I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 100

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◈ Episode 100 The source of sound (2)

what do you not hear

Asking such a question, Vierano seemed to have some sort of conviction.

But Rudger shook his head and denied it.

“It never happened.”

“is that so?”

“yes. Mr. Vierano’s comments are very interesting, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with me. However, it is a bit strange that there are people who do not have standards for their talent and thinking. Do you know anything more?”

“I also came across it in old literature, so I don’t know. All I heard was that there was such a person when I was young.”

“If the elf, Vierano-sensei, would say that, it must be close to a legend for humans.”

At Ludger’s slightly joking tone, Vierano laughed.

“yes. Maybe so.”

Then it is. what i was expecting

Vierano gave up his regret.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a sense of anticipation if the man in front of him was a magician whose framework he had heard of in the past didn’t exist.

It’s not going to be that easy.

‘Because there’s absolutely no way a normal human could endure that with sober mind.’

Now humans will not know.

With less than 100 years of life, they tried to record a lot of history, but at most 70% of what actually happened was recorded.

30% is forgotten by humans like that.

But elves are different.

With a lifespan ten times longer than humans, they are observers of history in their very existence.

Although the number is extremely small, and even 50 years ago, it suffered great damage from the war of conquest of the human empire.

Still, they all remember.

‘There are beings far beyond human cognition in the world.’

Huge spirits that exist in Mother Nature.

Higher races far superior to humans.

Even the existence of monsters and demons that disappeared beyond the shadow barrier in the Giant’s Spine Mountains.

And finally look down on this world.


That’s why people who don’t have a frame quickly break down.

Because the vessels they carry are too small to dare to contain all the water of the higher being’s interest.

A person with great talent would have a bigger bowl, but even so, all he could do was hold on a little longer.

‘But Mr. Rudgar was fine. He hadn’t felt anything strange before, and he still doesn’t. It’s probably not the latter case I think.’

I was a little disappointed, but also happy.

Because he liked this human teacher in front of him.

Just as I was about to think that way, Rudger opened his mouth and asked a question.

“I have a question for you.”

“yes. Please speak.”

“Didn’t I say that people with no frame like that usually hear their voices? of beings out there.”

“yes. Yes. Even so, it might be a rumor.”

“If it’s real, is there more to it?”

more than that?

Vierano stroked his chin and searched for his memory.

He immediately shook his head.

“no. As far as I know, there are only cases where voices are heard.”

“Is that so.”

“Maybe nothing more exists. Ordinary people would not have been able to endure that.”

“What do you think will happen if you endure it?”

“hmm. I’ve never heard of such a case, but if you really stand up to it, maybe there’s a next step. Like the symptoms getting worse.”

Vierano raised his index finger.

“If you can hear a voice, then maybe… … I wonder if I can see something in my eyes.”

“You mean snow?”

“yes. However, this is just a hypothesis. Because there can’t be such a person in the first place. If I had, I would have been a madman. He has excellent magical skills, but is a madman with a broken mind. Wouldn’t anyone go crazy if he always had to see what he didn’t want to see?”

It’s not human, it’s more than that.

Long-lived species, especially nature-friendly elves, would find it difficult to endure.

“And this is really what if, but if there is anything else, I think this might be it.”

“What is it?”

“If you can hear voices and see with your eyes, aren’t there more things than that?”

Vierano said in a tone that it was not a big deal, saying that there was no such thing anyway.

“It makes direct contact possible.”

And add an afterword.

“With God.”

* * *

Vierano left to state the circumstances of the incident.

The fact that he came to thank Rudger was also making time in the midst of his busy schedule.

Rudger watched his back for a while and then moved.

‘Is it contact with God?’

Vierano’s hypothesis was interesting.



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No, beyond the interesting, Rudger admired it inwardly.

-Because everything is true.

After all, it’s a long-lived elf. To narrow the truth down to here with a story I had encountered a long time ago.

‘But I’m not going to tell you anyway, just not knowing is the medicine.’

