I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 121

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Building a cooperative relationship with the hero was somehow successful. The first step is good.

Right now, even the hero wouldn’t trust me completely, but that was an issue that didn’t matter. First of all, it is important to establish a relationship.

What I had to do from now on was to find an heir to inherit the holy sword with her.

I didn’t know the exact location of the Heir, but I knew it roughly.

‘The Great Mountains of Ramon, east of Saintea.’

Somewhere in the depths of those mountains.

In the game, that is, a few years later, from the middle of the story in the future, by chance, I met the user and went on an adventure together.

And in the process, as a colleague, I became close to the heir and naturally learned various things about her, and among them, of course, there were stories about her past.

Based on that information, I guessed that the heir at this point would be living alone with his father, away from the world, somewhere in the Ramon Mountains.

Of course, it’s just a guess, and even if it’s correct, you don’t know how long it will take to find it, since you’ll have to search the entire mountain range.

But I still had to do it.

My fate in this world, my safety and my life in the future depend on it, so is there anything to cover?

Now that the hero has been found, if we find the successor, we can take another big step toward preventing the end.

Still, if I got help from the hero, I wondered if I could shorten the time compared to finding it myself.

‘Even if we find the successor, the biggest barrier remains…’

Come to think of it, I didn’t talk about the conditions for inheriting the holy sword with the hero.

Well, it’s not too late to do that after finding a successor.

“What about your injuries?”

I was looking up at the sky from the backyard of the monastery and turned my head at the voice I heard. was a warrior

The hero healed Cargos’ injuries. Even the internal wounds worn by Ditrodemyan, who stayed in this monastery, were clean.

Even compared to Elixir, her healing ability was on a much higher level. It was all the power of the holy sword.

“Thanks to you, everything has been restored.”

The hero who listened to me and accepted the offer said he needed time to organize his thoughts and disappeared somewhere, but now appeared.

The warrior came next to me and asked.

“By the way, why were you staying at this monastery? I heard that you were already suffering from an injury.”

It seemed that other people had heard stories about me.

She couldn’t help but wonder what the Lord of Calderic was doing in a place like this.

“Did you know that the girl named Elika had the devil’s seed?”

It was a natural guess, but not the answer.

I decided to just answer honestly. there’s nothing to hide

“It was purely by accident that I came to this monastery. I learned that Elika is a demon seed through an attack by demons.”

“What do you mean you’re injured?”

“There was a skirmish with Ditrodemyan the other day.”


“Yes, it was an injury sustained while fighting him. In the process, I was swept away by his spatial ability and fell here.”

The hero asked again with a slightly surprised expression.

“Then what happened to Ditrodemiyan?”



The warrior nodded. He didn’t seem to have any intention of asking why he fought Ditrodemyan.

“What are you going to do with this monastery?”

When asked about the aftermath, the hero answered meekly.

“First of all, I will notify the Papal States and ask for support. I can’t let them stay and live here.”

This monastery has already been recognized by the demons, and even by the original demons.

They defeated the raiders to steal the demon seeds right away, but they were already exposed to mortal danger.

So, it was only natural for the hero to try to evacuate the people of the monastery.

“What about Elika?”

“I’ve already taken care of the seed the child was carrying, but I’ll have to pay more attention to safety just in case.”

I nodded.

“Once all the problems are resolved, I’ll find a successor and leave.”

After that, I did not leave right away, but stayed in the monastery some more.

It was because the hero said that he would remain here until troops arrived to protect the people.

It would have been a terrible catastrophe if other demons came to the monastery after leaving hastily.

Of course, there would be little chance that other original horses would show up hastily in the face of Cargos, the third-ranked original horse.

If they knew of Cargos’s death, they would only think that it was a hero’s death with a very high probability.

However, there was no way the hero would lightly pass over that unlikely possibility.

There was no reason for me to leave alone first, leaving the hero, so I had no choice but to stay in the monastery until then.

It took quite some time for the troops to take the people of the monastery.

Several 80-level knights of brilliance and dozens of other high-level paladins.

And it wasn’t just the Papal States.

‘Sword Saint Seriod…’

From the window of the building, I watched a middle-aged man talking to the hero.

One of Saintea’s Five Stars along with Fist and Spear, the Sword Saint. Did that person come in person?

Swordsman was the only one of the Five Stars who was negative to the imperial family and friendly to the warriors.

“Then, I’ll leave it to you, Sir Seriod. Sirs please work hard too.”

“Yes, warrior.”

Not only the troops of the church, but also the troops of the imperial family in addition to the Sword Saints, a tremendous force beyond imagination was gathered in the monastery.



