I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 344

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 344

“that… … “Didn’t you say it was a cold?”

“Was it like that? “I guess I said something wrong about caring for a cold patient.”

After the sparring at the academy ended.

Following a bet between Instructor Sato and Instructor Su-hyeon Ji, we arrived at a high-end meat restaurant not far from the hotel.

Since it was high-quality wagyu and not just any other food, I sent a message to Haru, who was busy taking care of Yuli, asking him to come eat, and that was the result.

“Here are three more servings! day! “I think I’m getting better!”

“Fortunately, the. Oh, this is cooked, so I think you can eat it.”

I came face to face with the image of Yuli, who was eagerly eating meat at our table, and Haru, who was putting perfectly cooked meat on the plate in front of me.

“Ah, this is also ripe. here. Enjoy your meal. merry.”

“ah… … yes. sister.”

Mary accepts the meat Haru gives her without any resistance and doesn’t know what to do.

And the scene where he lowered his head and couldn’t make eye contact, probably because he remembered how coldly he had treated Haru, was funnier than I thought.

Mary, who had been determined to apologize even before arriving here, has disappeared and is just quietly eating the meat Haru gives her.

“To Haru Junior! please give me too! “I’m the one who’s sick!”

“The people I sparred with are other juniors, so why is it senior Yuli who takes the cake? Please reflect.”

“Hmph, but the instructor lives here anyway? “Isn’t it okay if I keep ordering it?”

“That’s true, but… … .”

“Then order it? “Here, give me three more beef tongues!”

And just as our table was noisy, the other tables were also very noisy, giving off a bright atmosphere.

Is it because we gathered in front of delicious food? The sight of the children who had been standing in front of the word “competition” pouring drinks for each other and chatting as if they were having fun was something I could only describe as great to see.

“It’s delicious! Mi-chan, do you want to eat too?!”

“Please don’t talk to me. More than that. Please don’t call me by my name. “I feel bad.”

“Ahahahaha! “You don’t have to be embarrassed!”

Jinwoo is at the same table as the woman I fought with named Higumi.

It seems like he was just trying to become friends with others, but it seems like he only received hate from the other person.

He laughs loudly and eats the meat, pretending nothing is wrong with Higumi’s words, but for some reason, his eyes become watery.

Se-Ah, who was in front of him, was rolling around on the floor and bursting into laughter.

“It’s good.”


I haven’t even finished eating the meat on the plate in front of me yet, but Haru speaks to me while putting the meat on the plate again.

“Today, the children who looked at each other as enemies are now laughing and eating delicious food together. “I thought it was a really nice sight to see.”

It was as she said.

Even though they are students from other academies, they are ultimately all people who dream of becoming future heroes and pursue a noble mission.

These were people who might become colleagues in the future.

“Well, now I hope the guy next to me can eat some while smiling happily.”

Mary trembles at my words. She cranes her neck and glances at me.

“Um, you mean me?”

“Aren’t you going to do what you said before you came here?”

She didn’t know what to do with those words and started wiggling her fingers wildly.

“Well, that. I guess I could say that I wasn’t mentally prepared because I’ve never apologized properly. What should I do? Ugh… … .”

“I am okay.”

This time, it’s a day to put meat on Mary’s empty plate again.

“Sisters fight often.”

Hearing Haru’s voice say that as if it were obvious, Mary’s eyes finally turn to Haru.

“sister… … .”

Her voice is starting to become watery little by little.

“… … I’m sorry! until now. Really really really. “I’m sorry!”

In the end, seeing her start to cry and apologize, Haru gets up from his seat, moves behind Mary, and hugs her tightly.

“I was sorry too. merry. And, thank you for apologizing first.”

“Sister… … !”

A truly touching scene.

Even Higumi, who had been spewing cruel harsh words at Jinwoo just a moment ago, was looking at him wiping tears from her eyes, so it seemed like the dramatic reconciliation scene between the two was quite touching for others as well.

“Do you need a handkerchief?”

“I do not need it. “Please don’t talk to me.”

Although it didn’t seem to be for some people.

As a result of the two classes having fun, the total amount raised was about 1 million yen. If converted to Korean money, the amount was approximately 10 million won.

Instructor Sato also finished the calculation at the store with 5 monthly installments, shaking his hands as if he had no idea the amount would be this much. A single teardrop falling from his eyes looked pitiful.

And we were given free time until 10pm.

It seems that Instructor Sato and Ji Soo-hyun are going to the second round separately.

So we headed to a nearby dessert cafe together and talked about many things.

And in the process, we were able to get some pretty great results.

‘It was profitable enough to make the Kitano family indebted.’

Mary herself said, ‘I owe Callione, and I will definitely pay her back.’ This was a card worth using. In Japan, a family is something like that.

It fills in areas that no amount of money can do anything about.

That was the power of the Japanese Chinese people.

As a result, there were virtually no problems with future activities in Japan. From now on, there seemed to be no need to worry about the import or export of items to be collected from the DMZ.

