I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 431

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 431

“My real name is Eugene Han Caglione, not Yujin Han. Mr. Lottie.”

“… … yes?”

When I brought up my real name, which I had not mentioned before, I could see Lottie’s face suddenly cooling down.

The eyes, which had been bent into a half-moon as if they were interested, turned round, and the corners of the mouth that had been turned up gradually opened, changing into an expression befitting ‘astonishment’.

At this, Lottie started to flutter her arms in the air in confusion, and then looked at me with a sigh as if she had given up.

“… … therefore. Let’s organize things. Your name is not Eugene Han, but Eugene Han Caglione. “This is the Callione of the Callione family I know, right?”

Let’s make sure we get it right.

“yes. Eugene Han Caglione. That’s my name. If you’re as big as Lottie, you’ve probably heard rumors about me, right? Jeju Island’s savior, Caglione’s successor, a candidate for sainthood… … .”

“No no no! I’ve heard of it! Because these are stories I can’t stop hearing. The question is, why… … Why you?!”

Ah, I guess I still wasn’t convinced.

hmm. How should I explain this?


“Can something like that be determined by luck?”

No, what should I do then? As soon as I received the message from the ‘Lim DOG’ guy, I was possessed in this body… … This honestly rhymes. cancer.

“ha… … “I thought he was a fun kid, but this isn’t fun, it’s like a nuclear bomb.”

“Am I a nuclear bomb?”

“Then it’s a nuclear bomb! It is said that he is not another ordinary businessman or a suitable guild member, but the successor of ‘Caglione’! Now, wait a minute. Then you are Callione’s successor and grandfather Kwak Chun-sik’s disciple. And you’re saying you’re an Auror-type elder?”

Oh, is my brain finally starting to relax?

He nodded.

“How on earth does that happen?!”

“Because you work hard?”

“If working hard can make that happen, then everyone in the world will become an Auror-type elder?!”

“hmm… … Iknow, right.”

“That’s how it ends—─!! under… … “What on earth should I talk about with such a young child?”

In the end, she grabbed her forehead with her right hand and swung her left arm, and a glass was formed in the air, and water with thin ice was formed.

And she drinks that ice water without mercy.

“That looks comfortable.”

After drinking all the ice water in one go, she quickly wiped her mouth and looked at me.

“why. Would you like some water too?”

“it’s okay.”

“… … Not if it’s okay. By the way, who else besides me knows that you are Caglione’s successor? By any chance, do all the kids in your club know?”

“Unfortunately, all the club kids don’t know. Assuming that someone at the Academy knows my identity… … “The president, Instructor Su-hyeon Ji, Instructor Yun-ho Park, and a few students are all.”

“Oh yeah… … That bitch Ji Soo-hyun and Yunho knew this too… … !”

Let’s wait and see… … She said, shaking her hand.

“Then, why are you telling me such a secret now? “What on earth are we going to do?”

Our conversation finally gets to the point.

After gathering my thoughts by tapping the table in front of me for a moment, I looked at Lottie, who still looked nervous, and said,

“Lottie. Lottie is a wizard called the conductor of the rainbow. How much do you know about arcobaleno?”

“… … huh? Suddenly Arcobaleno? Well, I know a little more than others know.”

As she said that, stories about Arcobaleno flowed out of her mouth.

“The first wizard to reach the polarity of all elemental magic. A wandering wizard who does not belong to any magic tower. And, Youngje’s former teacher who is now my mentee. Right?”

I nodded and asked her.

“Did the Young Emperor tell you about that first?”

Lottie says as if wondering what I meant.

“Is that possible? Seeing that he was using magic techniques that I had seen many times before and using various elemental magics, only one person came to mind. “I asked first, just in case.”

Well, it would be strange not to know when looking at Youngje’s style.

“But Arcobaleno. Why that woman? “She’s been missing for a while.”

“Don’t you think you’re trapped somewhere?”

“what? Is she that girl?”

The woman who was listening to my story blinks.

“Are you sure you understand correctly? Does she know what a monster that woman is? “She is not a great person who should be locked up somewhere.”

“I know that well. “Arcobaleno and Caglione have been living together for a long time.”

This is a story I heard from my father, and it seems that Arcobaleno was a guest at our house when I was young.

You said you knew your godfather well, right?

“Well, since you are Callione, you should know better. So, do you really think she’s trapped?”

“It’s not thinking, it’s conviction.”

“… … “Are you sure?”

“Dante’s Inferno (La Divina).”

A story I told to Emperor Yeong in the past.

I explained it to her one more time.

“She is now trapped in Dante’s Hell, also known as the Inaccessible Dungeon.”

“… … what?”

As soon as she heard those words, her eyes began to shake violently.

