I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 425

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 425

Whenever I worked as a secondary character, the reason I always immersed myself into the character with a sincere attitude was largely due to the influence of the past.

Even if you try a job you’ve never tried before or try a completely new route, there comes a point where you get tired of the game.

It feels like the game itself is simply repeating the same story endlessly as part of the ‘work’.

Would you say that you feel like a regressor in the gaming world?

The problem is this. The main characters in novels and comics I’ve read in the past would go crazy if they returned to the same worldview hundreds or thousands of times, but what would happen if this were repeated tens or tens of thousands of times in a game?

‘Not funny.’

‘I lost interest.’

‘It’s boring.’

Eventually, you will leave the game.

But for me, CS was special. When you adopt a new method, you spit out a new event, and when you spit out a new line, you get a new response.

Would you give up on a game like this just because you’re starting to get sick of it?

Therefore, I came up with a way to enjoy this game in my own way, and that was to enjoy it by becoming overly immersed in the concept of the character I started training.

And this method was very effective.

As I developed the character, thinking that I had really become this character, not only did I get a different enjoyment, but the character development method also became more efficient and fun.

In this game, the death of a character meant a new beginning, so the amount of effort put into it allowed for a gruesome play, and as a result, the survival rate also increased dramatically.

In other words, to me, the existence of Magical Rogue was like another persona of mine.

however… … .

Do you dare look at this cool outfit, gorgeous skill effects, and muscles that exude strength and masculinity and turn you into a pervert? person who is abnormal? A strange creature that doesn’t look good in pink?!

No matter how late the opponent was, I ended up crossing a line that should not have been crossed.

“Magical──Beat Saber Holy Walking.”

Magical Rogue’s secret is that as soon as you take a step, you emit a bright light and create an effect as if a flashbang has exploded around you.

Just casting it would have been a fatal blow in the eyes of Latte, who was accustomed to the darkness.

“Keuuu! This crazy person! Are you going to let everyone know that we are here?!”

At this, Latte closes her eyes tightly and screams at me.

I was fine thanks to the correction from the smart lens, so I was able to see the situation in front of me clearly.

“joy. “It was late anyway.”

One minute has already passed since the emoji spoke.

Power had already been restored on the other side of the hallway, and the lights were starting to come on one by one.

And in the meantime, masked hamsters break into the security room behind Latte.

Looks like he’s trying to protect the data in the meantime… … .

Well, I guess I can just leave that alone.

Well then, should I scold the latte in front of me?

“Magical rendez-vous.”

An amazing magic that moves behind the opponent by stepping on the ground with all his might, as if teleporting.

It was a technique that emitted a bright light as soon as it was activated, making the opponent not even aware that I had moved.


In fact, Latte, who sensed my presence late, hurriedly turned around and brandished a dagger.

Is this really an agent in charge of intelligence missions in Caglione? Even in this situation, the trajectory is hesitating and even efficient.

Probably, if it were my usual self, I would have barely managed to block it and increase the distance.

However, perhaps it is because I recently learned dagger techniques from Changcheon Sword School, or perhaps it is because of the achievements and titles I earned at that time, the sword strokes from Latte’s hands are naturally engraved before my eyes.

Of course you can see it.

“Magical backstep.”

The Magical Rogue’s Oui, which bounces off the ground with the power of its toes and moves backwards in an instant.

Because of the way it emits a weak light and dodges backwards, the opponent has the effect of cutting the Magical Log’s afterimage.


As expected, the latte was fluttering in the air.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, he stretched out his front paw and struck his abdomen.


One of Magical Rogue’s terrifying techniques, which involves delivering a strong kick to the opponent’s ribs, causing rib fractures.

Of course, since the opponent was my opponent, I adjusted my strength appropriately… … The pain must have been enormous.

Latte, who took a step back and held on to her abdomen, suddenly stretched out her arms to both sides.

‘That… … .’

I’m sure I’ve seen this posture somewhere before.

For a moment, I thought to myself, “Where did I see that before?”


With Latte’s shout, the rats that were surrounding me started running at the same time.

Hairball bullets literally flying from all directions.

Well, we can’t hurt our employees.

I immediately lower my body and take a defensive stance.

“Magical Tekkai─.”

The secret of Magic Rogue is to curl your body into a ball to minimize exposure to important areas and absorb as much of the opponent’s blows as possible.

The bullets from the hairball did not do much damage to me, but instead they hit the aura I was wearing and fell to the floor one by one.

He passed out. If you try to break a rock with an egg, wouldn’t this naturally happen?

“In the end, I couldn’t break through my Tekkai…? … .”

“If you keep shouting out funny technology names like that, I’ll get mad!!”

Yikes. The magic chant that could be said to be the identity of this magical log must have made Latte feel quite bad, so she let out a scream and raised her pistol, which she didn’t know where she had taken it from, and started pulling the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!



