I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 88

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Ruins of Cabolisa (1)

By the time the dawn begins to break at dawn.

I woke up to the sound of voices coming from the next room.

‘Have you come to your senses already?’

Even if it wasn’t so, I couldn’t sleep, so I was lying in a daze on the bed, but it seemed that Asher had woken up.

I don’t know what kind of wish it was, but out of the blue, the princess from the Earth Hill side said she would protect the seat herself, so I told her to do it herself…

– So, after holding the fallen Kyung in your arms like this…

– yes yes?

······What nonsense are you talking about?

I opened the door and went outside, thinking that the princess had that kind of personality.

I walked over to Ashelle’s room next door and knocked.


There was a commotion inside for a while, and the lady-in-waiting immediately opened the door.

I saw Asher getting up from the bed and the princess sitting next to me. Both looked quite bewildered.

“Ah… 7 lords, you just came to your senses…”

I looked at Asher and asked.

“Are you okay?”

The trauma was treated with potions, and looking at it with super senses, it seemed that the mana had stabilized.

Asked as they moved closer to the bed, Asher looked restless.

He avoided my gaze and couldn’t seem to find a place to put his eyes, but in the end, he lowered his head and opened his mouth.


She was the one who handed over the apology first and foremost with a choked voice.

To be honest, this time it was clearly her fault, so I didn’t respond much. Of course, I understood the feeling of doing something.

“Well then, I’ll just leave.”

I nodded my head at the princess’ words.

“Yes. Thank you for looking at the condition.”

“No, my lord. Say nothing.”

The princess nodded and went outside with the ladies-in-waiting.

I sat down in the chair she was sitting on.


Silence passed between the two of us for a while.

I had only come to check on her, and since I had confirmed that she was fine, I had nothing to say.

What to say. First of all, since you’ve leveled up, should I say congratulations on your growth?

Thinking about it, she, who had been hesitant, opened her mouth again and spoke first.

“I’m sorry, Ron.”

As expected, it was an apology again.

I also replied with a small tongue this time.

“Are you going to keep apologizing?”


“It’s true that your fault is obvious this time, but I don’t really want to scold you for that, so stop talking about it.”

“But I caused too much trouble. Ron-sama even broke his oath because of me…”


I wondered what she was talking about for a moment, but then I realized what she meant.

It seems to be saying that I promised Chang-seong that I would not interfere with the duel before it was concluded.

I was a little taken aback because her expression looked so guilty.

Well, in this world, there was an idea that promises and oaths were a bit sacred in relation to honor.

Not to mention how heavy that horse would be, especially if it was a big man equal to the lord of Calderic.

She probably thought I had taken a great insult by breaking my oath.

‘I don’t really mind.’

Of course, I didn’t feel any humiliation or shame. It wasn’t anything to brag about.

Can you feel embarrassed about breaking a promise you didn’t intend to keep in the first place?

If it was just a problem, it would be the fear of losing his prestige and trust as a monarch…

On the side of Saintea, the only important thing is the hero, but there is no reason to maintain a good relationship with the imperial family.

And more than anything else, Changseong had a heart that he wanted to f*ck him by openly ignoring him like that. Because he was such a dog.

I stared at Asher and said.

“Your life is no lighter than my honor.”

At that, she flinched and raised her head.

For some reason, it seemed that my eyes were gradually blushing, so I changed the subject while panicking inwardly.

“You seem to have grown again in this duel. Even more than last time.”

“······Yes that’s right.”

Asher nodded, answering in a slightly choked voice.

I pondered for a moment, organized my words, and then opened my mouth.

“Behind the massacre of your clan, the emperor is behind it.”

Aside from the window she had seen with her own two eyes, Asher probably wouldn’t know who was behind it exactly. I would have guessed it roughly.

Anyway, at least I thought I couldn’t have anything to do with the emperor, and I was burning with hatred for him.

When I pinpointed that fact, Asher’s expression strangely changed.

But there didn’t seem to be the slightest bit of doubt about how he knew that and was so sure. It must be that she trusts me just as much now.

I continued talking.



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“The Emperor is a madman who only thinks of the prosperity of the human race. The reason he slaughtered you White Moon tribe has only to do with that.”


“Therefore, your vengeance against Saintea is perfectly justified and justified. That alone I can guarantee. If that is also part of the reason for your hesitation, then there is no need for it.”

“······No, I am.”

Ashley shook her head in pain.

“I’m just afraid. If any of my clan survives, I must find them… Because I can’t just leave them to die alone, blinded by vengeance…”

Is that too

I sighed and thought to myself.

Should I prioritize my work, or respect Asher’s choice and prioritize it?

It was something I had been thinking about for a long time.

