I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 41

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Episode 41

So the truth was simple.

I don’t know why, but the people who were originally the Five Demon Kings increased by one more person and became the Six Demon Kings… … .

The person who took over the new position was the ambassador.

‘What kind of situation is this?’

Did the great brother come to this world before me?

Or, in fact, was this not ‘the world I knew’ but ‘another world, very similar to my world’?

What is the connection between this fact and the ‘forgotten era’?

‘Did you also see Master earlier?’

[…] Have you met Baek No-gwang after all?]


[I didn’t see it. Because I was asleep right before.]

‘But why did you say that too?’

[Because I felt it.]


[…] … .]

Musin did not answer.

He didn’t fall asleep again, but seemed to be deep in thought.

I also spent time with mixed feelings… … .

“… “With this, we conclude the protection ceremony.”

The protection ceremony ended with new questions remaining.

* * *

After the blessing ceremony, only the final banquet remains, and tables will be placed not only in the hall on the first floor but also in the rose garden.

Since it is the last, the grandest banquet will be held.

The day is late, but the garden is bright.

It wasn’t a particularly bright moonlit night, simply because there were a lot of lights around.

Is it because of the martial arts I learned?

I don’t like artificial light, so I sat alone in a corner where the light barely reached me.

I had a lot to think about, so I wanted to go to my room and rest, but sadly, the leaders are forced to attend this banquet.

Isn’t it natural that they are today’s protagonists?

‘But the rice is delicious.’

As I was roughly stuffing something to eat, I saw a familiar person approaching.

“Luan, you’re here!”

It was my mother.

Arjan and Kayan were on both sides, and even at first glance, you couldn’t help but feel reassured.

“Why are you in such a corner? “You’ve been looking for it for a while.”

Unlike usual, the tone of voice is mixed with affection.

My mother often looked like this when she lost her composure, and she actually seemed a little excited.

“It’s nice to be quiet. What else is going on?”

“Of course he came to congratulate me!”


“You received divine protection!”

I laughed as I watched my mother’s tone of voice fluctuate.


“What a relief!”

“Yes, it’s just one.”

“How many heroes have left their mark in history with just one divine protection! Sir Walter of this mother’s hometown, Hyde of the swamps who are said to be the strongest ranger, and Sir Erich of the Steel Sword, one of the knights of the Empire… … .”

I listened to my mother, responded, and waited for the excitement to subside.

After a while, my mother calmed down a little and drank a glass of water and said.

“This mother is so excited. So Luan, what kind of protection did you receive?”

“I do not know.”


“I’m not sure yet.”

“… … .”

I still don’t know what kind of blessing I received.

They say that you naturally realize it as soon as you receive it, but I didn’t have that feeling.

“that… … .”

My mother seemed speechless for a moment, but after studying my expression, she quickly changed her words.

“In that case… This is my first time hearing it, but hmmm. It may be because the protection is so great that it takes time to digest… … .”

“It’s okay, Mom. “God’s protection is a bonus to me anyway.”

“… okay?”

“Anyway, I plan to hide this fact for the time being.”

It’s not unusual to hide your blessings.

Among the 21 divine protections, less than 10 have been clearly identified.

Of course, there are blessings that cannot be hidden, but hiding them is not something that should be criticized.

“okay. “It would be better.”

My mother also breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at his expression, I think he might have suggested it first if I hadn’t said this.



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“Luan, come here for a moment.”

“why. “Do you have any apple juice?”

For your information, apple juice is my favorite drink.

“There are big criminals gathered over there.”

Big crime?

I glanced at the direction my mother was pointing.

Unlike other places, there are places that are crowded with people.

“Eight out of 10 major criminals attended. Since it is the last day, they must have wanted to see the level of the spirits.”

My mother continued speaking in an excited voice.

“Why don’t you go and show your face? “Now that you have received God’s protection, you are a worthy hero.”

“I’m fine.”


I was at a loss for an answer for a moment, but soon found a suitable excuse.

“There is no sword teacher. “I don’t want to be anything other than Him.”

“ah… “You liked Sir Calzac the most.”

My mother looked disappointed, but did not push me any further.

Instead, it seems like he wants to go alone.

“… … .”

