I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 133

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Siege of Gadfalk (3)

“······You came just in time, Seven Lords.”

The Black Sea Empress, who slowly rose from her cocoon, raised the corners of her mouth.

The images of the 7 lords who arrived on the battlefield were reflected in her eyes that shimmered.


I looked down at the half-destroyed fortress with cold eyes.

I hoped, but it was really true.

Did the King of Earth Hill choose to fight rather than surrender?

As far as I know, he wasn’t that stupid.

Even so, it was incomprehensible that they would continue the war against the armies of the Black Sea Empress.

There was only one case left. Even though the opponent surrendered, the opponent did not receive the surrender.

The reason I came all the way here from the monarchy was because I was concerned about that development.

. . . But it was too late.

The war had started before I arrived, and many people had already died.

Earth Hill seemed to fight desperately, but there was no way they could handle the power of the Black Sea Empress.

Still, should we consider it fortunate that we came even before the fortress was completely destroyed?



Asher, who was waiting for the next command with his sword drawn, answered immediately.

Half of the insects rushing into the fortress were killed by Asher’s blow.

He was ready to jump down and wipe out the remaining bugs at any moment.

Even for her, such a massacre would be an unacceptable horror.

“Go and defend the fort.”

Asher nodded and immediately jumped from Tiyong’s back towards the fortress and swung her sword.

A huge storm of sword energy once again swept the outer perimeter of the fortress and annihilated the insects.

I looked at the scene and then averted my gaze.

Towards the army of the Black Sea Empress in the distance.

Apparently, only a fraction of their strength was used to attack the fort.

There were also huge objects that could knock down entire fortress walls if they wanted to, but none of them moved.


As I looked at her army, I realized immediately.

Towers of gigantic bugs rising all over the army.

That is what is called a ‘motower’.

That tower was the core of the huge army ruled by the Black Sea Empress.

At the root of the mother tower, there is a queen body fused with the reproductive core, and if energy is continuously supplied through the magical power of the reproductive core, the queen body can endlessly multiply insects. That was the setting in the game.


The number of towers currently visible was 31.

At most, the number of queen bodies she possessed would not exceed 40, so at that level, it was no different than mobilizing almost all of her power. Of course, she will be here too.

I understood its meaning.

You brought that many queens to the battlefield just to attack one fortress in Earthhill?

It is an act that is not common sense beyond showing off. There was no reason to bring the queen body in the first place.

‘He prepared for my coming.’

She was assuming that I would arrive here on time.

If he hadn’t come or been later, he would have used Earth Hill.

I was confused as to which of the two intentions the Black Sea Empress had.

Is this your intention to attack the fortress to the end even if I come? Or was it that the goal was to attract me from the beginning?

If it was the former, I couldn’t understand why she would risk hitting Earth Hill, even risking a collision with me.

What on earth did she gain by going so far in this war?

In the latter case, it was equally incomprehensible.

If you were going to drag me in, then what are you going to do now?

I knew roughly from the last emergency call that she had feelings for me.

But if that’s the reason to fight with all your might… is that really true?

She can’t kill me anyway. The opposite is also true.

In the first place, combat is prohibited without the overlord’s permission, but even if it is said that it is so until the battle, if she intends to kill me, it is impossible for her to take care of it.

‘What are you thinking?’

It was then.

I felt a huge magical power flow from the Black Sea Empress’s towers.

Woo woo woo woo…

I stared at the gigantic lumps that began pouring out of all the towers with a hardened expression.

They were swarms of flying insects.

A terrifying amount that seemed to be hundreds of times larger than the insects that attacked the fortress.

They poured out endlessly, gathered in one place, and soon covered the other side of the sky in black, just like the word ‘disaster’ had a visible shape.

The huge army of flying insects slowly moved towards us, and the voice of the Black Sea Empress echoed across the battlefield.

– If you can stop it, stop it, 7 Lords. Should I protect the people of the fort?

A voice mixed with laughter as if it were fun.

······It was then that I was able to figure out which side of the 8th Lord’s intentions were.

Apparently, this crazy bitch really did this to provoke me.




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I laughed and looked at the dark waves that came from the sky.

If not stopped, the fortress will be wiped out in the blink of an eye.

If possible, he did not want to collide with the Black Sea Empress.

Until I came here, I was thinking of avoiding a collision as much as possible if possible.

If I, who have already killed 6 lords, continue to clash with other lords, the overlord will notice.

But if he came out like this, I couldn’t help it.

No, rather than being unavoidable, he touched his temper properly.

“Let’s try it.”

