I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 116

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encounter (15)

I looked at the level floating above Akashla’s head and let out a small sigh.

【Lv. 94]

She was a real strong enough to be compared to the Lord of Calderic.

I really didn’t think the wonma would come out.

Only belatedly, I raised my head after recognizing the vague magic floating in the sky.

it was snow

Hidden in the night sky, staring down at us, were small eyes made of magic.

‘······The eyes of the dark spirit.’

In an instant, goose bumps ran up my spine.

Because I knew that ability.

10th in the demon rank, Mebilos.

How long have you been watching? The magic was so faint that I didn’t even notice it.

Only then did he realize a moment later that the reason why the space split and Akashla appeared was Mevilos’ ability to shift space.

It meant that not only Akashla but also him were nearby, so I had no choice but to raise my tension even more.

“Hey, are you ignoring me?”

I turned my gaze back to Akashla in front.

Her voice was full of mischief, even though she had a slightly displeased expression on her face.

The situation was the worst.

It’s a yard where two original demons, and two quite high in rank, revealed their existence at the same time.


Zerel’s voice sounded like he was in a state of bewilderment.

He also seemed to have grasped Akashla’s true identity.

Zerel was a person who personally experienced the war against demons among the knights of brilliance, and Akashla was also a notorious demon among the human allies at the time.

Right now, the surprise attack was difficult.

But Mebilos hasn’t shown up yet, and Akashla…

‘The level has disappeared.’

The level indicator above Akashla’s head disappeared before she knew it.

Because I was well aware of its ability, I immediately understood the meaning of the phenomenon. That is an illusion, not a body.

Even if I tried to distinguish it by magic power, it was useless because I couldn’t feel it well in the first place.

Since everyone was watching the battle with the demons just before, it was obvious that they were warning me about my ability.

Of course, I couldn’t blame myself for being hasty. Because the only way to deal with the demons was to use instant death.

She glanced down at the demon’s corpse and said.

“Rather than that, I’m curious how you know about the devil’s seed. That’s probably a fact that only the hero knows, but what the hell is it?”

It seemed that he couldn’t figure out my identity.

Instead of joining the conversation, I glanced back in the direction of the three people.

In this situation, their existence is only a burden.

But I couldn’t even give him a signal to run away.

It was almost clear that their purpose was Elika, who had the devil’s seed, and if that was the case, there was no way they’d let them run away.

“The original horse, Akashla, and Mevilos.”

At my words, Akashla’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

It seemed that he hadn’t expected that he would even know Mevilos’s true identity.

“Your goal is that girl.”

Akashla gave an eerie smile.

“Well? If you want to ask a question, you’ll have to answer mine first. If you tell me who you are, I’ll try to answer it too.”

I didn’t answer because I didn’t ask for an answer anyway.

It was certain that Elika had the devil’s seed anyway.

The fact that they went this far means that they would definitely take Elika with them and return to their territory.

The devil’s seed meant the piece of the devil’s soul.

Those who have demon seeds exist all over the continent, and demons search for them and use them as sacrifices to hasten the resurrection of the demon king.

Since this was not fully covered in the main story, I did not know the details of the setting.

However, some of them know that humans are the only race that harbors demonic seeds.

And that the demons also cannot carelessly deal with the person who has the seed of the demon until they perform the ritual. That was about it.

In the main story, when the theme of the devil seed first appeared, it was roughly halfway through.

While on an adventure with the successor of the Holy Sword, a group of users accidentally rescue a boy who was lying in the back alleys of the city.

The people who became friends with the boy helped him to live a normal life like everyone else, but it turned out that he had the seed of a demon.

He is in danger of being annihilated by the demon that suddenly approached the boy, but he manages to survive with the help of his helpers.

Looking back, I thought the situation was not much different from now.

I heard that Elika spent several years in this monastery.

I don’t know at what point they were aware of Elica’s existence, but it wasn’t important now.

‘······There is no answer, really.’

The enemy in front of me right now is the Wonma.

It’s not just Akashla. I had to consider the existence of Mebilos, who had not yet appeared here.

It was a precarious situation where he could face both original horses at the same time.

I already had the experience of defeating Ditrodemyan, an original horse with a higher rank than them.

However, in the first place, the battle with him was barely victorious, almost risking his life.

Also, having experience did not make it easier to deal with other native horses.

Because the ability I had was not simply the ability to have an absolute advantage depending on the opponent’s level.



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Depending on my compatibility, for example, I was able to get into trouble with even a single shield from a low-level wizard.

