I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 418

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 418

【Hidden Quest Completed!】

[Legend of the Changcheon Swordsman’s 100 Days]

[The Changcheon Sword School has a tradition of further improving the skills of talented individuals by having them spar with a hundred disciples.

Will you be able to defeat a hundred Changcheon Swordsmen and pioneer a new legend? Check it out now!]

[Goal: Win the ‘100 per day sparring’ suggested by Choi Seon-ho]

[Compensation will be paid!]

[Choi Seon-ho’s likeability increases]

[Obtained the title ‘100 per day’]

[Acquiring understanding of Changcheon dagger technique],

[Obtained the achievement ‘Honorary Changcheon Swordsman’.]

Immediately after sparring, I received treatment for my minor wounds from a doctor and looked into the compensation I received this time.

【Title: 100 per day】

-This is a title for you who achieved victory over a hundred people in a row! When worn, overall abilities increase by 1% for each opponent.

‘Keuu! This is it!’

A text filled with words that are bound to exert tremendous power in wars between organizations.

This was nothing short of a title for Yang Hak, by Yang Hak, and for Yang Hak.

Of course, it doesn’t mean much if you’re dealing with just one or two people, but… … That’s something you just have to figure out and do well.

This alone was very sweet, but what caught my eye next was no less daunting.

[Achievement: Acquire the “Honorary Changcheon Swordsman”!]

[Your skills have been recognized by the majority of Changcheon Swordsmen.]

[There is nothing better than the Changcheon Swordsman! If he is better than us, he is also a Changcheon Swordsman!]

[Your understanding of swordsmanship increases slightly.]

[You will be qualified to learn the Changcheon Swordsman’s arcane skills.]

‘Honorary Changcheon Swordsman’, a title that allows you to receive bonuses for belonging to the Changcheon Swords Family even though you are not a member of the Changcheon Swords Family.

It was clear that this would be a great help in learning skills that could only be obtained from the Changcheon Swordsman in the future.

Choi Seon-ho’s likeability is sufficient, so it will be easier to learn dagger skills in the future.

I tried moving the dagger lightly on my way back earlier, and considering that moving the dagger felt more natural, the advantage is clear.

‘In addition, as a ‘sword master’, a correction value for the sword will also be added.’

It was a title that would later be useful in many ways.

When you think you had a truly fruitful day and you feel proud in your heart.

“Okay, it’s over!”

A tingling pain in the back accompanied by a snapping sound.

Although there were no deep wounds, my upper body was currently completely wrapped in bandages as several stab wounds remained throughout my body.

“I just briefly disinfected and bandaged it, so if you feel okay tonight, take it off and go to sleep. “At your healing rate, nothing will happen.”

“thank you.”

To be honest, the bandages were overdone. Considering my ability, I could have healed with just acupuncture, but there was a strict order from Choi Seon-ho that I had to get treatment no matter what.

That’s right… … .

‘I borrowed you and staged an event like this, but let Kwak Chun-sik send you to that guy with at least one scar! ‘Isn’t it obvious that they’re going to come in here and start a fuss right now?’

I think it was closer to a request than an order.

Since you say that, I really can’t help it. More than anything… … Even if I thought about it, it seemed like old man Kwak Chun-sik would really do that.

As the doctor who was treating me left the room, an elderly man named Choi Seon-ho, who had been waiting outside, came in and cleared his throat, saying, ‘Hmm!’

“Okay, how are you feeling?”

“My body is fine, but being like this makes me feel like a patient for no reason.”

As I mutter that while looking at the bandage wrapped around my arm, Choi Seon-ho giggles.

“It can’t be helped, right? “I’m the one who borrowed you, so it’s no good sending you away with scratches.”

“Well, that’s true.”

When I shrugged my shoulders and answered that, he smiled and stood in front of me.

“So, do you think this sparring helped you too?”

Looking at his expression, it seemed like he felt a little sorry for me, as he was the one who initiated this sparring.

I think I asked that question because I hoped I would get something out of it.

And the answer for me is simple.

“yes. It was very helpful.”

Hidden quests, as well as titles and achievements. If this is not something to be gained, then what is it to be gained?

And in response to my answer, the man who looked secretly apologetic smiled brightly.

“okay. Good thing then. By the way, you said you had something to receive from Yeon, right? “I’m waiting outside right now, so go out and have a look.”

“thank you. “Elderly.”

After thanking him, I took off the clothes I had left on for treatment and went outside.

Then, I saw Choi Yeon waiting for me outside, holding Jiyun’s hand.

“ah. Eugene.”


Jiyoon shakes off Choi Yeon’s hand and clings to me.

Seeing that, Choi Yeon opened her mouth in a restless manner, as if she didn’t know what to do.

“Sorry. Eugene. “If I knew you would get hurt like this, I wouldn’t have brought Jiyun to the sparring hall.”

Wow, he was laughing and running wild earlier.

He seemed to feel guilty about the fact that he had shown his injuries while fighting fiercely in front of his younger brother.

Even if you don’t know our Callione, you don’t know much.

“If that’s the case, there’s nothing to worry about.”



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“Our Jiyun is not a weak child who worries about her brother this much.”

I pat Jiyun’s head as she clings to me and smile.

