I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 438

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 438

Now that it was clear that the winning product here was the item I wanted, I had no choice but to give my best to this contest.

‘Well, I did give my best to the original game.’

That’s what gamers are all about. If you want to win, you can always do your best, even when dealing with elementary school students.

Well, that said, my knowledge of Hold’em is a little better than that of the average person.

“now! Everyone, please take a seat card here and sit down at your table, and we’ll get started right away! “Players, please take your seats!”

At that time, the dealers shout to the players spread out around them.

One by one, people draw cards with seat numbers written on them.

I also walked over to the place and pulled out a suitable card.


As I quietly mumbled the position written on the card, the dealer pointed to a table on one side and said.

“yes! “It’s seat number 10 at table C!”

As I sat down following the instructions, the man sitting next to me looked at me and smiled.

“I feel very nervous sitting next to Master Caglione. hello? “My name is Moldogva Tarkotsev, and I am running a small business in Russia.”

“ah. yes.”

He’s a guy I don’t remember.

Let’s ignore it.

“Do you know how to play hold’em?”

“no. “This is my first time.”

Well, in the past, I had to go to a hold’em pub with my friends a few times, but I ended up just taking an hour-long class. Thanks to that, I can barely remember the genealogy.

To be honest, I was able to participate comfortably because the moment the game was over, I was planning to turn into Magical Rogue, call in my villain friends, and completely destroy the place.

“Ahahaha! Do not worry! Hold’em is about momentum! “It’s just a matter of betting momentum!”

“ah… … yes.”

Surely the guy who said that was eliminated first in the movie?

I even decided to ignore it.

“Now that everyone is seated, let the game begin. There are currently 200 million chips in front of you. Black is 10 million. Yellow is five million, red is one million, and green is one hundred thousand. “Then, I will distribute the cards.”

At the same time, cards are dealt out to a total of 10 players sitting at the table.

The players sitting in each seat glanced at the cards that had been sent to them and began to notice their surroundings.

at that time.

[Attribute: [Human Totem] is activated.]


Suddenly, an unexpected characteristic was activated.

Why is he acting here? The moment you think of this, the conditions for activating ‘human totem’ come to mind.

[If you stand still and do nothing. ‘Me and my team members receive luck correction.]

But I guess this applies even if you just sit still like this. First of all, this is kind of a competition.

“Let’s start betting. “The call is two hundred thousand.”



“Raise two hundred thousand.”

Even while I was thinking about other things, the betting continued without stopping.

Umm. A raise was used when the bet was doubled or more, and a call was simply receiving the bet amount?

First, I decided to check my hand.



this. Wasn’t A the best?

At that time, a voice came from next to me.

“Raise. “To thirty million.”

“The raise was 30 million! Player number 10? “The call is 30 million!”

Someone told me that it was the guy next to me who said betting is about momentum.

“If betting is too burdensome, you can die. young master.”

indeed. Does this mean the bet he was talking about was momentum?

In fact, some people were already preparing to cover their cards with the bet amount he shouted.

The starting chip is 200 million, but 30 million of them are taken as soon as it starts.

Betting one-seventh of the total amount at once? Even as a Hold’em beginner, I could clearly tell.

That this is not a normal progression.


“All in.”

“to? Oh, all in?”

This guy is embarrassed by my all-in comment.

The dealer also pauses for a moment, perhaps because he is embarrassed, but quickly comes to his senses and organizes the situation.

“Player number 10 is all in. All identical chips! “All in to call!”

I have the best hand, so why should I go all-in?

“Well, master? “You saw the card, right?”


“Hehe, you’re not complaining, are you?”


It’s been so noisy since a while ago! This guy.

I ignored the chatter around me and looked at how the other players were acting.



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“Ugh… … It’s a defeat that can’t die! call!”

“This is player number 1’s call.”



“me too!”

“You three are folding!”

“I’m calling!”

“Ugh! Fold!”

Calls and folds appear in succession.

Certainly, there were many people who called out for fold and left this game, perhaps because they were afraid of betting.

So, excluding number 9, a total of 3 players up to number 8 declared that they would continue.

This means that the total amount already on the table is 830 million.

At this, the guy who made the first 30 million bet frowned and started to worry.

“ha… … really… … ! It’s not like I’m going to die… … .”

Why is he like this again?

“I heard betting is about momentum?”

I say something to gently push him away.

Then the guy raised his head.

“momentum! call!”

“Total 5 minute call! The entire pot is 1 billion!”

It looks like I got scratched because I look like a beginner.

Okay, the atmosphere is very good.

The table got hot from the start, and people who died earlier at other tables got up from their seats and gathered around here.

Of course, it would look fun as money equivalent to 1 billion credits would be poured into one room.

And now it’s time to check the results of the journey.

“Call player. “All cards are open!”

Accordingly, the cards begin to be opened in order, starting from number 1.

“Let’s go box two!”

Number 1 is the Jack [J◇] and Madame [Q♠] cards.

“I have the same color!”

Number 5 is also Jack [J♣] and Madame [Q♣], but the colors are the same.

“No one has the middle number, right? It’s all tied up, right? ha ha ha!”

Number 6 is the numbers 5, 6 ◇Diamond.

