I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 141

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Lessons and adaptation (1)

Rigon’s life was in the complete opposite of peaceful.

His hometown is destroyed, he suffers from a terrible incurable disease, and his sister abandons everything for herself and becomes a slave gladiator, living on the verge of life and death for several years.

How did he come to this point? Rigon walked down the hallways of the academy, feeling strange feelings all over again.

There were a total of five classes in the Faculty of Swordsmanship, and among them, Rigon was assigned a class named ‘Henryt’.

‘Is this here?’

Rigon entered the class with some anticipation.

The eyes of some of the students who arrived first and were seated naturally focused.

Rigon wondered if he should say hello, but it didn’t seem like that, so he just went and sat down at an empty seat.

As time passed, the students entered the class one by one.

Among them, a male student approached Rigon and sat down to greet him.

“Hey, hello.”

Since it was a stranger, Rigon accepted the greeting even though he felt puzzled.


“Are you in dormitory room 205? I’m in room 206, right next door. I’ve passed by a few times and don’t remember your face?”

The male student smiled and pointed to his face.

At that, Rigon let out a small exclamation. Somehow, it seemed a little familiar.

“I didn’t expect to be in the same class like this. Let’s get along well in the future.”

“Okay, let’s get along.”

“Jace Marhop, that’s my name. I’m the third son of the Mar9 family. Have you ever heard of our family? We’re pretty famous in the South, albeit on the outskirts.”

Rigon laughed awkwardly and shook his head.

he shrugged.

“Oh, I don’t know. Tell me your name too.”

“I’m Lygon.”

“So it’s Rigon. What’s your last name?”

“I don’t have a last name.”

At that, the male student looked at him with a slightly surprised expression.

“Ah… you weren’t a noble?”


He smiled and patted Rigon on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m ignoring you just because you said that, or I have no intention of doing that. Rather, it’s amazing. If you don’t have a family, you’re just being recognized for your ability, right?”

“Um, is that so?”

“It’s like that. They say it’s stupid to ask about your background here because you’re only talking about it. I’ll prove it with my skills.”

Rigon thought he was a good guy and laughed together.

“Rather than that, where are you from? I’m curious, can you tell me who recommended you?”

“Ah, I’m from Calderic. I’m not Saintean…”

Rigon replied casually, but the smiling boy’s face suddenly hardened.


At that moment, all eyes of the students sitting in the classroom were focused on the two of them.

They also looked at Rigon with expressions similar to those of the male students.

“That’s right. Haha.”

The male student quietly removed his hand from Rigon’s shoulder and kept his mouth shut.

Rigon tried to talk to him, but when he realized he was scared, he gave up.

“······ Did you just hear about it? It’s called Calderic.”

“Really, people come from there too…”

The students around me whispered in the slightly heavy air.

Rigon didn’t know much, but this was the image of Calderic to the people of Saintea.

A wild and ruthless land of strong self-esteem, where the only dragon on the continent reigns as the ruler.

For young aristocrats who grew up in a greenhouse, it was enough to be an object of caution and fear.

Did I just say something useless?

Regon, who later sensed the atmosphere, scratched his head.

It seemed that it was not smooth from the beginning.


The first period class was a class on the basic composition of magic. About the release of magical power and the development of the magic formula.

In short, it was a detailed exploration of the process applied in the unfolding of all magic.

“In other words, there is no inherently fixed form for magic. Teaching by explaining the imagery that each person feels differently is just a little less stupid than teaching goblins magic. Why do these classes exist anyway? Do you think there is any meaningful learning in this class?”

Professor Locale looked at a male student sitting in the front seat as if asking him to answer.

“Uh, that’s why…”

The male student was flustered and only stuttered, unable to answer a word.

I scratched my chin as I watched the scene. Of course, that was a question I didn’t know the answer to.

The professor’s gaze turned to the other students.

“To learn the theory that applies to all spells…”

“I’ll study it hard in the theoretical magic class next. Next.”

The answers of other students continued, but the correct answer did not come out.

Since the professor’s gaze reached me too, I pretended to be a bit worried before answering confidently.

“I do not know.”

The professor looked away again without much reaction.

This time, his gaze was directed to the girl sitting in the window seat. Leah Herewin.



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Without a sign of distress, she opened her mouth and answered.

“I don’t think it makes any sense.”

It was only then that I could see a slight change in the professor’s expression.

“Why do you think so?”

“Because I already fully recognized and accepted the form of my spell. So, at least for me, this class has no meaning. Regarding the spell.”

The professor smiled and nodded.

“Then, can you answer what it means to other students besides you?”

She glanced around and said.

