I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 36

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There was no reply from him.

He was just sitting there, staring at me, frozen. For a moment, everything seemed to have stopped.


Soon the guy burst out laughing.

The guy, who had his head bowed and sobbed and laughed, said with a straight face.

“Are you crazy? Are you impersonating a Lord’s name in Calderic?”


“If you’re a Lord, I’m the hero of Santea, you crazy bastard. You’ve had a lot more flavor than I thought. Did you say it because you thought that such nonsensical bullshit would really work?”

Well, this was the reaction.

It wasn’t unexpected, so I didn’t say more.

To him, it sounded like nothing but bullshit I said to escape the crisis.

Of course that was normal. Why would the Seventh Lord who was supposed to be in Enrock be taking part in such a secret auction in the Third Lord’s territory?

“Yeah, you seem to have no intention of answering my questions, so don’t regret what will happen next.”

Saying that, the guy got up from his seat.

Then he strode to the podium, stopped the host, and stood in the middle.

“I’m sorry everyone, but we’re going to pause the auction for a while.”

The sudden situation caused a commotion in the seats where the participants were sitting.

“There is a person who participated in the auction by killing the members of our organization and robbing them of invitations. We will deal with the rats first and then proceed with the auction as normal, so we ask for your understanding.”

As for what he was going to do, he didn’t seem to have any intention of waiting patiently until the auction was over.

My eyes met the guy standing on the podium.

Naturally, the surrounding eyes turned all at once towards me.

I heard conversations from the participants. They seemed to also consider this a fun event.


This was tiring.

I had been patient with this disgusting auction until now, and this was what it all came about.

I didn’t bother thinking about how to sort this situation out. There was no need for that.

There’s no need to question how things ended up at this point, I just had to go with the flow.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Will you be captured quietly, or will they sever one or two of your limbs while resisting?”

Suddenly, armed men appeared around me and surrounded the place where I was sitting. Were you fighters of Valkilov?

All of them were over level 50, and there were some who were over level 60, so it seemed like an elite force.

I looked at the guy standing on the podium.

Judging from the fact that he was just talking, he acted like he was going to tear everything apart with his hands right away, and yet he didn’t order this elite force to attack right away.

It’s probably because he didn’t know exactly how strong my side was, so I guessed he was on his guard for now. It was a very prudent decision.

Seeing me still sitting still, he clicked his tongue and gave an order.

“Don’t kill them yet. Just enough to leave a few breaths.”

The other participants around them retreated outside, and the combatants gradually narrowed the distance.

The hall became quiet for a moment.

The heat, which had been filthy and stinky until a while ago, turned into coolness and ugliness in an instant.

I smiled lightly.

Ironically, this atmosphere, which would soon be filled with corpses and blood, felt more comfortable than an auction of buying and selling people.

Humans were animals of adaptation, but had I already adapted to this world to this point? I didn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.



As soon as I opened my mouth, Asher, who was sitting next to me, got up from her seat. And put her hand on the sword.

I spoke softly.

“It doesn’t matter if you kill them all.”

Opponents were dozens, and all were skilled in the 50s and 60s level.

On the other hand, there was only one Asher on my side.

But I didn’t care in the slightest. Even before the fight, the outcome was already decided.

Until now, she had only encountered monsters that are too out of the ordinary, but Asher was a strong person who belonged to the highest rank in this world.

If I hadn’t persuaded her and recruited her as an escort, she would have become a knight in the Black Star Order, the elite power of the Overlord Castle.

Even if Valkilov was the best organization in the Third Lord’s territory, the status itself was quite different. It was a wolf among a herd of rabbits.

The difference in level in the RaSa worldview was so absolute and absurd.


One combatant tried to open his mouth.

That was his last word.


A huge beam of light emanating from Asher’s sword split in all directions.

Then, their bodies were torn apart in an instant and collapsed.

It couldn’t even be called a battle. Valkilov’s fighters were wiped out without being able to resist once.

For me, it was a natural result, but for those who watched, it was not.


The participants, who could not grasp the situation for a moment, started screaming and running away in all directions.

While the hall was engulfed in chaos, I stared at the guy on the podium, Jack.


As I looked at the situation with disinterest in my eyes, the pupil of the man who made eye contact with me shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

Then he flew straight away from the podium.




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He’s running away like that?

Asher immediately ran after him.

The sword swung from behind, frightened, he tried to defend himself. For a moment, the two of them exchanged blows.

Being level 70, he could hold out a little, but that was the limit. Shortly thereafter, one of his arms was cut off, and he was thrown against the wall and thrown to the ground.