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It was a problem related to Wonma, and the hero would have requested support directly, so there was nothing to be surprised about.

For the time being, they were said to be in charge of the investigation and protection of the Rosaryel Monastery and the nearby villages.

Listening to the conversation, it seemed that the future course of action had not yet been decided.

Evacuation would have been the best option, but it was practically impossible to evacuate these countless people blindly.

Very few people were aware of the attack by the demons in the first place, and it seemed that they would decide after watching the future situation more.

However, it was decided to transfer Elika to the Papal States under strict escort.

Even though the hero dealt with the devil’s seed, he couldn’t leave her alone.

Elika also listened to the explanation and decided to leave the monastery obediently.

“Now that this has happened, I decided to become Sir Zerel’s disciple.”

“I see. It’s good.”

Before leaving, Elika came to visit me and started talking.

In the end, he decided to become Zerel’s disciple, or how the other two friends decided to go to the Papal States together.

“Thank you so much. For protecting me and my friends.”

And at the end, thank you.

Elika didn’t ask anything about me and just expressed her gratitude.

I did ask to keep quiet from Zerel, Elika, her friends, and those who came to know my identity.

Anyway, it was a short relationship, but I wished that her future path would be smooth and not be swept away by such things.

After the situation was settled, I immediately left the hero and the monastery.

The hero opened his mouth after looking around the vast plain in front of him.

“I said I’d head for Enlock first.”


First of all, meeting Ashelle was the first priority.

It is unlikely that he will still be left at the place where he fought against Ditrodemyan.

I couldn’t figure out where she might be by now, so it was best to go back to the monarchy.

‘I don’t know about anything else, but I wish I didn’t tell only the overlord…’

No, the overlord’s subordinates, who were being chased by the Mage Tower master, were also there, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to be known even if it wasn’t Asher?

It was hoped that the overlord would find the link so he wouldn’t have to figure out the affairs of the monastery here. Because it can get annoying.

“The holy sword also had the ability to teleport.”

At my question, the warrior turned to me.

The hero knew that with the power of the holy sword, most of the difficult tasks were possible even with magic. Either teleport or polymorph.


“Can’t we go directly to Enlock from here?”

The warrior shook his head.

“That sounds like it would be difficult. I can’t teleport unless it’s a point I’ve set up.”

Well, it seemed that the power of the Holy Sword had limitations like teleportation magic.

I was a little embarrassed and had no choice but to click my tongue inwardly.

Because I didn’t have the ability to quickly travel to Enlock. There is no belt.

If it was a hero, he could move in an instant even with his bare body.

I glanced at the hero and said.

“I plan to move as quickly as possible without delay from here to Enlock.”

“I agree. There’s no reason to waste your time.”

“So that’s what I’m saying, I don’t have the ability to move as fast as you.”

The hero blinked his eyes.

Why does it suddenly come to mind when I went to search for super-regeneration, I was carried up the cliff by Asher? Things were similar though.

“I see. I understand.”

The hero immediately nodded as if he understood my words.

I wondered what to do, but she reached out to me.

Then, the golden energy gathered and created a veil around me. And I floated myself in the air.

“I’ll fly and move like this. It won’t take long until Enlock.”


Floating inside the tent, I looked down at my feet.

It’s a bit odd in shape, but… Well, is this better than being carried on your back?

Then, the hero who floated into the air flew up as if he were being shot high into the sky. My body naturally followed as if attracted to a magnet.

The flight speed was much faster than riding a belt. As I said, it seemed like it would be easy to get to Enlock at this rate.


We arrived safely at Enrock.

The hero had no reason to follow the monarchy, so he decided to wait in the city after setting up a time to meet again.

“Maybe someone recognizes your face?”

To my question, the hero immediately responded by changing his appearance.

The color of her hair and eyes changed, and the shape of her features and face also changed. She was the holy sword’s polymorph ability.

After entering the city, I separated from the hero and headed for the Monarchy alone.

As always, the butler came out to greet me.

“Are you here, my lord? You’ve worked hard.”

“Yes. Did something happen?”

I asked because he looked very surprised for some reason.

The butler replied.

“Yes, that’s… Lady Asher returned to the castle alone a while ago, and she said…”

With those words, I could understand the situation right away. Fortunately, Asher had returned to the monarchy.

She must have had no choice but to tell the butler about the circumstances.

It would have been nice if it had been completely hidden, but it was fortunate that the locations were not mixed.

I immediately moved into the castle.

Soon after, a sign approached and appeared in the hallway at the entrance to the castle.

I stopped walking when I saw a familiar face in front of me.

Asher stared blankly at me and shouted in a tearful voice.

“······ Mr. Ron!”

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