I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 354

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 354

The dark hill might be a suitable place for a hiding place.

The darkness that cannot be seen an inch in front of you, the smell of grass flowing from all over the mountain, the cries of insects at your feet, and even the sounds of mountain animals from afar.

It can fool both your eyesight and your sense of smell… … It was truly a perfect place to hide.


For an experienced hunter, this background could be viewed as a plus rather than a hindrance.

A skilled hunter can perceive peripheral vision in the dark as if it were daylight, and can filter out only the sounds of prey among numerous sounds.

Conversely, the hunters’ movements are buried by other things, making it difficult to properly understand them. The prey simply craned their necks to sleep, unaware that the comfortable nest they had created would soon turn into a tomb.


A short whistling sound, reminiscent of the sound of a mountain bird, is scattered in the night wind.

“huh? “Is it a bird?”

“Anyway, those damn birds are really noisy even at night, really.”

At a time like this, it was inevitable that their nerves would be sharp, as the only thing they could see with eyes accustomed to the dark was the silhouettes of trees.

Having to be on guard at a time like this, enduring sleepiness and being alert to the surroundings where no one would come for several hours, was a huge stress in itself.

“But you can’t see the elk cubs today. No, does that make sense? “What on earth is an elk that shoots sound waves?”

“Didn’t you hear me correctly? I heard that kids in Gangwon-do were even attacked by animals. “Even if it’s an animal, they tell you to report it immediately if you see it, so don’t let your guard down.”

Since it is a mountain near the front line, animals from the DMZ seem to flow in from time to time.

at that time.

“Hey, what’s not moving?”


One of the two people looks at the wriggling bush and mutters.


“No, over there, by the pool. “You were squirming.”

“Isn’t it like a bug or a cat? “If it was something big, you would have seen it.”

“is it? Ah, but I don’t feel good. huh? “I don’t feel good.”

“… … .”

“Can you go and check it out? huh?”

“… … .”


A colleague who doesn’t even answer even though I asked him several times.

The man turned his head as if asking if this was some kind of joke.


“… … !”


He could clearly see the beast he had never seen biting his companion by the back of his neck and dragging him into the bushes.

“Wait a minute, what is this?”

And at the same time, he felt something heavy pressing down on him.


The man who was subdued by having his neck bitten also disappeared into the bushes.

* * *

“These aren’t ordinary summons.”

Farnello muttered as he saw the wolf quickly dispatching the two villains who were on guard.

“He would have been at least an E-level villain, but you dealt with him so that he couldn’t even leave a single trace of death behind… … “You are indeed a master.”

“No, I didn’t know it would be this bad either.”

The effect of the imprint that added blood power was beyond imagination.

First of all, the wolves’ attacks now have lightning properties.

Is it thanks to that? The enemies seemed to have muscle spasms just by coming into contact with the wolf. When I bit the back of his neck, he couldn’t make any sound or breathe.

That wasn’t all.

Not only did the basic specs of the wolves increase dramatically, but the link also seemed to have become stronger.

What can I say… … I felt like the connection between the wolves and me became stronger.

That’s why I was able to deal with my opponent by targeting the right place at the right time like now.

I thought maybe Latte would feel this way when communicating with rats.

“Tsk! “You’ve organized the entrance, so I’ll have to take care of the surrounding area.”

Farnello, who saw the wolves returning towards here from afar, started doing simple stretching on the spot.


“Master, do you know where is the best place to attack when assassinating an opponent?”

A question suddenly flies towards me.

Usually it would be called the neck or head.

This is because scenes that usually appear in mass media are like that.

Scratch your neck from behind.

That’s why they often defeat enemies without making a sound.


“assassination? That’s right… … “Isn’t it the heart?”

I assumed it was the heart.

Snipers also shoot the chest, not the head, to completely eliminate their target.

The exact center of the body is the most lethal position for the opponent, and can inflict damage even if it misses.

Above all, the heart was a kind of critical damage zone in the game.

Even if you hit the chest, the damage dealt would vary depending on whether the damage reached the heart or not.



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However, Farnello shook his head and said.

“The heart, whatever. It is true that it is an important vital point, but… … Personally, I think it’s the lungs.”

“… … lung?”

In response to my question, Farnello picked up the knife and said.

“When humans ultimately speak, they communicate it through the air in their lungs. It is also an organ that plays a very important role in the human body, allowing breathing and supplying oxygen to the blood. To that extent──.”


The knife he is holding stabs the air.

“The moment your lung is pierced. The other person loses consciousness without making any sound, just hearing the sound of air coming out of the hole in his body. And this is very useful against wizards. “They protect the head, neck, and heart, but they don’t even protect the lungs.”

The moment my lungs are pierced, I cannot speak.

In other words, not only can you recover through chanting, but you can’t even counterattack properly.

“And there would be an advantage in that there wouldn’t be a lot of blood on the outside. It’s easier to clean up than targeting the head or heart. Now, would you like to listen to it?”

After saying that, Farnello slowly took steps towards the direction they were guarding.

