I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 104

◈ Episode 104 (2)

Ludgar Celish had a master.

A benefactor who taught him how to live in the world and magic.

However, at the same time, he is also the one who planted trauma by overworking him as a disciple.

While traveling with Master, Rudger experienced many things.

Most of them were unusual and difficult experiences.

Of course, I don’t deny that I was able to come to where I am today because of the experience I had then.

Still, sometimes I couldn’t help but think, ‘Wasn’t it a bit harsh then?’.

Because of Master, he was caught up in various incidents and there were cases where he was harmed.

It was the same with Pantos.

The Beasts are said to be a naturally born fighting race.

Among them, Pantos was born far superior to other beastmen.

Although the Beastoids usually have superior physical abilities, there is no big difference in appearance from humans.

Excluding the ears and tail, the elasticity of the muscles is far superior to humans to the extent that more small muscles are attached to the body.

In terms of appearance, it was meaningless to tell the difference.

However, Pantos was different.

Even compared to other Beasts, the Pantos showed a big difference in appearance.

Even at a young age, he was one head taller than his peers and nearly twice his size.

When I was a child, I was almost on par with adults, and now that I am an adult, I am more than that.

Because of his large size, his movements were not sluggish or sluggish. He was even faster than other beastmen.

His stride across the vast meadow was faster than that of a wild horse running wild in the wind.

At the time, the tribe had no doubt that he would become the next chieftain.

However, Pantos Logistics rejected it.

There is only one reason.

—This place is too small for me.

His heart was always toward the wider world.

I want to fully use my power.

I want to risk all of this and hit it.

It doesn’t matter who it is.

If there was just a huge wall, it was important to jump over it.

Pantos also traveled the world, challenging and bumping into everything.

After wandering around like that, he arrived at a small fishing village at the northeast end of the continent.

Staying there, Pantos overcame his fear of water and went beyond his limits by hunting whales.

he got stronger Even more so than when he was in the meadow.

A more enriched soul as a warrior and an enlarged ego.

The point of the arrow was directed to none other than Ludger’s teacher.

“Originally, the wizard Pantos was aiming for was my master. In the first place, if there was a famous wandering magician at the time, there was no other than Master.”

“But why did you fight instead of your brother?”

“The timing was different. It must have come when Master wasn’t there.”


Pantos came to meet Ludger’s teacher.

But, of course, Master was not there at the time.

“so… … Did you fight?”

“I said Master was away, but Pantos didn’t listen.”

Pantos came to fight the strong.

Rudger said there was no Master, but Pantos didn’t believe it.

Because the man in front of him kept shouting that his sixth sense was strong.

Pantos opened his mouth as if he was a bit unfair.

“I fought because I felt strong. That’s all.”

Pantos Logistics is still convinced that its judgment at that time was not wrong.

The moment he actually entered the fight, Rudgar showed incredible strength and knocked him down.

In the beginning, it was Pantos’ advantage.

The superior physical ability and hunting instinct created by the wildness of the Beasts were not enough to drive a single wizard.

Ludgar’s swift magic did not damage his strong body, and the coordinate magic he used was read by Pantos’ transcendental senses and all missed.

Nevertheless, Rudger also managed to survive without being unilaterally defeated by Pantos.

As the fight progressed so fiercely, Ludger’s magical power gradually diminished.

At that moment, Rudger used ‘real power’.

When Pantos thought about that time, he felt that the feeling of fear, which he thought he had completely overcome, came back to him.

“I collapsed in an instant. There was no time to resist. It was my undisputed defeat.”

If Ludger’s master had not returned just in time, Pantos would not have existed in this world today.

And to Pantos, who came to his senses later, Ludger made a suggestion.

—You seem to have something huge in your heart that cannot be resolved. If you need help, then get in touch with me and come.

That is why Pantos Logistics responded to Rudger’s call right here and now.

The strong man who mercilessly defeated himself called for himself.

And he promised to quench the thirst hidden deep inside him.

“I couldn’t help but follow.”

Even when he suddenly asked me to show the world a little more by entrusting him with a boy named Arpa.

Even when I told you to keep quiet until the next call.

Pantos Logistics silently fulfilled its word.

It was because he was convinced that only Rudger could give him real meaning.

Rudger, the person in charge, said in a tone that it was not a big deal, perhaps because he had no great inspiration.

“No matter what, Pantos will be the main combat agent in our organization. His practical combat power ranks second.”

No one disputed that statement.

Pantos’ intimidating appearance was the same, but the momentum that flowed from him was shouting with all his body that he was a strong man.

At least there was no one who couldn’t feel that in this place.

“Each of you has a role. Pantos is a combat agent. In Hans’ case, he’s in charge of intelligence and intelligence. Sheridan is in charge of development, and Bellaluna is in charge of drugs and pensions.”

“oh. leader. Then what about me?”

“Alex, you are a sub who is in charge of field deployment and combat in case of emergency along with me.”

“Is it a serve? A bit underrated I still don’t get lost no matter where I go?”

