I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 146

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Lessons and adaptation (6)

Person-to-person combat was almost the only class in the Faculty of Magic where magic could be practiced freely.

The method of interpersonal combat classes was for students to engage in sparring with each other or for the professor to directly deal with and guide the students.

About a month had passed since I entered Elphon.

Today’s interpersonal combat class was different from usual.

It was because he had an exchange class with students from the Faculty of Swordsmanship.

“Ah, there’s Rigon and Baion over there.”

Kaan spotted two of the swordsmanship students standing across from him and waved.

Rigon also smiled at him and greeted him with his eyes.

Coincidentally, the first class in the Faculty of Swordsmanship that we had an exchange class with was Rigon’s class.

“You guys have learned about the battles between wizards and wizards in the lessons so far. Then, what do you think is the difference between the battles between wizards and warriors?”

Before the class started in earnest, Professor Locale started explaining as usual.

“The battle between wizards and wizards is generally a battle in a fixed position. Unless you are a wizard who has mastered martial arts, you do not have the skills to move your body around and avoid the opponent’s magic. So, in magic warfare, there is basically no option to evade, attack and defense. The pattern of is everything. The core of magic warfare is to block the opponent’s offensive magic with only magical power, sophistication of magic, and psychological warfare, and to make one’s own attack pierce the opponent’s defensive magic and hit.”

If you ask me, I guess so.

I listened to the professor’s explanation with moderate interest.

“However, the battle between a wizard and a warrior is different. You have to hit a target that moves constantly, not a fixed target, without letting your distance close. So, the importance of the required ability elements is also quite different from magic warfare. There will be. Let’s experience the difference directly in today’s class.”

After finishing the explanation, Professor Locale turned to the students of the Swordsmanship Department.

The professor of the Faculty of Swordsmanship, who was waiting with his hand on his waist, said with a grin.

“Are you finished? Shall we start right away?”

The sparring started right away, without the need for long words.

The students who came out first in order stood facing each other in the middle of the training ground. Both of them looked nervous.

“Coupling begins.”

With the professor’s announcement of the start, the wizard student first quickly spread his magic.

The opponent must have been a bit careless, so he couldn’t avoid the flying shockwave magic and rolled on the floor after being hit.

However, he immediately jumped up and showed the appearance of moving quickly to the side.

Normally, it would have ended the moment the magic hit, but since this wasn’t a battle between wizards, the professors didn’t stop the sparring. The body of a person who has mastered taijutsu isn’t soft enough to be retired with just one light magic hit.

The student from the Faculty of Swords aimed for a chance to dig into the gap with a bold stance, as if it didn’t matter if a little magic was hit, but the students in my class couldn’t seem to figure out how to deal with it.

If you throw magic carelessly, the opponent will either endure or avoid it, and then dig into it in an instant.

In the end, a student in my class who couldn’t stand the impatience in the confrontation situation developed magic again.

The swordsmanship student rolled to the side to narrowly evade the attack, and then quickly dug inside.

A roar echoed as the sword strike collided with the shield. From there, the students in my class seemed to be in a panic.

“Why are you just blocking it so frustratingly? You have to counterattack quickly.”

Seeing the scene, Kaan murmured.

But it wouldn’t be that easy.

If you continue to allow attacks, your defenses will collapse, but if you focus only on maintaining your defenses, you will have no time to counterattack.

Of course, if you were more capable than your opponent, you could afford to counterattack, but there was no big difference between the two people based on their level.

At the point of giving the swordsman a close distance, the wizard was already at a great disadvantage.

“Stop. Dalian is over.”

In the end, the professor stopped the sparring until the defense shield was destroyed.

Thus, the first match was a victory for the swordsmanship students.

I thought about how I would lead the sparring when it was my turn.

‘In the end, I just have to hit the magic while maintaining the distance.’

Either way, the experience is lacking.

While magic faculty students wouldn’t be accustomed to hitting fast-moving targets, swordsmanship students wouldn’t be familiar with magical anomalies either.

