I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 364

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Episode 364

“What does it mean?”

“Isn’t Sir James’s goal anyway to put this lizardman in a labor camp? “It means I will save you the trouble.”

Then Ludwig laughed.

“why. The more you look at it, the more you crave this lizardman? “Do you think he could be a good player if we just put him in the workhouse?”

Strangely, Ludwig’s expression of being a player seemed quite plausible, so I almost laughed for a moment.

Seren slowly shook her head.

“He seems to be quite an excellent warrior, but there are countless people of this level in this desert.”

“okay? Well, that aside, how much are you going to buy it for?”

“10 gold.”

I came to my senses.

That’s because it’s incredibly expensive for a mere lizardman.

This is an empire where slavery has all but disappeared, but has not yet completely disappeared. This can be seen just by looking at the auction hosted by Ryzen.

And in my personal opinion, 10 gold is enough to easily buy dozens of Lizardman slaves.

This is because they are a race that had little value as slaves in the first place.

“The amount is generous, but that’s because I just had 1,000 gold pieces. “It sounds a bit bland.”

“What I just said was just seasoning to make it easier to understand. There is no way one person could secure one relic, right? “You will form a team of at least five people, and up to dozens of people, and in the process, profits will naturally be split equally.”

“But as long as the prisoner is alive, the profits will continue to come in.”

“Yes, of course. But it seems unlikely that the renowned Knight of Badniker would take part in such a gamble. “What will happen if this comes to light later?”

I almost whistled for a moment.

If this was a real duel, it was the moment when Seren’s sword penetrated the opponent’s gap.

This is because the words just said hit Badniker’s weak spot exactly.

Is this a statement that can only be made if one accurately understands the physiology of the Badniker family?

Of course, most noble families value face, but Badniker had a much stronger rigid atmosphere, perhaps due to the ideology of the head of the family.

“Furthermore, in order to receive money regularly, you would have to stay in the South and directly manage the prisoners, and you cannot even claim the presence of an agent in this process. “Excuse me, but doesn’t Sir James have to leave this desert at some point?”

“… hmm.”

Ludwig was silent for a moment, as if he had nothing to say in response.

Then he glanced at me and opened his mouth.

“That too. good. “Then I’ll think about it some more, so you can call it a day.”

“When can I come back?”

“One day is enough.”

“All right. See you again tomorrow at this time. “Please tell me about the gold fairy then.”

Seren nodded calmly and coolly exited.

Aside from asking for information about me, he didn’t seem to be very curious about the content.

Then, there might be another reason for contacting Ludwig… … .

You don’t have to think about it too hard.

Maybe contact itself was the goal.

‘I would be curious if Badniker’s article suddenly appeared in the South.’

Normally, I would have worried so much that my head would cramp, but perhaps because my opponent was Seren, I wasn’t that worried.

However, we must maintain at least some vigilance.

“… … .”

Immediately after Seren left, Ludwig looked around, pointed to the next room, and spread two fingers.

I said, clenching my mouth.

‘two people?’


After all, there was a watcher.

After exchanging glances for a moment, Ludwig immediately opened his mouth to avoid arousing suspicion.

“Why do you do that? Lizardman. Do you think you will be treated better if I hand you over to that intelligence guild?”

“… … .”

“Don’t be mistaken. “A person of a different race and a criminal will be treated like livestock wherever he goes.”

While saying that, he took out a small notebook from his pocket, scribbled down something, and showed it to me.

[What are you going to do?]

I answered calmly and took the pen.

“I didn’t think of that.”


It was very difficult to write with the Lizardman’s fingers, but when he pressed down, something resembling letters came out.

[I don’t know what the plan is, but what the Master said is quite reasonable.]

[At least for ‘James’, if he declines the offer, it will be a strange picture.]

Ssuk suk.

We continued our conversation, exchanging notes through notes.

[But I feel uncomfortable handing you over to the other side.]

[I did some research about Bastard, and I heard that the master changed half a year ago. From exactly that point on, its power began to grow.]

[If there is a force that has grown rapidly in a large city like this, it is one of two things.]

[Either he is ridiculously resourceful, or he has enormous support.]

It’s not true now, but Ludwig’s writing speed was incredibly fast. At the same time, I couldn’t even hear the sound of the writing instrument crunching, so was there some kind of magic going on?

After thinking about it for a while and thinking about it a bit strangely… … .

I moved the pen handed to me.

[Let’s accept the offer.]



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[The reason is?]

[I thought it might be more difficult that way.]

It was difficult to move the pen, so I left out some words.