I went down a little further and immediately activated blood magic.

The army of the Black Sea Empress coming from the front was truly overwhelming.

The case is completely different from the group of monsters I faced in Hallumenta before. It wasn’t a scale that could only be covered by scattering drops of blood like it was back then.

Only by responding like that would they kill less than a tenth of them and reach the fort.

But there were also thoughts on this side.

Until now, I have been constantly thinking and researching how I can effectively utilize my abilities and in what situations, whenever I have time.

Of course, the one I paid the most attention to was the synergy between the instant death ability and blood magic.

I haven’t used it in practice yet, but I’ve also prepared a way to deal with enemies of this non-standard size.

A way to hit a much wider range with much less fatigue than splattering blood by condensing blood into bursts.

The blood that spurted out of my body shimmered like mist.

Transformation of properties into a gaseous state rather than a liquid state.

In order to make this possible, he has been training blood techniques and improving his ability to control blood.

The red bloody mist soon spread rapidly in all directions centered on me.

But even this is not enough to deal with that army.

I focused my super-regeneration ability only on regenerating my own blood, and continued to spread blood flow.

This was also one of the achievements obtained by studying and training his abilities. Super regeneration was also possible to focus the regenerative power only on a specific part of the body.


Within a few hundred meters, a huge blood fog was completed that could lightly cross.

I stared silently at the legion of bugs that flew themselves towards Hell.



Commander Masto was speechless.

A woman who roams the battlefield like a beam of light and annihilates insects alone.

Every time she swung her sword, hundreds of insects were swept away, and the situation in the fortress, which was on the verge of fall, changed in an instant.

Longford also caught his breath and stared blankly at the wyvern floating in the sky.

“······The 7 Lords of Calderic. The 7 Lords have come to help us.”

He felt something indescribable, and then came to his senses belatedly.

Because when the opportunity came, I had to rush and annihilate the enemies. Of course, it was already the yard where the superhumans of the Seven Lords wiped out most of them.

“Your Majesty! Hey…!”

Then something changed in the forces of the Black Sea Empress in the distance.

A terrifying number of flying insect monsters began pouring out of the towers made of insects.

In an instant, they covered the other side of the sky and gradually approached the fortress.

An overwhelming army, as if the attacks so far weren’t even a joke.

The soldiers who had been hopeful for a moment looked at the scene again in despair.

Ashelle also stopped fighting for a moment and looked up at the sky with a hard face.

After a while, a thick bloody mist spread from the Seven Lords riding on the Wyvern.

It soon became as gigantic as the army of the Black Sea Empress, and covered the surroundings of the fortress.

“······What are you trying to do?”

The Black Sea Empress, who was leisurely observing the situation through the eyes of the insects, narrowed her eyes. blood fog?

I guessed that the 7 lords dealt with blood, but I didn’t know the detailed ability.

On the one hand, it looked like mad blood, the ability of the six lords he killed.

Poison or mind control? She guessed so naturally.

“It’s disappointing if it’s only those things.”

The bugs of the Black Sea Empress were basically venomous.

Poison did not work on those who were born from her magical power, which was the most poisonous and terrible in the demon world.

Mind control was the same. The bugs are a part of her, perfectly bound to her dominion from birth.

Taking away this dominion was impossible no matter what tricks the Seven Lords used.

“Now, try your best. Whatever you do, it will be much faster for my daughters to destroy the fortress.”

The Black Sea Empress watched the situation with a sneer.

And it was the moment when the bug corps completely entered the bloody fog area of ​​the 7 lords.


The Black Sea Empress jumped up in amazement.

In an instant, all the bugs’ life signals were cut off.

Insects in the blood mist rained down toward the ground.


I raised the corners of my mouth as I watched the bugs falling to the ground like scattering ashes.


Instant Kill is an ability that fulfills the activation condition as long as it somehow touches the opponent.

In other words, it was just a drop of blood or a small amount that was only 1/1000th of a drop.

So this is also possible.

The moment I let the insects into the blood mist without any warning, my victory was confirmed.

“Let’s go down, Tiyong.”

I checked the situation of the fort and got down to the ground.

The attack was blocked, but I had no intention of ending it here.

The Black Sea Empress has crossed the line.

You have to pay for it properly.


Asher, who had come nearby before I knew it, quickly scanned my body. Her worried expression was evident.

In her eyes, it must have looked like a complete head-on collision with an army of bugs.

“I’m fine.”

I used a lot of blood, but thanks to the super regeneration, it was fine. She still had energy left.

I looked around the fort and ordered Asher.

“You keep guarding the fort.”

