I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 3

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An identified man wearing a black robe.

But at first glance, his attitude was extremely cautious.

I noticed right away that the other person was firmly mistaken about this situation.

…Can it be because of what happened to the warrior?

Were you watching me kill the warrior?

So, did this person perceived me as something more dangerous?

…Definitely misunderstood. If that was the case, the reaction was understandable.

If it wasn’t like that, what else could be the reason a strong person comparable to the warrior be wary of a prisoner chained like this?

Anyway, for me right now, this illusion was something I was truly grateful for. So, I tried to keep my expression as expressionless as possible to match the rhythm.

The other had been asking who I was, but since I wasn’t sure how to answer, it’s better to just shut up.

If I showed any emotional agitation for no reason, it would put me in a more disadvantageous position.

“I am a member of the Calderic Monarchy, Dayphon. Not affiliated with the Rognar Kingdom or Santea Empire Alliance.”

The man introduced himself first.

“…Calderic Monarchy?”

But what was Calderic?

It’s one of the four major powers in RaSa, which divided the continent along with Santea.

Could this guy be responsible for the current situation?

Besides the warrior, even Calderic. What the hell were these people doing gathering in this one convoy?

I was just guessing, but some unusual power struggle must be involved.

More than that, the important thing to me right now was not their purpose or background, but my immediate survival.

I glanced at the other and asked;

“What did you do to the ship?”

The shaking hadn’t stopped since a while ago. But It’s not like it’s sinking or anything like that…

“If you want to know the condition of the hull, the convoy will soon sink without reaching Archemon.”


Unknowingly, my poker face broke in an instant.

I would be soon be sentenced to drown in the middle of the sea, so I couldn’t help but frown.

“Why is someone like you a prisoner in a convoy?”

I also wanted to grab the guy who threw me into this game and ask him, so please shut up.

What now?

Hands and feet were still tied. And in the meantime, the ship was said to be sinking soon. In addition, a monster close to level 90 was standing in front of me.

Far from improving, the situation was only getting worse.

Even if I kept my cool, was there any way to survive this situation?


The hull, which shook more violently, warned that time was running out.

But why is that guy so relaxed?

No matter how high the level was, could you escape the middle of the sea with your bare body?

But hey, he’s the one responsible for this, so there must be an escape route.

Whether if there’s another ship prepared or teleporting… Ah.

I realized that I had gone crazy thinking that far.

That there was only one lifeline to lean on in this situation.

If I can get help from this person…

If so, wouldn’t it be possible to at least avoid being buried with this ship?

But the obvious problem was…

There’s no way he’ll help me.

What reason did he have to do that?

There’s clearly a ‘boundary’ between us.

Since he didn’t know my strength, it must have been that he was taking a cautious attitude and not recklessly attacking.

In such a situation, could I really ask for help?

In fact, there was a much higher chance that my neck would be blown off immediately after he discovered I was nothing more than an insignificant piece of trash.

However, he was my only way out.

If I wanted to prolong my life, I had to think of a way.

Whether it’s using the delusion he’s harboring for me or whatever, he had to find a way to escape somehow…

“Would you like to go with me? To Calderic’s overlord’s castle?”


I looked at him, hiding my dumbfounded expression.

“The Overlord is someone who values ability above else. Race, origin, and your past don’t matter in Calderic. A man like Sir is sure to be welcomed by the Overlord.”


“Calderic differs from Santea in many things. At least there are many things that will interest you more than a land only for humans.”

Even the title had changed to ‘Sir’.

But what was he saying now?

It was unexpected, so it took me a while to understand.

…Was he scouting me?

Was that guy now proposing to recruit me to his faction?

No matter how much he overestimated my existence, but, seriously, to a prisoner whose identity was unknown?

More than I thought, I realized he was deeply mistaken about something.

Of course, this was a great opportunity.

The situation where he offered to take me out here without me desperately putting on a show.



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If I accepted the offer, I could escape safely from this sinking ship. But…

The problem is what will happen after that.

In reality, I was just a scumbag with no special abilities. So, what was I going to do once I reached Calderic?

And what? Overlord Castle? He’s going to take me directly to the Overlord of Calderic?

I’d rather stick my head through the tiger’s jaws.

…But there was no other way.

Whether it’s being crushed by the wreckage of a collapsing ship or drowning in the sea, if I didn’t accept this offer, I would surely die on the spot.

Right now, my priority was to live. I’d just think of the aftermath later.

After a long silence, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Is this a recruitment offer?”

“Of course.”

A quick answer came back.

“It’s Calderic…” I muttered that and then continued, “It’s a little interesting.”

Oh, wait. That’s probably a bit too much.

I immediately regretted what I said. What did I mean by ‘interesting’? I probably went too far to create an atmosphere. It would have been okay to just nod and accept the other’s offer.