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… … Is this a bullet for awakeners? Even though his entire body was covered in aura, the amount of shock received was enormous.

If Tekkai had not been used, he would have probably suffered considerable damage.


“Magical Tekkai. Magical Tekkai. Magical Tekkai. Magical Tekkai. Magical Tekkai──.”

If I could just defend myself, I could have endured that much.



Eventually, all the bullets seemed to have run out and the gunfire stopped flying.

“… … “Now it’s my turn.”

He slowly got up and looked at Latte, who was frowning indignantly.

If he used a gun, I should respond accordingly.

Pap─ Pparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr∙pot!

He took out a long white reaper that had been transformed into a magic wand, spun it around, and aimed it at Latte.

“It would be better to work harder.”

Perfect advice for the opponent before finishing.

“Magical- shooting star!!”

Magical Rogue’s secret power of condensing power into a weapon and shooting it forward──not that much, a long-distance attack!

The opponent hit by this attack becomes very painful.


The pink bullet fired at incredible speed instantly scratches Latte’s cheek and lands in the back.



It caused an explosion and clearly showed the aftermath.

Oh, and wasn’t that the youngest class around there? Well, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out.

Right now, my priority was to do something about the latte in front of me.

Latte, who was standing there in a daze, perhaps frozen by the shooting star that passed by her cheek, quietly opens her mouth.

“Why would a man with power like you do something like this?”

I finally realized it.

So far, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Latte. To Latte, I didn’t say anything and left just one word.


Because that is the word that refers to me, Magical Rogue.

“affection… … Righteousness? “Theft?”

“Don’t disparage my actions like that. As if there was a purpose for which you came here. “I also came to realize my own justice.”

After saying that, he turned around. He realized that surprise attacks wouldn’t work on me, so he wouldn’t attack me in the back again.

Jangle- Jangle- Jangle- Jangle-

“It would be best for you to run away as well.”

“… … yes?”

This time, Latte made a voice as if asking me what I was talking about.

“──He’s coming.”

“so… … What on earth… … .”

Beep ───!!

Beyond the hallway. The whistle blows loudly in this direction.

When I gently turned my head to look in the direction from which the sound came, I saw an old man who looked very familiar.

A hat with the Chinese character for guard and a blue outfit. A whistle in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

“… … Academy expenses. “It’s Mr. Kim.”

“… … !”

First of all, Latte also works within the Academy, so she must be well aware of Mr. Kim’s existence.

He must have immediately finished organizing his thoughts about what to do next based on my words.

“I will do you one last favor.”

So, should we prepare to escape?

There is only one goal: to get Latte out of here.

“You thief and bastard! It’s just waiting there! “I’ll take a hammer and crush all of your heads!!”

He aimed the white reaper, who had once again become a pink reaper, at Mr. Kim, who was running at incredible speed with an evil red eye glow, and infused an aura.

Mr. Kim’s jingling and yelling sounds are getting louder and louder.

“never!! “I’ll make it so you can’t even set foot in the academy!!”

I maintained an immovable posture until the end.


It was fired straight away.

“───Shining Road!!”


The entire hallway began to turn pink and emit tremendous flashes of light.

The light was so great that even I, the caster, could not clearly see the situation in front of me.

When I glanced in the direction where Latte was standing, I saw that she and the rats had disappeared, probably because they had already escaped.

No, to be exact, only one rat remained.

Take a picture!

It bends 90 degrees in this direction and runs toward me.

Yes, grace means not forgetting.

Because latte is also Callione.

Now, the problem from now on is Mr. Kim in front of you.

“Hahahaha! “It’s warm!”

The sight of a subject coming at you with smoke coming out of its body after being hit from the front by a fairly powerful blow was truly ‘horror’ itself.

“It looks like your colleague ran away, but I’ll make sure to catch you!”

He was coming towards me so completely, as if he was trying to catch me.

“Magical darkside.”

There’s no way I wasn’t prepared.

An item that can be used inside the academy and can be borrowed from the pranksters’ shelter.

‘Outsider student’, I activated that button.

Since I intentionally radiated light, it would have seemed to Mr. Kim that I had disappeared in an instant.

Since this was an item that even the academy’s instructors could not understand, even Mr. Kim could not help the effect of this item within the academy.

“Uuuuu… … ! “You damn rat!”

In fact, as soon as he activated the button, he was screaming at the sky.

‘It was indeed a fruitful day.’

I immediately took steps and headed towards the club room where my alter ego was.

Now, the CCTV is filming the alter ego, not me.

He immediately retrieved the clone generator, canceled the transformation, and immediately fell down on the desk, purposely letting his saliva drip onto the table.

It was because I could feel an extremely evil energy coming towards this place.


The door to the club room, which had obviously been locked again, burst open.

“… … Hey Eugene!!”

Angry voices echoed through the club room.

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