I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 101

◈ Episode 101 Flowers blooming on an abandoned road (1)

The next place Violetta took us to was the huge empty lot where Circus lived.

It was once a site for a large building, but the development was canceled for some reason, leaving only a huge empty lot left.

Perhaps the reason the development was canceled was because there were only shantytowns around, and the conditions for moving in were not very good.

As a result, it was practically abandoned even in the city, so Circus took its place and was using it.

Standing tall in the center of the clearing is a shabby but large tent.

It was a circus troupe that Circus was proud of.

Normally, when the circus is not open, the place where flies fly is unusually crowded today.

A singing voice came from inside.

“I am trying the musical you said. It’s still in the early stages, but the reaction is good when I saw it demonstrated. Sooner or later, after a few attempts at an outdoor theater, I plan to open a theater in earnest to attract guests.”

As I entered the tent, the merry singing became clearer.

Circus performers were visible on the stage in the center of the marquee.

She took off the bizarre outfits she had seen before and dressed as neatly as possible.

The guests could not take their eyes off the splendid performance of singing and dancing to the music.

Even though it was just a rehearsal, most of the reactions were favorable.

“Pinion is also very active in this work. He showed how much he enjoyed himself and gave up his regular cigarettes completely.”

Pinion, leader of Circus.

The man with dwarfism was singing with all his might on the podium.

Surprisingly, he has excellent singing skills.

“At first, he, the leader, was furious about what kind of song it was, but now he is leading the way in singing it. In fact, he must have wanted to do it himself the most.”

“He was an unusually strong man.”

“I was not being honest. Perhaps after this rehearsal, we will start ticketing in earnest.”

“Have you decided which theater to hold the musical?”

“There is a theater that was built a long time ago, but was closed because no one came. It’s not bad to wear either. I paid a lot of money this time and fixed everything. The same goes for the surrounding streets. People are already watching with interest.”


Rudger could see why what was going on in the slums had reached the ears of the upper classes.

If things go this far, everyone will have no choice but to be interested.

“Do you think people will gather?”

“First of all, the reactions around me are favorable, but it is also true that there are many more people who do not know. So what I need is Old Kids. ruler. Let’s go to the next place.”

Violetta stepped out.

After coming out of the circus tent, the two stopped in front of a building as they walked along the cleared sidewalk.

“It’s a publishing house run by Old Kids.”

The building that had previously been used as an illegal gambling hall by the enemy society was completely torn down and turned into an office.

“Are you here?”

At the entrance, Mastella greeted me with a smile.

Deon stood next to her like a wooden stone, as always.

Violetta crossed her arms and stared at the two disapprovingly.

“What is it, Marstella? Didn’t you go to work?”

“The owner says he will come personally, but we can’t leave. Since you have to check the progress of the project yourself, wouldn’t it be right for us to guide you?”

Their gazes intertwined in the air.

Violetta shrugged.

“okay. Do whatever you want.”

Anyway, her role is to guide the place, and Mastella would be perfect for explaining exactly what she does inside.

Mastella smiled and invited Rudger inside.

“Go in, sir.”

“I will.”

Ludger couldn’t adapt well whenever he saw Mastella acting dignified.

A little girl as cute as a doll runs a business that adults would do, and treats her with great hospitality.

She must have been precocious to that extent, but thinking on the contrary, the environment in which she had no choice but to become precocious was regrettable.

A lot of machines were running inside the building.


A myriad of papers quickly flowed along the rails.

I could tell at a glance that the machine was making thin books.

“I made what the owner told me to do. Did he say magazine (雜誌)?”

Rudger silently picked up a completed magazine and opened it.

What was written on the inside was various gossips listed in the magazine.

Rudger looked over the contents and nodded.

“Not bad.”

Although it falls far short of the results he had envisioned, considering that this is the first monumental publication, it was rather above the standard.

All sources in this world are in the grip of newspapers.

Most information can only be obtained through newspapers, and as a result, there is almost no way to find out information that the newspapers do not provide.

