I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 337

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 337

Inomiya Group Kyushu Branch.

Even in the wee hours of the morning, when the sun had not yet risen, the interior was extremely chaotic.

“Who are these people gathered in front of the hotel?”

“It’s a report that it’s heading this way now!”

“Confirm enemy identification! Ka, it’s Caglione!”

The sight of shouts and paper flying here and there is truly a battlefield.

The man standing in the middle of them, Juichi Inomiya, gritted his teeth, gripped the lighter so hard that his hands turned white, and slammed it against the desk.

“Why on earth are Caglione’s hordes coming towards us!”

“We are contacting Caglione, but… … Everyone is being ignored!”

“Did you tell Inomiya’s family?! “What does your father say?”

“Well, the reply just arrived! ‘Notice that the Inomiya Group will not be involved in this Caglione event’… … .”

“W-What on earth do you mean? The main family is not involved?! Inomiya is under attack! “Not anywhere else, but to Caglione, my blood ally!”

After saying that, Juichi flopped down in his seat again and continued to think about what had just unfolded.

‘Why on earth is Caglione attacking us? Could it be because of the plan to eliminate Haru Inomiya?’

The fact that Haru Inomiya and Caglione were working together was information that Juichi also knew. I knew in advance that Caglione’s heir and Haru Inomiya were close friends.

‘There will be no evidence that we are involved in this… … !’

How on earth do you figure that out?

He has acted thoroughly. Even in everyday life, he kept his true feelings to himself and never revealed them.

Wasn’t this a very friendly welcome again? But what… … .

At that moment, there was one item that crossed my mind. ‘Rechargeable horsepower battery’.

But soon he shook his head and denied that possibility.

‘That’s something our Kyushu branch is doing our best to prevent information from leaking. No matter how much of a guy he is, you can’t just look at that and conclude that we are suspects!’

Then why! Are you saying they’re heading here?

“Report from the scout team! “It looks like Calyone has now turned elsewhere!”

“what? different place?”

As soon as he heard the report, he was shocked.

“Woman, were you going in a different direction than this one? okay! “Where are you going now?!”

“This location… … “This is our secret laboratory!”

… … what?

* * *

Under the Kyushu sky, which is still pitch black.

Dozens of sedans form a line and head toward the research center side by side.

police? The public power in Kyushu that they have controlled so far?

We are Callione. There is no way there is no one in Japan who has benefited from Caglione.

“young master. “We will arrive at the lab in a moment.”

She is silently reporting the current situation with her tablet open next to me.

Haru Inomiya.

At first, I actively refused to let her come along to this event.

‘It’s too dangerous. I’ll leave the gang members behind, so you stay here.’

In the end, their goal is her herself.

Rather than falling into unnecessary danger, I decided that it would be better for me to move alone with trustworthy people by my side.


‘Even now, the Silent Sniper is probably trying to take my life. This guy is a skilled hitman. It’s not that he doesn’t trust the guards of Caglione… … In my inexperienced opinion, I believe it is safest to be by Master’s side.’

Her words were so full of confidence that I could not utter a rebuttal.

Certainly, if she were by my side, not only I, but Yuli and the instructor would be able to deal with it directly.

Considering Silent Sniper’s personality and abilities, I thought it would be better to keep him by my side rather than leave him in one place.


‘Now I’m going to purge your relatives. Are you sure you’ll be okay?’

In the end, what she will see is the punishment of someone who shares the same blood as her.

My honest feeling was that I didn’t want to show her that side of me.

Nevertheless, she nods her head and answers in a voice that shows no emotion as always.

‘Is that a problem?’

For a moment, I thought that I may have viewed the character Haru Inomiya too weakly until now.

“We are in a situation where we have separately contacted the adults at home. “If we raid the lab and find evidence, you won’t find fault with this.”

“Even if I find fault with it, I have no intention of bending my thoughts.”

“Of course you will. Master… … “Because it’s Callionesi.”

The answer is that she probably knows me better than I know her.

At this, I burst out laughing.

“As expected, I know very well.”

Water droplets begin to splash on the windshield of the car.

Using the dark sky as a protective color, hidden dark clouds began to scatter rainwater.

The rain gets stronger, as if it is trying to wipe away the blood we are about to splatter.

The vehicle’s speed gradually begins to decrease and it stops in one place.

The members of the organization begin to get off their seats one by one from the front.

After a while, a gang member approaches holding a black umbrella and opens the back door.

“I will take you there. young master.”

“let’s go.”



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With the assistance of the organization members, I move towards the pure white building in front of me.

The interior of the laboratory is brightly lit even though it is late at night.

As I slowly walked towards the entrance, my colleagues began to gather around me one by one.

“I like the weather.”

Yuli and Yuli are already blushing brightly as if they are looking forward to it.

“Ac, I need to go back to the dorm and take another shower.”

Instructor Ji Soo-hyeon is grumbling hard as usual.