So, wouldn’t it be best to use as many different types of magic as possible to distract yourself from concentration?

A few more students engaged in sparring, and my turn soon approached.

In all but one of the five fights, students from the Faculty of Swordsmanship won.

Kaan patted me on the shoulder from the side.

“Ran, you have to win. If you keep losing, you’ll hurt Rigon’s pride.”

Seeing Kaan say that with a serious expression, I laughed. If you see something like this, you’re a kid.

The student who came out against me was a fairly talented student in the early 20s.

He seemed quite confident, probably because he had won most of the students in his class in front of him.

At the same time as the sparring started, I used my magic toward the opponent who was rushing forward with great vigour.


The flash magic exploded and covered the vision brightly. The opponent paused for a moment, but that was all.

Of course, it wasn’t magic that was expected to have a great effect.

Immediately after that, the next magic was deployed. Aiming at the feet of the opponent, he dispersed and flew small freezing magic.

I didn’t use a lot of horsepower on purpose. I didn’t let them narrow the distance by quickly throwing small spells.

The other person seemed to be getting nervous, but he didn’t lose his composure.

As if I was waiting for my mana to run out, I didn’t bother and focused only on avoiding it, but of course I even thought about it coming out like that.

The reason for only using weak magic was to catch the opponent unconscious.

To unleash a powerful surprise attack on an opponent who does not know the maximum of my magical output.

Even though my magic skills are average, I was at the top of my grade in terms of total amount of magical power.


The ice magic slightly missed froze the entire floor and even froze the opponent’s legs.

As if he had not known that the magic would spread to such a wide range, the momentarily stranded opponent was taken aback.

I then raised a fireball in the air as if to show off. The other person looked at me with a puzzled expression.

If the attack didn’t stop, the result would have been obvious, so the professor immediately stopped the sparring.



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“Dalian ends.”

Of course, victory was mine.

“It was great. It was a sparring that showed the magician’s standard against a warrior.”

Professor Locale gave a rare compliment.

On the contrary, the other party trudged back to its place after listening to the professor of the Faculty of Swordsmanship.

“Nice job, Ran! I knew you’d do it too!”

Returning to my seat, I excitedly removed the car-an that was clinging to me.

By the way, have I become quite good at it?

Now, there is almost no awkwardness or sense of heterogeneity that I felt when performing magic.

I thought I had no talent for magic, but I wonder if my skills improved little by little as I practiced.

Next, it happened to be Kaan’s turn.

As expected, Kaan overpowered the opponent lightly and won.

The only thing Kaan lacked was the variety of magic she had learned, but even that weakness disappeared in just one month, and her magic skills were now at the top of her class.

Dalian continued. Esca lost as expected and Bayon won.

And almost at the end of class, Rigon’s turn came…

“Wow, I couldn’t believe it, but those two really stick together.”

I looked at the two people who had stepped out into the middle of the training ground. Rigon and Leah.

For some reason, a strange tension began to stir between the students.

It was worth it. Because they were two of the most famous people in the school year.

1st place freshman in the Department of Magic and 1st place freshman in the Faculty of Swordsmanship, the match between the two was no different.

“No matter what, Leah Herewin will win.”

Interestingly, perhaps because Rigon was from Calderic, even the students of the Faculty of Swordsmanship wanted Leah to win, not Rigon.

Of course, I hoped that Rigon would win.

In terms of level, Leah’s side was slightly higher, so the result was unknown.

Leah had an expressionless face as usual. It’s like she doesn’t care at all about who she is.

And it was the same with Rigon.

“Then…… start sparring.”

Dalian began with the professor’s declaration.

The first ball was Leah’s share. Lightning magic spread like a net over a wide area and hit Rigon.

Rigon lowered his stance and dodged to the side, then quickly changed direction and charged.

Rigon’s movements were very fast, but Leah’s response was even quicker than that.

This time, the binding magic that stretched like a whip flew aiming at the limbs.

In the blink of an eye, the battle was over. Rigon, who had no choice but to step back, looked a little surprised.

