I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 40

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Episode 40

Just as I was still unable to fully understand what had happened, a strong wind blew up from somewhere.


This wind instantly blew away the surrounding darkness, that is, the space that I thought was simply a black wall.

“ah… … .”

Immediately after that, I realized I was standing in an all too familiar place.

A rocky mountain where not a single blade of grass can be found,

Fog strangely disturbs the surroundings,

Cloudy sky.

… The place I stayed for 10 years.

A place that is like another hometown to me now.

Yeongsan Mountain.

In a shabby pavilion on top of that rocky mountain.

“… “Master?”

Master was sitting.

* * *

It was an unrealistic sight.

I felt like I was really dreaming, so I looked at it blankly and then opened my mouth again.


“Why are you calling me?”

“… … .”

I hesitated slightly at the bored voice.

Suspicion soon arose.

“You are truly a teacher-.”



I sat down holding my head.

Before I knew it, Master was holding a skinny old tree in his hands.

That too is familiar.

This is the wooden stick that hit me on the head countless times when I was in Yeongsan.

“You’re the youngest.”

“yes… … ?”

“You became stupid while I wasn’t seeing you.”

While I was speechless, Master’s relaxed tone continued.

“Are you really Master? Of course it’s me. In the first place, even in the entire world, you would not be able to find a being who could imitate Baek Luo-gwang, the best in the world.”

“… … .”

This arrogant tone is clearly the Master’s.

In fact, I realized it the moment I felt pain at the top of my head.

I said, gently rubbing my head.

“… “What on earth is going on?”

“I had to take this approach to give advice to my foolish student.”


“The first word.”

“… … .”

When I heard the ambassador’s story, my expression changed to serious.

“I still have a lot of questions to ask about that. Why did you send me to the past to arrest the ambassador? Is it true that you should grow steadily from a young age? And what about the forgotten era? It seems like the martial god of this world knows Master, but what is this?”

Suddenly I was overcome with emotion, so I started speaking in rapid succession.

Master looked at me with admiring eyes and smiled slightly.

Master got up from the pavilion.

And then, with my back turned, I walked one step at a time towards the edge of the cliff.

I stopped talking and followed behind him without saying a word.

After a while, we looked at the foggy world from the top of Yeongsan.

“So how are you these days?”

“… … .”

Teacher’s questions often have many meanings, and this seems to be the case now.

I hesitated, unable to answer readily.

“A lot has already changed from you in your past life. “It’s only been less than a month, but a lot has changed.”

“… … .”

“The best work of all time and modern times has definitely taken root in your body, and you have also met Gigi along the way. “He even managed to survive a crisis that almost cost him his life.”

It was clearly a calm tone.

However, as Master continued to speak, for some reason I could not say anything.

Because I know.

Master – What kind of time does Baek No-gwang, the best in the world, speak in such a tone?

“Do you think you are doing well now?”

“… … .”

When the Master reprimanded his disciple, he actually showed a gentle attitude.

My heart sank at that fact.

“jeon… … .”



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“Know. I was never lazy. “But you know that’s not what this teacher is asking.”

“… … .”

“Was the month spent there worth more than the month spent in Yeongsan? Are you sure that that time laid the foundation for your future? Actually, these questions are difficult to answer. “There is no set answer, so you have no choice but to judge for yourself.”

I couldn’t answer.

It wasn’t just that I was sparing what to say, I really couldn’t think of anything to say in response.

“You’re the youngest.”

“… yes.”

“You probably have a lot of questions. “Because none of the questions you have right now are light.”

“… … .”

“But if it were just that, I wouldn’t have shown up in this moment, this way.”

Master’s transparent gaze turned towards me.

“Don’t let your guard down.”

I never let down my guard.

At least until this moment, that’s what I thought.

He said he spent a lot of time meticulously and intensely.

… Is it really so?

After returning to the past.

Didn’t you have that thought somewhere in your heart that life was too easy and everything was simple?

