I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 385

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 385

To be precise, Choi Yeon’s ‘Changcheon Shot’ was not a deadly shot with tremendous power.

At best, is it just a slightly stronger shot fired with the awakened person’s enhanced physical abilities?

Actually, my palms felt a little numb, but there was no more pain.

It’s just that the amount of impact was unexpected.

“Cluck cluck!”

A cough that bursts out, as if suddenly hit by a cold wind.

The problem was that this cough mixed with blood and turned the grass red.

“Yu, Eugene… … ?”

In response, Choi Yeon looks at me with shaking eyes that I have never seen before.

And then behind her, I saw other children running towards us.

“Boss, boss?! Bossuuuu!!”


“Are you okay, Eugene?!”

no… … I’m completely fine.

It was just dead blood that burst out for a moment… … .

“Referee! “Blow the whistle!”

At this, Yongje, who was in the striker formation, hurriedly waved his hand and ordered the game to stop, and Stella Lee, who was sitting in the waiting area, came running with both hands full of divine power.

‘If things continue like this, it’s going to be a real mess… … !’

When I instinctively realized this, I immediately picked up the ball, threw it toward the center of the stadium, and shouted.

“Because I’m really fine! Let the game proceed!”

There is only one conclusion. No one will say anything if I show them for myself that my body is really fine!

I threw the ball with that in mind… … .

“Look, boss!”

“Ah, anyway, don’t we have to stop the game for a moment? Eugene, not anyone else, bleeds――”

“You still don’t know?! The boss is determined to win once he enters the field! Kim Se-ah! Are you going to trample on a man’s resolve?!”

“yes?! “You mean something like that?!”

For some reason, the story started to take a strange turn.

“shit! Vice class leader! “Is that something like that?”

“I trusted you, Vice Captain!!”

“Oooooh! Don’t be ashamed of us either! Let’s run with the determination to die!”

And for some reason, the kids in the class started running after the ball with an expression that seemed even more determined than the first time.

What was moving normally just a moment ago somehow starts running like a World Cup final.


Young-je caught the ball I threw with his chest and looked at Jin-woo running forward and made a non-stop pass.

“Allegrissimo (very quickly)!!”

A blue magic circle rising between the foot and the ball.

The double and triple overlap of magic further accelerated the speed of the ball.


As soon as Youngje’s foot left the ball, Jinwoo, who was stuck with the opposing defender, suddenly ran forward and passed the opponent.

“Move. “Don’t stand in front of the king!”

Jin-woo starts rushing towards the enemy goal at incredible speed while reciting strange lines.

As a result, the opposing goalkeeper belatedly rushed forward and tried to narrow the angle as much as possible.

“The “monster” inside me is speaking… … “Now is the chance to score a goal!”

The guy who jumped into the air by creating wind turned over and hit the ball downward.


Our Class A’s first goal shook the net with a cheerful sound.

With the sound of the whistle, it was recognized that a goal had been scored, and the children in the class began to shout loudly.

“Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Jinwoo Vivalt! “I believed it!”

“Ballon d’Or Jinwoo! Ballon d’Or Jinwoo! Ballon d’Or Jinwoo!”

Normally, he would be swayed by the constant praise he received.

“Jinwoo… … Seed?”

Se-Ah, who continues to see him lying on the floor, approaches him and examines him.

And then… … .

“Huh?! “Jinwoo’s neck was bent in a strange direction!!”

They started screaming, different from shouting, and urgently asking for help.

“Jinwoo! are you okay? “Is there no place that hurts more?!”

Fortunately, he quickly came to his senses with the help of the emergency team that rushed over.

When Youngje knocked on the guy with a worried face, Jinwoo looked at his face blankly, then shook his head and chuckled as if it was no big deal.

“Because to me, soccer is murder… … “This is just killing my weak self.”

“Mr. Youngje! What should I do?! “It looks like Jinwoo hit his head really hard?!”

“Should I take him to the health room first?”

The children are embarrassed to see Jinwoo talking nonsense.

“Why on earth don’t people who play soccer know this emotion!? really! It’s boring and makes me want to die! really!”

That’s what he was saying earlier.

While I was shaking my head at that pitiful sight, the guy walked towards the center and suddenly started looking at the sky.

“boss… … Are you watching? we. “I succeeded in scoring a goal!”

“… … .”



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Out of embarrassment, I immediately took out a white reaper and shot the guy in the head with the weakest power.

“Aaaah! it hurts! what! “No guns allowed during soccer!”

Jinwoo grabbed his head and shouted, but the other instructors didn’t say anything, right? There are even people nodding their heads, saying they did a good job.

“Stop talking nonsense and focus on the game. It’s still early days── Cough! Cough!”

My blood pressure must have risen at the sight of that guy, and blood poured out of my mouth once again.

Then the children were surprised and gathered next to me again.

“Yu, Mr. Eugene. Is this really okay? “Is it okay to go to the health room?”

“Yes, that’s right! Director! Enough for today and get some rest. “You’re already doing a good job, so just let someone else do it!”

Have someone else do it?


The only people in the resting place right now are people who are far from exercising, right?

“that… … number of animals! All you have to do is set up a golem for Marie and have her block the ball!”

Youngje opens his mouth treacherously, racking his brain as if trying to figure out a way.


“The opponents are also awakened, especially guys like Choi Yeon and Jeong Eui-hoon. Do you think a slow entity like a golem can properly block their shots?”

In my judgment, I will never be able to stop it.

No, on the contrary, since the opponent is a golem, he will try to score a goal by breaking it with force.

Since it started like this, all I could think about was that I had to protect the goal until the end.

