I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 95

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Weapon crafting (2)

It’s subtle, but it’s clearly felt.

A gloomy and hideous aura like muddy darkness.

Raising my super senses, I gazed half-glaring at the warehouse beyond the darkness.

What came into sight was an ink-colored box.

At first glance, it seemed unusual that they were surrounded by something like a chain. I could feel the magic in the chain.

It was tucked away in a corner alone, away from other ores, and the source of its energy seemed to be in that box.

“Can you feel it? It’s an excellent sense indeed.”

At that time, Shintoe said so, and looked towards the inside of the warehouse.

Asher put on a puzzled expression as if he couldn’t feel it.

“What’s in there?”

I thought it was a warehouse for storing ores, but does it contain any magic items?

Even though it only flowed out very faintly, it made me feel uncomfortable.

When I asked Shintoe, he stroked his beard and answered meekly.

“It’s an ore. It’s no different from what you see around you.”


“Of course, it’s not an ordinary ore. Would you like to take a look at it yourself?”

Shintoe moved and walked right in front of the box.

Then, he simply unlocked something like a lock and opened the box.

What was inside was, as he said, ore.

An ore that emits a black glow.

The only difference was that it was full of an ominous energy.

I don’t know what material it was made of, but the box itself seemed to be blocking the energy, and as soon as the lid was opened, the energy suddenly became stronger.

“This is something I accidentally found in Octea, the Magic Kingdom. I haven’t given it a name yet, but it’s one of the best ores I’ve ever seen in my life. But it’s a difficult material to use for equipment production.”

······You saved it from Octea?

It was a different demonic scene from Hallumenta, which I had been to before.

What do you mean by the fact that it is difficult to use as a material, Shintoe continued to explain.

“There are inexhaustible types of mineral stones that are created in nature. Among them, there are very rare ones that have not only strong magic conduction, but also have unique characteristics. It is an ore that contains turbid thoughts. Originally, the Devil’s Land is a place where all sorts of things beyond common sense happen, so there’s nothing surprising about it.”


“If you put your hand on it, you’ll see what I mean.”

I stared down at the black ore and touched it as he said.

And I could feel it right away.

A mighty and friendly presence that exists within the ore, trying to penetrate my consciousness.

– Chiaaah…!

A bizarre echo that seems to be mixed with laughter and screams lingers in my head like an echo.

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands… I could feel the existence of countless thoughts within it, as Shintoe explained.

Thanks to the spirit of the emperor, there was no shaking of the mind, but if it was an ordinary person, it would not be strange if he let go of his mind right away.

It reminded me of Gascalid’s blood, which I had experienced when obtaining blood magic before.

“Your mind is ferocious.”

When I removed my hand again without showing any sign, Shintoe looked quite surprised.

“Is it difficult to use it as an ingredient because of this thought?”

“That’s right. It’s not the kind of thing you can endure simply because you have strong mental power.”

Shintoe turned his gaze to the side.

I said to Asher, who was staring at the ore curiously.

“If you’re curious, try your hand at it. If you can withstand the evil thoughts dwelling in this ore, I’ll gladly use it as a material to craft the best sword and armor.”

Ashley hesitated for a moment before reaching out her hand.

I wondered if she would be able to survive.

Results came right away.


As soon as I put my hand on the ore, I took a deep breath, and within a few seconds, I took my hand away as if frightened.

In that moment, Asher’s complexion turned pale as if she had seen a ghost.

Is it that much despite having grown to level 90?

The thoughts dwelling in this ore were much more threatening than he thought.

“Is there any way to get rid of only evil thoughts?”

Shintoe shook his head.

“I asked the overlord a long time ago, but he said it would be difficult to get rid of only the thoughts without destroying the ore. It is not something that can be solved with simple smelting or magical treatment.”

I turned my gaze again and stared blankly at the ore.

Suddenly a thought came to me.

‘······Wouldn’t this work too?’

I guess, my instant kill ability is the ability to dissipate the target’s soul itself.

That’s why it was possible to get rid of Gascalid’s residual thoughts even during the previous blood well.

So maybe this is possible too.

Wouldn’t there be no problem if the thoughts dwelling in this ore could also be eliminated with an instant death?

Sintoe said that it was one of the best ores he had ever seen in his life, so I wondered if it would make a great weapon if I used it as a material.

It was a very good thing because the more Asher used good weapons, the bigger my power would increase.

To the extent that it was as good as the ‘Gaeldid’, the best new armor made by Shintoe using Orichalcum, which he had seen during an emergency call before… No, is it too exciting to go that far? anyway.

“If the problem of thoughts is resolved, can you use this ore as a material to craft Asher’s armor?”

“Yes. But as I said, I haven’t found the right way yet.”



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I nodded and put my hand on the ore once again. And I used instant kill.

At the same time, the scream that had been ringing in my head suddenly cut off and disappeared. The Saihan aura from the ore, too.

Just as he thought, the thought had been successfully extinguished.

Shintoe looked at me with puzzled eyes, probably feeling that.

