I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 97

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in vain (2)

The red pattern gave off a mysterious feeling that was quite different from the magic circle made of magic.

Clark couldn’t help but swallow.

A treasure that has been rumored among adventurers that those who find it can acquire supernatural powers beyond common sense. Mystery Glyph.

‘Is it really… a mystery?’

Clark cautiously moved closer to the pattern. And he stretched out his hand as if possessed.

For an instant, the pattern that radiated bright light climbed up his arm and was absorbed into his body.

Soon, the pattern disappeared without a trace, and Clark blinked and looked down at his hand.

It was a time when I was lost in a strange sensation that I had never felt before.

coogu palace.


I woke up to the sudden roar and turned my head.

Stone statues with arms raised came into view.


Clark freaked out and threw himself to the side. A huge stone spear flew into the place where he was and hit the floor.

He dodged the attack and surprised himself. A body that moves much more quickly and agile than usual.

The mysterious ability he absorbed was none other than the ability to increase the speed of the body.

The knowledge that flowed into my head from the moment I absorbed the mystery allowed me to use the acceleration ability immediately and naturally.


Raising his speed to maximum, Clark screamed and dodged the attacks of the stone statues. It was an instinctive evasion.

However, it was impossible to adapt to the suddenly amplified physical ability in an instant.

Before I could go far, I tripped and fell on the floor.

The stone statue’s attack grazed Clark’s legs as he hurriedly stood up. His thighs were torn apart just by brushing against him.

“Keep it off!”

It was Clark who stomped on the floor once more.

I couldn’t even control my body because of the dizzying pain in my legs.

It was the moment when I closed my eyes tightly to the approaching stone statues surrounding me.


The stone statues suddenly collapsed all at once.

Clark let out a trembling breath and slowly opened his eyes.

The stone statues collapsed on the floor did not even move as if their movements had completely stopped.

Then, with the sound of footsteps, I saw a doll walking in jointly.

I wondered if he was a member, but he was a strange young man.


what did you just do?

Did that person defeat the Guardians?

Clark, who had not been able to comprehend the situation, flinched involuntarily at the man’s gaze.

After looking around once, the man ambled over to the center of the cavity and stopped right next to it.

“What are you?”

Clark paused blankly at the man’s question before answering.

“Mo, I’m an adventurer. Who are you…”

“There must have been some pattern here.”


“Have you not seen it?”

The man looked down with cold eyes and asked.

Clark’s thoughts stopped for a moment.

He gulped, feeling chills run down his spine, frozen like a frog before a snake.

It was because he was asking about the mystery he had just absorbed.

I couldn’t tell who this man was or where he had suddenly appeared, but I knew one thing for sure. That he was properly f*cked.

“Mo, I didn’t see it.”


‘······It’s late.’

I clicked my tongue as I looked at the man sitting down in fear.

This space is definitely the space where I discovered the mystery of acceleration.

However, the pattern was nowhere to be seen, so there were two cases.

Either the mystery hasn’t been created yet, or the man in front of me has absorbed it first.

Looking at the reaction, it was not difficult to see that it was the latter.

It seems that the mystery of acceleration here has already returned to this man.

“Really, I didn’t see anything. Really.”

The man just repeated the words and looked at me with earnest eyes, as if asking me to believe him.

He seemed to think that I would kill him if he found out that he had absorbed the mystery.

It’s a little annoying, but there’s no way to spit out what you’ve already absorbed, so what can you do?

It wasn’t a mystery that would be of great use anyway, and this time I can only assume that it was a bit unlucky.

‘But there were several traces of entry.’

I wanted to know where the other people were and to be alone like this, but it wasn’t important, so I turned off my mind.

And when I was about to turn away from a man who was stiff.

coo coo coo.

There was a sudden vibration, and the central floor of the cavity slowly opened.



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The man sitting right next to him jumped back in surprise.

What was buried in the pit that suddenly appeared was a glittering treasure of gold and silver.

······Come to think of it, was there such a reward for this ruin?

It was a time when I was going to turn off my attention and go outside again because I had no reason to bring anything.


Other signs were felt at the common entrance, and soon several men and women appeared.


Hearing the man shouting, he immediately understood the situation.

That they were the owners of the traces that entered the dungeon. Are you an adventurer?

I wondered if the reason why only one of them was separated here was that they were separated by a trap. Because it was a common occurrence.

They also looked surprised when they found the man.

“Clark, are you alive?”

“I barely survived! Didn’t you see?! Heyren used me as bait and tried to jump alone! I helped him at best!”

The woman carrying the bow flinched and shouted out loud.

“Ooh, don’t be ridiculous! Why are you blaming me for falling down on your own!”

