I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 380

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Episode 380

Became the Academy Mafia Episode 380


Was my confident declaration that funny?

The guy who had been in good form until now started to tremble.

“Khaat! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!!”

I started laughing like crazy.

“You are still an amazing person. Before and now. You’re trying to upset me by spewing out strange nonsense! “It makes me wonder where on earth you learned that dirty speaking habit!”

This time, it seems that the problem was my bombshell remarks in front of others.

What a ridiculous reason it is that he became a villain after being dumped by a woman.

Of course, he was a crazy person who believed that by killing the woman he loved, she would be with him forever, but I also don’t want to be labeled a liar.

“Gan Pronia. You were the first woman you killed, right? A beautiful blonde woman. And I waitressed at a restaurant with you, maybe? Oh, since this has already come to an end, would you like me to tell you your confessional mantra? ‘glass! Every time I see you, my heart feels a burning pain, like pouring hot coffee on me!’ rani. “No matter how emotional it may be, it’s still a bit of a time, isn’t it?”

How dare you start a fight with me, who is proudly ranked as the number one user in the community who hates Plague the most?

Plague was a guy who was designated as a hugely hated villain in the community.

Not only was there a boring story related to this guy that unraveled as it progressed, but he was also a very difficult guy because he went on a rampage all the time when playing as a hero.

What was even more vicious was that they did not go on a rampage directly, but instead took advantage of the disease and prioritized the damage to ordinary citizens.

Usually, players are confident in their ability to run wild, but it is extremely difficult to control such small details.

Well, thanks to that, I was able to build up his reputation in the community by tormenting him in all kinds of ways, and I felt happy to see him getting annoyed in various ways every time I played.

as soon as.

“… … Damn you little boy!”

like now.

“I don’t know how you know such information! “I will definitely catch you and tear your mouth open in front of Vito Caglione!”

Is it because I brought up Jan’s name, which is like the guy’s seizure button? The black energy that had been swirling around began to fluctuate greatly.

The corners of my mouth naturally rise at the sight.

This was because the first condition for dealing with him was met.

An event that occurs regularly when you make a character angry with a character whose speaking level has increased before the start of a battle.

“everyone. “Die here.”

As soon as the guy stretches out his arms, black smoke begins to billow out from between the bandages wrapped around his body.

Those are extreme diseases that affect even awakened people.

An ordinary person would die within an hour just by inhaling that smoke, and even for awakened people, it was an annoying ability that caused complex abnormalities such as breathing difficulties, fever, coughing, and abdominal pain, causing them to lose their fighting ability.

The reason for inducing this heinous pattern from the beginning was simple.

This was because if you use this pattern from the beginning, all the miscellaneous skills he used before will be skipped.

“Spirits of light! Put up a shield!”

A black hand commanded the spirits as they looked at the smoke coming towards us.

The spirits of light stretch out their arms and create a white curtain around us. The spirits of light were of great help in this regard.

“Wipe it away!”

These weren’t villains who would just sit there and watch.

Following Plague’s orders, Mycelium and the villains slowly narrowed the distance, leaving themselves to the black smoke.

If it was just smoke, it was natural that if they attacked, the shield would be broken, and if that happened, we would definitely be hit by the smoke that came after us.

okay. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this situation. So, I staged it on purpose.

I immediately took out the items I had prepared for this task and placed them on my hands.

Sun fruit.

It was something I received directly from the president a while ago.

[Name: Sungwa (太陽果)]

[Grade: Semi-Mythical]

[Type: Material]

[Description: This is a legendary fruit that grows on the top of a mountain closer to the sun than any other place. Its power is so strong that it cannot be normally consumed, but it is certain that it contains the energy of extreme yang.]

Originally, it was an ingredient used in the game to consume elixirs of extreme yin or to create art effects, and was a dangerous item that could burn your entire body to death if you ate it without thinking.

And one of the hidden abilities of this object is that, as its name suggests, it contains a strong energy of the sun.

As soon as this fact spread in the community, the number of people conducting bizarre experiments with it increased dramatically for a while.

And I was one of them. After a long period of testing, something was created as a result.


I inserted the ascalon that had been soaked in holy water into the sun fruit as if I were making fruit skewers.

As if reacting to this. Ascalon begins to emit bright light.

The light that began to spread out around me began to gradually expand its area, as if pushing out the surrounding light.

“Wait a minute, this is…” … ?!”

Okay, that’s the use I found. It was said that when solar fruit and divine matter meet, a new synergy is created.

Upon seeing this effect, the expression on the face of the guy who had lost himself in anger just now suddenly turned into confusion.

Yes, you can’t help but be surprised.

A refreshing feeling that covers your body. And there are few effects that bring about coolness.

When the smoke that was threatening to cover us disappeared, our team also looked at me in confusion.

“Callione kid. This… … .”

“Sanctuaryization. “We have now designated this area as a sanctuary.”

A Catholic secret that only a few Catholic bishops can do.

In the past, this was what Augustus spread around his cathedral on Jeju Island. The technology that used Ascalon as a medium was correct.