Of course, I have been on the verge of death several times, and the one month I spent in the past was significant enough.

But what Master is talking about is not at that level.

The idea is to solve all those problems and be wary of the complacency that has sprouted somewhere in your heart.

Before I knew it, Master was looking at me and tapped my shoulder.

“I didn’t send you to the past simply to promote your growth. I don’t know if you believe it, but retrogrades are annoying to me too. Please pay more attention to the world you belong to. “If I could give you one piece of advice, you might have already felt uncomfortable.”

The moment the wrinkled hand touched my shoulder, I strangely felt the fatigue in my body fade away.

I felt like I was completely free from the muscle pain that should have lasted at least two more days.

Around this time, the surrounding scenery began to become blurry again.

The darkness that disappeared with the strong wind began to engulf the surroundings once again.

Without any particular discomfort, my own body was immersed in darkness.

“Remember, youngest child.”

In the meantime, Master’s voice continued… … .

“If you hadn’t had this meeting today, you would have died in a month.”

* * *

I blinked both eyes.

I think I lost consciousness once and then regained it, but strangely, my mind was clear.

“… … .”

“… … .”

I was still standing on the podium, but the reason I realized it late was because… … .

This is because the surroundings were immersed in silence.

[Yeonja, I just couldn’t believe it… … .]

The moment I heard Musin’s voice.


A small commotion spread around like a ripple.

I could see the sitting nobles whispering something with puzzled faces.

Only then did I realize that their eyes were not on me, but behind me.

I also turned around and looked in the mirror.

To be more precise, the numbers on the mirror.



I have received divine protection.

however… … .

‘What kind of blessing is this?’

I was in a situation where I couldn’t really feel any difference in myself.

Anyway, there were still people left who needed to be blessed, so I went down the stage.

I went to my seat, sat down, and thought about what had just happened one by one.

I didn’t feel like I was seeing anything or having a dream.

What I just witnessed was indeed the Master’s, and that advice is something I should take seriously.

‘The reason I was sent to this world.’

I raised my head.

I have a question, but I don’t know the right person to ask it.

I had no choice but to ask my only friend.

“Friend, let me ask you something.”

Then Seren, who was sitting next to me,’s expression faded.

“Friend? What happened to your hair? “Did you at least receive the [Blessing of the Idiot]?”

“Then shall I call you fiancé?”

“… … .”

Saren, who was sarcastic, closed her mouth at these words and then spoke.


“No, no. “Do you know much about the Demon King?”

“Who do you think is a fool? “If they come from a [great family], they are the ones who have heard it since they were infants.”

I nodded and asked.

“My memory is a bit vague, so please check if what I know about those demon lords is correct.”

“… say it.”

And I included the names of the demon kings one by one.

Hadenaihar, the Demon King of the Blood Moon.

Tangtata, the demon lord of the green tongue.

King Garodtooth, the golden horned demon king.

The nine demon kings of the black swamp.

And the Demon King, who is the worst enemy, the greatest threat to the empire, and at the same time the only great evil.

Great Disaster Behemoth.

“… … .”

I listed all the names of the Demon Lords and then looked at Seren.

Seren tilted her head and said.

“You are also very strange.”


“You know about minor demon lords like Tangtata, but why don’t you know about the most recently revealed colorless demon lord?”

Listening to Seren.

I was reflecting on the sense of discomfort I felt during the conversation with the council of elders.

– Unbelievable.

– Are you saying that the Six Demon King’s minions have infiltrated Badniker?

The sense of discomfort I felt at the word ‘Six Demon King’.

– Actually, I don’t know much about vengeance.

– No contact, no interest.

– From the beginning, I thought he was the Five Demon King, not the Six Demon King, so I told you all.

A thought that came to mind at that time.

“… “What is the name of the Colorless Demon King?”

I asked.


Seren answered.

I almost suppressed a sigh.


The best martial arts sword, one day, one day.

That was the name of the first disciple of Baek No-gwang, the greatest of all time and modern times, Dae-hyeong.


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