“I’m so cool–I’m really cool–I’m fine… … “Get ready for the game quickly.”

How long will this guy’s cough continue?

The blood scattered around and on his face was cleaned up by absorbing it all with the ‘Berserker’s Ring’.

This must have strengthened my physical strength a little bit.

And above all.

Smul- Smul-

Because I happened to have a useful ability that I could use in this game.

“hurry! The other team is waiting too!”

After chasing away the other kids who had gathered around me, I walked to the goal and looked in the direction of the ball.

With our first goal, Class C owns the next ball.

The opposing team appears to be simply exchanging strategy with serious expressions.

Jeong Eui-hoon and Choi Yeon talked a few times in voices so low that they could not be understood, then suddenly passed the ball and resumed the game.

Jeong Eui-hoon was the first to receive the ball.

As the guy catches the ball and starts running, a blue light begins to linger around his body. The opposing wizard cast a buff spell on him.

To prevent it, Se-ah worked hard to hit the wall and Yeong-je tried to keep it in check with magic, but his movements were so flexible that he moved around and broke through all sabotage.

“You can’t pass through here!”

Our defensive midfielder Jang Hyuk-soo tried to block him by buffing himself.

“Choi Yeon!”

The guy tried to get rid of him by passing to Choi Yeon, who was running next to him.

However, our team also has defenders.

“The vice-captain is holding on through such hardships!”

“Stop it with your life!”

No, you don’t have to risk your life… … .

The children ran to stop Choi Yeon, gritting their teeth whether they knew it or not.

One applied a lariat from above, and the other applied a sliding tackle.

No, that’s a foul!

However, Choi Yeon easily got through all of this by performing very smooth and elegant movements as if she were an acrobat in a circus troupe.

If things continue like this, I’ll be the only one left in front.

“I will definitely include it this time.”

As she gradually narrowed the distance and decreased the angle, she took her foot deep back to kick.

“A great shot.”

This time, Choi Yeon stretches her legs while spitting out a needlessly grandiose technical name.


【Basilisk (Basiliskos: Little King)】 is activated.

By pouring out an aura of fear just for Choi Yeon-man, he succeeded in blocking her attack once.

“W-what is this?”

She is embarrassed by her body that has stopped momentarily.

I stole the ball from her and made a long pass toward the front with all my might.

The goal is.

“Jinwoo Vivalt!!”

Jinwoo must have been sure that I would block it, but instead of participating in the defense, he waited for the ball in the opponent’s area.

“my! my! my!”

He used his wind manipulation ability to make a huge jump and then caught the ball in the air.

“ruler! It’s a counterattack! Se-ah and Young-je escort me! “The rest are preparing for a counterattack!”

A guy who never misses an order even while running.

And while I was watching that, I also immediately used the wave and joined the attack formation.

“uh?! Vice, Vice Captain?!”

The children were embarrassed to see me move to the front in an instant.

But I ignored the children and sped up to stand side by side with Jinwoo.

“Huh? Bo, boss? “Aren’t you a goalie?”

“If you score a goal, you won’t be able to reach the goal anyway, right?”

“Of course you’re the boss! “I heard you’re hot!”

Hearing my shout, he laughed as if he was excited and passed the ball.

Then, as if they were aiming for this, the C class guys who had already taken their positions began to gradually narrow the siege to block me.

So, the most appropriate technique to use in this situation is… … .

“Heukcheonbyeokryeok (黑天霹靂).”

The dark red electric current that wrapped around my feet covered my feet, the ball, and even the ground, and soon the entire ball began emitting a strong electric charge.

A gorgeous effect, like something you would see in a fantasy movie.

“Zigment! Be sure to stop it!”

Chung Eui-hoon, who was watching my shot, screamed as loud as he could, and as if to repay his words, the opposing goalkeeper said, ‘Oooooh!’ He shouted with great enthusiasm and rushed forward.

“Surprisingly, now you are also recognized as the enemy.”

Thanks to my hard-working traits, my physical strength is now much stronger than usual. To put it roughly, it’s enough to shoot them down.


The ball, wrapped in electric current, developed tremendous speed and flew straight through the net all the way to the back.


The ball exploded at supersonic speed, tore through the net in an instant, and then crashed into the wall behind it.

A truly powerful shot that the goalkeeper couldn’t even react to.

After a moment of silence.


The children came running cheering.

“Goalkeeper scoring goals… … ! “Is this a true romance?!”

Jinwoo, who came next to me, said something strange again, but thanks to his hard work, I didn’t even have an excuse to say anything.

Only the pleasure of scoring a goal overflows your body.

I walked around the playground and showed a ceremony by spreading my palms and placing them on either side of my face.

That’s right, this is a real sport, a team game!

It was only for a moment that I felt the pleasure of scoring a goal.

“Kwaek! “Cluck!”

“Ah-oh. really! “You really don’t listen!”

When I end up bleeding again, Se-Ah drags me to the health room, saying it won’t work.

“The game isn’t over yet! “You can’t go already!”

“No way! “Go to the health room and get an injection!”

“No, really, I’m fine!”

“Do not be ridiculous. “You idiot!”

“No, no, really, the health room is not allowed?!”

“No! Are you Jinwoo?! Why are you so stubborn? “If you don’t follow me, Familia and all, I’ll nag you all day, so if you have the confidence to handle it, just keep resisting!”

A Familia without Se-Ah?

“… … I’ll go.

I decided to break my stubbornness this time.

Still, since the place I’m headed to now is the academy’s health room, there must be some hidden pieces that I’ve taken care of.

‘I’ll have to pick the mulberries while I’m on my way.’

So, for the first time in my life, I was taken to the academy’s health room.

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