“If you pay attention to what sounds are made while I am cleaning the area, it will help you a lot later.”

Not long after he finished speaking and jumped up into the darkness, he disappeared.


A weak wind containing the scent of blood blew.

* * *

“It’s done.”

He came back with not a single leaf on his body, let alone sweat, and smiled.

“All that remains is to enter the inside of the building, but if we wait any longer here, the enemies may notice.”

“If they find out that there is no contact with the outside world, they will think something strange has happened.”

“Exactly. “Then, let’s prepare for entry.”

So, I walked with Farnello towards the building where all the lights were off.

There was nothing visible beyond the transparent glass window. It was like looking at an ordinary building that was closed for business hours.

However, remembering that the life reaction felt when using the Auror sonar was underground, not above ground, I carefully searched for a passage leading underground.


In the distance, a wolf announced that it had found a passage.

It seemed like he could smell the scent of the target he was asking about from inside as well.

In front of the entrance, a wolf was seen panting with its tongue sticking out.

And next to it.

“This is surprising… … .”

“Is it connected to the building?”

It was true that the location where the wolf was sitting led underground.

The problem is that it is a bunker.

“The fight inside the bunker might be a little annoying, but it can’t be helped.”

Parnello sighs and slowly stands in front of the bunker.

If it was that thick, it would be impossible to open it quietly without a key.

However, is it because the person standing in front of him is Farnello? It never occurred to me that it was impossible.

Parnello takes out his knife and twirls it in his hand.

He seemed to be thinking about something for a moment. I was looking at the bunker blankly.


With a short burst of energy, something was cut down.

“That’s it.”

Nothing has changed on the outside, but for some reason he is smiling.

Then, when the bunker door was pulled outward, the bunker door began to slowly open with a clatter.

… … no way. Did you cut off the latch on the bunker?

“Is it possible to cut something by inserting a knife into that narrow gap?”

“This was possible because it was an old-fashioned bunker that was only used during the Korean War. This would not have been possible in a recently built bunker… … “It must have been a bit noisy back then.”

It means that even the latest bunkers can be breached… … .

“Then, I will take you there.”

Regardless of my reaction, he said that and took the lead heading down the bunker.

I also began to slowly move downward, with the wolves behind me.

I don’t know how far they had made it, but the passage was very deep. The light below becomes visible only after walking for dozens of seconds.

Did they hear our footsteps? A man’s voice was heard from below.

“It’s not even shift time yet, why are you coming down so quickly? “Are you going to poop?”

The light is getting closer little by little.

When the light slowly came up the stairs and illuminated our upper bodies.



The wolf lunged at the guy and bit him to silence him.

“I’m feeling a bit frustrated. Should we just push it?”

At a glance, it looks like the level of villains here is not that high.

Farnello also nodded and answered as if he agreed with my thoughts.

“In case something unexpected happens, I’ll go take control of the communications room.”

“Do you know the location?”

“You have to make it blow.”

Parnello approaches the man being trampled by the wolf and stabs him with a knife.

“I’m going to talk to this guy some more and then go to the communications room.”

“Then I will first investigate what kind of facility this is.”

“Please take care of yourself.”

As I went down, ignoring the screams coming from behind, I could see people surrounding me with weapons in hand.

“It may be a bit noisy, but it’s like this. This is why I hate the basement.”

“Kill me!!”

Is it true that questions and answers are useless to an intruder? Or, did they realize that we belong to Caglione? Their judgment was very quick.


At the sound of my whistle, the wolves rush towards the enemies.

“Ooh, wow?!”

A guy who gets crushed when a wolf bigger than a human attacks him.

After pulling the trigger of Tokarev towards the guy’s body and finishing him off, I pointed with the tip of my finger at the guy running straight towards me.


This time, instead of the upper body, the guy bites one of the legs and turns his head to make the opponent fall.

I pulled the trigger at the guy who was lying on the ground, and kicked the guy running from the right holding a hammer, sending him into the bunker wall.


The guy’s screams echo throughout the bunker, and only then do they understand the difference in skill between them and me, and fear begins to show in their steps.

“Uh, what should I do?! Should we untie those guys?”

“Are you crazy?! “If you unpack them here, search them all!”

“Even if you don’t solve it, it will be lost so what does it matter!”

The guy fell into a panic, screamed and ran towards somewhere.

“Huh, stop! “You stupid bastard!!”

At that time, Farnello’s voice came from the in-ears I was wearing.

-Can you hear me? young master?

“I’m a bit busy right now, why?”

-I think there is something I need to see and give you.

At his words, I glanced around and looked at the guys whose hostility towards me had completely subsided.


Just making eye contact is enough, so it doesn’t matter.

“Uh, tell me.”

-It looks like this place wasn’t a base or anything, but a warehouse.


storage. It is a place created to collect things… … .

-yes. I didn’t hear the details, but they said it was a place where things needed for Plague’s plan were gathered.

“Pleig’s plan… … .”

A memory that passes through my mind for a moment.

“No way──.”


That moment. A strange sound was heard from the other side of the bunker.

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