His constitution was not something that could be easily talked about by others.

Isn’t that why he is trying to suppress it with his own magic?

It wasn’t that important now.

‘Joanna Lovett. No, Esmeralda, First Order of the Black Dawn. What should she do with her.’

Rudger had a lot of thoughts while talking with Vierano.

Should we insinuate the true culprit behind the fire spirit terror incident?

If you do, you’ll get rid of one of the most intrusive First Orders.

‘But conversely, this could be cutting my own flesh.’

If Esmeralda were to be discovered, Ludger would be the first to be suspected.

She, who has not been active so far, is immediately identified as the culprit the moment she moves for the first time?

The Black Dawn Society might feel suspicious and start an investigation, and if that happens, it will be a disaster on our side.

‘Besides, if I give halfway information, this side may face a backwind.’

It was circumstantial that Joanna Lovett was Esmeralda.

However, the opponent is a Elementalist who commands the highest level of fire spirits.

The power of the highest level spirit is close to the 6th tier. In particular, even though the fire spirit is different from the general spirit, it may be more dangerous because it is so different.

It wouldn’t be easy to subdue such an opponent with quite a few troops.

‘If you go out, the president of the minimum has to come out himself. But then the scale grows to the point where it becomes difficult to hide the truth.’

In other words, the only income Ludger got right away was finding out Esmeralda’s identity.

The answer to what to do with her is yet to be determined.

‘Is it better to ignore it for now and move on?’

It has to be.

Esmeralda would have noticed that Ludger stepped in and sorted out the last situation.

Unless she was an idiot, she wouldn’t ask why she interfered. Rudger also looked at the timing and came out when it felt right.

Rudger immediately came to a conclusion.

‘I can’t touch it now.’

If Esmeralda’s identity is revealed immediately after an incident has just occurred, the Black Dawn will suspect the traitor’s existence.

This side is doing this for safety, but if you touch Esmeralda and it becomes dangerous, that’s a complete turnaround.

I had to wait a bit and watch.

‘When she’s next active. Then she showed her tail, albeit just a little bit.’

At that time, if you use the power of Seorn to subtly reveal her identity.

I could get rid of her annoying presence.

‘So wait.’

Patience was one of his greatest weapons.

* * *

the next morning.

The fire spirit terror incident last night made headlines on the front page of the newspaper.

[Terrorist attacking the banquet hall! Who really is the culprit?]

The provocative title, written in large black letters, naturally drew attention.

I sat at an outdoor table in a secluded cafe and opened the newspaper.

‘Well, I made a fuss, but it’s rather strange that it’s not known.’

The city of Lederbelk expressed regret over the incident and threatened to find out the culprit.

But Rudger didn’t think they could do anything.

If they were the ones the Black Dawn could catch, they would have been arrested long ago.

‘As for the culprit, all kinds of conspiracy theories are flowing out.’

Beginning with the lunatic terrorist, the prevailing opinion was that the culprit of the terror attack this time was the work of the Liberation Army.

In particular, considering that most of the victims who died this time were high-ranking members of society, it was unavoidable that the opinion of the culprit as the Liberation Army was inclined.

‘From the point of view of the Liberation Army, it must be unfair for them to be criticized like this when it was not their fault.’

Rudger thought that was a bit of a pain.

He didn’t like the Liberation Army.

If I had to say it, he was close to really hating the Liberation Army.

‘Because I’m having this hard time because of them.’

I still grind my teeth thinking about that time.

Even if they hadn’t attacked the magic engineering train he rode on, the face he had hidden would not have been sold, and he would not have been forced into Seorn Academy.

But what can I do? It’s already happened.

Now, all that was left for Rudger was to do his best in the given situation, but he had no choice.


On the next page of the newspaper, in small print, there was an article about strengthening security for this auction held at the Kunst Auction House.

And even the fact that the main organizer of this Kunst auction house is Ivan Luke, director of Luke.

The face of the man who hadn’t been seen at that time naturally came to mind.