“As you said before, spells are inherently intangible. Therefore, there is a possibility that inexperienced mages who have not yet fully recognized their spells can accept the form of the spell differently and in a more suitable way. I think it’s a confirmation class, so it might mean something to someone, and it might mean nothing to someone else for a different reason than me.”

The answer is as smooth as flowing water.

Looking at the professor’s reaction, it seemed that the answer was correct.

I chewed on the words and realized it right away.

‘Ah… was that why?’

Even when I was learning magic in the Monarchy, the wizard who served as a teacher tried to explain and explain the forms of various spells in words as much as possible.

It must have been because I expected that there would be a possibility for me to perceive and accept the spell differently, as she just said.

The professor asked Leah Herwin again, scratching his chin.

“When did you fully understand the spell?”

“I recognized it as soon as I started learning magic.”

“You’re born with it. Did everyone listen carefully to the explanation just now?”

He tapped on the desk and continued.

“Because magic formulas are intangible, there is a possibility that they can be accepted differently. It is a good opportunity. This class is a basic class that exists only in the first year to present as much of that opportunity to you as possible.”


“As I’ve heard, it’s a very simple reason. Anyone who hears it can understand that it’s like that. But only one person answered the question, and that’s the student who didn’t even need this class in the first place, who didn’t need to know the reason the most. . How did this happen?”

The students were silent.

“The reason is also simple. It’s because you didn’t think of it yourself. You just did what you were told to do. You must have encountered and memorized a lot of spells that were convincingly expressed in text or pictures. I didn’t question why.”

I nodded.

I also didn’t have any doubts and just did as I was told.

“Of course, you can develop your skills in that way. If you have talent and hard work, you can become a sufficiently excellent wizard. But the essence of magic is to explore. is also the product of such quests by many wizards. If you walk only on the path that others have told you is comfortable, you will become a mediocre wizard. You may be excellent, but you will never be great.”

Most of the students made strange expressions, and the professor became a little deflated.

“Right now, some people will think this way. Rather than being great, it’s not like they’re going to spend their whole lives devoted to magic, but they say weird things. That’s right. Those who do moderately should do so. Work hard and graduate in moderation. I’m not interested in those halfway guys. I hope my words have been a little bit of advice to those who aren’t.”

The professor glanced at the time.

“I’ll finish the first class like this. Take a break for the rest of the time. There’s no precedent, so when all classes are over, you can disband as it is. You probably haven’t learned all the school rules yet.”

The professor said one last thing as he walked out of the class.

“Tomorrow’s interpersonal combat isn’t a class where you talk only in words like this class, so come prepared.”

After he left, the classroom remained silent for a while, but soon the atmosphere became relaxed.

I looked at the successor in the front seat as I heard some students chattering about how the professor’s personality is strict or that it will be difficult in the future.

“Aren’t you a bit unlucky to say that?”

“Ka-kaan. You’re a professor, and you can’t talk like that.”

His friend, a female student, panicked and stopped the heir.

Still, the impression of the class itself wasn’t bad, and the heir’s mouth was smiling as if it were fun.

It was a good thing because it was difficult to suddenly hit everyone and leave because it was boring.


The next class was a theoretical magic class.

The professor in charge was a relatively younger woman than Professor Locale.

“My name is Professor Marind Phyllistia, who is in charge of the Theoretical Magic class. My major is detox magic. If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask.”

No students asked questions.

“If not, let’s start class right away.”

Theory magic was literally related to the theory of magic.

A study that finds the least commonalities in a technique with infinite forms and expresses it visually. The sum total of perseverance and wisdom that countless wizards have organized and developed over a very long time.

The wizard who taught me when I was learning magic in the castle likened it like this.

‘If magic is the body, theory can be said to be a weapon like a sword or spear. If recognizing and accepting a spell is to train the body itself, then applying a theory to it is like holding a weapon.’

However, the weapon that suits each person is different.

A sword may be best for some, a mace for others, and a whip for others.

That’s why it was said that the reason why you should study the theory is to constantly explore which theory is most suitable for you, and to apply that regularity to your spells to increase your weapon proficiency.

The creation of completely new magic by archmages that did not exist in the world also started from theory in general.

‘But it’s filthy difficult.’

Magic theory was a quality in a different field than feeling magic.

But it was also difficult for me.

Because this theory was really no different from studying mathematics.

Even in high school, the subject I gave up early on was math.

Professor Marind looked around at the students and said.

“It would be appropriate to divide into groups of 4. Alright, let’s sit next to each other in groups of 4 right now. My class will be conducted in a group format.”

group class? Do you do it that way too?

I immediately thought it was a good thing.

If people who are close to each other form a group, I was in a group with the successor.

