I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 143

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Lessons and adaptation (3)

About a week had passed since I entered Elphon.

During that time, I became very close to my heir, Kaan.

The four of them always ate together, including Rigon and Esca, and they intentionally kept running into each other and tried to get along as much as possible, so it was only a matter of time before they became close because of the personality of the heir.

Esca, who was a little uncomfortable with Rigon at first, seemed to quickly erase her prejudice when she learned about Rigon.


Waking up, as a habit, I checked the presence of Kaan in the room.

As if they were still asleep, only the sound of the two breathing evenly could be heard.

After checking the time, I got out of bed and prepared to wash.

Elfon had six school days and one day off in a week. And today was a holiday.

That’s why I didn’t have to move diligently from early morning, but that didn’t apply to me.

I always had to go to bed later than Kaan and wake up early to take care of her every move.

No way should something dangerous happen in the academy, but that doesn’t mean you should be vigilant.

Due to my presence, Rigon soon woke up and stretched.

“······Ran, it’s a holiday today, what are you going to do?”


Of course, that depended on what Kaan was going to do.

And I already knew what she was going to do today.

Because I listened to all the conversations I had with Esca last night.

‘I said I was going to go out.’

On holidays, students were free to act as they wished. You can play, you can learn on your own.

And going out of the academy was also possible.

It seemed Carn was going to go out and explore the city with Esca today.

It wasn’t a bad thing for me either. Rather, there was a little bit of anticipation.

My ultimate goal was to make sure that Kaan met the conditions for the Holy Sword, and if I went outside, something might happen.

When it was time to eat, Rigon and I left the dormitory.

I met Kaan and Esca at the restaurant and had breakfast together.

“So I’m going to go outside after practicing some magic at the training ground with Esca. How are you guys?”

It was Caan, with a mouth full of food, speaking excitedly.

Rigon agreed before I could answer.

“I was about to go out, too. I came straight into the academy and couldn’t even see the city properly.”

“Really? That’s great. You can watch it to your heart’s content today.”

“Did you say you were allowed to go out from 10:00 am. Are you going too, Ran?”

“of course.”

I nodded.


After the meal, as scheduled, we trained together at the training ground.

Rigon trained in swordsmanship, and the three of us, including myself, practiced magic.

I looked at Esca, who was sweating and concentrating on deploying the magic.

“So, should I say it’s the feeling of melting the magic formula in your head into magic? Ah, it’s hard to explain in words.”

Kaan stood next to him, struggling to explain his tricks.

Of course, it didn’t seem to be very helpful because the technique was an extremely personal area.

From my point of view, Esca had no more talent for magic than I did.

Just enough to be able to use magic, barely chin-up level as a wizard.

The reason Kaan wanted to train with Esca today was probably because of the last person-to-person combat class. To help her escar more than her own growth.

However, although Professor Locale’s words were harsh, there seemed to be nothing wrong with them.


Esca, who quickly exhausted all of her magic, sat down on the floor.

she said with an embarrassed smile.

“It’s really difficult. I guess I’m not very good at magic.”

“Ay, where is that? Practice more and you’ll definitely get better.”

Meanwhile, Rigon, who was wielding a sword alone on one side, approached us.

“Should we take a break and go soon?”


Rigon glanced at Kaan and suddenly asked.

“By the way, Kaan, did you learn martial arts as well as magic like Ran?”

“Oh, right. How did you know?”

“That’s because you can see that the body has been trained. The calluses on the hands are the same.”

As I listened to the conversation, I suddenly became curious about who would win if the two sparred with swords.

Rigon’s level was a little higher, but at level 30, a few level difference wasn’t such a big difference that you could decide whether to win or lose before even fighting.

Of course, I couldn’t suddenly ask the two to fight, so it was just a trivial curiosity.

The permitted time to go out on holidays was from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

We made an outing list. After being warned by the person in charge that if I didn’t return and check in time, I would get penalty points, and then I went straight out of the academy.

Not only us, but there were many students who went out in the morning, so it was not uncommon to see them on the street. Because once a week, only 8 hours is a precious time to go out.

“Have you thought of going anywhere?”

“No? I’m just watching as I go.”

Rapid City is a big city, so there was quite a lot to see even if you just walked along the main street.

We watched a play held in the plaza and naturally moved to the market street.



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Looking at the food displayed in the stalls, Kaan’s eyes twinkled.

“That looks delicious. Do you know what that is, Esca?”

“Hmmm, it looks like thinly sliced ​​potatoes fried in oil…?”

Kaan and Esca bought those French fries, and Rigon bought something like chicken skewers with a lot of seasoning somewhere.

I bought a bottle full of something like caramel and handed it out to the kids.

That’s how I bought some snacks and shared them with each other and walked the mended streets.


It was then that a familiar face caught my eye in the distance.

