I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 154

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holy sword (2)

A disparate voice that is hard to tell whether it is male or female, young or mature.

My heart is pounding. To a strange feeling that cannot be described in words.

‘A holy sword?’

The only being in this world who can be called a god.

Certainly, the existence in front of me right now was not an ordinary existence.

I had never felt this feeling before when I first met a hero or an overlord.

What do you mean you want to talk a little bit more than that?

where else is this? What kind of mental space is it, not reality?

The being that called itself the Holy Sword seemed to be waiting for me to settle the confusion.

I quickly regained my composure and asked him.

“Where is this?”

– My image world, it would be enough to regard it that way. In reality, you are momentarily unconscious.

“Why did you bring me here?”

– As I said, I want to talk to you for a moment.

“······What kind of story are you talking about?”

– You must have a lot of questions about me.

I’m curious… that’s a lot.

If I ask now, will you tell me everything? so suddenly?

– There is not much time to talk.

Having come to my senses, I hurriedly shook my head.

Whatever it is, the opportunity has arrived, so I have to clear as many questions as possible now.

And the first question, of course, was that.

“How much do you know about me?”

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

The holy sword, if it were God, he might be the only one who knew why I possessed this world.

The Holy Sword answered.

– Most things. That you are a being from another world, your abilities, and your essence.


Is it really…

After possessing this body, I met someone who knew my circumstances for the first time.

I calmed down and continued asking questions.

“In the world I originally lived in, this world is, so…

Did you know that this world was a game, not reality?

I was about to ask that, but I hesitated for a moment.

Can’t you understand what a game is? how do i explain this?

– It’s called a game. I’ve never seen it myself, but I have a rough idea of ​​what it is.

But as if he already knew what I was about to say, the holy sword answered first.

do you know the concept?

It was a strange word, but I passed it once. Because you know anyway.

“Then this world is not a game, but a real reality, right?”

I became desperate without realizing it.

“If that’s true, why was it a game in my world, and why am I possessed by a character in the game?”

The Holy Sword paused for a moment in answering this time.

– That’s a question that I have no answer for, nor meaning to answer.

“What? Asking questions…”

– I will answer except those related to your home world.

What if I don’t tell you the most important part?

For a moment, absurdity and annoyance surged up, but he remembered the words of the Holy Sword that he did not have much time to talk.

“······ Then, when exactly will the Demon King be resurrected?”

– As Aindel said, it could be tomorrow or years from now.

“Exactly. I’m asking for the exact time.”

– It cannot be determined. However, it is clear that it will happen in the very near future.

If you don’t know that, what can you tell me?

Feeling a little disappointed, I continued to squeeze the next question.

Yes, if I were to ask questions other than things related to the Earth, the thing I was most curious about was…

“Can I kill the demon king with my instant kill ability?”

A question I’ve been curious about ever since I first set the goal of stopping the demon king.

I couldn’t be sure of that, so I had no choice but to be so desperate for the hero and the holy sword.

– Yes.

The answer came back immediately.

– The power you have also reaches the devil. That much I can say for sure.


Yes, that’s right.

Then, even if the succession of the holy sword fails, it does not mean that there are no means left.

I felt both a sense of relief and a feeling of being crushed at the same time.

‘What else is there…’

I was lost in thought with my head down, then asked the holy sword again.



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“I want to know clearly what your purpose is.”

– Extermination of demons, stability and peace in this world. Aindel’s will is my will.

“Then why don’t you stop the demon lord yourself? A being so great that he can be praised as a god…

This was a question that probably didn’t even need to be asked.

– Because that’s the best way. I am not as omnipotent as you think.

“Can you elaborate a bit more?”

– I would if I could afford it, but time is running out. The story ends with this.

already? It felt like it hadn’t even been a few minutes.

“Wait a minute, then the voice I heard when I was first possessed in this world was…!”

I hurriedly tried to ask one more question, but the shape of the holy sword gradually faded.

– The questions you embracing will have no meaning in this short answer. Even so, the reason I called you here is because, for the first time, I felt that fate was changing.

At the same time, my consciousness faded.

Like an echo, I heard the last words of the holy sword.

– There is no need to doubt whether you are walking on the right path now. you are not wrong Go ahead.


When I woke up again, the space was back to the original inn room.

I blinked blankly, then flinched at the sight unfolding before my eyes.

“······What are you two doing?”

Asher drew his sword and pointed it at the hero, spewing life, and the hero looked puzzled.


Asher, who turned her gaze to me, gave up her life and shouted.

The hero looked at me and for some reason had a relieved expression.

“What is this, Asher?”

“Are you alright? You suddenly lost consciousness! The hero summoned the holy sword…!”

The warrior sighed and asked.

“Are you alright, Seven Lords?”

“It’s okay. How was I losing my mind?”

“It’s been less than a minute. What happened? Could it be that it’s connected to the holy sword?”

I nodded.

Only then did I figure out what the situation was, so I waved my hand at Asher.

“Retract your sword, Asher. I didn’t lose my mind because of the hero. I’m fine.”

Asher glanced at the hero and meekly lowered his sword.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead to organize my thoughts.

The hero seemed to be waiting for me to speak. she told her

“······I had a conversation with the Holy Sword. That’s all. I don’t know why the Holy Sword called me.”

“Can you tell me what you talked about?”

“I’m sorry, but it was a rather personal story. It’s difficult to explain in detail.”

It’s a story that you can’t tell others, and even if you tell it, you won’t be able to understand it.