“I will carry the umbrella.”

Until one day, who quietly followed me next to him holding an umbrella.

What are they thinking as they see the men in suits following them side by side?


“Open, sesame?”

At my words, Yuli stretched out her hand toward the front.

The lab’s main gate is instantly shattered with a red magic circle forming.

At the same time, a loud siren sound rings out around you.


“According to my memory, the secret laboratory of the Inomiya Kyushu Research Institute is located on the fifth basement level.”

It’s on the 5th floor underground… … .


I looked back and opened my mouth to those who were quietly waiting for orders.

“──Open the way.”

As if they were waiting for a word from me, they ran towards the inside of the lab.

“Chi, it’s an intruder!”

“Request support from headquarters immediately!”

But belatedly, armed figures started running out from inside.

Bang! Bang bang!!

“It’s the master’s visit.”

In an instant, it is organized by the organization members and the path begins to open.

Yuli and the instructor are standing blankly with their mouths open at the overwhelming scene.

“What do your subordinates say… … “You guys are scarier than I thought?”

“I remember you saying during the entrance exam that your strength comes from your family, but that’s ridiculous. really.”

These are the troops my father sent for me.

Could it be that they are the same as rank-and-file members?

Just a brief wait. Not much longer than expected, Han Seo-jun, who was among the gang members, came up to me and bowed his head to report.

“Secured. young master.”

The dagger in his hand and the blood splattered on his face. Hearing a voice that didn’t show any hesitation or fear, I nodded once and took a step toward the inside.

Was he conscious of me?

Those lined up on both sides of the hallway had their heads down, covering their bodies, as if they did not want me to see what had happened in the process of opening the path.

An elevator with an open door at the end.

Inside, a cormorant holding the wrist of an unknown person was smiling.

“It took me a little while to find the contrasting ones… … “I will take you there.”

Entering the huge elevator that could fit a car, he placed his finger on the sensor and pressed the button for the 5th floor.


Numbers that change with the sound of the elevator going down.








With iron doors opening on both sides, a secret laboratory that had not even been seen for a day was revealed.

“Please save me! “Please save me!”

The researchers were already detained hand and foot by the gang members, and the results of their research were visible everywhere.

“… … “It’s just as my junior said.”

They all looked like the batteries I got from the sniper.

“Let’s start securing evidence.”

Immediately surrounding facilities and objects. Yuli starts taking pictures of the research team.

As we were quietly watching the scene, the cormorant that had come down with us slowly approached us.

“What will you do with the captured researchers and enemy troops?”

“… … In the end, they are just guys who received orders and acted. “Treat them just to the point where they don’t die and then put them in one place.”

“I will. young master.”

It took about 15 minutes to take control of the lab.

Considering the size and security level of the lab, the speed was nothing short of ridiculous.

“Master, I have sent all the materials to my family.”

Haru, who had just finished his mission, approached me and handed me the tablet he was using.

“With this, the Kyushu branch of the Inomiya Group lost its authority, and my grandfather entrusted all authority to me. “What will you do next?”

In other words, from now on, the justification for this matter lies with us.

“Proceeding as planned.”

In that case, all you had to do was keep doing what you originally wanted to do.

“… … “If this is the case, there seems to be no reason for us to follow.”

Ji Soo-hyun, who was unable to do anything in response to the gang members’ activities, grumbles and throws the battery in her hand. Then Yuli tilts his head as if he doesn’t understand.

“Do I like it? “It’s been a while since I’ve seen blood.”

“… … Anyway, I wonder how you became vice president of our academy.”

“Isn’t that because my abilities are outstanding? Of course, I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to perform well.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

A report that came up on the tablet in my hand a little while ago.

This is because a report has just arrived from the Kyushu branch that the opposing forces are heading towards the research institute.

That’s a fairly large group of people.

“Now that we have secured the scene and prisoners, we will immediately prepare for an enemy attack.”

The lab was taken over fairly smoothly through a raid, but the troops coming towards this place now are the elite troops of the Kyushu branch, assuming battle.

If a battle is fought only with organization members, unexpected damage may occur.

“It would be easier for each person to make their own decisions.”

Yuli and Ji Soo-hyeon nod their heads to my question.

Haru also clenched his fists and nodded.

At that time, Yuli heard me and leaned forward to ask a question.

“Junior. “How much should I put in my hands?”

It’s in your hands… … .

“As much as possible, avoid taking lives. The limbs… … “Wouldn’t it be okay to be without one or two?”

“okay! “Thank you for the answer I was hoping for?”

After answering that, Yuli got into the elevator first.

Seeing that, Ji Soo-hyun shook her head and followed behind.

I also followed those two people to the elevator.

“First floor. “I’ll press it.”

As the elevator doors slowly closed, I spoke with determination to the people in the elevator.

“Let’s get started properly.”

A vendetta against those who dared commit despicable acts against Caglione’s family.

──Blood revenge.

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