“지랄하고 있네, 빌어먹을 년이! 네가 그러고도 사람 새끼냐?!”

A nasty conversation full of profanity ensued.

I don’t know what it is, but from what I’ve heard, it seems that he fell into a trap and was stabbed in the back of the head by a woman with a bow over there.

The man huffed and glared at the woman, then asked.

“But how did everyone get here? I fell into a trap…”

“Even we don’t know. The road we passed was blocked, so we kept going forward and arrived here. But…”

The man called the leader looked at me with puzzled eyes, then found gold and silver treasures on one side and opened his eyes wide. So did the others.


The greedy gazes of the adventurers were all fixed on the gold and silver treasures.

For an instant, silence settled in the cavity.

As I had a feeling that the situation was going to become a nuisance, the man who was the leader exchanged glances with several people before opening his mouth again.

“But who is that man, Clark?”

“Yes? That, I’m good at that too…”

The man looked at me and answered.

I opened my mouth, but a woman with a bow interrupted.

“Everyone, can you see? Everything piled up in the pit over there is gold and silver treasure! We’re rich now! Huh?! Dan…”


At that moment, the blade pierced the woman’s chest and came out.

Her eyes, which had been shouting with joy, were tearing open.


The man who stabbed the sword was the leader.

The other members standing nearby looked back in horror.

“Now what…?!”

At that moment, some of the members came forward and ambush the rest of the members.

A member holding a spear stabbed the neck of a member right next to him, and a woman wearing a robe hurled a fireball at two members a little further away.

One member who avoided the attack hurriedly tried to retreat, but even that was slashed by another member who occupied the retreat route before he knew it.

Those who received such a surprise joint attack died in an instant without any time to respond.

Including the man who is the leader, there are a total of 4 people remaining.

Having killed all of their comrades without blinking an eye, they looked this way as they brushed off the blood on their weapons.

“Uh, uh…?”

The man stared at the scene, mesmerized, and I couldn’t help but frown.

What kind of crap is this again?


“······ What is this now?”

Clark doubted his own eyes.

Corpses of members scattered on the floor.

The leader, Regnil, Thomas, Ann, and Barlock, four people, ambush and kill the rest of the members.


My head was confused, but I soon realized it.

Because the four of them were the oldest members of the adventure group.

And the treasure of the dungeon unfolding before your eyes.

They killed all the rest of their comrades to claim the treasure among themselves. without the slightest hesitation.

“Mi, crazy bastards. Did you mean this from the beginning?”

At the man’s murmur, Barlock, the wizard, raised an eyebrow.

“Anyway, you’re quick to notice? Of course, we talked about it before entering the dungeon.

Clark looked at Regneel in disbelief.

The reason why I decided to join this adventure team in the first place was because I liked the personality of the leader, but I never thought he was hiding this nature. In an instant he was betrayed in his faith.

Regneel extended his sword without even looking at Clark.

The blade of his sword was pointed at the unidentified man.

“Are you an adventurer too? When did you enter the dungeon?”


“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I don’t know where he came out of nowhere, but he was unlucky.”

At Regneel’s words, the man stood silent for a while, and then muttered with a blank laugh.

“······I don’t have any income, but all the troublesome things are twisted, really.”

The man glanced at the treasure piled up in the pit next to him and said calmly.

“What are you looking at? Aren’t you trying to kill everyone and monopolize the treasure?”

Regneel’s eyes twitched.


It was before the words were spoken.

The figure of a man who disappeared as if it was going out suddenly appeared in the middle of Regneel and the members.


It was before the four of them could even react with shocked faces.

The next moment they fell all at once.

Clark, who had been thrown into confusion about the situation, looked at the scene completely stunned.

Just as he had dealt with the Guardians earlier, he had killed them in the blink of an eye.

All Clark saw for a moment was that something red like blood was shooting from the man.


Looking at the scene, Clark groaned involuntarily.

It was a mixed feeling of confusion and betrayal, hopelessness that the adventurer who had been with them for a long time had been annihilated, and fear of men.

The man turned this way. Then he moved his step and came closer.

I wanted to run away right away, but it was difficult to get up in the yard where my legs were torn off.

Thinking it was his turn now, Clark had a hunch of death.

However, she could not help but widen her eyes when she saw the object that the man had taken out of her bosom.

A small glass bottle with a reddish liquid dripping inside. It was a potion.

“Since it’s a mystery you’ve acquired, use it well.”

The man who put the potion down on the nearby floor just said that and turned back.

And without paying attention to the treasure left without an owner, he walked towards the exit.

Clark watched until the back figure disappeared completely, then staggered to the ground in half exhaustion.

“······What the hell is that?”

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