Except for organizations that buy and sell confidential information.

In particular, since most newspapers only publish articles favorable to the upper class, the middle and working class were reluctant to read the newspaper itself.

Even in this area, the class gap was evident.

And this magazine.

It was a decisive business item that would bridge the gap between classes.

The main purpose is to make the news easily accessible to a wider public.

However, too much information can be boring, so I added entertainment content to the back of the magazine.

Right away, it is a short novel that can attract people’s attention.

Collections of short stories, so-called pulp fiction.

On Earth, pulp fiction refers to cheap short stories serialized in magazines made of cheap paper.

However, this pulp fiction cannot be viewed lightly because it is the way to enjoy genre literature the most.

It is the same thing that novels such as mystery, adventure, and horror are gaining popularity in this world.

However, people who lack leisure time and are burdened with paying money to buy books do not enjoy this at all.

So what appeared as a substitute was Pulp Fiction published in magazines.

“Looks like a lot of writers managed to get together.”

“Because no one who writes is not in need of money.”

Except for a few writers who published bestsellers, most of the writers of this era were poor enough to eat well.

For such poor writers, publishing their short stories in this magazine could be a kind of livelihood.

Most of all, as they spent a lot of money on this side, a lot of writers flocked to them to make their mouths full, and thanks to this, they say that there are plenty of stories to write in the magazine.

“This will be a monumental first issue, but if it becomes popular, I plan to expand into other fields as well. If it becomes popular.”

“There will be more.”

Rudger said confidently.

It was so unstoppable that I wondered if it was someone who saw this situation from the future.

“And it doesn’t matter if you fail. So don’t worry about that and print as many copies as you can.”

When they said that they would not take responsibility for their failure, Marstella and Deon widened their eyes in surprise.

Most people tend to ignore mistakes made by their carelessness and pass them on to others.

But Rudger didn’t.

“Because there is plenty of money anyway.”

Even if you fail, you can make up for it because you have a lot of money.

At that, Mastella was speechless.



A knife-like assertion.

How can you say that so easily?

And, how can I put those words into practice and show them?

‘We are the abandoned people in this city.’

The ghetto is a place that even Ledervelk gave up trying to touch.

Most of the development in the city is for the rich, and the land where the lower classes live is virtually abandoned.

No one’s even paying attention here

nobody pays attention here

-Do you think anyone would throw a dime at a scumbag like you?

Very occasionally, someone came to this side and tried to give them a favor.

However, in the end, even such a person deliberately approached wearing a mask in order to retrieve even a single pearl from the mud.

The moment they realized that they had nothing to gain here, they ran away exposing their ugly inner side.

It was natural not to trust anyone.

Because no one believed in them.

It was so abandoned that I didn’t even have expectations.

So even when she first saw the vision Rudger gave them, she was dubious.

In return for spitting out these business ideas, all he wanted was their obedience.

In the end, this man was only taking advantage of them, he thought.

But when he accepted the offer with just the hope of being able to escape from this terrible reality.

Mastella never dreamed that the choice she made now would be something she would never regret for the rest of her life.

Rudger got to work right away.

He unleashed a huge amount of money he didn’t know where he got it and scattered it all over the slums.

The mayor who said he would step out for equality in the city, and the members of the House of Representatives who spit and talked that they would serve the lower classes.

When they do the same thing over and over again for years, Rudger has created jobs for people in the slums with huge amounts of money in the past few weeks.

He showed them the way to go and gave them the driving force to move forward.

by actions, not words.

“The first priority is to spread monumental No. 1 to as many people as possible. If you build a reputation and reputation with it, more people will come.”

“I know that, and I’m spreading rumors by sending children to the streets.”

Children bring all sorts of news, but on the contrary, it is also possible to spill rumors.

When children insinuate their parents, the parents create rumors among themselves.

“is it. Any more than this would be meddling. You seem to be doing well, so let’s go.”

