I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 23

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The adventurers were talking in front of the entrance.

“Shouldn’t we just leave now?”

The member, Lud said.

A slight uneasiness flared up between them.

An unknown passageway through which the two entered.

No matter how you look at it, it looked like a dungeon; they felt like they were involved in something unusual.

The dungeon was a treasure trove of ancient ruins.

No matter what dangers might lurk inside, it was also a greedy trap that made many adventurers dream of a chance to get rich.

He couldn’t believe it, but what that young master was looking for was a dungeon.

The problem was that the woman who was the escort of the client, Ron, was more powerful than he had imagined.

She could fire a huge sword force and tore all the orcs to pieces. They had never seen such a rare sight in their entire life.

There was no law saying that the client would not come out of the dungeon and try to kill everyone on this side to keep their mouth shut.

Among the nobles, there were many crazy people who would do anything to achieve their goal.

He also had a bit of regret that they had received an unclear request too hastily because money blinded them.

The boy didn’t look like that kind of person, but…

Shien stepped forward and said.

“Hey, are you saying something crazy? I haven’t even received the rest of the commission yet.”

“Didn’t you see that the woman is not an ordinary strong woman? If she says that, she’ll keep our mouth shut, and tries to kill us…”

“Had she meant to do that, she would have killed us before she even went in with that young master. Would she have left us intact here like this?”

“Since they don’t know the way back, she might try to kill us after we guide them back–!”

“Are you not only an idiot but also a coward?”

Shien hit Lud’s back with her bow.

Of course, what Lud said was just a hypothetical assumption.

If not, she would do something stupid by leaving the client behind even before completing the request. And she wouldn’t even be able to get 70 gold.

She decided to wait a little longer, but then she heard a squishy cry.

Orcs appeared one by one again around them.

“Oh, those orcs again.”

Were there any tribes that have settled near this canyon?

The expressions of Rodin and his members, who were preparing for battle as if tired of it, slowly turned into dazed faces.

This was because the number of Orcs in sight continued to increase.

A few to ten, ten to dozens, and dozens to…


A group of Orcs filled the area.

Among the bushes, on top of the cliffs, orcs continued to appear in the middle of it, and now it completely looked like a green wave.


No one could understand what the hell was going on.

They all stepped back with pale complexions and not even thinking about raising a weapon.

Strangely, there was an orderly atmosphere between the many orcs.

Like a well-organized large army, waiting for the leader’s command to lead them.


A low, clear sound rang out in the stillness.

At the ferocious cry that aroused fear, Rodin and his members shuddered thinly.

As if one side of the green wave was splitting, the road seemed to open, and something slowly stepped out from between them.

A gigantic orc twice as large as the other orcs, and covered in large muscles all over the body.

Looking at him, Rodin muttered in disbelief.



An existence that could unite and lead monsters that cannot be united.

They could understand now. How could so many orcs be gathered in one place?

Among the orcs of the Tyrell Mountains, the worst mutation that would cause a monster wave was born.

The eyes of the Orc King, shining red and bloody, turned to them.

It looked like it was full of murderous intent to tear them apart and kill them at any moment.

There was no other way to deal with that monster.

Even without fighting, everyone could instinctively realize that fact.

With orcs all around them, there was only one place to run.

As Rodin looked at the entrance to the dungeon next to him, he barely let out his voice.

“Arma, magic…”

Arma, who was half lost, suddenly came to her senses and prepared her magic.

She was thinking of throwing some kind of magic to slow it down for a moment and then running inside. There was no other way.

She pumped all of her magic with all her might.

The magic power that was flowing around and clumped together soon rose into flames.

The Orc King charged towards them with a heavy volley of feet.

A huge fireball the size of a man cut through the air and flew toward the other with fierce force.


“…Run inside!”

Everyone turned and ran toward the entrance of the dungeon.

But it was futile.

The fireballs fired by Arma didn’t even hit the Orc King, let alone stop it for a moment.



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It jumped out of the flames and closed the distance between them in an instant before everyone could take a few steps.

The first target the Orc King aimed at was Arma, who had cast magic.

