I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 157

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Asmodians (3)

It’s useless to have a good eye. No, was I complacent?

I decided to end the conversation for now, thinking that I should be more careful next time.

“Hey, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. What am I hiding?”


“No, so you mean… you actually want to say that my magic skills are so good that I secretly blocked the attack on the wagon? And I’m hiding it from you guys? What am I doing that for? “

I scratched my neck and looked at Leah like she was really weird.

I could see that my facial expression was working well, or that he was too nervous, and his eyes were shaking.

“Huh? Leah, what kind of strange misunderstanding are you having…”

“Noisy! Or it’s okay. It’s nothing, so forget it.”

Leia screamed and left the place.

Rigon, who was rubbing Kaan’s shoulder, approached and asked.

“What’s wrong? What did you talk about?”

“It’s no big deal.”

Then I heard Yuzu approaching Leah and talking.

“I have identified other corpses in the direction from which the surprise attack came earlier.”

“······dead body?”

“Yes. They seem to be from the same gang, but they’re in a bit of a strange state. There’s no sign of a battle around them, and there’s no wounds on the corpses. What the hell is going on in this forest…”

Yuzu was talking about the people I killed earlier.

Leah turned her head and looked at me. I pretended not to see her and ignored her gaze.

“Yuzu-sama! Please come here!”

At that time, the knight who was guarding the men who put their lives on the line urgently called Yuzu.

“For some trick, they all died suddenly.”

Yuzu, who was glaring at the dead bodies with a serious expression, sighed.

In the end, the interrogation did not seem to yield any results.

“I’m sorry, lady. But I think the priority is to hurry and get out of this forest.”

You never know what kind of attack you’re going to receive, so that was probably the best.

So the carriage started again immediately.

Kaan muttered as she looked out the window.

“It was a pleasant trip until just now, but what is all this about…”

“That’s right. We don’t know what else will come out, so let’s be vigilant until we leave the forest.”

Leah’s expression did not look good as she listened to the conversation between Kaan and Rigon.

I guessed the mind. Since this happened on a trip he had invited, of course he couldn’t feel better.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be responsible for your safety until the end with the honor of Herewin.”


Kaan stared at Leah and smiled.

“What is it? You’re all so timid.”

“Because you’ve never been timid?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t suit you, so let’s go as usual. These are all life experiences, well.”

“It’s really annoying.”

The atmosphere, which had become a bit heavy, was soon relieved thanks to Kaan.

I raised my super senses and looked around widely.

There were no guys who reached the maximum radius of my senses, and there was no way I would be attacked again right away.


It was for a different reason that the running carriage came to a halt shortly after.

A young boy was lying on the side of the road.

Yuzu looked at the boy without letting go of her guard, and put on a bad expression.


I also stared down at the boy.

Following the attack by the demon contractors, what is this going on again?

Black hair, red eyes, and fangs protruding from between the lips.

It was no different, the boy was a vampire, not a human.

“Are you a human…?”

Kaan muttered with a puzzled face. Yuzu shook her head.

“It seems to be a vampire.”

“Oh, you’re not human after all?”

“Yes. They are a dangerous race that feeds on the blood of other creatures.”

Why is a vampire, rare even in Calderic, in the land of Saintea?

Vampire boy was a pretty miserable figure with wounds all over his body.

Kaan urged Yuzu, who continued to look at the boy with caution.

“Well, shouldn’t I start with treatment soon anyway? It looks like you’re in a very bad condition.”

Yuzu looked puzzled.

I knew why he reacted the way he did. that’s because it’s a vampire

The perception of the race of vampires was the same as that of Calderic and Sainttea.

In addition, since he was attacked and the situation was like this, he had no choice but to be more sensitive from his point of view.

Leah opened her mouth.

“Let’s heal, Yuzu.”

“There are many corners where the situation is too questionable, lady. And the vampire…”



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“You’re just a kid. So you’re saying let’s just leave the injured kid alone?”

I stepped in and said

“If it has anything to do with the raiders, wouldn’t it be possible to hear the story?”


Come to think of it, they seemed to be in a hurry to do something.

An attack by an organization of demonic contractors and a fallen vampire.

The odds of the two being unrelated coincidences, of course, seemed slim.

In the end, Yuzu took medicine from the wagon and started treating the vampire boy.

I had to hurry, but I decided to wait until I came to my senses.

“Oh, I woke up.”

Soon after, the boy woke up.

The boy grunted and groaned with his eyes wide open. She was barely awake.

“Blood, blood…”

At that muttering, Yuzu frowned and put her hand to the hilt of the sword.

“Stand back as they may suddenly attack.”

“Ah, what is this kid attacking? You don’t have to be so vigilant.”

“Vampires are a race that can use blood and use unusual abilities. So…”

Since he was a child, he probably couldn’t use blood magic yet.

I quietly sat down next to the boy, pulled up my sleeves, and held out my bare forearms to my mouth.

Leah asked in bewilderment.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it because you can’t drink blood that you have no energy?

“Ran! But that looks a bit dangerous…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“What’s okay is okay! Yuzu, dry it quickly!”

Leah shouted. But the boy first bit my forearm.


I looked back at the people with a calm face.

“It’s okay. You won’t die just because you suck blood.”

Everyone looked at the boy sucking my blood with a look of bewilderment.

One, Carn, who was the only one with an interesting expression on her face, sat down next to me.