“Um, no. We’ll just have to break it down by roll order. Everybody sit back.”

However, the professor, who saw the students wandering around, suddenly changed his words.

Oh, just do it.

“Arya Mancast, Andy Grimmit, Ocilia Troang…”

Unfortunately, there was no successor to the group I belonged to.

Instead, there was one person who was not normal, and Leah Herriwin was in the same group as me.

“The subject of the first class is fire magic. I will share the material from now on, so please try to solve the problem I am writing on the blackboard by applying the theory suggested in the material. I will teach the class in the same way. I will give you 30 minutes.”

As I looked over the materials handed out and the problems on the blackboard, I already felt that my head was getting messy.

Fire magic is the most basic of elemental magic.

Of course, it was a magic that I could easily use now, but the theory was another story.

Magic theory was also a study that applied various basic forms of magic.

“Hey… what should I do?”

One of the members opened his mouth.

The eyes of the members, including me, were naturally focused on one person. To Leah Herewin.

The woman who was reading the material glanced at us and said.

“We have to divide it and solve it.”

“Yes, that’s right. But I think we should start by discussing how to solve it…”

“There’s no need to do it. The analysis is finished.”

At that, she scribbled something on a piece of paper and showed it.

“It’s a problem that can be solved in this way. I’ll share the part to be calculated, so let’s calculate each one. Do you have a disagreement?”

The crew members shook their heads with their mouths wide open.

I was also surprised inside. It’s been less than a few minutes since you received the data, but you solved the problem by yourself?

‘He’s a real genius.’

Leah soon divided the calculations on four sheets of paper, took the one that looked the most difficult at first glance, and gave the rest to us.

Now that the analysis is over, if you just do the calculations and put them together, the solution to the problem is over.


I scribbled my pen on paper and eagerly counted my share.

But it wasn’t very smooth.

Even this simple calculation was not yet familiar to me, a beginner.

I was confused about the code interpretation, so I recalculated from the beginning, and I recalculated several times because the expected value didn’t come out…

As I was stuttering like that, before I knew it, all the other members of the group had finished their calculations and were only looking at me.

‘It’s a bit embarrassing?’

For a moment, I wondered what I was doing here.

In my focused gaze, I silently continued my calculations.

“Five minutes left. Organize soon.”

At the professor’s words, Leah asked me with a puzzled expression.

“Are you done yet?”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can finish it in five minutes.”

She looked at my paper.

After skimming through the traces of miserable grass written on the paper, he looked this way with contempt.

“······I wonder how the admissions went.”

She thankfully snatched my paper and started to do the calculation herself.

Then he finished the calculations in an instant, gathered the rest of the papers, and wrote a long commentary on one.

Looking at the scene, I thought to myself.

‘It’s good.’

Now that I was in the same group as this guy, I wondered if I would be able to continue taking theory lessons in moderation in the future.


After the theory class, it was lunch time.

Classes for the day consisted of two classes in the morning and one or two classes in the afternoon, based on lunch time at noon.

It wasn’t as intense as I thought, but the class was 90 minutes, so it wasn’t too loose.

‘Now… well.’

My friend and I looked at the heir leaving the class and wondered if I should pretend to know him, but I missed the timing.

Why does it feel like eating friends with a 16-year-old child is more difficult than fighting the Black Sea Empress?

It was also because I was more cautious than necessary.

Building a friendship with the heir was very important, so there was a sense of pressure not to ruin it from the start.

We decided to skip lunch and talk to each other after the afternoon class.

Moving to the restaurant, I met Rigon.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in the tuition fee, so no extra expenses are incurred.

“How was the class? I think there’s a lot to learn about magic.”

“Well. It just sounds like something worth listening to.”

Come to think of it, Rigon learned not only swordsmanship but also magic.

After standing in line and chatting, after receiving our meal, we looked for a place to sit…


Suddenly, the image of the heir eating with his friend came into view.

However, there were two empty seats.

After thinking for a while, I asked Rigon.

“Rigon, would you like to go sit over there?”

“Huh? Does anyone know?”

“They’re in the same class as me, so I thought it would be nice to get to know them.”

Even if it wasn’t so, making a connection with the successor was more of a problem for Rigon than for me, but it was a good opportunity.

Rigon nodded without hesitation.


As the two approached the seat where they were sitting, the heir’s friend first cast a questioning glance.

The heir, who was engrossed in cutting meat, soon looked at us.

I smiled as brightly as I could and spoke.

“Hello. Do you remember who I am?”

The heir’s friend was aware of it.

“Did you sit in the back seat during class earlier?”

“Right. Can I sit together? I was looking for a place to sit, but I accidentally caught my eye.”