Still, I was safe since Dayphon’s face seemed to brighten up a little for an instant.

Fortunately, my earnestness seemed to have been conveyed, and he walked into the prison.


An unknown intangible force easily smashed the restraints, and it scattered on the floor.

Only then could I regain my freedom.

When I glanced at him, he didn’t look like he found anything strange.

Yeah, could you imagine that the guy who killed the warrior was a weakling who couldn’t even break a single piece of metal?

“I formally greet you again. I am Dayphon Cladinel, Chief of Staff of the Overlord, belonging to the Overlord Castle of the Calderic Monarchy.”

Overlord’s direct chief of staff?

Somehow, the identity is amazingly high.

Only then did I know his true identity.

I didn’t memorize all the names of the many NPCs in RaSa, so I couldn’t immediately recall the names when I heard them.

Chief of staff of the Overlord of Calderic. He was the closest aide to the Overlord, and his actual influence was as great as that of the Nine Lords.

After he finished speaking, he stared at me.

It was a gaze waiting for an answer.

I felt uneasy. I didn’t even know who this body belonged to, so how could I introduce myself?

After a moment of silence, I finally uttered a short word.


There was no meaning behind it. Just a name that came to my mind randomly in an instant.

Because I couldn’t even say my real name—Seok Ja—in a Western-style fantasy world.

Fortunately, Dayphon nodded without asking further.

“Oh, and excuse me, but can I have the warrior’s corpse?”


“There’s probably someone else who might want this. Ownership of the body, of course, belongs to Sir Ron.”

No, I don’t need any of that.

What did he mean by having ownership over a dead body? Who would want this?

Ah, is he talking about the King of the Dead?

Anyway, it was a good thing for me, so I replied he could take care of it in whichever way he wanted.

After a short thank you, Dayphon waved his hand at the warrior’s corpse.

Then, a dark aura rose and in an instant swallowed the corpse without a trace.

“Then, Sir Ron, I will take you to the Overlord’s Castle right now. I will teleport you, so please do not resist my magic.”

Dayphon said and held out his hand.

Come to think of it, one of the Chief of Staff’s abilities must have been an ultra-long distance teleport. But wait a minute—

…To the Overlord’s castle right now?

I stared at his outstretched hand with a trembling heart, then grabbed it and stood up.


Soon, the surrounding space slowly distorted with a soft blue light, and for an instant, I felt a sensation as if my body was floating.

…Felt like vomiting. How much time had passed? Had 10 seconds passed?

When my vision became clear again, I was no longer in the prison of a convoy.

I blinked my eyes, hiding my surprise at the scenery that changed in an instant.

A dark and spacious communal space.

On the walls in all directions, there were countless huge stones that glowed in blue, and the light emitted from them gathered right under the feet to form a geometric figure.

…Magic circle?

I looked down at it slowly disappearing, then raised my head and looked around.

Aside from the magic circle, the monsters in robes stood motionless like stone statues around them.

It’s like an atmosphere that something would happen if one tried to even move.

“Sir Dayphon.”

A woman dressed to look like a butler came closer and bowed her head.

“Thank you for your hard work. I’m glad you returned safely.

Naturally, my eyes went to her pointy ears. An elf?

“What about the Overlord?”

“She’s in her seat. The meeting of the monarchs will begin in a little while.”

“We came back at a very opportune time.”

After muttering that, Dayphon continued talking to the woman who glanced at me with a questioning gaze.

“This is a nobleman I will introduce to the Overlord directly. Let’s do our best to serve him.”


Those words obviously took her aback, but soon quickly returned to her expressionless expression.

Then, with one arm folded, she bowed with the utmost respect.

“I have committed disrespect. My name is Caren.”

…It seemed like things were moving in the right direction.

Even after escaping the convoy, the situation was still frantic.

So… this is the Calderic’s Overlord’s castle, right?

Did they really travel that long distance from the realm of Santea to Calderic in one go?

And from now on, would I have to face the Overlord of Calderic?

Of course, I somehow had already expected that, but… straight away?

I wondered what kind of reaction would Dayphon have if I changed my words and told him I would reject his offer?

Unlike the convoy from earlier, this was Dayphon’s main base and the very center of Calderic’s forces.

Was it too optimistic to expect someone to let go of me with a smile on their face?

“Welcome to Calderic’s Overlord Castle, Lord Ron.”

Dayphon, who had no way of knowing how I was feeling, said that and I could only sigh.

The price of escaping a sinking ship was entering the tiger’s den.

The Overlord of Calderic, Rashtain.

In addition, even in RaSa’s worldview, one of the most powerful leader.

Ah, now I really didn’t know what to do.

Whatever happens, happens, I guess?

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