Tomorrow’s schedule was to take a chartered bus early in the morning and head to Yufuin, a hot spring town.



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In fact, it is a rural village surrounded entirely by mountains and hot springs.

It was an unremarkable schedule, but it was actually the schedule I cared the most about.

The biggest purpose here was not to relax in the hot springs, but to capture and kill the ‘Silent Sniper’ who was still waiting for the day.

A strategy to subdue the guy by luring him to an area where people wouldn’t get involved.

Even right now, members of the Calyone organization and the Inomiya group would be preparing around Yufuin.

The itinerary in Yufuin is 3 days and 2 nights.

I hope to be able to catch him inside.

“Director. Don’t you eat this strawberry cake? “Am I eating?”

“I’m falling behind. really.”

I put honey chestnuts on Jinwoo’s head.

This is crossing the line from earlier, really.

* * *

“Class monitor? “Are they all here?”

Ji Soo-hyun gets on the bus with a hungover expression and looks around lazily. Yeongje, who was standing and checking his surroundings, nodded and answered.

“yes. “Everyone has been seated.”

“Uh… … okay. Good job.”

After patting Youngje on the shoulder, Ji Soo-hyun sat down in the empty seat. He pulled his backrest all the way down and lay down completely.

“Uh… … Hmm… … .”

Ji Soo-hyun makes a strange sound and closes her eyes. Seeing that, Haru nodded his head once and said to the driver.

“I think you can leave.”

“Yes, miss.”

A slowly moving bus begins to move on the national highway.

Yufuin, where we were headed, was a hot spring town located a bit far from Fukuoka, with the second largest number of hot springs in Japan.

A very small town with a total population of less than 20,000 people. Since the places where people lived were very limited, it was also a good place to go on a rampage even if you went just a little bit to the outskirts.

The problem is that because it is located in the middle of a mountainous area, there are a lot of cover objects such as trees… … The contrast was also perfect.

All that’s left is to wait for him to come.

A bus slowly leaving the city center and heading towards the mountains.

The children, who were noisy at first, fall asleep one by one, and the bus is suddenly filled with silence.

I glanced up and looked at Haru in front of me.

A day sleeping soundly like other children.

Did yesterday’s events give her psychological stability? He looked much more comfortable than usual.

I turn my gaze again and look at the scenery outside the bus.

Trees, trees, rivers, rocks, cars, trees.

The scenery gradually becomes no different from any other rural area. The only thing that felt different from Korea here was the shape of the houses.

After driving for about two and a half hours, we finally saw the buildings. We knew we had entered a village.

Chinese characters written at the entrance to the village. Yufuin.

The children, who woke up to the sight of a perfect countryside without any large buildings, also let out exclamations one by one, and most of all, they let out exclamations of exclamation at the sight of the huge volcano standing tall behind the village.

The driver holding the bus microphone speaks with a huff sound.

-Currently Yufuin. Arrived in Yufuin village. If you are still asleep, we ask that you wake up and prepare to get off.

The place we booked this time was a traditional Japanese lodging called a ‘ryokan’, and as the number of people was limited, we ended up renting an entire ryokan.

Of course, in case of an emergency, all other nearby ryokans were also rented.

The bus entered the village and stopped in front of a very old-fashioned building that looked traditional.

“huh? “What is this smell?”

The children began to descend one by one, smiling happily as they looked at the surrounding scenery, but soon tilted their heads.

A foreign smell that I can feel in my nose.

When I also sniffed the scent, Haru, who came next to me, covered his mouth and yawned.

“It must be the smell of a hot spring. Since the water comes straight from the ground, it is bound to have a unique hot spring smell.”

The other children nodded at her words. One by one, the children began entering the ryokan.

“Instructor, I will go to the front for a moment.”

“Go quickly and come back.”

I left the kids behind and headed to another ryokan across from our ryokan.

The sliding door opens to the side with a clanging sound.

“Are you here? young master.”

“““Are you here! young master!”””

The organization members who arrived yesterday and were preparing in advance simultaneously bowed their heads to welcome me.

“I’m glad everyone seems to be well. cormorant?”

“yes. young master.”

“What happened to the things I said?”

A cormorant that responds immediately to what I say.

“yes. Currently, all work has been completed on the north and west sides, and Mr. Seojun will be working on the south and east sides. “It will probably be finished before this afternoon.”

It’s afternoon… … .

“Tell me to finish in two hours and wait at the ryokan.”

“All right.”

“What about our troops nearby?”

“yes. “Currently, female gang members have already occupied points in the area where Miss Haru’s room can be seen, and all of them have been selected as women.”

“Good. good job.”

“thank you.”

With this, preparations could be considered almost complete.

All that’s left is to pray that the prey will set foot on the hunting grounds we have prepared.

This time, the prey was a dangerous one that could bite the hunter at any time.

“Then, the hunting begins.”

Of course, wouldn’t that be fun?

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