I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 378

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 378

To prepare for such a situation, I have already handed out the ‘Simple Disease Immunity Mask’ to others.

The people of Callione accepted the mask without saying anything since they had already worn it once, but many of the awakened people in Ansan were not only puzzled by the strange object they were seeing for the first time, but also complained that it was uncomfortable to breathe.

‘I haven’t caught a cold since becoming an awakened person, what kind of mask is this? ha ha ha!’

‘Only stupid people get sick. ‘Are we okay?’

But how could Eunji Kang leave those guys alone?

‘Put it on.’

With just those words, everyone obediently started wearing them.

First of all, this is the end of basic quarantine.

After checking the holy water and Ascalon that were still emitting bright light, I looked around and said,

“If you feel something strange in your body, tell me right away. “Not only headaches and stomachaches, but also just some strange feeling.”

Since the other party was the other party, this side had to be spoken clearly.

That’s what infection is all about. Even if this incident ends, the germs that enter the body may later spread to the surrounding area.

“Then, let’s enter.”

The facility in the middle of the golf course looked like a large bunker connected to the underground, just like we had seen so far.

“huh? “Is there something strange here?”

At that time, Kang Eun-ji, who was at the forefront, looked back and said.

The others tilted their heads as if wondering what he was talking about.

“What do you mean? Leader?”

“It’s just an ordinary underground facility, right?”

The others didn’t seem to notice yet, but I had a vague idea of ​​what she was talking about.

“The materials used are different starting from here. “It’s like an extension to an old building.”


She nodded as if what I said was right.

“Do these people think they are some kind of mole? I don’t know why I like the land so much! really.”

As Kang Eun-ji said that, she kicked the wall violently.

Well, it might be annoying to go back and forth in this dark basement all the time.

Even this is an illegal extension carried out without permission from the land owner, isn’t it?

It was natural for the Empress to do that.

‘Well, Plague normally only fights on fields like this, so there’s nothing we can do about it… … .’

The reason is because of Plague’s ability. It was to create an environment that could definitely increase the number of bacteria, but it was not that important, so I just nodded without saying a word.

How far down did it go?


Kang Eun-ji looked around at the surrounding scenery and laughed.

“It’s ridiculous that something like this was built in the basement without our knowledge.”

As expected, the scenery unfolding before our eyes was not simply underground. There was a huge pupil there, reminiscent of a labyrinth.

If there was a maze with the concept of an underground capital, would it be like this?

Streams of water flowing everywhere and mushrooms of unknown identity. It felt like I was in another world.

“… … Something. “I feel dirty just being here.”

Han Seo-jun’s voice exudes disgust. I think everyone probably thinks the same way.

Because I felt that way too.

“So, the kid from Caglione. What are you going to do next? “With the structure being like this, I think it would be impossible for everyone to move together.”

Due to the nature of the space spreading out in all directions, moving around as a group was extremely inefficient.

“It can’t be helped. Still, there may be situations that require treatment. “We will mix the spirits, Calyone, and Ansan’s forces appropriately.”

There was no one who disagreed with that statement.

If you are here now, you have seen firsthand how we have fought so far.

“Because communication channels are limited, we will divide into four teams.”

The team I was divided into was like this.

Group A. The leader is me.

Group B. The leader is Kang Eun-ji.

Group C. The commander has a black hand.

Group D. The leader is Lee Jun-young, one of Kang Eun-ji’s subordinates.

Four groups consisting of a total of six people were created by adjusting the balance according to each person’s abilities and skills.

Approximately two in the front and two in the middle. And it feels like there are two rearguards.

It was a combination that stemmed from the confidence that if things continued like this, we would be able to deal with any situation without difficulty.

“Never forget to report every 10 minutes across all communication channels.”

Before everyone disperses. After clearly telling Kang Eun-ji and the other team members, they divided up and started moving.

“Let’s go in quickly.”

It feels like entering a dungeon.

I also tried using [Skill: Aura Sona] to detect the surrounding terrain and the appearance of enemies, but unfortunately, proper exploration was impossible due to the black smoke filling the surrounding area.

If this happens, will I end up having to run with my body and identify my enemies?

I gave a hand signal and walked carefully.

At first, you could only hear the sound of water rippling, but as you got deeper, you started to hear different sounds.

That… … .

A purring sound reminiscent of an animal.


Following my order, everyone stood in their respective positions and looked in the direction from which the sound came.




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The sound, like stepping on a rain puddle with bare feet, gets closer and closer.

And finally, this guy appeared before our eyes. No, guys.


“Ugh! Hehehehe!”

Guys with strange looking bulges all over their bodies were coming towards us.

“Plague said he gave me more medicine! Plague said he gave me more medicine!”

“Intruder removal Intruder removal Intruder removal Intruder removal.”

Even at a glance, I frowned at the sight that didn’t look normal.

“Uh, hey. Master Caglione. What on earth is that? “Are you a monster?!”

The guy who was standing next to me in the vanguard asked about that strange appearance.

“… … “These are the guys who received strengthening treatment from Plague.”

“what? Go, Ganghwa? “What does it look like?”

There were two types of villains strengthened by Plague’s abilities.

One is for discarding purposes, and is strengthened to the limit, making it practically a monster.

And the other thing is that it strengthens the feeling of doping while maintaining one’s sanity.