“Now what…”

I said as I removed my hand from the ore.

“I got rid of the thoughts dwelling in the ore.”


Shintoe brought his hand to the ore as if he wanted to know what this meant.

And soon he opened his eyes wide.


He looked at the ore here and there with a face of disbelief, then burst into a small exclamation.

“······It’s amazing. Really, the thought has completely disappeared. What did you just do?”

It was as if he was really surprised to see even a little excitement in his calm voice.

It was natural for him to be surprised, as it would appear to him that he had merely touched the ore and then removed it.

“Are there any problems now?”

Shintoe smiled and nodded his head.

“As you said, I’ll use this as a material to make a weapon. Huh, oh, it’s been a nuisance that’s been stored in a warehouse for decades…”

The size of the ore was considerable, and it was so large that even if Asher’s share of swords and armor were made, more than half would be left over.

I suddenly remembered what Shintoe had said and asked.

“By the way, didn’t you say that it’s also important to respond to the user’s personality?”

Is this black mineral compatible with Asher’s magical power?

From the outside, the colors are completely opposite, so it doesn’t seem like they would match at all.

Shintoe shook his head.

“It’s like between ores with somewhat similar efficiency. It’s far superior to the ones we just looked at, so it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s magic conduction or durability, whatever.”

······Well, I’ll figure it out and make it well.

I didn’t ask any more of him, who was preoccupied with the ore.

After leaving the warehouse, we left the Monarchy to leave immediately.

There was no reason to stay any longer, since the business was over.

He said he would send a messenger to the 7 lords once the arms were finished.

“Thank you very much, First Lord.”

Asher gave Shintoe a slightly belated thank you.

There was a feeling that she was half dragged along regardless of her will, but anyway, she was given equipment made by the best blacksmith on the continent.

Shintoe nodded and saw us off.

“Then take a look, Seven Lords.”

I was about to climb on Tiyong’s back, but he suddenly called Asher again.

“But, it seems you haven’t mastered Gronnhilt’s vision yet.”


“As far as I remember, it seems to have been an operation method of dividing the magical core into three, is that correct?”

“······Yes that’s right.”

As if she hadn’t expected to know the clan’s vision in such detail, Asher became a little shy.

“Don’t get me wrong. Everything I heard directly from your ancestors. I only know the rough principles.”

Shintoe said.

“The reason I bring up this story is because I have something I want to tell you. I don’t know if you already know…”

He said as if he was remembering.

“Don’t think of the separate cores as separate, treat them as one and control them.”


“What your ancestors said was the key to passing the last wall in relation to the vision.”

Ashley’s eyes widened.

In response, Shintoe nodded.

“From the look on your face, it doesn’t seem like what you knew.”


“Your ancestors at the time were people who achieved a level that would not be outdated compared to the monarch. If you also fully accept his legacy, you will be able to reach it.”

Shintoe said that in a calm tone and turned around.

Asher looked at the back with bewildered eyes.

I was also a little curious. What was the relationship between Asher’s ancestor and Shintoe?

Just remembering the far-off relationship hundreds of years ago and giving advice like this, it seems like we were quite close… Hmm.

“let’s go.”

I took my eyes off him and opened my mouth.

Tiyong flapped his wings and soared into the sky.

In any case, since the production of the arms was also entrusted, it was time to head to the next destination as originally planned.

To the place where there are mysteries hidden in Saintea.


A barren wilderness located north of Saintea.

I looked down, rubbing my eyes as the dry wind hit my face incessantly.

There is a mystery to be found in this place where only dull rocks are visible without a single plant.

‘The mystery of acceleration.’

As the name suggests, it was a mystery that increased speed.

A mystery that allows the body to move faster and more agilely.

It was an ability that was almost useless to me, who had little use for my body and had already acquired space jump, but anyway, the more abilities I have, the better it is, so I came here to find it.

The mystery of acceleration was a mystery that I personally discovered in the game, and there was no great difficulty in finding it because the topography of the hidden place was also noticeable.

Flying on Tiyong, I was able to quickly find a small puddle in the middle of the plain and a cave nearby.

“Wait a moment.”

As always, Asher went into the burrow alone, leaving her outside.

This was the place where the dungeon was located, just like the mystery of the floating curtain that I had been looking for before.

After going all the way inside the cave and exploring the surroundings, I was able to find the door that was the entrance to the dungeon. however······.


I narrowed my brows.

It was because the door was wide open, as if someone had entered the dungeon first.


Raising my super senses, I took a closer look at the road I had passed, and now there were traces that caught my eye.

The rubbing of the ground, the faint footprints, the traces of someone who first discovered this dungeon and entered it.

I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.


In the game, that is, in the future, there was no one who discovered this dungeon before me.

Something unexpected happened.

why? Was it an illusion? Or is it a variable caused by the butterfly effect caused by my existence?


Seeing that there was no sign of them coming back, it seemed that the uninvited guests were still inside.

Thinking about what to do, I stepped into the open door.

Anyway, I came all the way here, but I had to make sure that the mystery was still intact.

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