“It’ll be fun. I’ll give you my blood too.”

“······Are you trying to have fun? I’m watching.”

The boy, who soon finished the vampirism, seemed much more energetic.

He struggled to get up and looked around blankly.

I turned my gaze to Yuzu. Yuzu sighed and removed her hand from her sword and asked.

“We are passers-by passing through the forest. We have no hostility towards you, so rest assured. Why are you lying in a place like this?”

The boy, who had been frightened, finally turned to a slightly relieved expression.

But the boy suddenly bent over and spoke in a pleading voice.

“Help me, please!”

“What are you helping? Aren’t you already helping?”

“All the villagers have been captured by evil wizards. Please help me…!”

evil wizards?

We looked at each other at the incomprehensible words.

After calming the boy down, I listened to the story properly.

To briefly summarize the story of the boy who was still awake and gibberish, it was like this.

Some assailants raided the village where the boy lived and killed or captured all the residents.

And the boy barely escaped alone from their stronghold located nearby and ran away.

Yuzu asked.

“Are those thugs wearing black robes?”

“Yes, yes! That’s right!”

It seemed that the assailants were the menace the boy was talking about.

‘A demonic contractor group kidnapped people?’

It didn’t feel particularly strange.

It’s just that they’re doing all sorts of evil things, destroying villages and kidnapping people.

There were more difficult things to understand about this vampire boy. It wasn’t just one or two.

I asked the boy the most curious thing.

“Well, if you’re a villager, do you mean vampires like you?”

“Oh, no. They’re all human. I’m the only vampire.”

“You’re a vampire. But you’re saying that you lived in a human village mixed with humans?”

The boy nodded with a timid expression. Can you?

It was strange to see vampires in the land of Saintea, but there was a village that accommodated and lived in such vampires.

I was curious about the details, but Yuzu asked the boy another question.

“Do you know for what purpose those gangsters kidnapped people?”

“That’s… I don’t know. I’ve only heard talk about making sacrifices.”


The boy started begging again.

“People who were taken out of prison never came back. They’re probably all dead. Maybe because I ran away, they’ll get mad and kill everyone else. Please help!”

Yuzu, who was silent for a moment, opened her mouth.

“My lady, I can’t help it, but first I’ll take this boy and move…”

“Of course they do. But what about the residents who are being held by the raiders?”

“It would be better to dispatch troops immediately after arriving at the main city.”

“······We still have a long way to go until our true nature.”

Leah murmured softly. Yuzu said firmly.

“Miss Leah, it is my duty to put your safety first.”


“If the boy’s story is true, it’s a pity for the residents, but it’s difficult to save him as it is now. The authenticity of the boy’s words and the scale of his enemies are all uncertain.”

“That’s not a lie! Trust me!”

Yuzu turned to the boy.

“I’m sorry. Even if you say the truth, I can’t take the risk.”

Yuzu’s words were the right theory.

Rushing into a stronghold when you know nothing about your enemies is usually madness.

There was no way he would do such an outrageous thing as he had to protect Leah.

Then Kaan intervened.

“Yuzu-san, are you going to help me?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“You didn’t have a hard time dealing with them before. But you didn’t want to take the risk for Leah’s safety?”

“That’s right. Even if you’re disappointed in me, it can’t be helped.”

Kaan stared at Yuzu and then turned around.

“Okay. Then I can’t help it. Hey, what’s your name?”


“Okay, Heffy. I’m Kaan. I’ll go by myself, so tell me where they’re based.”

What’s up?

Leah called Kaan before Nana Rigon.

“Hey you!”


“······Speak something that makes sense! What are you going to do by yourself?”

“I have to save people. I don’t want to go on the same road I’m on. The trip so far was fun.”

Leah glared at Caan.

I also told Kaan.

“Kaan, there’s no way you can do it with your skills. What if there are stronger guys than before?”

“Then it’s not much. But they could have been all we had before. I’ll put my hopes on that.”

“Why do you do that? Do you not waste your life?”

Kaan looked at me.

“Ran, I’ve been thinking about it. The magic sword story I told you about before.”


“Sacrifice my everything to help people, even if I still can’t feel it, at least I hate ignoring people who are in danger. I know it’s worth my life, but I just hate that.”

I laughed.

“You don’t know that it’s worth your life, you idiot.”

For some reason, it seemed like this guy would be forced to, so it wasn’t new.

As I approached Kaan, Rigon naturally followed.

Kaan asked, seemingly surprised.

“Are you two going to do it too?”

“Then I’ll leave you alone? Let’s go.”

Seeing this, Yuzu had an expression as if she had run away from home.

In his eyes, it will only look like the immature behavior of immature people. And that was true.

However, from my point of view, I couldn’t go past without dealing with the remnants of the demons anyway, and it would be nice if an event occurred, so I had no intention of stopping it.

“Lea, let’s go. If we die, take care of the body later.”

Leah bit her lip and looked back at Yuzu.

“Let’s just leave after being insulted like this? The honor of the Herriwin family will be ruined.”


“I’m not going either. If Yuzu doesn’t come, the four of us will die together.”

Yuzu let out a deep sigh.


“What would you do if you really sent only yourself?”

“There’s no way that guy with a high nose can do that, haha.”

“Shut up. If Yuzu or the knights do anything wrong, you will never forgive them, Kaan.”

The wagon with the boy on it moved towards the enemy stronghold.

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