“Yes? Then Ron-sama is…”

“It’s not over yet.”

Leaving Ashelle and Tiyong behind, I approached the army of the Black Sea Empress over the horizon.

As I approached using Space Leap in succession, the distance quickly increased.

Where is the Black Sea Empress? Well, it’s probably in the biggest mother tower.

When I focused my senses on that spot with my super senses, it was clear that I could feel a huge presence.

I have absolutely no intention of dealing with her.

Before I knew it, I was close to the army and gradually activated blood magic.


The mist of blood that began to emanate from my body slowly covered the insects.

Even the small ones the size of a man and the insects as big as a castle collapsed dead as soon as they came in contact with the blood.

These are not goals.

I continued to spray blood mist as I approached the nearest mother tower. The surrounding bugs couldn’t even approach and continued to die.

– ······Stop it!

The voice of the Black Sea Empress rang out again.

It was a voice full of perplexity, the exact opposite of what had sounded pleasant.

For the Black Sea Empress, the Queen’s body is the key to maintaining her enormous army.

But if you ask why you only have dozens of them, the reason is, of course, simple.

That’s because it’s hard to make a queen body.

So I was thinking of killing all the queens here.


When the mist of blood that spread thickly on the tower touched it, the enormous magic response disappeared and it dried up like a rotten old tree.

Having dealt with one, I immediately turned to the next target.

The surrounding bugs came in more and more violently than before.

Some of them shot something like spider webs or magic cannons from afar, but it was all to no avail.

Those who came close to me died in the blood fog, and my ranged attacks didn’t work on me.

I continued to move, avoiding attacks that could be blocked or avoided with the floating screen by leaping into space.

It was the time when she killed the 6th queen body while walking in the middle of the army of the Black Sea Empress.

“7 lords woo woo woo!”

The Black Sea Empress flew in from the huge tower that was visible in the distance, giving off a wish to live.

I opened the floating screen to block her attack, then space-jumped farther away.

She went straight after me, but I ignored it and continued to do my job.

Blocking and dodging her attacks, I killed the queens one by one.

She might not have known it, but after all, among the monarchs, the one I had the worst compatibility with was the Black Sea Empress.

The offensive she is proud of is useless in an instant kill.

That doesn’t mean you can put on even a simple protective film. Because she wasn’t a wizard like the King of the Dead.

Insects that grew up feeding on her magic must be durable enough to withstand any attack, but my instant kill ability has no meaning in defense unless I prevent it from being touched.

Also, except for the military, the Black Sea Empress’s personal ability is the lowest among the monarchs.

The reason why she is the monarch is because she controls this huge army of bugs like one body.

In terms of individual ability alone, she has lower physical abilities than the Tyrant, who had the lowest level among the monarchs.

It’s not like she learned how to deal with her body professionally like warriors.

I was able to block it without much difficulty, even though she was now relentlessly following.

“Stop, Seven Lords! Stop! Stop!”

One day, a demonic monster who happened to have intellect and power beyond measure.

That is the essence of the Black Sea Empress.

The abilities she brags about don’t work on me.

The Black Sea Empress screamed in anger and tried to stop me, but almost half of the queen body was already dead.

She suddenly changed direction and rushed towards the fortress.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll slaughter the humans in the fort! You damned human!”

······It’s a bit difficult for me to come out like that, right?

I couldn’t help it, so I tried to shift my attention, but then someone stopped her from rushing into the fortress.


It was Asher who stopped the Black Sea Empress.

Even using her unique characteristics, she dyed her body pure white and confronted the Black Sea Empress with all her might.

“You cheeky bitch, dare!”

In the blink of an eye, dozens of attacks came and went, and Asher, who blocked the Black Sea Empress’s fist with her sword, bounced off.

No matter how weak the Black Sea Empress’ physical ability was, it was still not enough for Asher, who was level 90.


However, Asher quickly stood up and stood in front of the Black Sea Empress again.

Even if it’s not the opponent, it seemed possible to turn off the time for a while.

I spoke to the Black Sea Empress with a mocking tone.

“Stay like that for a while. I’ll take care of the rest and come back soon.”

As I said that and teleported away, the Black Sea Empress had no choice but to chase me again.

Of course, nothing changed.

I soon annihilated all the rest of the queens while she watched.


In the midst of the corpses of insects piled up, the Black Sea Empress sat down on the floor with a half-mad face.

I stood in front of him and looked down at her.

She glared at me with a look of despair and anger on her face.

“I-you didn’t have to do it this far. It’s just because of the humans over there… Yes, you…”

“Eight Lords.”

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