I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 341

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 341

“Ahaha! Of course, I have to give it all. “It is natural that the winner is rewarded.”

He breaks into a cold sweat and lets out a laugh at my words.

“Uh… … What should I give as compensation? … ?”

I answered with bright eyes as if I had been waiting for those words.

“Isn’t there something the instructor is researching? Something like Bantanbo (反彈褓).”

Was he not expecting that name to come out of my mouth?

His eyes turn big.

“Ha, student, how do you know about Bantanbo?”

Bantanbo (反彈褓).

It is a red wrapping cloth that can deflect incoming attacks, and it was also an item that he, who is an authority in Japan on defensive techniques, is currently studying with great care.

“I read the papers written by the instructor with great interest. In particular, it was surprising that if you carve a defensive technique into the core of the red slime, it would generate more rebound than you could imagine.”

“Did you read my paper?”

“sure. In addition, papers on the phenomenon that occurs when inscriptions are engraved on relics and on defensive techniques used in modern buildings were all interesting.”

Of course, from the Sprout Wiki.

His papers are still appearing before my eyes.

For researchers, being told that they have read their paper is the ultimate compliment and favorable factor.

In fact, he had a stern expression on his face at the defeat of the Kyushu Academy children, but his gaze suddenly changed to look like he was seeing someone he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Given the fact that Seoul Hero Academy had such great students, it makes sense that our students struggled. cancer! If you had read my paper, you would have easily known the vulnerabilities of the defense technique. Ahaha!”

It’s really easy… … I ignored those burdensome looks and smiled.

No matter how he interpreted this, he nodded even more vigorously.

“I want to talk about the paper in detail right now, but… … .”

Glancing. He looks at the other children.

“I’m in class, so we’ll talk about that later. Thank you to all the other students for their hard work! Now, shall we continue class?”

Realizing that the class was not progressing because he was caught up in the conversation, he shook his head loudly and continued his lecture excitedly.

Most of the content was a detailed understanding of the problems and improvement points of previous events.

I really enjoyed the detailed feedback that followed, as to whether a major is a major.

Even children who listened lightly at first open their notebooks and write down some parts.

I went back and forth across the blackboard excitedly for a while.

“Let’s end today’s class here. Thank you for your hard work!”

Instructor Koshima announces the end of class by clapping his hands.

“Your next class was definitely sparring, right? Class ended early today, so I think you can take a break and then move on. Oh, Eugene, please look at me for a moment.”

As if he wanted to continue the conversation from before, he called me separately.

Then, as expected, he took out a red handkerchief from his handbag that appeared to be subspace.

“This is the anti-tankbo that I talked about a little while ago, but as you can see, it is small in size and difficult to use yet. Moreover, the amount of mana consumed is not small, and ordinary people even get exhausted.”

Is that okay with you? He said and handed me a half-tanbo.

As soon as the tip touched my hand, information about the item appeared before my eyes.

[Name: Bantanbo]

[Grade: Rare]

[Type: Handkerchief]

[Description: A handkerchief that can repel anything it touches with the same force. Consumes the user’s magical power depending on the force with which the handkerchief is touched.]

It’s a very simple item, but it’s something I absolutely need.

I carefully accepted the item, bowed my head, and expressed my gratitude.

“I will write well. “Instructor.”

“It would be worth it to me if a great student like Eugene used it. Oh, by the way, a new position has opened up in our lab, if you’re okay with it──.”

“──Okay then, I’ll go to the next class. Goodbye.”

I said goodbye and left the classroom as if running away.

Academy Research Institute. What horrible things are you saying?

A slave in the lab… … To be honest, it was the first time in a long time that I felt fear.

As I left the classroom, I saw the Familia children waiting for me to come out.

“Were you waiting?”

“Rather than waiting… … I guess it was a bit too much for us to go alone. “The others haven’t gone to Dalian yet.”

ha ha ha. Se-Ah smiles and talks with a stern face.

“huh? What are you talking about?”

“that is… … .”

Then Se-Ah tells me what happened while I was talking with the instructor inside.

From what I heard, the Japanese kids couldn’t easily accept the fact that they lost to ‘just one person’ and burst out in anger as soon as they left the classroom after class.

Then, they all ran out to the sparring hall together, saying they would practice first.

“Especially Mary? Did you say that? “He was biting his lip and had tears in his eyes. He felt so pitiful.”

“Well, it’s only natural if the boss is the opponent. “Giggle.”

That’s what Mary said.

“I will give you a lot of strength in Dalian.”

Well, just try hard.

* * *

Kyushu Academy’s sparring hall was mysteriously located at the highest point on the academy grounds.

A wide space with wide open surroundings.

If I remember correctly, the method here was not to protect students with the power of magic stones, but to increase their intelligence using onmyojitsu.

In addition to the environmental factors here, it was possible because it was Japan, where onmyojutsu was developed… … .



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‘In the end, when your intelligence runs out, you have to drive the magic stone into the surrounding ground. There isn’t much difference.’

Well, it has a definite personality and style.

But to my eyes, it just looks there.

“hey! Little kids! I heard you really crushed the other team’s nose in class? Hahaha! “This is how my babies should be!”

Ji Soo-hyeon, who was already at the sparring hall, spotted us and waved her hands and shouted loudly.

And even instructor Sato, who is glaring at Ji Soo-hyun from the side.

“okay. Our vice-captain! “I heard you broke through their defenses with one blow?”

She came up to me and put her arm around my shoulder, as if she had already heard the class content.

“So, how was it? What are their skills? Are you just getting so boring that you want to die? Can you guess why Class E was robbed?”

She starts saying strange things, wondering where she learned that from.