In short, I thought that I would be able to face a more raw situation by infiltrating using the information guild’s strings rather than carrying a sponsor called Badniker.

I get into a lot of fights and get involved with a lot of shitty guys.

If so, wouldn’t it be possible to naturally contact Gustav?

[If that’s what you think. Then you don’t have to wait until tomorrow?]

[no. First of all, I need to do some more research just in case.]

[Brother, please find out what kind of place Bastard is. Is the place trustworthy, hasn’t he done anything that went too far, and what kind of guy is the master? … .]

[If I have time, I will research my father’s whereabouts more.]

You are treating me harshly.

Ludwig made that exact expression and spoke in a harsh voice.

“Still, I can’t hang out with a low-class guy like you anymore. okay… … . It wouldn’t be a bad idea to accept the Master’s words. Congratulations. “A new hell will unfold for you.”

“… … .”

I laughed and slapped my forearm.

Thanks to the scales, it made a sound as if it had been hit by a sword sheath.

At least the guys eavesdropping in the next room will think I got hit again.

I said in a heavy voice.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Ludwig nodded and was about to leave the room, then showed me the note again.

[So what are you going to do today? Are you going to stay quietly at the inn?]

[no. I also have work to do.]

I thought as I touched the keys in my subspace pocket.

Once you enter the labor camp, you will be hectic for a while, so now is your only chance.

* * *

How will a character who has been trapped underground for hundreds of years feel when he finally escapes and sets foot on the surface?

Under a blue sky I can no longer remember, soaking in the sun, feeling the wind, and breathing in the stuffy air unique to the sandy desert.

Even I couldn’t easily imagine it.

Even though I had a similar experience.

Depending on your perspective, you could also see that I had been trapped in a place called Yeongsan for 10 years.

10 years… … .

It was an incredibly long time for me, who hasn’t even lived for 50 years, and it was, but when I think about it now, I don’t have such bad feelings.

There were many unknown places in Yeongsan, which was so vast. Before I left there, I probably didn’t even understand half of what Yeongsan was like.

Above all, I had a teacher and the death penalty.

On the other hand, the person currently looking down at Iruga from the top of the sand dune has been trapped for dozens of times longer than I have, and only interacted with people who had no interest in him.

So, at this moment, isn’t Lycerradigos feeling a tremendous sense of liberation?

“… … .”

Lycerradigos said nothing.

I just stood on the hill with my eyes closed and welcomed the occasional hot wind with my body.

It’s been like that for an hour already.

Would it be worth it to deliberately call it from a sand dune with an open view, rather than from the street?

Under the blazing sunlight, Riese’s pure white skin gave off a dangerous feeling at first glance.

It was so small that when a strong wind blew, it seemed like it would fly away like a fallen leaf.

Anyway, I’m a talkative guy, but I’m not a tactless guy, so I stayed silent without breaking Lyse’s musings.

About ten minutes passed again.

Only then did Rise look at me.

My pupils are shaking a little, but I feel relatively calm now.

“I wish it was a place with more things to see, but it’s a desert, right? Well, it’s the largest city in the South, so I hope you understand.”

“… Don’t mind it. The desert was a place I wanted to visit at least once. “What does that look like, anyway?”

“ah. “I guess it’s personal circumstances.”

Currently, I was in the form of ‘Naru’, who was briefly disguised in the Islands… … .

Luan was in a situation where he couldn’t move, and Luzard was currently under surveillance by [Bastard], so there was nothing he could do.

Of course, there is one more hidden feature left in the Linchal mask, but I wanted to hide that feature as little as possible.

So naturally, Naru was the only option left.

“Shall we eat something first? If there is a food you want to eat, let me know. Please take note.”

“You seem to know this city well.”

“It’s okay.”

“hmm. “I want to eat something sweet.”

“I’ll let you eat a lot of that for dessert…” … . “Shall we go to the place I recommend first?”


I took Lise down from the sand dune and returned to Airuga.

And first, I bought him expensive clothes. In many ways, Li Se’s original outfit attracted a lot of attention.

Like some kind of ghost, I tidied up her messy hair and dressed her in neat clothes, and only then did the gloomy feeling disappear from her.

When I glance at RiSe, I see that although this situation is awkward, she doesn’t seem to dislike it that much.


I laughed evilly inside.

I planned to make Riseradigos’ daily outing log the best memory today.

This is because it was concluded that there was no harm in being seen well by this highly skilled warlock.

I go to a restaurant with a clean-cut RiSe.