He jumped in place and stared at Leah, then moved again with a light smile on his lips.


Rigon didn’t dodge the magical blades flying in piles and shattered them all with his sword.

Rigon’s sword was in a state of vivid black energy, but when his own magic was easily blocked, Leah’s expression frowned a little.

The confrontation between the two was more intense than expected.

Rigon didn’t bother to avoid magic and blocked all the magic that could be blocked from the front, narrowing the distance, and Leia gradually increased the strength of her magic.

As Rigon approached, Leah dared to open up the distance with a shockwave from close range.

Rigon, who landed on the floor after spinning several times in the air, rushed towards her again, as if there was no damage.

The students watched in awe at the high-level workshop that could not be said to be already at the student level.

As if it was hard to shake off Rigon, Leah could be seen biting her lip with a rare hard expression.

At this rate, Leah’s magical energy would run out faster than Rigon’s physical strength.

At that time, Leah’s magical power began to change into an unusual quality.


Three small purple orbs floated around her, like marbles.

That’s not some kind of common magic that students usually learn.

Rigon did not react to him and continued to charge, but then a reaction occurred in the purple sphere.


Like a homing missile, the light emitted from the purple orb bent strangely and aimed at Rigon’s whole body.

Rigon escaped a direct hit by throwing himself into a car, but blood flowed from his arm as if he brushed one.

Rigon was quite surprised, his eyes wide open.

‘What kind of magic is that?’

What, the Herriwin family’s arcane magic?

No matter how excellent Leah is, it is impossible to control all of her magical power with that density.

If she’s not controlling everything, that’s probably the nature of magic itself. It was quite a bloody magic.

“I’ll admit it. You’re strong.”

Leah opened her mouth, still floating purple spheres around her.

“But sparring is my victory. If I use even this magic, it won’t work properly, so I accept defeat.”

Certainly, if I was hit with something like that properly, it wouldn’t end with a slight injury.

Looking at Professor Locale, he seemed to think that sparring should be stopped, but…

“You are very strong too.”

Rigon said in a rare raised voice.

With a bright smile on his lips, he stood up while wiping away the blood.

“But isn’t that too arrogant? To say that you just brushed off an attack.”

Leah’s expression darkened coldly.

Professor Locale winked at the swordsmanship professor with a slightly puzzled look.

But as she stood with her arms crossed, she smiled and shook her head.

“Isn’t it still okay, Professor Locale? I thought you could definitely stop it before an accident happens.”

Professor Locale clicked his tongue in annoyance, but in the end he didn’t stop the sparring.


Three purple beams were fired at Rigon again.

Rigon was busy twisting his body around to evade, as if he thought this was unstoppable.

Leah busily followed Rigon’s movements with her eyes. The light beam bent dizzily and persistently pursued Rigon.

At this rate, it still looked like Rigon was at a disadvantage…


Rigon suddenly stopped moving and raised his sword high. leaving oneself fully exposed to attack.

At that, Leah also paused for a moment.

“What are you going to do? Give up?”

“No way. I think it will be difficult at this rate, so I’m going to try gambling.”

Rigon stamped his foot. At the same time, Leia also shot a beam of light at Rigon.

And the next moment, Rigon’s sword drew a smooth path and deflected all the beams.

The deflected beams escaped Leia’s control for an instant, and the gap was enough time to close the distance.


Rigon’s sword controlled the ray magic and shattered Leah’s weakened defenses at once.

Leah looked at the half-shattered blade pointed at her neck with trembling eyes.

“I won.”


Having said that, Rigon took a deep breath and drew his sword.

Overturning the unfavorable situation, Dalian was Rigon’s victory in the end.

I never thought it would deflect all the rays.

Since I had mastered swordsmanship, I knew how absurd that was at Rigon’s current level.

Indeed, it was a talent that Asher called a genius beyond himself.

“······ Lost? Me?”

Leia, who was still in place, could be heard muttering blankly.

He seemed very proud of his skills, so he seemed shocked to lose even though he did his best.

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