Rodin, who was right next to her, reflexively threw himself, but was hit and bounced off the cliff, crashing.


There was no time to use defensive magic.

Then, seeing the huge fist that was about to hit her body, Arma sensed her death and closed her eyes tightly.

That was the moment.

A gigantic blade of sword flew from inside the dungeon’s entrance and cut down the Orc King.

It let out a cry of pain and stepped back, grabbing its bleeding arm.

Arma slowly opened her closed eyes. The other members also looked at the entrance where the sword force came from.

Two people, Ron and Asher, were slowly walking out from inside.

…What’s all this?

Leaving the dungeon with light steps, I looked at the scene unfolding in front of me with absurd eyes.

Many orcs covering the gorge.

I didn’t think it had been half an hour since I entered the dungeon, but in the meantime, shit was going on outside.

Is that… an Orc King?

As I looked at the howling giant orc with its arm cut off by Asher’s sword blade, I immediately understood the situation.

【Lv.  72]

Its level was 72.

It was a very high level, even for a king.

To encounter a really rare Orc King like this, would all this mystery quest always going to be eventful until the end?

However, since Asher was at a level that could deal with it with no problems, I didn’t worry too much.

“Take care of it.”


At my words, Asher immediately approached the Orc King.

Somehow, it felt like she was trying to make up for not being able to deal with the statue guardian in the dungeon.

I turned my gaze to see Rodin, who was pinned against the wall to the side.

It looked like he was barely breathing as he was crying and bleeding all over his body.


Members who had been in a state of fascination belatedly ran in that direction.

I took Rodin out of the wall and laid him on the floor.

Arma hurriedly reached out her hand to his battered body.  A green light enveloped his body.

She seemed to pour out healing magic, but Rodin’s focus was only slowly dissolving, like someone who was about to die.

“Oh, no…! No!”

I watched her crying and casting her spell, then I pulled something out of my arms.

I know that in order to survive in this world; I have to live selfishly showing no favors.

However, I had no intention of living while ignoring the people dying in front of me.

“Get out of the way.”

I took out the Scarlet Potion and checked Rodin’s condition.

The hollow in his chest meant that this was a fatal wound. I poured the potion on it.

After a while, his wounds slowly regenerated, and I heard bones and muscles slowly reconstructing.

Soon Rodin’s complexion eased, and his breathing returned to normal.

The other members were staring blankly at the sight, then they hurriedly bowed to me.

“Thank you, young master! Really, thank you…!”

“Okay, check his status further.”

Having finished my work, I turned my gaze to the side.

On one side, the battle between Asher and the Orc King was in full swing.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

  • ·····It was a battle that was so fast that it was difficult to see the what was going on.

Every time Asher and the Orc King clashed, the surrounding ground turned upside down and all they swept away the trees. The wind pressure pushed up to where I was, which was quite far away.

Seeing Asher fight properly for the first time made me realize that she, too, was a monster.

Bellevagorah, the Guardian who is well over level 80, and the people I met so far were all monsters of a different calibre, so it’s just that I hadn’t been able to properly see Asher’s skill.

Asher’s sword raged like a storm, and the Orc King could not fight back and only poured out blood.

In fact, if Asher really gave her full power, it would be dead by now.

The nine level difference they had was huge.

But now, since she didn’t use her racial trait, she was out of power.

The battle seemed to take longer than expected, but I thought it would be over soon, so I folded my arms and stared at the fight.

It was at one point.


The Orc King let out a roaring roar as if preparing for the final clash, then suddenly turned and charged towards us

That also took aback Asher, so she came up behind it a beat late, but it was already close to them.

In the blink of an eye, I saw the guy who came right in front of me and immediately used a mystery.

Floating veil.

An invisible, transparent veil spread between me and the Orc King.

Its fist stopped in front of me, and the ground next to me exploded with the impact.


Its attack, which would have shattered even a huge rock, did not shock me in the slightest.

I still stood with my arms crossed, staring at the bewildered Orc King with nonchalant eyes

That was its last moment.


Asher’s sword followed in an instant and decapitated the Orc King.

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