still had something to pay him back.

“This time, I plan to shake it off in a grand way.”

Stealing the Relic is already an established matter anyway.

If so, isn’t there any reason to leave the other valuables stored together while stealing the relic?

A recent project in the slums had consumed quite a bit of the budget he had saved.

If the opportunity presented itself, it was necessary to secure funds in advance to prepare for the future.

“Is there anyone who thinks this isn’t the case?”

“leader. I have a question for you.”

Alex was the first to speak.

“okay. tell me.”

“Well, robbing the Kunst Auction House certainly looks fun to me, so I have no reason to refuse. It doesn’t look like there are any problems.”

“For example, what would it be?”

“hmm. First of all, the auction being held this time is quite famous to the extent that even I, who have just entered the city, know it. It must be a colostrum interest for millionaires.”

“right. We will be gathering the most this time.”

“Rumors that the originally famous auction has been decidedly and maximized this time are already spreading abroad. All of the exhibits are of the highest quality. So I understand the beating. But in other words, security and security have been strengthened. But can I rob it?”

No one denied that statement.

Because everyone was thinking the same thing.

As the scale has grown, a lot of people will come, and when that happens, there will inevitably be a group of people sniffing and twisting.

As long as Luke is not an idiot, he will take enough measures to prepare for unexpected dangers.

“And as far as I know, in the case of the Kunst Auction House, I heard that no one has ever robbed it.”

This was the part Alex was most worried about.

He pointed out the situation point by point, raising his fingers one by one.

“The Kunst Auction House is the place where the most money is circulated in Ledervelk. Billions of denars are ridiculously expensive for an item, and only those with the financial power to buy it gather. Everyone knows what kind of people such rich people usually drag around, right?”

Hans, who was still, answered instead.

“The escorts must be proud of their high ransom. Those with first-class records and skills.”

“That’s right. If you add the security guards hired by the auction house, the Kunst Auction House is literally an impregnable fortress.”

It’s not like there weren’t people who robbed items from the Kunst auction house.

In fact, attempts to steal auction items by using all kinds of methods have been steadily existing from the past to the present.

The number of attempts alone exceeded three digits.


How many times has Kunst Auction House been robbed?

“It’s zero. number 0. This auction house, which is 20 years old this year, has not allowed a thief’s soiled feet in the past 20 years.”

There was no one here who did not know what that meant.

Rudger is now trying to rob the Kunst Auction House, where no one has succeeded in 20 years, with these few members.

Alex shrugged and smirked.

“You know that if you weren’t familiar with each other, you wouldn’t have anything to say even if you were told not to say crazy things, right?”

“I understand.”

“Well, by the way, it’s not that he didn’t know what he said, it’s just that the leader said it himself.”

The reason why Alex stays until the end without being spurned.

What made me seriously engrave this absurd proposal without overhearing it.

Because it was Rudger who brought up the words.

“If it was someone else, I wouldn’t have believed it, but if the leader said it, the story is different.”

As Alex said that, he looked at the reactions of his colleagues around him.

“what. Everyone else seems to have the same thoughts as me.”

No one here was looking suspiciously at Rudger.

Although he is aware that it is nonsense, he takes Ludger’s words seriously.

It is a reaction that can never come out if there is no solid trust built up.

“so. What is the operation?”

“Once you see it, you will know. Hans.”

When Rudger called his name, Hans immediately moved. He took a large drawing sheet that he had left in the corner of the room and unfolded it in front of everyone.

Seridan’s eyes shone as he saw the painting spread inside.

“Could this be the blueprint of the Kunst auction house?”

“okay. It’s a real ship that I found with difficulty from the person who built it 20 years ago.”

There were some parts that were worn out after a while, but the drawings themselves were not erased, perhaps because they put a lot of effort into storage.

Rudgar raised his finger and pointed down at the drawing.

“Our destination is right here.”

“This… … Is it underground?”

Rudger nodded at Arfa’s question.

The Kunst Auction House was a building whose scale was beyond imagination, and a huge underground space existed.

“It is an underground facility at the Kunst Auction House. Items to be put up for auction are stored here, 40 meters below the ground of the building.”

“40m? You’re crazy. How to get in here?”

“One elevator. There is no other way down. There are no stairs.”

one entrance.

And, of course, there is only one exit.

“It’s literally a space optimized for dropping and storing important things. I guess it won’t matter as long as you sneak in somehow.”

Hans shook his head at Alex, who muttered while stroking his chin.

“It will be difficult.”


“It’s not just that there’s only one entrance and one exit like that. The interior is so incredibly well-prepared that it reminds me of a royal castle.”

Hans took out some papers from his bosom and placed them on the drawing.

It was a blurry, poorly printed photo, but not unrecognizable.

“These are the guards at the Kunst Auction House.”

“Wait, guard? hehe. But are they all wearing armor?”

Bellaluna, who was watching the photo closely, said.

All the people in the picture were heavily armed with armor.