This was a store I visited a few times before returning, and it was famous for its snake meat.

When you think of snake meat, you might get the feeling that it would be tough, smelly, or somewhat unhygienic, but that wasn’t the case at all.

If it had been that kind of place in the first place, I wouldn’t have visited it again and again.

“… By the way, are you okay with snake meat?”

“What does it mean?”

“What do you mean, Lise, with her hair, it feels like she’s a bit close to snakes. “I thought you might feel a little uncomfortable.”

Although I said this out of concern for other matters, Lyse, who was staring blankly at the street, responded in an indifferent tone.

“It doesn’t matter at all. “Isn’t it rare for people who raise ornamental fish to not eat fish?”

“oh… … .”

When you say it like that, I understand clearly.

I sat down, scanned the menu, and asked.

“Is there anything else you want to eat?”

“What kind of dish is this steamed scorpion dish?”

“It will be a little spicy. Shall I just order one to taste it?

“hmm. And it would be nice to have some fruit or vegetable dishes.”

Finding something difficult to eat in the desert.

Of course, I nodded without showing it, and ended up ordering too much for the two of us.

“… … .”

After a while, when the food came out… … .

Although Lise didn’t make a fuss, she moved the dishes very cautiously.

Put it in your mouth slowly and chew it thoroughly with great care.

Then, when he was startled, admired himself, or ate his favorite food, his expression even relaxed slightly.

In the meantime, I roughly put some food into the spout and looked around.

“… … .”

“… … .”

My gaze stings.

I could feel the mercenaries laughing and looking sideways at me, pretending not to notice.

Two pretty well-dressed kids ordering different types of food at a table are bound to attract attention.

Are they immature children of rich families? How much cash do you have? Are there any escorts around?

Maybe they’re checking things like this?


Of course, I expected that there would be flies.

Although Airuga has better security than other places, the south is still the south.

Not only the system, but it is a mess compared to a city like Tefer where Heros headquarters is located.

Of course, there is no problem even if they start a fight. If you just hit it as much as you want, it will be resolved.

Anyway, I and Lisena will disappear from here tomorrow, so there is no need to worry about being followed.

After finishing the meal a little while later, I went out with Lise, who was looking quite satisfied.

“I have good news.”


“There is a branch of [De Malin Refreshment Shop] in this city.”

“… … !”

Reese was startled.

I said with a triumphant expression as the response exceeded my expectations.

“Have you never tried freshly baked snacks? It really melts in your mouth. “If you add high-quality black tea to it, you won’t know if two of you eat it and three of you die.”

“Hmm. Right… … .”

RiSe pretended to be nonchalant and pricked her ears, adding black tea to the refreshments… I muttered.

The plan is going very well.

This may seem like a lot of points, but it won’t be a bad thing since you’ll look better while doing it.

“But the De Malin refreshment shop is always crowded with customers. We’ll have to wait a bit, but Lise, would you like to go to the inn and wait for us? “I’ll pack it up right away.”

“… “Rather than that, I’d like to look around around here.”

I thought for a moment, but then nodded willingly.

“Would you like to? You shouldn’t do anything that stands out… … .”

“You’re worrying unnecessarily. “Who do you think I am?”

Now, I am a country girl who has moved to the city without any luck… … .

I nodded without even showing this. Still, if I’m around here, I’ll be able to deal with it quickly if something happens.

‘… Anyway, there are so many people.’

Who knew that the De Malin refreshment shop would become such a big hit in Airuga?

It seems that even mercenaries who seem to like to drink alcohol had a hard time resisting the temptation of sweet desserts.

The sight of mercenaries with sharp backs, tattoos, and grim expressions lining up at a dessert shop with a cute sign was rare in its own way.

It makes me a little sad that I have to join their ranks.

‘The line is longer than I thought.’

If you make a mistake, you may have to wait here for an hour.

Doesn’t this place take reservations?

I’m standing here thinking about such trivial things… … .


Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice.

“Does this face look familiar?”

The moment I heard that touching voice, I got goosebumps.

The moment I looked behind me, a woman who looked like Naru and was half a head taller than me caught my eye.

Decadent facial features, curly hair, and eyes curved like half moons.

Although the attire was different, I recognized it at a glance.

A witch I once encountered at the Middle Name Gathering when I was in the form of ‘Naru’.

A colorless believer I saw later when I stopped by Frostwolf Village in the north to look for Verita.

“Ah, I never thought we’d meet in a place like this. After all, fate is fun.”

“… … .”

“What are you doing here?”

Witch Dorothy looked down at me with a grin.

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