I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 433

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 433

“After hearing unusual rumors about you, I thought you would bring unusual ingredients, but… … “This is another unexpected situation.”

What to do with not just one, but so many ingredients… … .

Maestro, who was looking at the items placed on the table, muttered while drooling.

“… … “Is it not possible?”

“I can’t. Rather, the problem is that there are too many items that can be used as cores. It would be a waste to use just one item, and it would be a waste to use more than one item… … “I think we need another method.”

“Are you talking about another way?”

“Yes, through ‘communion’ with the material, we find the item that best suits you.”

At that moment, I remembered again who the man in front of me was.

Among the many Maestros, ‘clothes’… … To be exact, isn’t he one of the top maestros who can make both tops and bottoms?

As such, he had special abilities.

It is ‘communion’.

It is an ability that allows the user to find the most effective material item, and it was truly an ability suitable for a ‘custom suit’.

However, if I said I knew this fact, I might be questioned as to how I knew it, so I made the common ‘naughty face’ and said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

And he bursts into laughter as if my deadly ‘facial expression’ had an effect.

“If I say it this way, it may be difficult for you to understand. “Now that we’ve said that, would you like to proceed right away?”

“It doesn’t matter to me… … “Is it okay to do it without any preparation?”

As far as I know, it won’t just happen right away, right?

“Of course, it takes some preparation. So, could you please wait outside for a moment? I’ll finish the preparations soon and take you to the workroom. Oh, they won’t steal the ingredients, so don’t worry and leave them behind. LOL!”

“I… … If it’s outside… … .”

“yes. “This is where Master Vivalt and your master are, right?”


Well, I guess I’ll have to be careful what I say again.

“Okay then, I’ll be waiting outside…” … .”

After saying hello to him, I walked outside.

Maestro’s shop. The waiting room at ‘per l’Imperatore’.

The moment I quietly entered there. Jinwoo, who had been looking at his phone all this time, turned his head and looked in this direction with a bright smile.

“ah! boss! it’s over?”

“no. The Maestro said he had something to prepare. “Stay here for a moment.”

“Oh, you’re just like me.”

“you also? Have you been waiting here since a while ago? “Didn’t you just take all the measurements?”

“Ah, the Maestro Apprentice said we should wait because he needs to check a few more things? So I was waiting, whatever. By the way, father. “Can I brag about that?”

Jinwoo suddenly stops talking to me and starts talking to Antonio, who is sitting quietly.

At this, Antonio turns his head.

“What do you mean?”

“This is the material for that suit! “The one the master gave me as a gift!”

huh? young master? me?

I looked at Antonio for a moment.

Then he vigorously shakes both eyes left and right.

By the looks of it… … .

‘You sold my name again.’

It seems he was too embarrassed to give it as a gift, so he sold my name and gave it to Jinwoo.

But it’s none of my business.

“Wow, I’m really curious… … Antonio. “Can I hear what gift you got?”

“… … “You can do whatever you want.”

In the end, when I asked in a playful voice, he nodded once and bowed.

Jinwoo immediately opened his mouth as if he was excited.

“It’s the heart of a griffin… … !”

“Griffin’s heart? “That’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?”

“right! You don’t know how surprised I was when I heard that the master gave me this? Truly a respect for Master Caglione! Respect!”

The Heart of the Griffin was famous as an item that strengthened additional abilities, such as various correction values ​​for wind properties, damage, and control.

I think there are few items better than this in the Vivalt family that controls the wind.

What if those items were reborn as clothing in the hands of the Maestro? It was truly a level where Jinwoo’s power could be seen to have increased significantly.

“Hehehe. Sasha You should brag a lot to that guy. I received this from you, but if you ask me what I received, you will definitely get angry and yell at me to get the hell out of there, right? “Giggle!”

Anyway, it’s inevitable that I have a dirty personality… … .

I think I should take this opportunity to get Sasha some nice clothes too.

“Ah~ Aren’t we going to make better clothes than Boss’s? “If I wear better clothes than my boss, that’s a problem. What should I do? What should I do?”

Then, Jinwoo seems to have changed his target to me and starts giggling and making strange noises.

I answered that with a snort.

“Yes, Master Caglione is the best and I am the old boss, right?”


“Yes~ Please serve Master Caglione for the rest of your life~”

“No, boss, are you upset? I’m kidding! “You’re joking?!”

No way. Anyway, both of them are me.

What I wanted to see was Jinwoo’s confused expression, as if he was troubled, when he reacted like this.

In fact, Antonio, who knew the whole truth, was also shaking his facial muscles so hard that he thought it was funny.

It was then.

“Han Yujin. The Maestro says everything is ready, so please bring me here.”



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With good timing, an employee sent by the Maestro called my name.

Jinwoo stands up and doesn’t know what to do.