Judging by their appearance and condition, they seemed to be former.

“Get ready. “No matter how bad they look, they are as powerful as they have given up their human appearance.”

“Hehehe! “I go toe-to-toe with villains and monsters every day, do you think I’ll be that scared?”

He raises the long sword in his hand and shouts as if he is confident.

“Come and see as much as you want!”

Yes, this is Ansan style wild.

“What’s your name?”

“Minsu. “It’s Minsu Kim.”

Minsura. It’s a kind of friendly name.

“I’m Eugene. Eugene Han Callione. “Not the master.”

We must have said in unison, each of us instinctively knew when to jump out, and we all jumped out at almost the same time.

And at the right time, the light spirit’s buff is activated like a sword from behind.

Light imbues my fist and Minsu’s sword, and light attribute damage is added.

“I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.”

“New power! new! strength! strength! “Strength!”

When the two lumpy guys saw me and Minsu coming towards them, they waved their huge arms.

So, I moved to the left and Minsu moved to the right, and as soon as we decided who would be in charge, we immediately launched a counterattack.

“It has become stronger. It has become stronger? It has become stronger?”

When I turn left and lean down, the guy twists his head and raises his foot.

He tried to trample me, but I pulled out a shotgun from the cube, raised it, and fired at the soles of his feet.


“Go over? Go over, go over, go over!”

A guy whose body suddenly tilts back due to a force that arises beneath his feet.

It is able to withstand being hit by that, so it is definitely much stronger than before.

In response, an archer from Caglione fired an arrow between the eyes of the guy, shocking him once more and causing him to fall backwards.

As the heavy body fell backwards, a huge impact occurred that shook the surrounding area.

“Hahahahaha, the back of my head hit, boom, thump!”

The guy was waving his hands and trying to get up again.

But before that, I approached the guy holding a shotgun, kicked his flailing arm away, then got on top of him and aimed the shotgun.

“Plague does some really disgusting things too.”

──! ──! ──! ──!──!

If one shot doesn’t work, several times.

As I kept pulling the trigger and firing the shotgun repeatedly, the guy stopped moving.

I climbed down his body and looked in the direction where Minsu was.


Clearly, Kang Eun-ji is effortlessly blocking the fists of the guy who throws his hands indiscriminately, as if there is a reason why he was brought here.

It was very stable even with additional assistance from the light spirit, archer, and wizard at the back.

Even with the addition of Han Seo-jun’s assistant, who came as a lieutenant, it seems like they are literally playing with the other person.

No, by the way, they’re working so hard on party hunting, so why wasn’t there a single guy who helped me?

I was a little disappointed, but I caught it on my own anyway, so considering the efficiency, I think that decision was right.

Well, I am an all-rounder.


And finally, the monster, unable to withstand the all-out attack of the other group members, collapses.

“Not a troll, but what the hell is this damn resilience…” … ?”

Minsu lets out a gasp and puts his sword back into its sheath.

Of course, the guy I faced also showed incredible durability, not shedding a single drop of blood even when he was hit with a shotgun.

In the end, I had to knock it down by firing five shots in a row and shocking the inside of the skin.

“This is just the beginning, so you’d better stop complaining already.”


The guy looked at me blankly as if wondering what I was talking about.

“I guess he’s probably a D-level villain? The further you head inside, the more high-grade guys will be waiting for you… … “Are you sure you’re not this tired or scared?”

Of course, the number will not be large, but it will definitely be more threatening than it is now.

However, Minsu nodded and answered my words as if it was no big deal.

“I was prepared for that much, and I can handle it. “I didn’t follow the captain lightly.”


If you say it like that.

“Is anyone hurt?”

The other team members shook their heads at this. After confirming that everyone was still okay, I turned around again and looked into the darkness in the tunnel where I couldn’t see anything.

A strange crying sound keeps coming from inside.

But why?

To me, that sound only sounded like Plague calling me, a kind of signal letting me know that he was there.

The reason was simple.

Plague, that guy is a coward.

The guy I know is the most cowardly villain who fears defeat more than anyone else.

Because of this, he was always a despicable guy who had trusted subordinates by his side, and sometimes even abandoned those subordinates and ran away.

In other words, the more strong guys were concentrated in a place, the higher the probability of them being there.

“hey. Callione do… … Eugene Han Callione.”

At that time, Minsu’s voice was heard from behind.

“I want to ask you something. “How can you be so strong on someone who looks younger than me?”


“Well, that’s it! Five of us rushed in to take out one monster, but you took out that monster by yourself faster than us.”

Oh, you were watching me fight while I was fighting.

hmm… … .

“Shall I speak realistically? Or should I say something nice?”

“Of course it’s realistic! “There is no need for false words!”

Realistic? what. If that’s the case.

“Talent, effort, good items and a good teacher.”

“… … what?”

Was it an unexpected answer? The guy who momentarily made a dumb voice.


“… … you. “He’s a surprisingly unlucky character.”

Four other people nodded at the same time as Minsu said those words.

It’s too much.

The fact that Han Seo-jun was even among them was enough to damage my heart.

“… … “Let’s go quickly.”

Ji asked me to tell him realistically.

“what. “Are you upset?”

“What nonsense? “Just follow me.”


I’m just a little disappointed.

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