I feel awkward when the hero forces me to answer, but fortunately she didn’t ask further.

“If the Holy Sword summoned you alone, there must be a reason. I understand.”

I was about to say something more, but I stopped.

When I met the hero today, I was originally going to discuss a new plan. but······.

‘There’s no need to doubt whether I’m on the right path?’

What does that mean?

The resurrection of the demon king was not far away. But are you saying that what you’re doing right now isn’t a waste of time?

‘Ah, I don’t know…’

Anyway, the story ended just like that.

In the meantime, we kept in touch, but the hero didn’t ask me much about the successor.

I guessed her mind. After all, are you still unwilling to inherit the holy sword?

I asked the warrior who got up from his seat.

“From now on, Kaan… are you going to meet the heir?”


The hero turned his gaze to Asher, who was standing next to me.

After handing an apology to Asher, who was still showing weak hostility, he took out something.

“I will hand this item over to her, Seven Lords.”

It was a magic tool that I had communicated with over the years.

“If you go into Seongdong, it’s something I don’t need.”

“Why? Isn’t it necessary to keep in touch at least?”

“Seongdong’s barrier blocks all external energy, so even this magic tool doesn’t work.”

Is it like that?

The atmosphere back home was unusual, but the fact that contact with the hero was completely cut off made me feel uncomfortable.

“Then I’ll go. I don’t know when it will be, but I’ll recover as quickly as possible and find you first.”


After the hero left, only Asher and I were left in the room.

I was looking down at the table blankly for a moment when Ashley opened her mouth.

“I will return to the castle right away. Please do not overdo it, Ron.”

I looked at her. I could see her concern and concern for me in her eyes.

I smiled lightly as I felt my complex mind somehow become at ease for an instant.

“Let’s have a meal together before we leave. I know of a good restaurant in town.”

“Yes? Oh, yes. I see.”


After parting with the Seven Lords, Aindel went straight to Kaan.

“Dell! I was really disappointed. You said you’d come see me soon after entering school, but why didn’t you come back?”

“Sorry. I’ve been busy with a lot of things.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I can’t help it. But why doesn’t my father come like this? I’m starving to death.”

To entertain guests at his new home, not a cabin in the mountains, Ben goes grocery shopping.

Aindel smiled as she saw Kaan knocking on the table excitedly at the reunion after a long time.

“How’s the academy life? Did you make a lot of friends?”

“Haha, we already have 4 of them. We are close enough to eat and train together every day.”

He knew how Kaan was doing after coming to the 7 Lords, but Aindel quietly listened to her story.

“Thank you so much for bringing me out into the world. I’m having so much fun these days that I can’t compare it to when I was living with my father in the mountains.”

Aindel was silent for a moment. she asked Kaan quietly.

“Carn, what do you want to do when your academy life is over?”

“Well? I don’t have anything in particular I want to do. I made a lot of friends, and I’m still satisfied.”

Kaan snapped her fingers.

“Oh, Dell-sister wants to pass the sword on to me, right?”


“Don’t worry. Thanks to you, I’m having such a good time. I’ll do whatever Dell wants.”

Aindel opened her mouth.

“Carn, there’s something I didn’t tell you.”


“Inheriting my sword is not that simple. It means that you will shoulder all of my responsibilities and obligations.”

“Responsibility and duty? What is it?”

“It’s about keeping and protecting others.”

Kaan tilted her head.

“It’s not that difficult, right? It’s only natural to help others, right?”

“It won’t be. You must carry out your responsibilities, if necessary, at the cost of everything you have. Caranne, not only for those who are dear to you, but also for the sake of all those you hate and hate. Can you do that?”

“Hmm? Umm…”

Kaan frowned at the sudden serious atmosphere, then shook her head.

“I don’t know. How is Dell doing such a difficult job?”

A bitter smile formed on Aindel’s lips.

“That’s not something I can tell you, it’s an answer you have to find out for yourself.”


The eyes of the two people sitting at the table turned toward the front door at the same time.

The front door opened and Ben came in. The basket in his hand was full of ingredients.

“It’s a bit late. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s not too late, it’s too late, Father.”

“It’s noisy. I’ll show off my skills soon and serve you a meal, so please deal with my daughter a little longer.”

Kaan stuck out his tongue as he smiled and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Ah, so Dell, the story just…”

Aindel laughed and shook her head.

“No. You said something strange for no reason. Let’s eat when the meal is done.”


An old man stands with his hands behind his back in a dark and chilly space.

Emperor of the Saintea Empire, Grandios.

He was recalling a conversation not too long ago.

‘The movement of the demons is unusual. It wouldn’t be strange if soon the world would be covered in phones.’

‘Your Majesty will not know how I feel. I am weakened, and the resurrected demon king will be more powerful than before. Still don’t know what to prioritize?’

‘Do not test my patience any further. I don’t have the time left, and I don’t have the peace of mind.’

A warning from a hero who broke hermitage and came out to the outside world half a year ago.

In the meantime, the emperor did many things to avoid the eyes and nerves of the hero.

But that was all there was to it.

If the hero had said that, the disaster wouldn’t have been far away.

Ironically, the emperor believed in and trusted the being who despised himself more than anyone else.

“It should be prioritized.”

Preparations were not complete, but the time had come to see the end of a decades-long cause before it was too late.

“I’ve always been looking at one place, hero. Only us humans…”

The emperor’s murmurs were fleetingly scattered in the darkness.

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