She blinked and looked back at the heir.

The heir swallowed the food he had in his mouth and said.

“You want to sit with me? It doesn’t matter.”

This is the expected reaction.

So successfully, we sat down and ate together.

“I’m Ran. And this is Rigon. It’s not the Faculty of Magic, it’s the Faculty of Swordsmanship, but it’s my roommate.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you. I’m Esca Mariolds. We’re both roommates, so we got close quickly.”

The successor’s friend, Esca, replied with an awkward smile.

“I’m Kaan. But don’t you guys have last names too?”

The heir intervened and asked us why with a happy expression.

I nodded.

“Because we’re both commoners.”

“Commoner, doesn’t that mean you’re not an aristocrat?”

I wondered why he was doing this.

“Strangely, every kid I talk to, if I tell them my name, they always ask me what my last name is, and if I don’t have a last name, they just ignore me. Except for Esca.”


“Are you like that too? Do you know why?”

I scratched my cheek at the innocent question.

Esca looked puzzled as if she didn’t know the story.

Heirs still lack common sense. Of course, there would be a lack of understanding of hierarchy.

Rigon, who was just making soup, said it as if he didn’t know why.

“It’s because there are a lot of nobles who usually ignore commoners.”

“Yes? Why?”

“Is that because you have a low status?”

The successor had a face that he couldn’t understand.

“Ignoring you because you have a low status? Why?”

“How come… that’s just how nobles are. They ignore them because they have nothing more than themselves. Did you say Esca? There are few nobles who don’t ignore commoners like your friend. It’s not necessarily just a story about nobles, it’s people. isn’t that the nature of the original?”

Seeing Rigon talking casually and cynically, I was a bit surprised.

Well, he didn’t just live in the mountains like the Heir, he must have experienced many things with Leaf.

The heir still looked like he didn’t understand, but he nodded as if he understood roughly.

She suddenly stared at Esca and said.

“Esca, you were a really nice guy, right? Even though you’re a noble, you hang out with me.”

“What? What are you talking about all of a sudden? Ahaha…”

Esca laughed as if she was a little embarrassed.

“I’m going to ignore other people because of how great I am. I’m just an aristocrat in name.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“It’s just that I’m no different from you guys. Our family is a small family on the periphery. We’re not as great aristocrats as you think.”

You’re a petty noble.

Of course, nobles were not the only nobles who lived well.

“Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Anyway, Esca, you’re a good guy.”

“Yes, yes.”

As if Esca was already familiar with the successor, she seemed to be able to go overboard even with reckless remarks.

“Ah, by the way, can I tell you a little about my origin? I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t.”

But then Rigon said something out of the blue.

“I’m from Calderic, not Saintea. I received a recommendation from the 7th Lord in Calderic and entered Elpon.”

It was a story I had already brought up, but I suddenly wondered why I was talking about it.

The heir didn’t respond much.

So what? He looked at Rigon with a face of ‘, and suddenly his eyes widened.

“Huh? If it’s the 7 Lords… Ah.”

The heir, who was about to say something as if thinking of something, shut his mouth with a look of regret.

I was a little relieved to see it.

You must have been asked by the hero to keep the meeting with me a secret. He stopped well without saying anything useless.

“Ka, Calderic?”

Esca was very surprised by Rigon’s words.

The successor looked at her in a puzzled way at the strong reaction, and Rigon sighed and said,

“Anyway, the kids here don’t seem to like the person from Calderic very much. I brought it up in class, but everyone avoided me.”

“Yes? Why?”

Oh, was it like that?

Understanding the situation, I joined the conversation.

“It’s because the people of Saintea don’t have a very good perception of Calderic. But apart from that, Rigon is a good guy, so don’t misunderstand.”

“You don’t misunderstand me? I don’t even know why the perception is bad in the first place. I’m from Calderic, so don’t worry.”

Rigon looked at her as if he was a little surprised at the heir’s reaction, which was nothing at all, then smiled lightly.

“Right, Esca?”

“Huh? Uh… I’m sorry. I was just a little surprised.”

Esca looked at Rigon’s notice and seemed to calm her startled heart.

That would have been a normal reaction.

“By the way, Rigon, what’s your relationship with the 7 Lords? I heard that the Lord of Calderic is a very great person, so aren’t you also from a great family?”

“It’s not like that, I just happened to be saved by him…”

Perhaps it was because the successor had met me before, so I noticed that there were a lot of questions about Rigon’s story.

Seeing the two of them talking about me in front of me, I felt a bit strange.

‘······Anyway, is there a common denominator?’

Whatever it was, it seemed like the two of them would continue to be close, so I decided to think positively.

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