Until I got the mysteries, I couldn’t help it because her existence was indispensable, but honestly, I couldn’t make that excuse anymore.

From the beginning, my relationship with her was one that began with my deception.

Even though he knew the truth that there was no surviving clan, he was just using her as an excuse.

The deeper his relationship with her had become, the greater his guilt for him would be.

I’ve owed enough to you so far.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have dared to search for mysteries while wandering the continent with a weak body that couldn’t even wield a sword.

In the end, after much deliberation, I decided for sure.

“Whatever it was, your choice was not wrong.”

I said that and got up from my seat.

Ashley looked up at me with a bewildered face.

First of all, I have to take Asher to that place.


First of all, unlike other ruins and dungeons, there were items needed to enter the place.

Just an ancient magic stone.

The magic stone was different from the magic stone usually used to make magic items.

The limitation of magic stone is that no matter how pure it is, it cannot be stored for a long period of time.

The teleport location of the chief of staff that I saw before in the castle of the overlord is also why other mages are always resident there.

However, the magic stones produced and used by wizards in the golden age of ancient magic were able to store magic spells for a very long time.

That is why ruins and dungeons that remain and operate normally can exist.

However, in modern times, there were almost no magic stones left on the continent anymore.

It was because, although there was a practical demonstration of technology, it was set that the materials necessary for crafting magic stones were not naturally generated anymore.

Also, since it was impossible to engrave another spell on the magic war stone once, it was impossible to mine what was left of the ruins.

Of course, even so, it was not that there were no remaining pure magic stones.

I remember that there was a magic war stone that the overlord also had.

I didn’t go looking for her right away, but first I looked for the King of Earth Hill.

“Majeonseok······Unfortunately, our royal family doesn’t have one, 7 Lords.”

“is it.”

The King of Earth Hill said as if he was sorry.

I didn’t expect much anyway, so I was easily convinced.

In the first place, the magic stone was a great treasure whose value could not be converted into money.

I let go of my lingering feelings and went straight to the overlord.

“You need a magic stone the size of a fist?”

The overlord snorted in response to my words.

“I have some, but I bet you don’t ask for them for free.”

“What do you want?”

“Well… the number of times the 7 Lords have to do my favor is 2 left?

At those words, I clicked my tongue inwardly. Can’t you just accept it?

However, he was reluctant to increase the overlord’s command once more.

“Who are the other lords who have magic stones?”

The overlord replied with a smile.

“Lord 1, Lord 2, Lord 4, and Lord 8. I don’t know about the other monarchs. They may or may not have them.”


“It’s a bit sad to come out so heartless than that, Lord 7? Do you really hate to listen to my request?”

I thought as I listened to her sly words.

‘For now, except for the 8 Lords.’

Fortunately, the rest of the monarchs were those with potential.

Because the 1st and 4th lords had debts to me, and the 2nd lords had weaknesses.

I thought about who to go to, and soon decided.

Actually, there was nothing to worry about.

Rather than going to the 1st or 4th lord to pay off the debt and receive the magic stone, of course it was much more profitable to go to the 2nd lord.

Because she wasn’t in a position to settle her debt cleanly just because she did my favor.

After all, he had made a vague promise with the word that help was commensurate with the information.

Maybe if you talk well, you can get it for free this time too.

In the morning, they slowly prepared to leave the castle.

There was no proper cage, so Tiyong was putting it in a large space on the side of the castle, but when he saw me, he fluttered and tangled with excitement.

“Thank you again for helping us Earth Hill Kingdom. Then take a look.”

I rode on Tiyong’s top while being escorted by the King of Earth Hill, Tayre, the princess, and Prince 1.

I made eye contact with Taylor one last time.

The war is over, so there will be no more dark clouds in Earth Hill.

However, looking at the awkward atmosphere between them, the conflict between the royal family must not have been resolved yet.

Taylor, too, looked back, hoping that one day he would open up with his blood relatives and reconcile misunderstandings.

“let’s go.”

When I tapped Tiyong, he flew up with a loud roar.


When they came, they were with the overlord, but when they returned, they were apart.

The Overlord headed for the Overlord and I headed for the 2nd Lord.

Because the speed of the wyvern was so frightening, I definitely had a lot of time to spare after I got the belt.

If it had been in the past, there wouldn’t be much time left until the next meeting of monarchs, so I wouldn’t have had time to do this.

It took an instant to get from Earth Hill to the capital of the 2nd monarchy.

I immediately visited the Monarchy and met the 2nd Lord, Neuhu, and I brought out the business.

“······Do you need a magic stone?”

“Yes, roughly the size of a fist.”

“He came out of nowhere in the middle of the night to ask me to give it to him.”


I shamelessly nodded to the head of the brain sitting across from me.

She distorted her expression with an astonished expression.

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