Then Jiyoon lifted her head and hugged me even harder.

“Oppa, you were so cool! I keep fighting with people, but I never get tired! Totally fierce! “It’s really, really cool!”

With a different reaction than expected, Choi Yeon just stared blankly at the two of us.

I smiled and said this to her.

“Jiyun is also from Callione? It’s just that I’m not a child who cries over something like this. On the contrary, it might be cool to see them fighting.”

“Oh, so… … “You said I was cool when you saw me earlier.”

You said that to him too?

“that’s right!”

At that time, Jiyoon left my body and grabbed Choiyeon’s hand again.

“My sister was so cool too! I want to become a prosecutor like you in the future… … ! yap! yap!”

Ji-yoon says that and pretends to swing a sword in the air. And seeing that, I was quite shocked.

“Ji, Jiyoon… … .”

A swordsman from the Mutuga family. What nonsense is that!

… … ah. Come to think of it, her maternal grandfather said last time that her mother used a sword.

Well, then it doesn’t really matter then?

“huh. “Jiyun will be able to become strong like me later.”


“huh. Because the talent that my grandfather and I saw was real.”

“Hehehe… … .”

“So, should I tell my father later that I want to learn swordplay at the Changcheon Sword School?”

After hearing those words, he went straight to Choi Yeon and blew water on her head.


“How can you sell to someone else’s house?”

“… … “Grandpa ordered it.”


Then, the voice of the old man Geomseon was heard from behind.

-Me, not me!

“Grandpa, you lied!”

… … Well, this family also seems to have a lot of fun, even though it doesn’t look like it on the outside.

“So, what happened to the thing you said you bought from China?”

“Oh, that. I put it in my room. Come with me.”

“In your room? “Of course.”

With those words, I followed Choi Yeon, who was ahead of me, and Ji-yoon and I walked on the main floor and headed to Choi Yeon’s room.

“Okay, here it is. my room.”

As a direct descendant, Choi Yeon’s room was located near Choi Seon-ho’s lodgings. On the outside, it wasn’t much different from other rooms.

If I had to point out something different, it would be that there is a nameplate saying [Choi Yeon] hanging above the door.

“come in.”

Choi Yeon and Jiyoon open the door first and go inside.

Choi Yeon’s room boasted a more ordinary interior than expected.

The interior is a cool blue color that gives a refreshing feeling because it resembles the color of her hair.

Choi Yeon ran over there and took out something.

“here. Is this what Eugene said? Then she went to the place she told me about and it really was there.”

Choi Yeon said that and handed me an old book.

I quietly accept the book and take a quick look at the cover and the contents inside.

“huh. I think that’s right. thank you.”

“I think the sword Eugene gave me is better, but are you really okay with this old book?”

“Do you know that the sword I gave you is also an old sword?”

“huh. “I heard it was a relic.”

“okay. This is a book made even earlier than that. So, it is something that is that valuable. Thank you, I will write well. Choi Yeon.”

“huh. “I was worried that this wouldn’t be enough, so I bought some elixirs from China, and then I would—”

“No. Is it a little lacking? “I’ll take the elixir as well.”

“… … huh.”

If you bought it for me, it’s mine. Where are you going to eat?

* * *

next day.

Since the morning, we have been seeing off Choi Sun-ho and Choi Yeon in front of Changcheon Geomga.

“Grandpa Sword. Bye-bye, Yeon-ni!”

“I owe you. “I’ll just go in now.”

“Giggles! Yes, come visit often.”

“Jiyun. “Hello Eugene.”

yesternight. You don’t know how hard it was for them to invite the people of Changcheon Geomga and have a party, saying that it would be a shame to just let us go.

Don’t we sing to each other while drinking alcohol that I can’t even drink? Don’t people who sparred with me approach each other to complain or ask for feedback? … To me, ‘Don’t look at the Changcheon Swordsman as water!’ I wonder if the guy who screamed got hit by the spoon Choi Yeon threw and fainted… … .

It was truly a spectacular evening.

Still, it didn’t seem like it was a very bad time. That means that the people of the Changcheon Sword Family consider each other important. And it felt as if I, too, had been accepted into the loop.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me.

Would people like it if we held a festival like that in Caglione? same.

Since our family has a very restrained atmosphere, the only event we could do was to gather together for a meal. I thought I needed something different.

“… … “Jiyoon.”


“What do you think if we do something like a sports day with the people at Caglione?”

“… … Sports day?”

“huh. “I run, explode gourds, and eat grilled meat with the people of Callione.”

“… … “I think it’ll be fun!”


This is a sports day that Jiyoon would have had to experience at least once if she had gone to kindergarten or school.

Since we’ve never done anything like that before, if we take this opportunity to ask everyone to do it together, wouldn’t my father eventually give his permission?

Well, as for the prizes, if I go out there and win all the elixirs and items in Caglione’s warehouse… … .

“Hehehe… … .”

I can obtain elixirs and items that have been designated as property by the organization and cannot be consumed without permission.

It’s literally a legal ride… … method.

“good. Jiyoon, let’s go home and talk to Papa. got it?”

“Sports day… … ! yes!”

Of course, before that, I had to worry about the academy classes and club room that I had to go to tomorrow, but it was best to implement good ideas quickly.

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