That’s why the important thing was not the level, but how lethal their ability was when I used an instant kill.

And I was able to know as much as I knew their abilities well. Fighting them will never be easier than Ditrodemyan.

Moreover, as there are two opponents now, there were two variables.

But I have no choice but to fight.

Otherwise, there was no way to get out of this situation.


I prepared for battle.

Perhaps noticing the sign, Akashla tilted her head to the side and said.

“I wanted to have a little conversation before killing him.

Before I could even finish talking, I immediately used Space Leap.

Just like the previous battle with the demons, I tried to move right in front of Akashla and use Instant Kill.

But at the same time, his figure dispersed like smoke and disappeared.

At the same time, the mass of magical energy that had gathered in the center caused an explosion.

I blocked the explosion with the floating screen and turned my head to the side.

Before I knew it, Akashla was smiling with her arms crossed at a distance from her side.

“I’ve been looking at it since before, but there’s no way I can get through it. Isn’t that the end of my ability?”

······This was why Akashla was such an annoying opponent.

Queen of Illusions, Akashla.

Its ability was to create illusions no different from the real thing.

A notorious demon tribe that deceives and teases opponents in so many fantasies, then slowly dries them up and kills them.

Because of that ability, he was famous for being difficult to defeat even among the bosses of Lhasa.

If I couldn’t find the main body and hit it, there was no way to damage it.


Suddenly, a purple glow emanated from Akashla’s eyes.

As we met eyes, I immediately figured out what ability he was using.

Akashla not only had the ability to create illusions, but also the ability to enchant the opponent’s mind itself and trap it in an illusion.

However, it didn’t work for me either, perhaps thanks to the effect of the emperor’s soul.

I once again space-leaved in front of his figure. Because it was a welcome this time, an explosion occurred.

“Hmm? Why doesn’t this work? You say your mental strength is strong enough to resist my ability?”

This time, Akashla, who appeared in the air above, tilted her head as if wondering.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. If you keep holding on to my illusions like that, you will die miserably. Cheer up, Kukuk.”

I ignored his words and silently continued the attack.

Even though I knew it was an illusion, I continued to make space leaps as I approached. Because there was no other way than this.


Every time the illusion disappeared, an explosion occurred, and in the midst of that, I looked around with my extra senses maxed out.

If Akashla had been hiding, the level would have been visible in the empty air. But nothing like that.

That meant that it was far away, completely away from the scene of this battle.

By this point, he must have realized that mere illusions couldn’t hurt me.

In order to deliver a more powerful blow, he had no choice but to attack while revealing his body.

He also has the purpose of taking Elika, so he won’t be able to drag out time like this forever.

At the crucial moment, he would definitely step out and launch a surprise attack.

‘That moment is the moment your life ends.’

I searched my surroundings desperately, chasing the illusions to the point of seeming ignorant.

You just need to have a level indicator appear somewhere. That was his body.

It was the moment when time passed and nearly dozens of illusions were dealt with.

【Lv. 94]

Right before the illusion exploded, I didn’t miss the level display that suddenly appeared in the air on the other side.

Immediately, in the direction where the level is floating, he spreads space leaps in succession and uses blood magic to scatter blood.


Then, in the empty air, the figure of Akashla, who was looking this way with a shocked face, was revealed.

However, all the blood I sprinkled on the shield he spread was blocked.

Damn, I was aiming for an opening, but did you block this?

He and I landed on the ground and faced each other. The fighting stopped for a while.

“How the hell did you notice?”

The fact that Akashla’s abilities were completely discovered was shocking.

But now that I was in trouble, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

Finding his body was almost the only opportunity. He should have just finished it completely.

As long as the shield was spread like that, there was no longer a good chance to unleash an instant kill.

Akashla, who had been glaring at me for a long time with a distorted expression, suddenly let out a sigh and muttered.

“Okay, okay. It’s going to take me a long time by myself, Mevilos.”


As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I felt a secret flow of magical power right behind me.

At the same time, sharp thorns of magical power suddenly protruded from the empty air and attacked my whole body.

I barely opened the floating screen to block the surprise attack.


Then, as when Akashla first appeared, the air nearby split open.

The one that jumped out of it was a demon with gray skin as well.

He was wearing a black robe and in one hand he was holding a staff that looked like it was made entirely of rotten wood.

Mevilos, the 10th ranked demon.

The magical eyes that had been floating in the sky for a while, and the current ability that appeared beyond space were all his abilities.

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