I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 168

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Adessa Great Forest (7)

After chasing after the madness, I stared at a huge tree that began to appear in front of me. 

The tree was a little exaggerated, tall enough to touch the clouds, huge, and enshrouded in divine power. 

‘Is that the world tree?’ 

Feeling a little in awe, I descended to the ground. 

I left Tiyong outside and went inside alone after finding the entrance to the World Tree.

There were beastmen and elves lying at the entrance and passageway, looking like guards, but it must have been a frenzy. 

‘What is your intention?’ 

We know that the soul of Igrel, the brother of Madness, is absorbed in the core of the World Tree. 

So it seemed clear that the purpose of Gwang-Rang’s coming here was the core of the World Tree, but…

I raised my super senses and followed the maniacal signs. 

As the guards continued down the aisle, there was a huge space at the end. 


And in that place I was able to find a madness. 

At first glance, she was reaching for an orange jewel that seemed to be the core of the World Tree, but she was ready to break it at any moment. 


Seeing the crack in the core, I hurriedly opened my mouth. 

“Stop it, madness.” 

He stopped what he was doing and turned his gaze this way. 

There was silence for a while. Gwang-rang asked with his eyes why I was chasing him here without saying a word. 

I said, stepping closer to her. 

“Is that the core of the World Tree?” 

The lighthouse answered meekly. 

“That’s right. It’s the core of the World Tree.” 

“Why are you trying to destroy it? If you do, the possibility of stopping Fogwig is gone.” 

The madman let out a laugh.

“What does it matter? I still can’t stop it anyway, so the great forest is about to end.” 

“There is no reason to destroy it now.” 

“No, hey. Rather than let that monster swallow the world tree and absorb its power, I’m just going to destroy it first.” 

“It makes no difference. It will absorb not only the core of the World Tree, but also the life force of the entire Great Forest.” 

As I continued to argue, Gwang-Rang put on an expression of disapproval. 


Could it be that it was like that? 

Come to think of it, I think I know the real reason for the madness to destroy the core. It is because of his brother, Igrell. 

I don’t want his soul to be swallowed up by Fogwig, so maybe he’s trying to destroy it with his own hands before that happens. 

“The reasons you just mentioned were just excuses. Is it because of Igrel?” 

At those words, the corner of the madman’s eyes twitched.

“Seven Lords, you know a lot about me. I really hate a sneaky bastard like you.” 

“I never did any background checks on you. I just happened to find out.” 

“Are you done talking? 

Gwang-Rang growled, baring his fangs. I stared at her like that, then shook her head. 

“I can’t do that. I would have said that Adessa’s fate is not just Adessa’s problem.” 

Wedge liquid! 

The greatsword, aimed precisely at my head, was blocked by the floating screen and bounced off.

It seemed that Gwang-rang had no intention of further conversation. 

“Then, I’ll kill you first. Come to think of it, have you ever tried to fight once before and it ended in a bland way?” 

I was troubled.

It seemed wrong to try to solve it with words. 

However, if the madness is left alone, the core of the World Tree will be destroyed. 

I didn’t even have the ability to subdue her. 

Since Gwangrang was a pure body slayer, he could kill him if he wanted to kill him, but it was just as difficult. 


I dodged the Frenzied Fists by leaping into space. 

Gwang-rang immediately turned and ran again. 

I blocked and dodged her attacks, barely making up my mind. 

‘What do we do.’ 

Gwang Rang was a stronger warrior than the Tyrant King he had killed before. 

It won’t last long if you just drag the time in moderation. 

But how should I deal with this situation… 

At that time, an idea suddenly came to my mind.

‘······wait for a sec.’ 

Then I saw that it was there. But is that really possible? 

I was worried, but the hesitation was short because there was no other way to do it. 

I teleported to the core of the World Tree to avoid the ensuing madness attack. 

Then, Gwang-rang also stopped rampaging for a while. 

“Hey, what are we going to do?” 

I looked at the core of the World Tree and said. 

“Rather than having his brother’s soul eaten by Fogwig, he must have thought of annihilating it first. Isn’t that right, Five Lords?” 



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“Hey, 7 lords…” 

“Then it wouldn’t matter if I borrowed his power for a while.” 

I reached out for the core of the world tree entangled in the tree trunk.

“Borrow your strength? What bullshit are you talking about?” 

Ignoring Gwangrang’s words, he made contact with the core of the World Tree. 

Requiem Advent. 

A new mystery previously obtained from the Academy’s public library. 

By accepting the target soul, this mysterious ability is able to demonstrate its previous abilities for a short period of time. 

In other words, if I could accept Ygrel’s soul in the core of the World Tree, I would be able to borrow and use his ability as the strongest warrior in the Great Forest. 

‘Requiem descended.’ 

As soon as I used the mystery, I felt the presence of a soul within the core of the world tree growing. 


Soon, the haze that flowed out of the nucleus formed a translucent shape. 

Su-in, who had a face very similar to Gwang-rang, was looking down at me with calm eyes. 

I was speechless for a moment and stood still. 

“Seven Lords! What are you doing!” 

It seemed to Gwang-Rang that he couldn’t see the soul of Ygrel right in front of me.

It wasn’t a realistic form, it was just a figure that only I could see in my image. 

Even so, I must have felt something, and the madness rushed at me again. 

They seemed to think I was trying to do something with the World Tree core. 

I started talking to Ygrel’s soul with the Frenzied Sword blocked by the floating curtain. 

To use Requiem Advent, the target soul’s permission was required. 

‘Igrel. The forest you once protected is in danger of perishing again. The resurrected Fogwig will devour the World Tree and absorb all the life force of the Great Forest.’

He was still staring down at me. 

‘There is no time. lend me your strength He’s a weaker Fogwig than he was in the Great War. If you combine your strength, maybe you can stop him.’