“Your greatest ability lies in being able to deal with any situation. There is no one who moves as fluidly as you and shows off his abilities in the field.”

“Ludger! What about me?”

Arfa raised his hand and asked.

To that innocent question, Rudger asked a completely different question.

“Arfa. What did you see and learn while I was gone?”

“Me? Mmm. Still, I saw a lot while wandering the world with Mr. Pantos.”

“Did you feel anything while watching it?”

“well. I can’t seem to find anything like that yet. ah. Still, I am sure of one thing.”

“What was it?”

“That this world is really beautiful.”

Conversation difficult to understand context.

The meaning of this conversation can only be understood by the parties concerned.

“is it.”

Rudger brooded over Arfa’s words with his arms crossed.

Then he said

“Arfa has a good head. He can remember everything he has seen.”

“entire? Without missing anything?”

“okay. From the moment I called to the moment I came here. How many people I just passed by on the road and what they looked like. Arfa remembers everything.”

so-called perfect memory ability.

That was Arfa’s specialty.

Although it is not exactly one of the specialties.

“Using this ability, Arfa can play a more basic role anywhere. So, there is no specific role. Because he can do anything.”

Anything is possible.

That word meant a lot.

In this place, everyone excels in one area, but ARPA encompasses all areas.

Violetta swallowed her saliva.

Indeed, like all the people Ludger called, even though all of them were missing screws, they felt that they were not normal.

“And the last. Violetta.”


When Rudger called her, Violetta didn’t understand why.

“You will also be working with us.”


Violetta hadn’t heard such a thing before, so she spoke politely.

“I just came here to guide the owner. I am also very busy with my current business.”

“Isn’t the business already progressing step by step?”

“Because I design clothes.”

“Haven’t you already finished and organized all the drafts?”

“that… … .”

Violetta couldn’t think of anything to refute.

To be honest, there wasn’t much she could do about a business that was already on track.

I have to periodically check in to see if things are going well, but in fact, even without her, everyone will take care of themselves.

Even so, there was only one reason why Violetta was uncomfortable with this position.

“… … I don’t know if I can fit in here.”

this is her sincerity.

Violetta realized at first sight when she saw every aspect of the people gathered here.

These were the companions of a man named James Moriarty, or now Ludgar Celishi.

And I realized again.

He said he didn’t fit in this place.

“Why do you think so?”

“Yeah… … Everyone else has their good points, but I don’t… … .”


Rudger called her name quietly.

“If your ability wasn’t good enough or if it weren’t for other things, I wouldn’t have brought you all this way.”

“… … ”

“Even so, there is only one reason why I brought him and introduced everyone. That you deserve to be with us.”

“To me… … .”

Violetta opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“… … Is that really possible?”

“Of course. I don’t talk nonsense.”

“… … I’m not good at magic either.”

“It hasn’t been long since I learned it, but that’s about it. In particular, the aptitude rate for wind attribute magic was very high. It’s because the teaching has been cut off, it will be different if you learn new magic.”

“Your status is also low.”

“I don’t look at people with the insignificant standard of status. Seeing is the only ability.”

“But I… … .”

No more excuses came to mind.

Rather, it would be more accurate to say that he was speechless at the words of Ludger who acknowledged him.

Violetta’s gaze turned downward.

Ludger, who was watching the scene, lifted his back from the wall.

“You have a complex face. good night. then do this You don’t have to put such useless words in your mouth. There is only one answer.”

Violetta’s gaze, which had been on her toes, returned to Rudger.

He was now staring at him with an unwavering gaze.

“Would you like to join us?”

At that question, Violetta could understand why she was overcome with a strange feeling while she was here.

It was a longing.

He thought that he wanted to be with them as he stood here.

However, his status was low, and he only learned magic over his shoulder. Would this kind of person be suitable for this position? Wouldn’t it be an insult to this place just by standing there?

But Rudger didn’t.

Rather, he invited her to join him in person.

How could I reject those words that seemed to see right into the heart of this side.


Lips didn’t come off.

He hadn’t noticed it until now, but once he became aware of it, his situation and self-esteem took hold.

did you feel that?

Rudger spoke quietly and quietly.

“I want to hear your sincerity.”

“… … .”

Those words gently pushed her back.

Violetta took a moment to catch her breath. after, ha. I caught his heart as he inhaled and exhaled.

Even then, Rudger quietly waited for her answer.

Having regained her composure, Violetta smiled at Rudger and said,


As a result, Violetta became the leader of the Women of the Black Rose and a member of the organization at the same time.

“good night.”

Rudgar nodded with a satisfied face.

After that, I took a quick glance at the crowd.

They are the ones who have gathered only the best of all the people they know.

It’s a pity that not all of them came, but even this amount exceeded expectations and overflowed.

“Then, let’s get to know each other’s faces and skills, and go straight into the strategy meeting.”

and say

Why did he gather them?

“We are going to rob the Kunst Auction House that will be held soon.”

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