I looked at Kayan and Arjan and gestured. They both bowed their heads slightly at the same time.

If those two are there, there won’t be any troublesome issues.

Left alone, I looked around the garden and occasionally had a drink to moisten my mouth.

‘It’s about time for a response… … .’

The official schedule for the Gaho ceremony ends today.

Depending on your choice, you can stay at Badniker’s home for longer and receive more training, such as how to use divine protection.

It’s literally a choice.

I heard that the ratio between those who actually return and those who stay is exactly 55%.

In other words, if there is a mastermind trying to kill me, he must show some kind of action at this point.

That’s because he doesn’t know whether I’m going to stay at home or return to a separate home.

That’s the moment.

A guy with a hood pulled down briefly appeared in my field of vision and then disappeared.


It looked somewhat suspicious, so I stared beyond the garden for a while… … .

At that moment, the guy appeared again.

This time I saw it more clearly.

That is, even the hair sticking out from under the tightly pressed hood.

‘White hair… “Not this.”

Silver hair.

When I thought about the unusual hair and body shape under the hood, only one person naturally came to mind.

Seren Good Spring.

‘That guy didn’t attend the banquet, saying he wasn’t feeling well.’

I heard that when you receive a lot of protection at once, the burden on your body and mind often becomes severe.

But why is this guy who should be resting in his room here?

Whether your mind has changed or your physical condition has improved… I don’t think that’s the reason.

When I looked again, I saw that Seren was hiding her presence as much as possible.

It moves so secretly that I might have missed it if I hadn’t been staring straight ahead from a corner.

Anyway, I guess he never thought there would be people in such a remote place… … .

The moment I looked at it for a moment, Seren’s figure disappeared into the pitch-black darkness beyond the back garden.

“… … .”

Actually, my suspects include Seren.

Aside from not feeling any malice towards that guy, it is clear that Seren’s family is Good Spring.

Badniker’s eternal rival.

Anyway, Seren was also the main character of this banquet… … .

As a result, there was no one who received more blessings than that guy in the blessing ceremony.

‘There’s no need for that guy to go to sponsorship.’

Still, I know the general terrain of this place as I once stayed there.

Even places you should never enter.


I stood up, pouring the remaining ice in my glass into my mouth.

* * *

If you walk a little along the back of Badniker, you will come across a large fence.

It’s a messy wall surrounded by rose vines, and I heard that beyond this is an old training ground that is no longer in use.

No entry now.

I’ve never actually been there either.

Anyway, as I was quietly following behind, Seren jumped over the fence.

‘… … .’

Somehow, my suspicions begin to grow.

How could it be possible for the third daughter of the prestigious Goodspring family to cross the fence of another family without hesitation?

After hearing the sound of landing on the other side and the sound of footsteps moving slightly further away, I climbed over the fence.

Suddenly, the surroundings became quiet.

The hustle and bustle of the banquet I had just felt felt like a dream.

The ground beyond the fence was covered with fallen leaves and dead grass.

‘It’s winter now.’

Is it because they are prohibited from entering that they are not managed at all? No matter what, it’s my family’s land.

Although I felt puzzled, I paid special attention to my steps. Even if you step on the leaves lightly, you can hear a loud crunching sound.

Anyway, the chase ended not long after.

Seren stood alone in the center of the shabby training hall and spoke in a cold voice.

“come out.”

“… … .”

At times like this, it would be normal for my heart to sink, but I didn’t.

This is because I am confident in my tracking skills.

Moreover, Seren’s nerves were pointing straight ahead.


As expected, a sign of popularity appeared across from Seren.

I wondered what he was doing, but somehow he looked familiar.

So that guy… … .

‘It’s the guy from yesterday.’

Hariba of the Garcia family.

Anyway, it has a somewhat insidious atmosphere.

It used to look like that, but now it seems twice as insidious than before.

I think the gloomy background also plays a part.

“You’re here, Seren.”

“… … .”


Hariba suddenly sat down on the spot.

I looked at it to see something.

“I’m really, really sorry… … .”

What is this?

Hariba collapsed and cried like a child.

“But, it’s still okay. “My Seren.”

I was at a loss for words in such an unexpected situation, and the question marks in my head increased even more as I continued to speak.

“I will definitely kill Luan Badniker.”


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