“I just thought it was at a similar level to the top class at the academy. However, if there is a difference from class E… … That must be Kitano Mary’s existence.”

“Ah, that bun hair? “I know he’s called a genius or something in the Kitano family, but is that the extent of it?”

Her words reminded me of the information I knew about ‘Merry Kitano’.

“He is a genius. It uses a clever mix of onmyojutsu and magic, but it seems to be quite tricky. Meanwhile, since I was young, I ate everything that was good for my body, so my magical power was a monster. “It’s not for nothing that he was given the title of ‘Chief’ of Kyushu Academy.”

If you open the [Character Encyclopedia], more detailed facts will appear, but there will probably be no more information than what I remember about her.

That’s because her role here at Kyushu Academy was significant.

“okay? Then, well, it’s no big deal.”

“Are you saying it’s no big deal?”

She laughs at my words.

“Even if you ate good food, you would have been worse off, and even if you were a genius, you would still be a genius, so what are you worried about? “As long as you show me a roughly interesting picture, I’m satisfied.”

After saying that, she tapped my shoulder a couple of times, then walked towards Instructor Sato with her arms crossed again and shouted loudly.

“Everyone pay attention!”


Instructor Sato translates Ji Soo-hyun’s words into Japanese and shouts at the students in her class.

“today! “I made one promise to Instructor Sato!”

Children listening to Ji Soo-hyun’s words.

“The instructor who loses this sparring will pay for today’s dinner!”

“Dining together? A company dinner!?”

“And today’s menu is high-quality wagyu from Kobe!”


And the children start muttering at the mention of high-quality Wagyu.

“I have no money! Even if we lose, they won’t buy it! So win!”

“It’s a secret! It’s a secret!” … for a moment. Instructor Ji Soo-hyun?! Because I don’t have money, I can’t buy it even if I lose. What do you mean?!”

I guess I never thought Ji Soo-hyun would say something like that. Instead of shouting in Japanese, he asks back in embarrassment.

Ji Soo-hyun responded by looking at Sato as if it was obvious.

“Of course I should borrow it from you.”

“… … yes?”

“you. “You get paid a lot.”

“Ji, wouldn’t instructor Ji Soo-hyun get paid a lot of money too! “He’s an instructor at the Seoul Hero Academy!”

“… … No way, kid. really.”

The sincerity that comes out of that voice.

Instructor Sato looked at her with puzzled eyes.

Of course, that was true.

Is this one or two things she’s been involved in recently? Perhaps, the naturalists at the zoo recently are most to blame.

“… … “Are you going to pay me back?”

“Have you forgotten who I am? “You make money quickly?”

“ha… … All right. “If you borrow money and run away like in the past, I will really sue you.”

“Who borrows money and runs away? just! uh?! “We couldn’t meet because our schedules didn’t match, you bastard!”

It jumped out.

You can tell just by looking at it.

As the conversation started to get further and further apart, I said, ‘Kuhhh!’ Ji Soo-hyun regains the attention of the children around her with a clearing cough.

“anyway! As a result of talking with Instructor Sato. Due to time and safety concerns, this sparring was decided to be held as a group competition with six representatives from each class. As the number of people increases, control becomes more difficult. “This is the best.”

The other children, convinced by her words, also nodded.

A group competition between awakened people. These are also those who spent more than half of their first year in academy education.

How could such children’s battles be normal?

“The field of the sparring hall will be determined randomly, and the side where all 6 of the 6 representatives retire will lose. question?!”

“A question?!”

The children gave no answers to the two instructors’ questions.

The two instructors looked at that scene, exchanged glances with each other, and then turned their gaze towards the children again.

“Then, let each class elect a representative and send it to the sparring hall! practice!”

Even before deciding on the children who would participate in the sparring match, I could already feel their eyes on me.

“This is for the vice-captain and the Familia kids to leave, right?”

“I heard you caught wagyu from Kobe. “In times like this, we need to fight sincerely. Who should we send?”

“It’s right to put aside all pride and send the strongest kids.”


In fact, we didn’t say anything, but the candidates were naturally narrowed down to Familia children.

“Then there is only one person left?”

“Who wants to go out?”

“Jang Hyuk-soo, are you leaving?”

At that time, all eyes focused on Jang Hyuk-soo.

I thought that if he was a guy who excelled at both magic and swordsmanship, he could easily follow our movements.


“I think it would be better for Marie to leave.”

Jang Hyuk-su pointed to Marie behind him and expressed his opinion.

“I heard there are quite a few onmyojis over there? I saw it when I was studying a while ago, and I heard that Onmyoji’s characteristic is to bother their opponents with summoned beasts that look like shikigami or something. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we be dealing with Mari, who specializes in manipulating summoned beasts?”

“yes? uh? uh?”

Mari lowers her head, unable to handle the attention suddenly focused on her.

“That, that, this, this important person, I, am I?!”

I was so embarrassed that I stuttered even more than usual.


“Good. Marie Nate. “Let’s go out together.”

“yes?! Really?

Marie looks at me in surprise after hearing my answer.

Eyes that seem to be praying, ‘Please stop saying those words.’

But what can you do?

There is nothing wrong with what the other kids said.

“B-But I──.”

“Wagyu. “I have to eat, right?”

Mari, who caught my gaze, trembled for a moment and began nodding her head enthusiastically.

Fortunately, it seems like he understood my sincerity.

“good. With this, 6 members were selected.”

me. Jinwoo. Yeongje. Sea. Kang Hyeon.

And Marie.

“Let’s get ready.”

I touched the back of my neck and shouted lightly.

“Shouldn’t we finish quickly and empty Instructor Sato’s wallet?”

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