‘Is he the protagonist of this Kunst Auction House?’

Perhaps Ivan Luke will make this event bigger in order to make up for the ugliness at the banquet hall.

It will attract people, make the opening ceremony more spectacular, and increase the expenses accordingly.

He must have been thinking of restoring the image that had collapsed due to the big bang this time, and solidifying his stake in Luke’s company as a director.

A small smile formed on Rudger’s lips.

‘This is true. It’s something to look forward to.’

If this auction ends smoothly, Ivan Luke will be able to rectify what happened to his father.

—If it ends smoothly.

If it’s a pity for Ivan

It must be that she did not know that the man she had quarreled with at the banquet hall secretly attended the auction.

Rudger, thinking that far, folded the newspaper.

Because the long-awaited guest has arrived.

“Are you here?”

“As a teacher. Can I come out like this early in the morning?”

across the table.

Seeing Violetta staring at me with a slightly dissatisfied gaze, I stood up.

“It seems to be low pressure since morning.”

“If I called someone as a guide early in the morning, would everyone do that?”

“For something like that, the makeup seems to have put a lot of effort into it.”

“Make-up is like armor for a woman. It takes a long time to prepare.”

“So it was.”

Violetta was dressed in a slightly different outfit than I had seen before.

At that time, I wore a black dress with a strange atmosphere for formality, but this time it was more like active clothes that are easy to move.

Long leather boots on her legs and a leather corset that was tightened to fit her waist.

He even wore a wide-brimmed hat to shield his head from the sun.

After all of her burns were healed, she no longer wore the black cotton cloth that covered her face.

“It looks like something an adventurer or mercenary would wear.”

“There’s nothing more comfortable than this when you’re walking around. ruler. song. We need to see what has changed.”

“I will.”

There was only one reason why Rudger came out with Leather Velcro early in the morning.

It was to confirm the changed appearance of the slums.

Violetta seemed impatient, as if she already wanted to show her changed side.

The barbed attitude on the first day was nowhere to be found, and now she looks like an excited girl.

“Look, look. This is the new street this time.”


The streets of the dirty, smelly slums I had seen before had been completely cleaned up.

The city of Lederbelk also gave up on touching it, so it was virtually abandoned, and the residents here helped with their two hands and cleaned it up.

Of course, it didn’t just happen.

“As you said, the money was released. I hired people who were killing time on a fictitious day here.”

Cleaning, dressing up and putting things away. Destroy old buildings and build new ones.

All of which required enormous amounts of money and manpower.

And this is a place overflowing with surplus manpower that others do not use.

“We spent more than 80% of our budget on this.”

The huge amount of money contained in the safe that Ludger took after killing Bellbot Rickson.

And even huge funds obtained by robbing the enemy society.

All of that was released as charity for the relief of this slum.

The effect was clear.

Because the dying streets are starting to come alive.

“As you said, I will make this street a street for artists.”

There are no more dark and dull slums.

Elsewhere, I saw carpenters tearing down shabby houses and diligently building new ones.

I could see the children who always went to sell newspapers running around.

“This is it. A newly opened clothing store.”

The place where Violetta brought Ludger was a clothing store with a large glass window showing the shelves inside.

There, the people who belonged to the women of the black rose were wandering around diligently, moving and cutting clothes.

but nowhere to be seen. Beyond, countless steam engines would be moving and pulling out the cloth.

“First of all, I am focused on pulling out as many clothes as possible using a machine. First of all, popular clothes come first. But when I reach a certain level, then I intend to challenge myself with a high-end brand.”

“Is he there? The opponents are those who have long been rooted in the empire beyond this city.”

“I have always dreamed of this moment.”

Violetta smiled confidently.

“No matter how deep the roots of a tree are, if they are rotten, the mere wind blows them down.”

“Good resolution.”

“Would you like to look inside more?”

“no. done. You look busy checking other places.”

“Then I will direct you to another place.”

Rudger had only checked one clothing store.

The transformation of this street is not over yet.

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