At that moment, Ygrel’s spirit turned its gaze to see the madness pounding the veil with its sword. 

For an instant, a bitter smile appeared on his lips. and······. 


Igrel’s spirit became clearer, and soon began to flow into my body.

I felt the sensation of receiving a huge storm with my whole body. 

The body is twisted, and the consciousness is turbulent. 

I could feel that my body was changing into something while I was overflowing with energy and was about to explode. 

At this moment, I was assimilating with Ygrel.


Eventually, the fairy tale ended, and I looked down at my hands. 

It wasn’t my usual hand, it was a hard hand covered in muscle. 

So was the body. 

The long flowing bangs also turned red. 

I took a deep breath in and out, then lifted my head forward. 

The figure of Gwang-Rang, who was staring at this side blankly, came into his field of vision, which was slightly higher than usual. 

“······ Igrel?” 

she murmured, lost in herself. 

I couldn’t see my face because I didn’t have a mirror, but I could see that my current appearance had become similar to Ygrel’s before life. 

‘Was it this kind of ability?’ 

Whatever it was, I succeeded in borrowing the power of Igrel. 

Now, let’s hurry and take down Fogwig before the maintenance time runs out.


I stomped my feet without suppressing the power overflowing through my body. 

Leaving Gwang-Rang alone, he ran down the aisle and escaped outside the World Tree. 

I sprinted in the direction of the guy. 


The speed of Igrel, who had used all his energy, was much faster than riding the belt. 

It would be normal to not be able to adapt to such a dramatic physical change, but there was no problem with me. 

This is because I did not simply gain Igrel’s physical strength, but also assimilated into his consciousness. 

That’s why I knew instinctively how to handle and control this huge force. 

In an instant, I reached the place where Fogwig was and rushed toward him without stopping. 

I jumped in front of the guy who was trying to move tenaciously despite the attacks of beastmen and elves, and punched me.


A mere blow caused an explosion, and Fogwig’s body shuddered loudly. 

It stopped moving again. 

When I landed on the ground, beastmen and elves were looking at me with a look of astonishment. 

I shouted at them. 

“I am the 7th Lord! I briefly borrowed the power of Igrel, who was sleeping in the core of the World Tree! The time to maintain this power is not long, so everyone prepare for the final joint attack!” 

Do you have about 5 minutes left? The duration of Requiem Advent was instinctively known. 

There was no time to explain what had happened. 

At my cry, beastmen and elves immediately prepared to attack. 

“Now that it has stopped! Everyone, squeeze out the last remaining strength!” 

Thus, the final concerted effort toward Fogwig began.

If this failed, it would be really over, but I felt like I was not going to fail at all. 


The spirits took advantage of Fogwig’s weakness. 

Then, the beastmen poured sword energy. 

“Seven Lords!” 

cried the elven warchief. 

The Great Spirit of Wind wrapped around my body. 

With his weak point dug in again, I dove in for the last time. 


opportunity only once. It should be finished in one hit. 

I stretched out my fist following my instincts and the senses taught by Igrel’s soul. 

This was Ygrel’s technique. A lethal blow that converges and compresses the power of the entire body into a single point.


The fist slammed, bloody energy exploded, and Fogwig’s body split apart like the sea. 

And finally, the figure of the man was revealed. 

The body of the emperor buried inside the lump. My body was drained of strength, but I tried to squeeze out the remaining strength to approach him. 


oh oh oh! 

Pogwig’s chunks bursting in all directions were fired at me all at once, perhaps in a final desperate attempt. 

With a degree of destructive power that was incomparable to that of the past. The remaining elves and beastmen tried to assist me, but they were not enough. 

no. If you give him a chance while defending, he will regenerate in an instant. 

At the moment of hesitation, someone flew in and cut off all the remaining chunks. 

madness. She, who had followed her before she knew it, blocked her attack instead.


That way, I was able to dig into the Emperor’s body without any hindrance. 

Then, once again, the mass around me came together and attacked me again. 

I ended up being buried in a lump, but I bought time by holding on to the floating screen. 

‘Stop struggling, Emperor.’ 

Your body is right in front of you anyway. 

I bought time to recover the strength to deliver the final blow inside the floating screen. 

and······. Good luck! 

Tear out the entire mass that blocks your way, 

I was able to face the body of the emperor. 

The emperor was in terrible shape.

Her skin was black, her eyes were covered only with white, and something like a mana stone was embedded in her body, drawing a magic circle on her body. 

Among them, there was a pure white jewel that stood out, but I narrowed my eyes when I saw it. Could this be? 


Then the Emperor’s murmur was heard. 

Even though his appearance changed to that of a monster, it seemed that his human intelligence still remained.

“I am for the sake of humans…” 

“Your dream was a crazy dream. Stop dying.” 

I put my hand on his head and triggered an instant kill. 

And at the same time as the emperor’s breath stopped, the mass around it began to shake and crack. 

coo coo coo. 

Soon the lumps disappeared, and I fell to the ground along with the Emperor’s corpse. 

Looking around, the elves and beastmen were all staring at me blankly. 


And shouts rang out. 

In the end, he stopped Fogwig and protected the Great Forest. I sighed and looked at the corpse of the emperor next to me. 

I found the pure white jewel I had been looking at earlier and took it. 

Anyway, is this all over? 

The maintenance time was almost over, and Igrel’s power was gradually draining. 

I was trying to get my stiff body up, but someone rushed at me. 


I blocked the fist that flew into my face and took a few steps back. 

“······What are you doing, madman?”

The person who suddenly attacked me was Gwang-Rang. 

She, who had a face that seemed to be extremely excited somewhere, rushed again. 

“Let’s play! Igreaeal!”

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