I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 415

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 415

When I heard that there were 100 people, my thoughts stopped for a moment.

Changcheon Geomsu are already active heroes. Among them, it refers to those who can perform the swordsmanship of the Changcheon Sword School at an intermediate level.

But, fighting a hundred people like that?

“When you say 100 people. “Are they going to surround me and attack me all at once?”

When he asked that with a feeling of hope, Choi Seon-ho’s eyes widened.

“Hahahaha! What does that mean? “Do I really want you to fight with a hundred people at the same time?”

He burst out laughing and continued speaking.

“I’m not talking about sparring against a hundred people, I’m talking about sparring with a total of a hundred people one by one. “It’s a pretty traditional method, but didn’t they do this kind of training separately at the Auror dojo?”

Hearing that story reminded me of something that happened at a past Auror general meeting.

A sparring held as a group with students.

Of course, in a situation where everyone has to deal with each other, ‘take it all at once.’ I was the one who said the same thing, but I remembered that it was probably the last time I dealt with a group on my own.

And when he saw my expression, he started laughing with an understanding face.

“Giggles! After all, the Auror side also did something like this.”

no. I didn’t. I really wanted to answer, but as an Auror elder, I had no choice in order to protect the Auror’s honor. First, I nodded.

Well, since you said you were dealing with each person one at a time, it didn’t seem like there would be much of a problem. More than anything.


【Hidden Mission】

[Legend of the Changcheon Swordsman’s 100 Days]

[The Changcheon Sword School has a tradition of further improving the skills of talented individuals by having them spar with a hundred disciples.

Will you be able to defeat a hundred Changcheon Swordsmen and pioneer a new legend? Check it out now!]

[Goal: Win the ‘100 per day sparring’ suggested by Choi Seon-ho]

[Reward: Increased favorability of Choi Seon-ho, acquisition of title ‘Baek per day’, acquisition of understanding of Changcheon dagger technique, acquisition of achievement ‘Honorary Changcheon Swordsman’.]

To me, who knew how sweet the reward for this quest was, the refusal seemed even more ridiculous.

How much time have you spent in the game to get this ‘100 per day’ and ‘honorary Changcheongeomsu’?

A ‘100 per day’ quest that occurs at random when you enter the Changcheon Sword House, show off your talent better than anyone else, and gain Choi Seon-ho’s favor.

Only by clearing this quest can the Changcheon Swordsman’s arcane skills be unlocked, so it was also a quest that must be cleared in order to raise a swordsman.

Of course, I don’t use a sword right now, but other than that, there are a lot of things I can gain from this quest.

“grandfather. Wouldn’t it be too early for Yujin to start sparring one-on-one? Above all, I don’t think it will be of any benefit to the Changcheon Sword Family.”

At that time, Choi Yeon, who was next to him, looked at Choi Seon-ho and expressed concern about the quest.

A quest to deal with 100 people who are not just anyone else but representatives of the Changcheon Sword Family.

Not only would I get hurt in a sparring match with them, but conversely, if I, an Auror, defeated a hundred of them, they seemed to have predicted that the reputation of the Changcheon Sword Family would drop.

“grandfather… … .”

Judging by the look of worry in her eyes, the former seemed to be more important.

However, that doesn’t mean I can give up on this quest.

“her. Does not matter!”

Fortunately, Choi Seon-ho seemed to have similar thoughts as me.

“Recently, I still held back for you, but seeing that guy, who is not even from the Changcheon Swords Family, working hard, I started to feel a little offended that he was calling himself a Changcheon Swordsman. This guy, who is called a genius, wakes up earlier than anyone else and goes to the dojang, but these guys just spread nonsense and go to sleep. “What effort are you putting in?”

… … Apparently, stopping by the gym early this morning and sparring acted as a catalyst.

“Even if the reputation of the Changcheon Sword Family is tarnished, if this incident provides a moderate shock to other people and serves as fertilizer for the future, I will do it. No, 10,000 people can ask Eugene to deal with them!”

… … no. One thousand or ten thousand people is a bit much.

Still, I was curious. Are there supposed to be 1,000 achievements per day?

“… … If that’s your grandfather’s opinion, I won’t say anything more. Still, isn’t Eugene’s opinion the most important thing? Eugene?”

When Choi Yeon called my name and turned her head, Choi Seon-ho also looked back at me with his eyes urging me to answer.

“Okay, so what should we do? “Should I do it or not?”

He asks provocatively.

Do you say that?

“I was listening to it all from the side, and since you have shown me so much grace, I should help you too.”

Of course I should get it.

* * *

Preparations for Dalian proceeded smoothly.

Of course, it was not without opposition from those who were called the elders of the Changcheon Sword Family.

‘It’s not possible! ‘Isn’t Eugene an Auror-style elder?’

‘If it becomes known to the media that one of the Changcheon Swordsmen’s swords was broken by an Auror, it won’t do us any good!’

‘One versus one hundred attire sparring can cause serious injury to Eugene! Please reconsider. ‘Matriarch!’

Most of them were about what Choi Yeon was initially worried about. one.

‘I will never bend my opinion. If you are dissatisfied, try breaking it with your sword.’

