I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 104

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encounter (3)

There were three people who sneakily opened the door and entered the room.

Two young boys, roughly the age of fourteen or fifteen, and a girl.

“Oh, it really happened.”

Among them, a big boy looked at me and muttered a little surprised.

They looked at each other for something else, and this time the girl strode over to the chair next to the bed and sat down. Then the boys came closer and stood near the girl.

The girl who had been sitting upside down in a chair, her arms hanging from the backrest and staring at me, immediately opened her mouth.

“Who is your uncle?”



I was at a loss for words for a moment at the very unfamiliar name.

“Who are you then?”

The big boy responded briskly.

“I’m Tom. And this is Heron, and this is Elika. What’s your name?”

“······This is Ethan. And I didn’t ask for your names.”

The boy named Heron turned to the boy named Tom with a pitiful look and said:

“We are the priests living in this monastery. And we were the ones who found you lying in the woods.”


Come to think of it, did the priest say they were children?

I was able to realize right away that the children who were found on the day I was losing my mind were these people.

“That’s the end of the reaction? No thanks?”

I stared at the three of them for a moment, and a girl named Elika said so.

I answered right away.

“Thank you so much. Thanks to you, I was able to live.”

Anyway, if they hadn’t found me, I don’t know what would have happened to me while I was losing my mind.

It was definitely a big help, so I gave my sincere thanks, albeit briefly.

‘Are they children raised in a monastery?’

The monastery was basically a place where priests lived, but it was also a cradle for raising children who had no place to go.

Even in the game, when I visited the monastery, there were mostly children who managed it like a nursery school. And later officially became a priest.

Seeing how young they were, I wondered if they were the same way.

At that time, the girl who nodded her head with a sullen expression looked over my body and asked me again.

“So, who is that old man who fell down like that in the woods? Aren’t you a villager?”

I answered the same as I had told the priest earlier.

“I’m just a traveler passing by. I can’t remember how I fell in the woods.”

But the girl frowned a little, as if she didn’t like that answer.

“You say you don’t remember? You’re not lying?”


“Or I don’t remember why. It sounds like a very good excuse. It’s not like I hurt my head.”

“Maybe it could be.”

“…I think it’s too peaceful for someone who has lost their memory?”

It was a girl who persistently questioned me, as if she had no intention of believing my words.

I slowly felt annoyed and responded shamelessly.

“It’s because I don’t remember only the short moment before I collapsed. And my head is confused as well.”

The girl who was glaring at me disapprovingly said.

“Then I’ll just know as a pervert.”


“You were lying naked without anything on. What is that but a pervert?”

I looked at the girl with completely bewildered eyes.

Lying down naked, what the hell is this…


Did you see that?

Searching through my hazy memories, I recalled the last moment right before my consciousness was cut off.

I was so distracted that I didn’t even have time to worry about such trivial things, but… I was obviously naked.

It was natural. The flames burned not only her body, but her clothes as well. What I’m wearing right now is a different outfit.

‘wait for a sec.’

So they’re saying that I was lying naked and brought it here?

He licked his lips and let out a moan.

“You’re evasive and avoiding the answer by saying you don’t remember because there’s something Kanggi, right?”


“Or something, please answer me properly.”

A little embarrassing, mixed with absurdity and resentment, I was at a loss for words for a moment.

At that time, a boy named Heron stepped in and stopped the girl.

“Erica, stop it. That’s too rude.”

Only then did she snort once and quit shooting.


Then an unexpected sound rang out. The source of the sound was my stomach.

After a moment of silence, the girl rose from her seat.

“I’ll tell the priest to bring me a meal.”



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“······Yes, thank you.”

I added.

“And I’m not really that kind of person. Don’t get me wrong.”

“I don’t like it? I’ll keep thinking that way until I hear the answer.”

The girl stuck out her tongue and turned and walked toward the door.

The boy Heron sighed and bowed his head to apologize instead.

“I’m sorry. Don’t worry too much about being a rude guy.”

“That’s right. Even in the monastery, there’s no one who goes out as fast as he does?”

The boy, Tom, excitedly agreed, but immediately shut up after receiving the girl’s stern stare.

“Anyway, have a good rest. We’ll go.”

All three of the people who came so suddenly went outside.

Beyond the door, their presence receded and the sound of their conversation could be heard.

– Aren’t you supposed to be an aristocrat? Didn’t the atmosphere feel like something out of the ordinary?

– Why was the noble wandering the forest alone without an attendant?

– Um… is that so? Still, like Elica said, at least it won’t be perverted. Looking at his clean face, he looks very handsome.