A middle-aged man standing in front of a fruit stall looking around at the fruits.

For a moment I thought I was wrong, but I wasn’t.

‘······What is that?’

why is that person here?

Didn’t you hear anything from the warrior?

As the distance grew closer, Kaan, who also spotted the man, gave her a rare look of bewilderment.


“what’s the matter?”

“No… Huh? Wait a minute.”

The man soon turned his head in our direction.

Seeing Kaan, he waved happily.


Kaan stood there speechless for a moment, then strode over to him and gave him a look in his face.

“······Father, right?”

“Still, it’s Abby, how can you not even recognize her face because you haven’t seen her?”

“No, what is it? Why is your father here?”

Listening to the conversation between the two, Rigon and Esca also widened their eyes in surprise.

Man, Ben asked nonchalantly.

“Anyway, how have you been?”

“Why is your father here?”

“What is it, it came down from the mountain. I decided to settle down here in the city.”

“……You never said that, did you?”

“Do I really need to talk to you?”

Kaan let out a few sighs as if it were so absurd that he murmured.

“No, if you’re going to do that, why don’t you come down with me…”

I also wondered what the situation was like now.

I had never heard from the hero that Kaan’s father had come to the city with them.

I heard you say, did you come down from the mountain alone without saying anything to the two of you?

He glanced at me, Rigon, and Esca and said.

“You seem to have made a lot of friends already. Nice to meet you all. I’m Ben, Kaan’s father.”

When Ben said hello, Esca was the first to say hello.

“Oh, my name is Esca. I’m a friend who lives in the same dormitory as Kaan.”

“This is Rigon. I am also a close friend.”

“It’s Ran.”

Kaan scratched her head and asked Ben curiously.

“What honor?”

“Aren’t they all aristocrats since they’re academy students? You have to be polite.”

“No, there is only one nobleman, Esca.

“That’s right. Please feel free to tell me.”

Ben looked around us once again and chuckled.

“Is that so? I see.”

I felt that his atmosphere was quite different from the last time I saw him.

I think it felt a little more blunt when I saw it in the mountains.

“Where is your father’s house?”

“It’s not far from here. Will you come?”

“Yeah. Are you guys okay too?”

Everyone nodded at Kaan’s question.

I didn’t expect this to happen, but out of the blue, I ended up having a housewarming party.


Ben’s house was a small mansion on the outskirts of town.

It wasn’t particularly large, but it was spacious enough to live alone.

“Where did you get the money, Dad? Don’t you need a lot of money to buy a house?”

“Everyone has property that you don’t know about. I brought some things like animal and monster skins and sold them.”

The only furniture in the large space was a table and chairs, so the inside was empty.

We sat around a table and were served tea.

The awkward atmosphere was short-lived, and soon we started talking lively, but the topic was mainly about Kaan.

“So, when I live in the mountains, this guy…”

The only thing Rigon and Esca knew about Kaan was that she had lived deep in the mountains since she was a child, and that she was recommended to enter the school by an official from Elfon, whom she met accidentally.

Ben recounted what Caan was like in the mountains, and the two listened with interest.

“Puha, is that real? Kaan?”

“Sir… don’t talk nonsense, father.”

With a dark history revealed in every detail, Kaan tried to cover Ben’s mouth with a rare shy expression.

It’s really a picture of a good relationship between a father and a daughter. So much so that even the people who see it feel good.


I looked at the two people with a strange feeling at the unknown emotion that suddenly came up at the moment.

what? Is it because of the mood?

It was only a very short moment, so I passed it without thinking deeply even though I felt a sense of wonder.

It was already past noon. She decided to start tidying up slowly.

As Ben came out to the yard to see us off, Kaan asked him.

“So you’re really going to live here from now on?”

“Yes. I didn’t intend to live in the mountains for the rest of my life either.”

Contrary to the way Kaan said it was not a big deal, he was happy inside.

I wondered if he had cared about leaving him alone when he left the mountain.

“Well, then whenever we go out, we can come and have a meal together.”

“Can you go out without restrictions?”

“No, once a week.”

“That’s great. If you come too often, I’m tired too. Come in moderation.”

Kaan snorted and waved her hands.


“Come. Go.”

I was about to move after the three of them, but suddenly a low voice rang out.

“Please take good care of that guy.”

I turned and looked at Ben. He was staring at me.

A faint smile soon formed on his lips.

“There’s no iron, and there are still many things I’m lacking, but that’s why I’m a pure and upright child.”

I nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

As they walked back to the academy, the three of them chatted.

“Your father is a very interesting person. I envy you.”

“What are you envious of? Anyway, he’s my father, but I don’t know what he’s thinking.”

When the distance fell, I turned my head once more.

He went into the house and was not seen in the yard.

“what’s the matter?”

Kaan asked me curiously.

I shook my head.

“······never mind.”

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