Full plate mail is now a product of the old era.

Hans nodded.

“Right. Surprisingly, these armored guys are the guards. When everyone else wears fancy uniforms, these guys wear armor made of a special alloy to protect the inside.”

“Is that possible?”

“I don’t know how much money I paid for the above, but inside the Kunst Auction House, the city gave permission to do this. They poured an astronomical amount into the lobby.”

“Did it cost that much? Just for putting armor on the inner guards?”

“It’s a kind of show off, and the armor itself isn’t ordinary either. It’s also a specially made armor, and the feeling of intimidation itself is quite intense. And above all, the contents inside the armor are not easy.”

Saying that, Hans pulled out the materials he had prepared and showed them.

Violetta saw it and thought it was strange.

The appearance of Hans he had seen so far was the epitome of someone who was not trustworthy.

‘Where did you get those materials?’

I realized why Rudger kept that man by his side and why he said he specialized in gathering information.

“The guards at Kunst Auction House are called black guards, and this is a list of some of the people belonging to it.”

The personal information of several people was written on the data Hans pulled out.

“A former mercenary captain who led a huge mercenary corps, a retired knight, a skilled pilgrim knight, etc.”

“article… … is it. It wouldn’t have been easy to fill the guards with just this many people.”

“That’s how much money was poured into it. Of course, the number isn’t that many, and these guys work in 3 shifts, but… … There probably won’t be any of that on the day of the auction.”

A space 30m underground with only one entrance.

The troops guarding the interior are all knight-level.

Even if you think about the escort troops of the guests visiting on the day, there will be no hole for a single needle to go through.

“hmm. Still, if this is enough… … .”

To Alex, who was contemplating whether he could see any possibility, Hans struck an extra blow.

“By the way, the road leading to this underground storage room is full of all sorts of warnings. From the entrance door to the basement, only those with permission can pass through, and there are full of alarms going off with magic below.”


“And the biggest problem of all is being able to see what the storage room looks like in real time.”

“You can check it in real time? Is that possible?”

“Look at this.”

Hans said that and brought the materials he had prepared in advance.

“Three years ago. A mage from the Old Magic Tower once presented an unusual artifact. It was a modified contact crystal orb.”

“If it’s a crystal ball, it’s something that can make calls from a distance. It’s interesting that you remodeled it.”

“Actually, the Mage Tower judged that the artifact’s usefulness was useless. That’s why the patent rights didn’t fall, but rather, it was rejected. But where did you get the news, the Luke Company approached the wizard like a ghost? They said they would buy the rights to the artifact.”

“And this, is that artifact?”

The paper Hans had brought had a rectangular glass plate drawn on it.

The crystal ball for magic was shaped like a sphere made of glass mixed with magic stones, and it had the shape of spreading such glass thin and wide.

It seemed unfamiliar to others, but it was also familiar to Rudger.

Because it resembled the TV display seen on Earth.

“Compared to the existing crystal ball, which communicated through voice, it is said that it is possible to transmit and show the appearance in real time.”

“oh my god. How could you use an artifact like this to store things!”

Sheridan trembled as if in shock.

Rather than admiration for a great artifact, it was closer to anger at using something of this level only for something like this.

Hans continued his explanation, ignoring the annoyed Sheridan.

“Anyway, as long as there is an artifact that transmits the appearance of the storage room in real time, even if we succeed in infiltrating the inside, we will be caught immediately.”

“… … In the end, let’s wrap this up, shall we?”

Even entering and exiting is possible under strict control, and the only passage is an elevator leading to 30m underground.

Surrounded by guards in black armor. Even if their skills are all verified, they are second-class even if they are set low.

Magic alerts dotted inside the underground space.

And finally, an artifact that allows you to monitor the interior in real time.


After tidying up, Alex tapped his forehead with his fingertips in a panic.

“Is it possible to pierce this?”

All eyes turned to Rudger.

Once he said he would turn it, he responded enthusiastically, but when he heard about the state of the interior one by one, his eyes became closed.

“of course.”

Rudger nodded his head without changing a single expression while receiving everyone’s burdensome stares.

“It can be pierced.”

“leader. Are you really serious about that?”

“There is no reason for me to lie here, is there?”

“that… … but.”

“Looks like you’re most wary of this artifact that allows you to watch this real-time scene from a distance.”

Alex nodded.

Even if the others are cheating somehow, there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid watching the interior 24/7.

‘What if I break it?’

That’s a problem. Even if you destroy it and hide it, people will always come.

‘In the end, I have to move without being caught by that artifact, but since I’m not an invisible person, there’s no way that’s possible.’

So, there was no choice but to expect an answer from Rudger.

But Rudger was sincere.

For him, the artifact Hans showed him was already familiar.

‘I never thought something like a modern CCTV would have been here too.’

Of course, considering the times, the artifacts made with this magic would be very innovative for the people here.

It’s not as if it’s the law of destruction.

“I have an idea.”

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