– What are you talking about, because your face is like that, there is a possibility that it will be more like that.

······That’s it until the end.

It was after some time had passed.

The door opened again and a nun came in with food.

“thank you.”

I thanked her and accepted the meal.

Soup with bread, butter and meat.

It was quite a delicacy for a meal served to a raw outsider.

My body was weak and I was hungry, so I started eating right away. let’s eat and see


Asher looked down at the vast forest spread out below with a stiff face.

The day is bright and the time of the day has passed.

She struggled to suppress the anxiety and nervousness that filled her heart.

‘······Where the hell are you?’

When she came back from the battle scene on the Tiyong as commanded by the 7 Lords.

All that remained at the site were the entire ruined area and the corpses of the unknown demons he dealt with.

The 7 Lords disappeared as if evaporating without any trace, leaving their whereabouts unknown.

Despite continuing to search the nearby area, the figure of the Seven Lords was still nowhere to be found.


Eventually, after turning around a few times, Asher returned to his place.

Serune, an informant who was guarding the site where the Seven Lords disappeared, greeted her.

“Are you here?”

Serune was about to ask if there was any income, but gave up after checking Asher’s expression, which was extremely dark.

Asher stared at the demon’s corpse with miserable eyes.

Serune had already heard that the identity of the demons was one of the original demons, and that they were the 7th ranked demon.

As an elite informant directly under the overlord’s castle, it was not difficult for her to figure out the identity of a giant who was about the size of a horse based on external characteristics.

At that time, Serune looked at Asher and finally opened her mouth cautiously.

“It’s dangerous to stay here all the time. The death of the master of the tower, and one of the original demons even revealed themselves…”

You don’t know when other wizards from the Magic Tower might come here, or other demons could show up again.

From Serune’s point of view, it was best to get out of the scene immediately. But it was because of Asher that he couldn’t do that.

Ashley, who had been silent, opened her mouth.

“······We haven’t found Ron yet.”

“If the 7 Lords were in good health, I believe they would have appeared first. But until the day has come, until now…”

Asher turned her head and glared at Serune.

The death piercing through her body made her pale and unable to speak.

“Ron-nim said that this task was entrusted directly by the overlord.”


“Explain it. Is this by any chance the overlord’s work? Was it a trap set up by the overlord to deal with Ron?”

Instead of reaping the death penalty, Asher spewed out more ferociously and spoke in a voice that was extremely cold.

Serune barely opened her mouth and stammered out an answer.

“Ah… no. I also had no idea that the 7 Lords would come here.”


“Please calm down… and think rationally. What is the reason for the overlord to want to harm the 7 lords?”

At Serune’s earnest protest, Asher slowly withdrew his energy and closed his eyes tightly.

She herself knew that what she had just said was completely far-fetched.

Meeting Serune, who was being chased by the Master of the Magic Tower, was also close to a complete coincidence. Something didn’t quite fit that the overlord planned even that.

I was just venting my anger because I couldn’t stand my stuffy and helpless heart.


No way, I didn’t want to think of that at all.

Asher never acknowledged the death of the Seven Lords. No, he couldn’t admit it.

Believing that she would be alive and well somewhere, she corrected her shaking heart.


She caressed Tiyong’s neck at the sound of deep-seated crying from the side.

“Don’t worry. He’ll definitely be alive. He won’t die so easily…”


After eating, I struggled to move out to the yard outside the monastery and looked up at the clear sky.

‘There is no real answer…’

It was fortunate that his life was saved, but the situation became very difficult.

‘What would Asher be doing right now?’

Since I had suddenly disappeared, I wondered if they were desperately searching for my whereabouts. Maybe I could have mistaken him for dead.

In reality, she was only teleported here by being caught up in the demon’s ability, but there was no way she could figure it out.

So, I had to go back to the monarchy as soon as possible, but it would take a long time since there was no Tiyong and the distance was too long.

‘And the body is not healthy.’

Even while unconscious, the body continued to regenerate, and the trauma seemed to be completely healed.

The problem was internal injuries, but it was so severe that I felt it was too much for me to move my body even a little right now. It was to the point where I was sweating even taking a few steps up to here.

In short, it was unreasonable to move right away.

It would be much better to leave after recovering somewhat than to leave immediately.

‘······Should we stay here for a while?’

I thought while feeling the secret gaze from the other side.

It was the gaze of the paladin standing near the monastery building.

First of all, I was a complete outsider from their point of view, so it was only natural that I be kept at least vigilant.

However, since he doesn’t seem to want to kick him out, there shouldn’t be much problem in asking for forgiveness and taking care of him for a while.

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