“yes. Goodbye, owner.”

Confirming that Old Kids is also running properly, Ludger and Violetta leave the building.

With this, it was confirmed that the Ladies of the Black Rose, Old Kids, and Circus were steadily carrying out their respective businesses as Rudger had taught them.

‘It’s still in its infancy, so it takes a lot of capital, but when the business gets on track, I’ll steadily earn more than the money I invested.’

Rudger is not a philanthropist.

He invested his money in this slum because he was convinced that he could earn more than that.

Once it was confirmed that the process itself was going smoothly, rather than expected, Rudger decided to focus on his work.

“Where are you going now? I think I checked everything.”

“Then go see someone.”

“A person?”

“You can think of them as colleagues who will work with us in the future.”

Originally, I was going to move by myself, but it seemed like it would be okay to introduce Violetta.

In this way, the composition of the two changed to one led by Ludger this time, contrary to what Violetta guided at first.

The place where Rudger took Violetta was downtown Grand Chapel.

“Why is this place?”

“There are a lot of women.”


Violetta stared at Ludger’s profile in disbelief.

I thought you wouldn’t be that kind of person.

“I see what you’re thinking.”

“yes? Tah, I didn’t really think of that.”

“In the first place, that target is not me. Look over there. You see it from time to time.”

Rudger raised a hand and pointed to one side. I looked carefully to see what else was there, and I saw a man talking to a woman.

He was a bit of an odd man.

A well-dressed suit was common among people walking around the area, but what stood out was the exotic color of his skin.

His skin was brown, as if he had come from the southern realm, and his wavy hair gleamed like threads of molten gold.

“Who is that person?”

“My colleague.”

Rudger replied and walked slowly toward the blond man.

Meanwhile, the man was reciting all kinds of honey-filled words to get the lady’s attention.

“A beautiful lady. Could you please give me the opportunity to have dinner with you today?”

“Oh, my. I can’t… … .”

Even the noble lady, who at first objected to it, was about to succumb to his flattery.

Then Rudger intervened.

“Conversation ends there.”

“what? Who are you?”

The lady frowned when Rudger interrupted at an important moment, but smiled as soon as she saw his face.

The brown-skinned man looked at Rudgar and smiled awkwardly.

“haha. leader. I’m here? But what’s going on here? Do you still have time for your appointment?”

“If I leave it like this, I think I will be late again. I’m sorry, miss. This guy here is my colleague, so let me take him.”

“Yes, yes.”

When Rudger said yes, the lady waved her hand and said it was okay.

Rudger immediately grabbed the man by the back and forcibly dragged him back to where Violetta was.

“oh! Another beautiful lady was here! As expected, Ledervelk really likes water.”

As soon as the man saw Violetta, his eyes lit up and he grinned.

His straight teeth glistened white in the sunlight.

“… … Are you a real colleague?”

“okay. His actions are frivolous, but his skills are real.”

“So, leader. Having called me to this city, does a hot adventure await us here too? What other beauties and gold and silver treasures will greet me today?”

“… … Are you really good at it?”

Rudger opened his mouth as he let go of the back of the man he was holding.

“Let me introduce you. This is Alex, who will be working with us.”

“nice to meet you. A beautiful girl like a single rose. Even if it looks like this, she is from the nobility of the Southern Kingdom of Fatima, so get along well.”

“A noble?”

Rudger immediately corrected Violetta, who asked back in surprise.

“Be careful. This guy’s job is a scammer.”

Are you a scammer?

Violetta looked at Alex, who was still smiling, with a shocked look.

Then, did you cheat right away in the first meeting?

Alex asked about the shocked Violetta.

“Leader than that. Why did you suddenly call me here?”

“Now I’m thinking of taking my place in earnest.”

“oh. Will the long wandering life finally come to an end? So what am I going to do when I come here?”

“As always, what you are good at.”

Rudger answered in a low voice so that passers-by could not hear.

“We are going to rob the Kunst Auction House this time.”

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