“why… … You are not capable of handling divine power! Can you use this divine power?!”

Since the past, God’s miracles have been performed on countless people.

A representative example of these is the miracle of curing the sick.



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In other words, divine power was one of his perfect counters.

“what. Didn’t you hear? “I’m a bit close to Catholics.”

It was meant to confuse him, but for some reason, it was the members of Caglione and Ansan who responded to those words.

‘It was true… … !’

‘Is it true that Callione’s successor is under Catholic protection?’

‘Our master is crazy… … .’

Well, I never lied. We decided to continue with this fraud.

After gently placing Ascalon and the sun fruit on his back, he looked at the mycelium and villains who were not allowed to enter the designated sanctuary area.

“Why can’t you come in?”

Those guys were also strengthened by Plague’s abilities.

Perhaps he instinctively sensed that he shouldn’t come in here, and he was acting awkwardly.

If it were mycelium, it would disappear immediately, and even the villains would lose their power like the current Berserker and return to nothing. And that too in an emaciated state due to suffering from illness.

That meant that in the current situation, they couldn’t approach us.


At my call, all of Caglione’s troops holstered their melee weapons and took out their heavy weapons.

Machine guns, shotguns, pistols, submachine guns or even rifles.

There were things that could pour out firepower from a distance, including magic bullets used to deal with spirits in the past and special Great Awakening bombs produced in Caglione.

Of course, I was holding Tommy, the mafia’s trademark, in my hand.

I shouted at the slightest gesture.

“Wipe it away.”

───! / ──! ───! / ─! ─! ─! ─! / ──! ─! ──! / ──! ───! / ─! ─! ─! / ──! ─!

All kinds of firearms are fired, and the large underground cavity is filled with gunshots.

Then, without being able to do anything, the mycelium and the villains fall down one by one, pierced by bullets.

The guys who were preparing to attack us at any moment began to melt in less than a moment.

Rather, the fact that they came together to put pressure on this side was poisonous.

Compared to that, there was no damage on our side.

In fact, due to the sanctuary, the wounds and fatigue so far had recovered, and I was in better condition than before.

When I gently raise my fist, the gunfire stops as if we had made a promise.

Then, silence suddenly came, as if all the sounds that had been ravaging my ears until just now were an illusion.

By the time the acrid gunpowder smoke slowly disappeared.

The results that unfolded before our eyes could only be considered successful.

All the mycelium and villains that had filled the front area just now were spread out on the floor.

In the meantime, were they trying to survive? Plague was hiding behind the armadillo and was out of the way of the gunfire.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

The guy lets out a sound that is almost like a scream and begins to explode in anger, ruffling his hair indiscriminately.

“What on earth are you! Why are you torturing me so much! What did I do! What did I do wrong? It’s me! “I’m just acting for humanity!!”

The guy who started shouting with the logic of a madman turned his head towards me.

“As much as you… … ! Definitely──.”

“──Stop talking nonsense, you rat.”

There was someone who intervened, cutting off the guy’s voice.

A woman jumped forward holding a huge hammer in one hand.

“Because you are a sin just by being alive.”

Oh my gosh ───!!

The sound of the blast as if it were hitting a castle wall spreads around the area.

In that short period of time, the armadillo hugged Plague’s body and Kang Eun-ji swung the hammer with all her might towards the guy’s back.

Although she blocked it well, the armadillo’s hard shell was dented as soon as it received her attack.

“Cow wow——!!”

The thing that flies and rolls around while making strange noises.

Judging by the fact that Plague was not visible at the scene, it seemed like he ran away again the moment the armadillo wrapped around him.

Kang Eun-ji, who followed him with her eyes, slowly approached the place again dragging the hammer and opened her mouth.

“I know that there aren’t many normal villains. “I also know very well that there are many people who talk about what they are doing as justice and others who know that everything except themselves is wrong.”

The most cold-blooded voice I’ve ever heard.

Plague, trudging out of the armadillo, clutches his head and looks at Kang Eun-ji.

“Huh! Yeah, that’s right. You were here too. Kang Eun-ji, Empress of Ansan… … !”

“Don’t call my name with that dirty mouth.”

A hammer that swings while shooting out cold eyes.

But this time, as if he wouldn’t allow it, the armadillo swings his armored arm and strikes away at her hammer.


The guy blocked the attack, but screamed as if he couldn’t help the pain.

“You go away.”


Eunji Kang kicks the armadillo as hard as she can and sends it flying far away.

With this, Plague was left alone.

“Kang Eunji. Surely I don’t remember doing anything to you? But why did you join hands with Caglione’s brat!”

Plague shouts as if he is being unfairly treated.

In response to that guy’s question, Kang Eun-ji seemed to think it was natural. The answer is probably for the same reason as me.

“Because you touched my person.”

‘You touched my person.’

Because that’s what makes people like us tick.

However, there was one problem.

‘oh my. ‘It shouldn’t have been like that from the beginning of the attack.’

Eunji Kang.

The fact was that she was ignoring Plague too much.

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