And the guy next to me.

“I am sorry. young master. Others. haha!”

[K♥] [K◇]

When I looked at it, it turned out to be two kings, which are just below an ace.

Surely, this is why I ran.


“Is this good?”


“Eh, airline… … !”

When I opened the card, the guy was shocked and sat down in his seat.

“Woah, an airline appears in the first edition!”

When Airline, the strongest hand in Hold’em, appears, others also start praying by holding their heads or banging on the table as if they had been hit hard.

But that didn’t mean everyone gave up.

Hold’em is a game where you create a family tree by combining 5 cards on the table.

This was because there were still three more cards left.

so that.

“please! please! please!”

“straight! straight!”

“Let’s go flush!!”

It will inevitably become more of a prayer meta.

Leaving behind the others who seemed a little crazy, I leisurely leaned back and asked the bartender who stopped at our table for a non-alcoholic cocktail.

And the game that follows.

“Let’s open the board!”

As soon as the first three sheets were laid down on the table, a combination of screams and gasps erupted.

[10♥], [9♣], [K♣]

The first to shout was player number 1.

“Hahahaha! straight! “It’s straight!”

Number 9 is the one who immediately shouts when the strongest genealogy is completed.

“Anyway, if you get one more 10 or 9, it’s a full house! Let’s go!!”

“If one more clover appears, flush it!!”

It was literally a situation where all players except a few were entangled.

A word meaning the 4th card. The turn card is laid out.


“It’s up! It’s a nut flush!! Hahahahaha!”

Clover (♣) A falls out, and the guy with 5 of the same ♣ picture completes a stronger genealogy called flush.

With this, there was almost only one chance for me and number 9 to win.

full house.

One more card with the same number falls on the board.

“I will use this well. Sorry? Ugh.”

The guy reaching out to take the chip in advance.

Just as I was making plans in my mind about when it would be a good time to call in my villain friends and attack them.

“River card open.”


One more ace card fell on the board.

With this, the board became [10♥], [9♣], [K♣], [A♣], [A♡], and what the 9th guy made was

[A♡], [A♣], [K♣], [K♥] [K◇]

The same card becomes 2 or 3, completing a powerful genealogy called a full house.

“Fu, full house! “Full house!”

The guy who screams for the rooftop to go away.

Since the 4th genealogy of all genealogies was completed, it was not strange to see such a reaction.

“Ugh! 1 billion from the beginning! “I’m sorry about this, everyone!!”

The moment the guy with his mouth full of tears said that and was about to reach for the chip.

“uh? Player number 10. “Isn’t it four cards?”

Player 4, who was watching and not participating in the all-in party, pointed to the board and said.

“Eh? Four cards?”

Number 9’s hand stops at those words.

His eyes slowly turn to the cards beneath me.

[A♠], [A◇]

A genealogy that has only a 0.024009603% chance of appearing in a hold’em game.

One of the strongest genealogies, with only two genealogies that can be defeated.

“what. “It’s four card.”

[A♠], [A◇], [A♡], [A♣], [K♣]

Four cards have been completed.

“Eh, ace four of a kind? really?”

The guy stopped his hand from taking the chip and looked at me blankly.

“Definitely, as the person said, the momentum worked. sorry. thank you.”

I quietly stand up and pull the chips handed by the dealer towards me.

As soon as I started, I started with 5 times more chips than other people, so it was natural for me to have an advantage.

Is it because his full house blows up before his eyes? Mana began to stir in the guy’s trembling body.

“I can’t admit it! “You guys did it together, you bastards!”

Is it because of the pain of losing 200 million credits in an instant? If not, is it because of the reality that the opportunity was lost in just one game?

The guy’s eyes were completely upside down.

“I am treating you as Master Caglione! okay! I’d rather play a game like this──.”

But boom! Just move with the sound! The guy falling down making a noise.

After that.

“──Guest. “Please refrain from engaging in unmannered behavior during the game.”

A huge man who looked like four adults combined was standing with his fists clenched.

The guy was trembling as if he had been hit with a hammer while being pinned to the ground.

Afterwards, hotel employees came rushing in and took out the man who could not stand up.

The casino manager, who was managing employees elsewhere, approached and bowed.

“We sincerely apologize for causing confusion during the game. “Please understand that the people at this table will be given the opportunity to use a suite for free at our Gold Beach Hotel in the future.”

A situation in which a perfect procedure is followed from the occurrence of an incident to its resolution and compensation.

Indeed, I thought that the luxury hotels in Zone F were different.

“Dealer, once the chips are distributed, please proceed with the game quickly.”

“Oh, yes! Manager. “After shuffling the cards, we will proceed with the game!”

A table where 4 people flew out in an instant.

The game continued.

But is there really a need to predict the results separately? Most of the money has already been collected from the beginning.

You don’t have to do anything.

“Let’s proceed with the shuffle!”

“Raise 200 million.”

“Raise! “The raise was 200 million won!”


“If you get 200 million won, you’re all in! Fold!”

“I fold too!”


People who fold and throw cards.

“It’s all folds!”

‘Betting is a momentum thing. That’s a good thing.’

Victory at this table was already confirmed.

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