“Dante’s Inferno… … That certainly explains it. But why? Is there any reason for Arcobaleno to go there? More than that, how on earth do you know that?”

And at the same time, the eyes turn cold.

“Are you sure you didn’t come to ask me to enter Dante’s Hell as the reward I told you about?”

Yes, I expected that kind of reaction.



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Dante’s Hell is an unexplored labyrinth that has not yet been cleared. Of course, no one can guarantee life or death.

No matter how cool she appears at times, her title is ‘Magic Tower Master’. It is also the magic tower of Jamsil Magic Tower, which stands tall in the middle of Seoul.

How could it be easy to negotiate with her like that?

“Of course, I wouldn’t ask Dante to go to hell with just that without conscience.”

“… … then?”

“──Instead, I will give you a reason to enter Dante’s Hell.”


She looks at me with an expression of incomprehension. Despite that, I paid no heed to her and continued speaking.

“A wizard renowned throughout the world. Why would Arcobaleno walk into Dante’s Hell, which is said to be impossible to conquer? To go in first and save those who can’t come back? For those who lost their homes due to Dante’s Inferno? Of course not. “She also had something in there she wanted.”

“If it’s something you want… … .”

“You know about the ‘Philosopher’s Stone,’ right?”

The ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ was originally known to change lead into gold. However, in the CS worldview, the Philosopher’s Stone had a completely different effect.

“It is truly a legendary item that is said to be capable of achieving the ultimate effect of magic. “Arcobaleno entered Dante’s Hell alone to obtain the ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’”

“The Philosopher’s Stone is real… … ?”

“Isn’t the world like this? “There is no reason why it should not exist.”

“But there is no evidence.”

A voice with a cold edge.

Perhaps, I was feeling doubtful about the way I spoke up until now.

“What you say is quite plausible. But what you are saying now is just speculation and there is no physical evidence whatsoever.”

As she said that, she put her back against the backrest and said, “Hmph!” She crosses her legs, making her snort.

“If you want to convince me, bring evidence. “I’m not the type of person who jumps into gambling just out of curiosity.”

“yes. Here you go.”


In response to her words, I handed her a book that I had prepared in advance.

“This is… … ?”

“This is the proof of what you said. To be exact, it is a record left by Arcobaleno before he disappeared.”

In case something like this happens, I asked Elena in Italy in advance and obtained the ‘Arcobaleno’s Philosopher’s Stone Record’.

Originally, it was an item that had to be obtained after clearing various sub-quests in Italy and finding its location… … .

‘Why not just bring it?’

I just checked all the log spawn locations and asked them to send me any books they found.

Well, it was very simple.


“Lottie, you would know right away, right? “The fact is that this record was not manipulated by someone else, but was truly written by Arcobaleno.”

She is eagerly turning the pages of the book while listening to me. Her eyes were quickly moving left and right, scanning the contents.

“this… … “Is this real?”

It wasn’t surprising that she reacted like that.

A record of a wizard who is treated as a heretic and a wanderer even among wizards, but whose skills are recognized as top-notch.

And since the content written in ink mixed with the person’s magical power is in front of your eyes, there can be no greater proof than this.

Is that all? The contents inside are more.

It’s as if you’ve already been through Dante’s Hell several times, including detailed descriptions of the monsters, vegetation, dropped items, and the environment.

Perhaps, if we were to consider the value of this book alone, even an astronomical amount would not be enough.

That’s what unexplored dungeon information is.

“Is this an interactive diary?”

“You guessed right.”

Of course, she didn’t really go to Dante’s Hell and back.

There was a magic item outside that shared the contents of each other’s books, and you went inside with one and recorded the contents.

It was a method commonly used by explorers who pioneered new dungeons and never knew when their lives might disappear, to leave records.

Then, her hands suddenly stop turning the pages.

“The content… … “It’s disconnected?”

“The contents of that book have not been updated anymore since exactly seven years ago. “I predicted that it was at that time that a problem arose with her status.”

“What is the possibility of death?”

“doesn’t exist. As you know, Lottie, the -End- sign appears at the end of this book when the writer dies.”

In other words, she was in a situation where she simply couldn’t make any records.

For nearly 7 years.

And, when looking at these situations. What we can realistically guess is… … .

“Arcobaleno… … “Is it sealed?”

“bingo. There is no explanation other than that. So, I would like to make a suggestion to Lottie once again. Thanks to that record, we have information about Dante’s Hell, and since we know what items are inside, our thoughts may have changed.”

An offer, not a reward.

Transact, not just receive.

“Now, Roti, the magic tower lord of Jamsil Magic Tower.”

I slowly extended my hand to close this deal and extended my hand towards her with a grin.

“With us, not anywhere else.”

──Caglione in the back boat

“Would you like to clear Dante’s Inferno?”

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