Asher put down her sword and turned around.

It’s all over really quickly.

I nodded in admiration for her overwhelming power.

The auctioneers, as well as the hosts and members of the organization, had already fled, leaving only the slaves in the podium’s corner.

They were looking this way in fear, unable to escape anywhere. There was also Rudica’s older sister.

“Release the restraints.”


“There will be more inside, so bring them along and gather them in one place.”

I left the slaves to Asher, and she trudged away.

Asher’s sword ripped his stomach apart and cut off one of his arms, and the dying man barely raised his head.

“You, what the hell are you…?”

I stopped right in front of him.

“I told you, the Seventh Lord.”


“You still can’t believe it? It no longer matters anyway.”

“Why why···”

As if he still couldn’t believe it, he repeated those words with a completely exhausted face.

Why the hell was the Seventh Lord here? Why the hell did I kill his younger brother and do this?

It was a question that I could understand without him having to say anything else.

I looked down at him and said.

“Just because.”


“Of all the garbage in this world, you just accidentally, unluckily, bothered my eyes. That’s all.”

It was really just that.

I found a vampire by chance, and happened to see his brother’s evil deeds, so I killed him, and then I took part in the auction and got caught.

I didn’t particularly have a grudge against them. Things just happened.

Of course, as a result, the auction was over, and the chief would soon die, so it seemed that Valkilov would be finished as of today.

The guy who had been glaring at me with eyes with resentment squeezed his last strength and got up as if he was bouncing.

His still good hand pulled a dagger from his waist.

A cold steel aimed at my neck and stabbed me with a warlike cry, but it was a futile effort.

Because his movements seemed too slow and clear for my super sensory.

The blade blocked by the floating veil could no longer advance in the air and stopped.

The guy opened his eyes and the hand holding the dagger shook, then he stumbled again and collapsed to the floor.

I placed my hand on the head of the man, who could no longer move as if he had reached the limit. Then I activated [Instant Kill].

That was his last moment.

I turned to the slaves, not paying attention to the corpse. Asher had released them from restraint and they were looking at this side.

Shortly thereafter, Asher brought out some more slaves from the inside.

“Is that all of them?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I tilted my head as I looked at them gathered in one place.

It seemed that there were fewer people than the number of people in the auction earlier… Were there people who escaped on their own?

“Human, what are you going to do with us?”

Then someone opened her mouth with a ferocious voice.

Rudica’s older sister was a vampire. Her eyes still glared at us as if we were the enemies.

It was unfair since we saved them, but I understood.

Her families died at the hands of humans, and since they had captured here her as a slave, it was natural for her to hate humans.

I asked her.

“Are you Rudica’s older sister?”

She was startled by my words and widened her eyes.

“Ru, Rudica? How can I you know my sister…”

“I came to rescue you at the request of your sister. So there is no need to be wary.”

I outlined it to her. The circumstances from meeting Rudica at Cubax to coming to the auction house here.

After hearing the whole story, she looked at me with a look of joy and relief, but she was still half vigilant.

“…Are you really here at the request of my younger sister? Really?”

“Yeah. Or how would I know your sister’s name?”


“She’s in an inn in this city, waiting for you to come. So follow me.”

She hesitated and looked back at Asher and I.

As I gave her a wink, Asher grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her away.

So she slowly came to where I was standing.

I looked around at the other slaves.

I achieved the goal by securing Rudica’s older sister, but what would happen to the rest of these people?

Oh, I really hated doing things like this in another territory.

I remembered about the Third Lord—the Heavenly Palace.

He was as unpredictable as the Overlord, and I did not know how he would react if this event reached his ears.

Even in the game, he appeared to be indifferent to everything in the world, while being strangely tenacious over trivial matters.

It’s not about who was killed and what damage the Lords care about. Would the Third Lord care about the Valkilov?

He could still be dissatisfied with the fact that another Lord had made a riot in his realm.

Even the Sixth Lord—the Tyrant, who did not differ from a madman, didn’t act arbitrarily in another Lord’s territory.

Of course, this wasn’t a huge problem since I was the one who was first attacked… Anyway.

“You are now free.”

I spoke as if declaring to the slaves, who were looking at me with anxious eyes.
Even after that, they just stood there looking at each other with bewildered faces.

Even if I suddenly gave them freedom, there were some people who had nothing and had no place to return to.

It’s impossible to leave this mess and leave them here.

So, I was thinking of doing a minimal clean up first.

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