“Aaaahhh wait boss!”

“By the way, I was wondering what would happen if you made clothes with better materials than me?”


“I have to at least bring the dragon’s heart so I can rub it with my clothes. Jinwoo Vivalt.”

“huh? “D-Dragon── Ah, just wait, boss!!”

… … Since it’s a shame, I’ll have to give Sasha something that’s one step better than Griffin’s heart.

Leaving behind Jinwoo’s screaming voice and Antonio’s faint laughter, I followed the employee to the workroom where the maestro was waiting.

“This is the place.”

A staff member politely bows his head and invites you to go inside.

After thanking him, I open the door and step inside.

The air changes in an instant.

Inside, the smell of processed leather, the smell of beeswax, and the smell of various fabrics mixed together to create a mysterious scent.

The surrounding scenery was also on a different level from other places.

Precious materials were scattered all over the table and floor, as if there were toys lying around, perhaps because it was a universal thing among maestros.

In front of the large table in the middle of the room.

“Ah, master, it’s here.”

The Maestro, who was smiling brightly, waved his hand in this direction.

“I didn’t have time to clean the studio because I was in such a hurry to get ready, but it’s quite embarrassing for the master to see it. LOL!”

“no. “Maestro Ludvio’s studio in Italy was similar.”

“Is that so? LOL! “I’m sure he added more, but I’m probably pretty neat!”

… … Even though he said that the two were similar, Maestro somehow misunderstood that he was cleaner.

Since the work was just around the corner, I decided not to say anything that would offend me.

“Now, Master, please stand in front of this table. From now on, we are going to find the material that best suits you, but it will be quite a difficult task for you as well. Would that be okay?”

“I’m making my own clothes. Of course, we have to help with that.”

“… … It will be a lot harder than you think. Of course, you can give up at any time.”

He erases the smile from before and speaks with a serious expression.

Since I already knew what situation would unfold, I nodded while maintaining a relaxed expression.

“it’s okay. “Really.”

Only then did the Maestro smile.

“yes. If it’s the master I know, it won’t be a big problem. Now, I will explain what happens when you ‘communicate’ with each ingredient.”

His explanation was exactly as I remembered.

Projecting the memories contained in each material into an image space.

In other words, it was a way to experience my narratives contained in each material and find out which material had the highest level of agreement.

“So, what would you like to find out first?”

There are a total of four ingredients in front of you.

Dungeon Core, Yeouiju, Chains and the Heart of the Dragon.

If I had to choose the easiest one among these, I would definitely choose Dungeon Hack, but for some reason my instincts were telling me to choose Chainsaw.

“Then, let’s check Hephaestus’ chains first.”

“It’s a chain, right? All right. then… … “I will activate my abilities.”

After he placed his hands on the chains. Start using your abilities. Subtle mana flowing from around the Maestro’s body.

At the same time, the space around began to shake and something began to happen.

If it were a game, it would have ended with the story of Chains’ past unfolding before our eyes, right?

At that time, I mostly had to press skip or do timing events that occurred in between, but since it was my first time experiencing this event in real life, I did not lose focus until the end.

Before I knew it, the surrounding scenery had turned completely black.

All that can be seen is a chain floating in the air.

Judging by the fact that the Maestro who was activating the ability was also not visible, it seemed that the ability had been successfully activated.

Now, the story related to Typhon───


The earth shakes and the sky splits.

The constant heat of the fire can be felt around the huge, ear-piercing roar, and huge mountains and dried-up land spread out before your eyes.


The mountains are moving.

No, it wasn’t exactly a mountain.

The legs of a huge creature that now looks like a mountain.


It fell in front of me.

-This is a mysterious feeling.

A sound like shaking thunder echoes from the sky.


A sound as if something is unfolding.

The surrounding area, which was bright due to the surrounding fireworks and the scorching sunlight, suddenly becomes dark as if it had turned into night.

-It’s the first time I’ve felt freedom in a long time.

Huge wings that cover the sky. A huge body that looks like a moving mountain.

And, a loud voice reminiscent of thunder.

This is Typhon’s past──

-The humans down there.


Suddenly, I felt like someone was talking to me.

what? Does this show that Typhon used to communicate with humans in the past?


Let’s see, then there must be someone else around me──

-Yes, the one who is turning his head eagerly, the mortal who broke my seal and usurped my life. I’m talking about you.

uh… … ?

Who broke Typhon’s seal?


And what happened to Typhon?


In other words, the person he is calling now is… … .


-okay. you.


-I never would have thought that the person who took my life was a mortal who could kill an immortal. Death is truly different!

I guess this… … .

[Attribute: Effect of [Dragon Slayer]. ‘The hero of myth’ reacts!]

-The reason you called me now is to give me a chance for revenge, right?

Am I screwed?

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