In this regard, it may have been similar to the Auror style, but Choi Seon-ho pushed ahead without giving up his opinion, so in the end, there was no choice but to follow.

Well, what can I do? In the end, this world flows according to the law of power.

A sparring prepared like that.

The rules of sparring were simple. I deal with the people assigned from number 1 to 100 sequentially by myself in the order determined by the other side.

Although I was free to use any weapons, abilities, or techniques, I planned to only use daggers if possible in this sparring.

It’s already been done, but you can’t just easily throw away such a good opportunity, right?

“Eugene. Are you ready?”

Choi Yeon’s voice was heard from outside the waiting room.

As I open the door and go out, I see Choi Yeon wearing a uniform.

“What, are you participating in the sparring too?”

Uh, this is a different story… … .



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For a moment, I felt like my intention to only use a dagger faded away.

Choi Yeon was a very daunting opponent even for me now if I didn’t fight her with all my heart.

But fortunately, Choi Yeon shook her head and answered.

“no. Because it feels like an event for the Changcheon Sword Family. “I just wore it. Jiyun also wore a children’s uniform.”

When I looked at the tip of her finger, I saw Jiyun wearing a uniform and looking at the flowers in the flower bed.

… … Should I ask for a pair of those? Jiyoon’s appearance in her uniform was quite cute.


Again, I turn my attention to Choi Yeon, who calls my name. That face is as expressionless as usual.

“Because I decided to do it. “I have to win.”

However, she clenched both fists and nodded once as if she was cheering me on, cheering me on in her own way.

Before she was a member of the Changcheon Sword Family, she was the granddaughter of Choi Seon-ho, who gave this opinion, and she was also my friend.

“Yes, we have to win. thanks.”

I patted her on the shoulder and headed to the Changcheon Swordsman’s dojo.

Perhaps the rumor that they were having a sparring match between white robes, something that had happened for a long time, had already spread throughout the entire sword family, and the people of the Changcheon Sword Family were still gathering in real time.

“brother. Fighting!”

With the enthusiastic support of Jiyun and Choi Yeon, I passed them and walked into the wide open dojo.


The heat in the dojo was hotter than ever.

100 people sitting side by side on one side.

The momentum they gave off resembled that of gladiators waiting to announce the start of battle.

100 hostile people… … .

[Detects hostility around you.]

[Blood system ability: Caglione is activated.]

Is your body starting to heat up already? It seemed like it would be a fun sparring match.

In the center of the sparring arena, Choi Seon-ho, who had planned this sparring, was standing with his arms crossed.

As soon as I feel his eyes on me, I feel like the pressure is eased a little.

Yes, those 100 people are worse than that one person, so why should I be nervous?

Jiyun and Choi Yeon moved to the back where the galleries were, and I stood opposite the hundred people who were quietly kneeling.

“Are you here? Okay, are you ready?”

Choi Seon-ho sees me and comes over to me and talks to me.

“That’s enough.”

“Do you have any weapons to use?”

“All you need is this dagger and gloves.”

As I said that, I showed the Midas glove I was wearing on my hand and the Ram Thunder Knife I was holding in one hand.

“Are you planning to fight with a dagger?”

“Until it happens.”

He looked slightly surprised upon hearing my answer.

And then soon.

“Giggles! okay. “That’s great!”

As if he liked my determination, he burst into laughter and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, go see and learn a lot.”

“thank you. “Elderly.”

After saying those words, Choi Seon-ho returned to his original position and looked at me and the hundred disciples in turn and opened his mouth.

“From now on, we will begin a one-on-one sparring. “One side’s Han Yu-jin and the white side’s No. 1 opponent should come forward.”

At his words, the man sitting in the front row stood up, walked towards the front, and bowed his head in my direction. An example of the beginning of a sparring match.

To this, I naturally responded by lowering my head.

Choi Seon-ho, who was looking at this with satisfaction, opens his mouth.


At the same time, he pulls out the leaden sword.

In order to conduct this sparring like a real fight, the tension was unique as they decided to compete with each other’s weapons rather than wooden swords.

Dagger and long sword.

The swordsman, who has been learning swordsmanship for a long time, and I, who recently started learning how to use a dagger properly.

If a third party were to see it, it might seem like a completely unfavorable match for me.


Unfortunately, that gap can be made up with physicality and talent.


As soon as it started, inspector number 1 started running towards me with great enthusiasm.

It was as if he was determined to end the game as quickly as possible, as if he wanted to make it impossible for me to judge his skills.


“Blue (波浪).”

I also had that thought.

I also have 99 people left to deal with, so there’s no need to show my strength, right?

Apply strength to your toes, run across the flat floor, bend down, and run in front of the enemy in an instant.

A dagger swung at the same time as if grazing.

By immediately releasing the energy that had been accumulated due to the influence of the blood world ability until now, the area around the dagger was filled with red lightning.

Before his sword touched me. Tuk. The moment I put the dagger to his side.


He was shocked by electricity all over his body, trembled, and fell down in an instant.

“Good sparring. thank you.”

From now on, it was time to change the hostility of the 99 people towards me into fear.

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